my video yolo


oh. oh.

here’s a fahc video thing i’m working on ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
it’s still v short and v lame also this isn’t even a quarter of the song pfft

[i do not own any of the art/music in this video. everything belongs to their respectful owners.]


New video with VIXX’s Hongbin! (AND THE REST OF THE CREW TOO)

another january project that i made. the beautiful baby haiz or @princessrileysunshine had requested it and i thought it was a cute video idea. i hope you love the outcome of it. <33 

In which even though Riley and Lucas could have their ups & downs, they still love each other very much. :) 

Riley Matthews x Lucas Friar - Absolutey // Nine Days 

“Riley, what are we?” 

I don’t own anything.