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Holy crap Kanji

Fluffy valentine’s day scenario, because I wanted to write something for Valentine’s day and I chose Genji cause he’s my fav

You woke up early, excited for the day. Today was Valentine’s day and you had something special planned. As the day approached you had realized that you didn’t know if Valentine’s Day was even celebrated in Japan. So you had looked it up and discover that it was traditional for women to give men chocolate on that day, and the chocolate was often handmade. That decided what you would be doing. You asked Angela for a personal day (like quite a few other agents were doing), Which she readily agreed to. Everyone had been hard and she didn’t mind people taking off Valentine’s to be with their significant others.

Thanking God that you had one of the quarters with a small kitchen in it, you got out the chocolate making supplies. You didn’t have to worry about Genji coming and interrupting you since he had volunteered to a training exercise for some of the new recruits.

3 ½ hours later you had succeeded, and you had a batch of delicious chocolate to give your boyfriend and another to share with friends. You went around to your friends, giving them small boxes of chocolate. You gave them to Angela, Mei, Lucio, and even Hanzo; and left them at the quarters of Jesse, Lena, and most of the others since they were out.

A little before the mess hall started serving dinner you saw a line of the recruits Genji had been training walking to their quarters sporting various bruises. You smiled to yourself as you walked down the hall; everyone who came to Overwatch was skilled, but not many could keep up the ninja cyborg.

Since the training was over you decided to go find him since you hadn’t talked to him all day, and you had the chocolate. But he wasn’t at the training ground, his quarters, or anywhere also you searched. You finally saw Zenyatta and asked him if he knew where Genji was.

“Have you tried the cliffside?” was the omnics only suggestion.

“No, I haven’t, I’ll try there next. Thank you!“ you had no idea why Genji might be by the cliffside but Zenyatta knew Genji better than anyone, even you. He wouldn’t suggest the cliffside if he didn’t think it was a good idea. So that’s where you headed.

The cliffs overlooked the ocean, providing a view that was both breathtakingly beautiful and terrifying as the water at the cliff base was full of sharp rocks. But there was no sign of Genji. You were about to head back to base when two hands suddenly covered your eyes and a familiar voice said “There you are, you finally showed up.”

“I didn’t know you were waiting for me,” you told Genji as you put your hands over his to try and move them away from your eyes.

“I asked Zenyatta to direct you this way, I have a surprise for you. And no, you can’t look yet,” he told as you tried in vain to move his hands. He kept one hand over your eyes and took your hand in his other and led you slowly along the path. As you walked you asked him where you were going, still conscious of the wrapped gift of chocolate that was in your hand.

A few minutes later you stopped and Genji took his hand off your eyes. In front of you was a table tables set for two in the middle of one of the groves of trees that grew on the cliffs. The table was set to be simple but gorgeous with wildflowers decorating it.

You turned to your boyfriend, “Genji it’s beautiful!”

“I’m glad you like it, [Name].”

“I do, but you didn’t have to, I know it’s not traditional in Japa-” you cut yourself, not wanting to reveal that you had also been thinking about the holiday, but you were too late.

“How do you know what’s traditional in Japan?” he asked with a teasing smirk.

“I know how to look things things up the Internet,” you told him. “Speaking of…” not seeing a better opportunity than now you held out the wrapped chocolate to him.

He looked at you, but you couldn’t tell what his face looked like under the mask as he opened the package. He looked the chocolate then back at you then back at the chocolate. “[Name], you didn’t have to…” the next moment he was hugging you, “But I am not sorry you did.”

You hugged him back, “Dinner looks delicious.” He let you go, led you to the table, and pulled out your chair for you. After you were seated he sat in the other chair and took off his mask, letting you see his face.

The grin on his face mirrored your own as you started the romantic meal he had prepared.

💋Come Play with me Daddy (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:  can you write an imagine where Ethan is playing video games but he’s so distracted that he doesn’t listen to you when you try to get his attention so the reader teases him by calling him daddy (because he has a major daddy kink in the imagine) and straddling his lap?? i LOVE your blog and your imagines :)AND Would it be weird if I asked you to do an imagine about Ethan making you use vibrating panties in public an teasing you all night and then he goes all daddy af at home?

Warnings: Daddy Kink/Dirty talk/Smut

A/N: Kinda switched it up a bit, but I hope you still enjoy! The gif is my reaction after writing

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“Ethan!” I whined as my boyfriend continued to play his games. I was here to hang out with my boyfriend. Not watch him play video games. “Ethan I’m bored. Let’s go get ice cream or get Chinese food.” I complained as I opened up my snapchat. Ethan didn’t say anything which was really making my blood oil. I was irritated with him and hungry. Just then I knew what would catch his attention. I ran out of his room and looked around for Gray. When I noticed he wasn’t in the warehouse an idea popped into my head. I walked back into Ethan’s room and I shut the door. I slip my shirt over my head and I pulled my shorts down so I was just in my bra and underwear. I giggled silently to myself as I tiptoed behind Ethan. I started to lightly massage his shoulders which he let out a soft moan.

“Not now babe.” He said which made me pout. A smile peered across my face as I walked next to him. His eyes were basically glued to the screen. I needed to catch his attention, and I only knew of one way. I started to unzip his jeans which he tried to stop me at first, then he saw what I was wearing.

“I wanna play daddy.” I smirked to myself since I knew how Daddy affected him. I could see that his jeans were beginning to pop up as he was hardening. I straddled myself on his lap as he kept trying to play his game.

“Y/N you’re going to get it when I finish this round.” He growled, but I smirked. I was okay with getting what he would bring, because I knew whatever it was, it would be great. I started to kiss on his neck, but he stopped me. “I bought you a new pair of underwear since I ripped your last pair. They are in my top drawer. Go put them on.” Ethan said which I smiled. I got off of his lap and ran to his dresser. I opened the first drawer and digged around until I saw a black lacey thong.

“Ethan these are so cute!” I exclaimed. “Do you want to watch me change into them?” I smirked and so did Ethan.

“Of course baby.” He cooed which made me smile. I slowly pulled my red underwear off and I slid the black ones on. I looked up and slowly spun around while I saw Ethan admiring me. “Lie down baby girl. Daddy will be there to take care of you in a second.” Ethan smirked as I saw he was palming himself. I smirked knowing I caused him to get that hard. I climbed on his bed as I saw he was still in his computer chair, but his pants were pulled down to his ankles.

“Eth-E.” I moaned as I felt a vibrating sensation in my underwear. I had to catch my breath. “What–” He cut me off as he turned around. I saw he was jerking himself off with one hand as the other was on his phone.

“I got these panties from Adam and Eve’s. How do they feel?” He asked a little breathless. “Do they make you feel good? Or does Daddy’s cock feel better?” Ethan growled as I moaned. I noticed my hips were moving at the pace of the underwear which drove me crazy. “I told you to wait and you didn’t want to listen. Now look at what I have to do. I have to make myself cum while you watch.” Ethan smirked as he continued to jerk himself off.

“Mmmmm Y/N fuck.” Ethan growled which made me moan. “Mmm I bet you’re soaking aren’t you?” He asked and I nodded. I stuck my finger inside, but Ethan pressed a button on his phone to where the vibrating stopped. “No baby girl. You c-can’t do that.” Ethan grunted to which I groaned.

“Daddy please. Just fuck me.” I whined, but he was determined to make me watch him cum while he teased the shit out of him. He started to pump himself faster which made me wetter. “Ethan.” I moaned.

“Mmmmm baby girl I bet you’re soaking your brand new panties. Are you thinking about daddy and what daddy does to you? Are you thinking about when daddy fucks you so hard while your face is in the pillow to muffle your moaning so your parents don’t hear us? Or whenever I finger you while we are out in public and you’re worried about Gray seeing us? Or how about when I’m eating you out? Sucking on your sweet clit until you cum all over my tongue and I lick up all of your juices?” Ethan teased in his dark and lust filled voice.

“Fuck daddy.” Just then I felt Ethan jump on top of me as he pulled my new underwear off of me.

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“Fuck baby girl you make me so hard. I’m going to fill you up with Daddy’s cum okay?” He warned as he slammed his hard dick inside of me.

“Fuck daddy you feel so good. Oh fuck me harder.” I grinded my hips as he slammed into me over and over again. I dug my nails into his shoulder which made me moan loud.

“Fuck baby I’m about to–” Before he could finish I felt him fill me up with his cum to which my orgasm soon followed. We were both panting as he rolled over next to me on the bed. He kissed my temple to which I giggled.

“That was hot.” I chuckled which he just rolled his eyes.

“You’re such a tease sometimes I swear.” He chuckled as he looked at the screen of his computer. “I’m going to play video games more often if this is a thing we are doing now.” Ethan chuckled which made me roll my eyes again as I chuckled too.


There are literally so many characters in 11 Little Roosters but it just so happens that Michael and Gavins characters are paired up the entire time?!?! Like RT wants me DEAD!?!? Also Gavin calling Michael “Mikey” gives me LIFE!!!!

Interstitial cystitis PT sucked. She basically told me to stop eating everything I can or like to eat. And drink more water which is impossible since I’m already drinking so much for POTS. And everything she did hurt like hell.

Feeling really down now. Had a bit of a meltdown when i got home. I’m so fucking sick of my illness taking away everything I love or enjoy or like or use as a coping measure or comfort. I have nothing left anymore and it’s breaking me down. I’ve given everything to this illness.

I was at a video game convention with my dad and my boyfriend at the time (I was 13). Me and my boyfriend were playing some SNES game and a man, about 40 years old walks up. He’s in an Assassin’s Creed cosplay, and starts trying to make jokes about being from a different time period. My boyfriend gets uncomfortable and drags me away to find my dad. About an hour later, I’m alone by a pinball machine, trying to call my dad. That guy comes up to me.

The following conversation
(We’re gonna refer to this guy as Gabe)
Gave: you know, in my era, I was quite popular with the ladies
Me: Stays silent because no bitch
Gabe: Can I have your number?
Me: *looks at him while literally still holding my phone* I don’t have a phone
Gabe: Can we go out sometime?
Me: I’m 13
Gabe: I’m 14
Me: I have a boyfriend
Gabe:He doesn’t have to know

At some point in this my dad picks up the phone, listens, then finds where I am and punches Gabe in his sweaty ass neck beard face

once you play dragon age you just get it

like other people balk at 100+ hour playthroughs and think it’s weird to “romance” a video game character but my boyfriend started playing and like 2 hours in he was like “i reloaded because cassandra didn’t like something I said, is that normal”

yes. yes it is.

Day off/Lazy Day with Jungkook

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  • okay so
  • lazy day with Jungkook
  • here we go
  • this could go two ways 
  • so I’m just going to play out two of them
  • scenario one
  • you wake up to the smell of pancakes
  • rubbing your eyes you drag yourself out of bed
  • you see him standing there in a white t-shirt and sweatpants what else is new 
  • “Good morning Princess.” 
  • “Good morning Y/N.” haha you thought 
  • “Making pancakes?”
  • “Oh no, Jin had me freeze some he made.” 
  • “Romantic.” 
  • You ate breakfast on the couch and watched dramas for who knows how long
  • Switching positions on the couch
  • so many times omg
  • In the middle of the day, you decided to go get coffee 
  • because coffee
  • neither of you bothered to change out of your pajamas 
  • you skipped down the street to get your coffee
  • he always preferred having sweeter drinks, most of his coffee was  more sugar and milk than actually coffee
  • you, on the other hand, preferred more a more bitter tasting drink unless you don’t but I do sorry just switch it out
  • You just chilled at the coffee shop and talked for who knows how long
  • about everything under the sun
  • you arrived home and binge watched movies until you both fell asleep 
  • it was one of the worst ways you’d ever been woken up
  • jungkook had run out of shampoo in the shower
  • and due to laziness he didn’t want to get out of the shower and dry off 
  • to go to the other end of the apartment to get the extra shampoo
  • so he was attempting to wake you up by opening the bathroom door and throwing every imaginable object at you to wake you up
  • and because he is the god damn golden makne he hit you with every single one
  • so you finally woke up when the empty shampoo bottle hit your shoulder, jolting up quickly
  • after getting the shampoo for jungkook you climbed back into bed 
  • expecting to go back to sleep
  • but nooooooo
  • no sooner had you laid your head down on the pillow jungkook took a running jump onto the bed, nearly knocking you off of it
  • “We’re going to play video games now.” 
  • “help my boyfriend is a giant child.” 
  • not that you resented playing video games with kook
  • because seeing him being low-key highkey salty when you beat him in Mario Kart was oh so satisfying
  • For every meal you’d both opted for take-out, not wanting to leave your house, much less your spot on the couch
  • after you got ready for bed you just watched a bunch of horror movies, followed by a string of some of the worst comedy movies you’d ever seen
  • you talked late into the night, about the most useless things 
  • somewhere around 4 am it got weird
  • “Can you be 5′12?” 
  • “No kook your exhaustion is getting to you.” 
  • “Do pigeons have feelings?” 
Respect, Trust, and Video Game Boyfriends

I’m watching through Garrus romance videos for the hundredth time, and a couple of lines from two different scenes just hit me, as if hearing them for the first time:

“Why the hell not, there’s no one in this galaxy I respect more than you”
“I don’t want something ‘closer to home’, I want you. I want someone I can trust”

I’m just…
I think I’ve probably watched through the Garrus romance, and heard these lines, quite a few times in my sinking deeper and deeper into Shakarian trash, but it’s like I’ve actually listened to them for the first time right now.

It’s just making me all ☺️😍 really hearing and taking in the fact that their relationship from the get go, probably even before they realized this was “love of my life” territory, was built on respect and trust.

And it’s making me draw even more comparisons between Garrus and my #1 Video Game Boyfriend Will Defend Him and Love Him Always It’s Ride Or Die: Iron Bull.

When I started gravitating towards Garrus and really falling in love with that romance, i joked that well, i guess I have a video game/Bioware boyfriend type: large nonhumanoid dudes with deepish or gravelly voices and some sort of covering over an eye–be it patch, or tech visor (and later added scars to the “type” qualifications when realizing they have that in common too) and then when we started seeing Jaal I was like “….oh look, my type. I guess plans to romance Liam are possibly out the window”

But now I’m realizing there’s even more to add to the list of characteristics of my Bioware boyfriend type.

The Iron Bull romance, like Garrus, is built on trust and respect.

Iron Bull’s respected the Inquisitor even before he shows up in his/her quarters. Sure, obviously all romances are based on approval (…or even disproval if we’re talking about rivalmances in Dragon Age 2) so one could say all romance options respect the protagonist, but in the case of Iron Bull specifically, his respect for Inquisitor is what draws him closer. He respects them as the leader, as Boss, and it’s what makes him respond to their flirting positively. He views it as this is a person I respect, they seem into me, and they might need to unwind from all the stress piling on their shoulders.

And as for trust, well of course. That’s the backbone of what they’re getting into, not to mention any (good, healthy, consensual) BDSM relationship. Depending on your dialogue option in the post-first time cutscene, Iron Bull even points out “if you didn’t trust me, you would’ve told me to leave”. And even then, even with the sort of challenging tone of that statement, he respects the Inquisitor enough to not crowd him/her and be imposing or forcing them out of their brief uncertainty (or full out refusal, if you take the “nope, I can’t do this” dialogue option). He stands up, sure, but that entire scene he keeps a space between them as they talk things through. He doesn’t tower over them to intimidate, doesn’t back them into a wall to show his dominance.

Hell, even when he does back them up into a wall in the scene before that one, it’s preceded by making sure this is what they want, and even after Inquistor’s back is up against the wall, Iron Bull pining their arms over their head, he still checks for their clear and informed consent one more time before proceeding.

Okay, sorry, got sidetracked by going on and on about Iron Bull. Back to my main point–

Both Iron Bull and Garrus respect the Inquistor and Shepherd respectively, and though they could swoop in and go at it with them at the first sign of them having interest, it’s against their nature. They make sure this is what they want, make sure Inquisitor/Shepherd is going into things with no doubts, and that they have consent and trust. Okay, Garrus also has the “let me research interspecies bangity bang first, but if you’re sure, hell yeah let’s do this”. Which only further feeds into the respect he has for Shepherd, and wanting to make sure they do things right, even if (at the time) there’s a possibility this is just a one time fling.

So, in summary, apparently my actual full description of Bioware Boyfriend type is:
big nonhumonoid with some sort of deep voice, scars, an eye covering of some sort, who’s romance is built firmly on a foundation of respect and trust in the early stages, might not have initially thought this was going to be true love or anything beyond letting off some steam and find themselves proven wrong as they proceed to fall in love with you/the protagonist.

So, we know Jaal has the big, nonhumanoid, parts covered, he’s got his snazzy monocle, at least some scarring, the first look video of him shows oh yes he’s got the voice, and implies he’s got an openness to him, emotionally, where if he cares or respects someone, he shows it.

Mmmmhmm it’s looking a lot like he’ll be joining Iron Bull and Garrus in Becky’s Harem of Video Game Boyfriends.

….I also just realized another similarity between Iron Bull and Garrus, that if not romanced they fall for someone else (Dorian, Tali) (at least for those who get those to trigger. It’s been two years and I’ve NEVER gotten Adoribull to trigger in my romancing-someone-other-than-Iron Bull-or-Dorian games, regardless of how hard I try. Can’t really speak to whether how hard or easy it is to get unromanced-therefore-get-together Garrus or Tali to trigger, but yeah Adoribull has been impossible for me).

…..huh. Not sure if that’s a coincidence, or if deep down in the depths of my subconscious I have some mean vindictive side going “haha! You can’t have him! He’s mine! Mine! Mine!”

If It turns out Jaal has a “hooks up with x if left unromanced”, I’m going to lose my shit and really have to do some thinking of what all that’s about lol.