my vicious

  • person: how can you keep that in your ROOM? it wants to kill and eat you!! it's vicious!!
  • my snake: (balls up because I wiggled her feeder at her)
  • my snake: (balls up because she saw a paper towel)
  • my snake: (balls up because she saw her reflection)
  • my snake: (periscopes too high and falls over dramatically, balls up and peeks around like "WHO DID DAT")
  • my snake: (hides in my bra for warmth)
  • my snake: (puts her own head under a running faucet and sits there for ten years) (it feels nice I guess?)
  • my snake: (rubs her chin all over my hand until I scratch the itch)
  • my snake: (gets stuck inside a paper towel tube, balls up when I free her from it, immediately goes back in)
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: totally agree

LGBT + happy ending


You have set me free.

Laurent is a prince cursed to be a dragon by his uncle in order to usurp the throne. The curse can only be broken by the kiss of true love. And Damen is the knight that comes along, earns Laurent’s trust, and destroys the cage that Laurent is trapped in, both magically and emotionally.

My Captive Prince Secret Santa gift to Marie-Lou (@agoldenking). Event run by @captiveprince–ss. Hope you like it! :)