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HAIIII I just wanted to confess that your drawings made my life gone better where I feel so happy,my mum happy,my country is in peace,no war,people loves one another and crime never happen again. PLS SPREAD THIS TO NAMJOON! I love you<3

LOL IM GLAD MY COMICS HAS SUCH AN EFFECT ON U but omg it’s literally my worst nightmare if any of the boys see the comics I do asfhggsssjkl ;;;; everything I do is only for u and my eyes only

I know I don’t give a lot of personal updates on here but life is looking up my dudes

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Not to be a party pooper but the trans and bathrooms issue is more complicated than you think, especially once you realise the bill also allows male bodied people into spaces like shelters for female rape victims which are much more problematic than bathrooms.

…. er, I wasn’t talking about trans people in the bathroom? anyway since we’re here, I suppose it’s time I explain my Very Deep Thoughts About This Argument:

  1. y’all need to chill. I go to the bathroom to go to the bathroom. I don’t go there to hold philosophical conversations with the person in the next stall over. I have personally used public men’s bathrooms more than once in my life because there was no queue outside it and no one was in there while the women’s were packed full and I had to go. no one ever gave two fucks. I personally wouldn’t give a flying fuck if a guy (like, an actual cis guy) occasionally used the women’s bathroom. it’s stalls. I don’t even see who the fuck is in there. why should I give two fucks?
  2. ‘male bodied people’: listen, let’s just get this out of the way. trans women are women. trans men are men. their genitals are what they are whether pre or post op and that’s another point entirely. predators come in all shape and genders and sexes. guys can get raped by guys in male-only bathrooms, girls can be raped by girls in girl-only bathrooms or spaces (I mean, do you know women can also be abusive? just a thought). having a dick doesn’t automatically make you a sexual predator. if you are a sexual predator, you’re not one because you have a dick or a vagina, you’re one because you are. so okay, according to you a trans woman who’s male bodied can’t go into an all-female shelter. u aware that male-only shelters for rape victims are basically just slightly more common than unicorns and so your male-bodied trans woman wouldn’t have a place to go if she can’t be at a female shelter even if she’s a woman
  3. at this point I should ask you if then trans men should go to shelters for males as well, or if they are allowed into female shelters because they’re *female bodied*? anyway, shelters for males are like, a ridiculous percentage in comparison to shelter for females, soooooo. I mean, you’re basically saying ‘if you’re a trans rape victim you basically can’t even go to a shelter because you can’t share a safe space with other victims based on whichever damned genitalia you happen to have’. wow. nice. so post-op trans women should be able to access a shelter or a goddamned bathroom according to your reasoning but pre-op can’t? okay. so if the aforementioned pre-op trans woman is just fucked? good fucking lord. so now pre-op trans rape victims can’t go into a shelter ie a safe space because they could have the chance of being sexual predators BECAUSE THEY MIGHT HAVE MALE GENITALIA? good lord man do you even see how… atrocious that sounds?
  4. btw, nice assuming that all men are potential predators. that’s totally not sexist at all. but never mind.
  5. as far as bathrooms go, it’s really that fucking simple: an ftm person might feel more comfortable going to the men’s bathroom or a mtf to the women’s because it’s their gender regardless of the body they were born in. if they go to the one of their birth-assigned sex they might trigger their dysphoria or they might actually get harassed (I mean, passing pre-op trans woman into the men’s bathroom might end up well or not… and as far as ftm go, you haven’t seen certain women when they see any male into the women’s bathroom including ten year old children). now, can I be an adult and get over someone with a different set of genitalia than I have using my bathroom without giving a fuck, or do I have to be an asshole and make them unnecessary uncomfortable? spoilers: for me, it’s being a goddamned adult and let them use whichever fucking bathroom they feel most comfortable with because my freedom ends when the others’ begins and it costs me fucking nothing to not give a fuck about who is in the next stall. if you have to be an asshole good for you, but thanks I ain’t here for that. predators will find their way regardless if they really are predators, it’s not going to be allowing trans people in whichever bathroom or space or locker room that will change things.
  6. listen, please, just - the entire fucking problem at the basis of this is that minorities are not normalized. you only care that trans people can use the other gender’s bathroom or the locker room or whatever because our society sees trans people as outside the norm and we’re still here splitting hairs over how much of X or Y you are if you aren’t cis or whatnot. if instead of saying atrocities like ‘male-bodied people are automatically predators’ (????) you normalized the really astonishing, mindblowing and groundbreaking concept that trans men are men and trans women are women whether they are pre-op or post op and they have dignity as human beings and the rights to do whatever they choose to in order to feel comfortable in their own skin as long as it’s not a crime, and sorry but as far as I know pissing and shitting are corporal functions and not crimes, maybe you wouldn’t find so abhorrent the prospect of a trans woman going into the women’s bathroom (or a trans man going to the guys’ bathroom, but somehow that never is a thing that’s discussed. it’s always the stigma of having a dick somehow. wow, sounds sexist. jesus), because you wouldn’t see a trans woman going into the bathroom, you’d just see A WOMAN going to the bathroom. if that concept was normalized, you wouldn’t give two fucks, same as I can’t give two fucks if someone at the gym brings their male five year old into the locker room and the kid gets a glimpse of my amazing rack as I change. if you mind your business and the person doesn’t harass you just move on with your life and you’ll be fine. gdi.

like. jesus christ can y’all be somewhat less self-centered or what. also how many trans people are in the world in percentage? your chance to run into someone trans in the bathroom is a lot slimmer than the contrary. you aren’t allowing every male in the world to access the women’s bathroom or shelter, because guess what if a male predator wants to harass you or worse he’ll find a way regardless, he won’t do it posing as a trans woman or as a rape victim and listen, idk if this ask was more transphobic, ignorant or sexist but please don’t, okay?


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Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

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[Fanaccount] 161210 Jisoo talks about Jeonghan 

HJS: I gave my love for Jeonghan’s birthday.

YJH: This kid didn’t give me any~thing else so i thought i didn’t take care of him

YJH: but then i recalled i gave him a starbucks coupon.

HJS: I gave u underwear!!


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