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Very Serious Cinematic Parallels™  [jurassic world | the throwaways]


a nice image

jack as an old man, sitting in a rocking chair in his den, embroidering a little hockey stick & puck on a hat he made for his grandson. bitty comes in to bring him lemonade and the he sits beside jack in a big comfy arm chair and watches reruns on the travel channel. he points out all the places theyve been to like rome and paris and london and jack just listens to the stories of his life with the man he loves and reminisces.


Les Amis: Then and Now

George Blagden as Grantaire | Killian Donnelly as Combeferre | Fra Fee as Courfeyrac | Aaron Tveit as Enjolras | Hugh Skinner as Joly

In honor of the four year anniversary of seeing this film for the first time, I watched it again today – and I was so struck by how beautifully they have all grown up since then.  

Jupiter in the First- My identity, my very self, takes me on a journey. My enthusiasm can come from self-questioning.

Jupiter in the Second- I seem to attract abundance, even when I no longer have a use for it… I grow out of it almost, seeking something higher,

Jupiter in the Third- When I lose the will to learn, I know I am not myself. I flourish the most when knowledge gleams.

Jupiter in the Fourth- I break out of the home, breaking a few hearts on the way. Those walls cannot contain me.

Jupiter in the Fifth- I want to see a piece of God, or source in my creations. I want them to reflect something truly divine.

Jupiter in the Sixth- I can handle the daily chores, the routine of it all if it leads to a bigger, impactful picture. If not, they seem to drag me down.

Jupiter in the Seventh- I need others to enrich me, not smother me, as soon as the latter begins I vow to move forth.

Jupiter in the Eighth- The underworld doesn’t frighten me, in fact, I’m drawn to it as a beacon of unfounded knowledge. Even death cannot dull my curiosity.

Jupiter in the Ninth- My source of expansion comes from a lifelong pilgrimage, where answers inspire more questions.

Jupiter in the Tenth- I feel the need to be of impact in this world, to push through barriers for all to see.

Jupiter in the Eleventh- It is within me to advance the collective, to achieve shared dreams and cherish the weight of them.

Jupiter in the Twelfth- Even in isolation and travelling the depths, I believe in Guardian Angels.