my very first proper edit on ps

cinnamber-everything-deactivate  asked:

Um, I have a bit of a question that probably has been asked already, but how do you do your storyboard/animation things? (I'm sorry I have no idea what to call them) I was just really curious.

This has never been asked before but here goes my answer: I have no idea how to do it and I just swing my skills every single time and hope it will work

I’m a self taught little bean, not to mention that I don’t ever plan to major in animation or anything like that. Everything I know is from tutorials I find on tumblr or on yt (e.g. “how to do frame animations”) .

100% of the vids I make (ps. there are some that will never see daylight :^) ) are drawn to songs I like at the time. This may sound strange (although I cant be the only one here with this) but whenever I listen to a song a movie plays in my head? Like an amv or a music video of sorts. So basically I’m just redrawing the idea that is already in my head frame by frame ^o^ Since I’m very impatient and proper animation takes time (LIKE, A LOT OF IT) my vids are always storyboardish :D

All of the animations are done in PS. It has a special timeline to create frame animations and I can even add music in the bg! Its like a very simple video editing tool :D First I always draw the key scenes, then frames in between and so on until I have shit ton of frames and the thing aka video looks decent and legible! Hope I helped somehow haha ^o^

man, now I wish I could finish some of these projects = 3 =