my very first graphic ever

↳ prompt: who are you?

you look familiar.

another hp aesthetic // mary macdonald

it’s t.he story of a little girl who kept giving friendly names to the beasts she drew and half her lunch to her homeless friend. now you jump fifteen years forward and it turns into one of a hufflepuff alumni, accomplished magizoologist and new-found trainee dragon keeper who gives friendly names to the beasts she studies and half her lunch to whoever needs it.

in times where terror knocks at your door and asks to see your forearm, mary has managed to find herself on the fringe of this world, escaping into the one she shaped herself. she created this seamless mix of cultures and influences and inspirations to host her unadulterated soul.

because she is acceptance and huge smiles and long talks about the what and the why and phylantropy and inspiration and nature and books and travels and dragons and kindness and so, so much more.

So, I decided it’s finally time for me to make my very first ever BOTM! Also, yeah, I made graphic. No more


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I will be looking for:

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  • Originality is important you know

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