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“Where are you, you little pest?”

Sting, Chapter 15

Happy very belated birthday @kryallaorchid! The moment i read this scene i wanted to make an animatic for it. It’s so well done i love the contrast between it and what happened previous with Adrien.

I now it’s a little bit rushed in the end. I kind of overdue myself since i wanted to draw actions scenes. I kind of played with the camera a lot. I also wanted to paint it more but my photoshop stopped cooperating

Again im sorry for being so late! Hope you like it!

prince in training

~3k, rated T

Sterek ficlet inspired by this: “i grew up not knowing i was royal and now i guess i’m heir to a throne and you’re the guy who’s supposed to be teaching me how to be royal bc i suck at it and oops we made out” au

This is kind of Princess-Diaries-ish. I know that’s been done before in this fandom (and thank god it has—it’s awesome), but I couldn’t help myself. Yay for self-indulgence!


Stiles thought the most annoying thing about suddenly being a royal heir to a small eastern European kingdom he’s never heard of would be the hyper-aggressive paparazzi, but he was dead wrong.

The most annoying thing is actually Derek Hale, the guy Stiles’ grandmother hired to teach Stiles how not to screw this up.

“Princes don’t chew with their mouths open, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t shove an entire fistful of curly fries in their mouths, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t wear pink-and-green plaid shirts from Target, Stiles.”

“Princes don’t slouch.”

They don’t slump, either, or yawn or sneeze or cough in public, or fist-pump, or drive beat-up old blue Jeeps, or wear bright colors, or rock out to the radio, or do anything fun.

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i’ve been thinking about the psychic thing/knowing alex was gay thing and i have thoughts

and wow this ended up more undeveloped story like and also near to 1000 words i hate myself i’m so sorry and it is under the cut sorry mobile users, if you see this

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eros mode initiated

To Shame Hell (mercymaker, E, 1.7k)

an angst-ridden pwp and part of uh i guess youd call it a fic trade with @xhuuya, who wrote the inverse fic “Heaven Knows” which you can read here

read on ao3 here

“All men have secret thoughts that would shame hell."—Robert Louis Stevenson

Angela can’t really recall when Amélie’s hoodie came into her possession. She thinks that, perhaps, it was left behind during one of their occasional movie nights at her flat; or, maybe, she grabbed it by mistake after watching one of Amélie’s ballet rehearsals. Whatever it was, it’s sat, clumsily folded up on the back of her living room chair for the better part of a fortnight, waiting for her to remember to take it back. And that is where it stayed. Untouched. Unmoved.

It’s definitely never made its way under her palms as Angela absently curled her fingers into the soft fabric, wondering how Amélie’s powerful shoulders would feel under it. It’s absolutely never wound up discarded in her unmade bed after a night of being clutched greedily in her arms as she slept. And it’s most certainly never found its way over her bare torso, the fabric so soft and warm against her skin, nuzzled into the fleece that smelled so much like her—

Schieße. Whatever. She’ll wash it before she returns it.

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*walks up to mic*

*clears throat*




But I want a woman.


Pairing: Kaneki/Touka || Rating: K  || Words: 483

Warnings: none

A/N: I really hope Kaneki let Touka kiss him… 

Everything. The air, the city below them, her heart; it’s all incredibly calm as she leans forward, letting their breaths intermingle only for a moment before she decisively presses her mouth to his. The murmur of her name is interrupted by the gentle push of her lips, and he is, as she expected, completely rigid beneath her. His lips are dry, cracked along the seam, but she kisses him again anyway, savoring the heat of his cheeks beneath her palms and the innocent tremor of his forearms.

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Hey guys, I wanted to do something nice for my mutuals and thought since with all the negativity I could do a compliment and let you all know that you’re all appreciated and awesome. People in bold will be my main cupcake mermaid crew who I love and will fight for!  Please ignore the hideous banner! This will be in alphabetical order! If I miss a mutual out! I’m sorry. 

If there are similar compliments it is:

a. because it is all very true! You’re all incredible and there are not enough words to describe it. 

And b. because I am awful at words and English.


@alittlestardustcaughtYou’re literally one of the nicest and funniest  people I know and I love you! The edits you makes are beautiful and she’s one of my absolute faves on this hellsite! 

@aryasmeatpies: You’re one of the funniest people I know and you’re super clever! Your fics are always so funny and cracky ad just good and I am so happy that I dragged you into daensa now.

@baelerion: Your edits are stunning and you are the samltmate of my heart and I love you so much. My fandom experience would be so much more boring without the beautiful cracky aus that we make and I love you!!!

@bex-xo: It took me a moment to realise you were paperflowercrowns lol but your fics are so lovely and beautiful! Whenever I need a pick up I just check out your fic: ‘the oaks can’t help their feelings’ when I’m feeling down because it always makes me smile.

@buttercup–bee: Your fics are always so incredible and your writing style is to die for! It’s so distinct and lovely!

@blackholeofprocrastination: Your fics are absolutely amazing. I love them so much and never fail to make me smile. You’re very taleneted and the work you and the others do with jonxsansafanfiction is amazing. 

@bluecichlid: Your fics never fail to make me shiver. I cannot even begin to describe how incredible your stories are. You are so talented and I love our little chats! You’ve introduced me to some of my favourite fics

@couturegirl20: I know we don’t talk so much anymore but you are literal angel! You got me into so many great series and are one of the absolute sweetest people I know

@captain-ahsoka: You are wonderful and amazing and your edits and fics are so beautiful! You’re the absolute sweetest and one of the kindest people on this site

@daenyss: Your icon is absolutely stunning and your tumblr name is so cool. I love your blog Joneryssource as well.


@fedonciadale : Your insights and metas surrounding Jonsa are always so interesting and your stories are beautiful!

@gadisnaplasma: your icon and name is so cool and you love daensa too which will always make me love a person more than usual

@geekprincess26:Your fics are always and without fail just incredible and beautiful. Your angsy fics such as Snow give me so many feelings and I am so in love and excited for the new fic that you have just done

@gendryatrash: Your icon is so pretty and I really do appreciate and love the fact that you reblog all my trashy edits! You have so much good content and it always brightens up my dash

@goodqueenalys: Probably one of the first people I ever talked to this on the site. You are always so sweet and your edits are always stunning. Your work on jonxsansafanfiction is amazing and you run such an amazing blog. 

@greengableslover: You are one of the sweetest and loveliest human beings ever! You’re edits are always so beautiful and lovely and just incredible. You’re my daensa loving buddy and I love it!

@him-e: You’re one of my favourite met writers. Your metas on Sansa and the show are always so in-depth and just amazing. 


@jeeno2: Your fics and stories are so good. You’re one of my favourite authors and your everlark fic still make me cry! You’re so taleneted!

@jillypups: You were the one who got me more confident to enter fandom and you’re the absolute sweetest. Your stories are absolutely gorgeous and I love every single one of them, no matter the ship. Your fics for Jonsa or Sansan or Benjen x Meera are all incredible and just beautifully written.

@jonsasnow: Your stories are always so cute and fluffy and I love them! They always brighten up my day and yet you can write so many incredible angsty fics and just how are you so talented.

@jonnsansa: Seriously so talented! Your stories are absolutely incredible and just amazing and I am always in awe at how you just pull out such good fics and writing just like that.

@keepingbreath: You are one of my favourite mutuals! Thank you for sticking with me so much!

@lathwell55: Your stories are always so good! They always brighten up my day and you are just a whole wonderful bundle of talent!

@leannedirewolflover: Your icon never fails to remind me why Sansaery should be the ship that rules them all. You reblog so much good content and I love having you on my dash. 

@lydiia-martins: I absolutely adore you! You are my absolute favourite on this hell site! You are the kindest, most beautiful person inside and out and I’m so blessed to have your wonderful ray self as a bestie!!! I can’t believe you still deal with my trash messy self!! You are forever my fave and forever delightful and I love youu my animal loving friend!!!


@marauders-groupie: You are a mermaid! A mmonlight, beautiful, amazonian mermaid!  Your poetry and writing is so incredible and just beautiful. It makes me feel so much and just is wonderfully and beautifully human. I am forever on the journey of chill with you and am using the map that you gave me. I can’t even believe that you deal with my messy capslocks and just general self! Love you!

@maybetwice: You’re are so sweet and just lovely! You are incredible and awesome and your writing is absolutely beautiful!

@misshoneywheeler: Your fics are so incredible and just amazing and seriously, I know I keep on saying this, but you are so taleneted!

@myrish-lace-love: You are the absolute sweetest and I am forever screaming about your beautiful writing and the fact that I got you that one time to write a daensa fic! You have ended up getting me to ship Jonerys just through your incredible writing!

@mhysaofdragons: You’re so sweet and just a genuinely lovely person. I am still screaming and so grateful for that meta you wrote on Dany and Sansa. It was so good and amazing!


@riahchan: I absolutely adore your icon and you always rec so many fantastic fics! You’re a true Jonsa mascot and I love the content you bring to my dash. It always makes me smile. The fact the you reblog my things despite how trashy it is always makes me smile.

@sansapotter​: Your fics are always so good and I love all of them. All the stuff you write is absolutely amazing and thank you for sharing your work and thank you so much for the amazing stuff you do with jonxsansafanfiction. 

@sassyeggs74: You always reblog and have so much wonderful content and thank you for being such an awesome mutual and reblogging my stuff and brightening up my dash! 

@scullylikesscience​: I am still screaming about your fic! Everything about it is incredible and so similar to the series. I could genuinely see a lot of it happening in the books.

  @starkroqers​: Your graphics are always so beautiful and lovely! I love the stuff you post and reblog and your stuff always makes my dash brighter (I am sorry for taking so long with your prompt and will eventually post it).

@tayl0crow: Your writing is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Your fics are always so incredible and just wonderful and I love all of them! Thank you so much for all the goodness that you bring to the Jonsa fandom!

@theasexualscorpio: You always tag me in cute animal posts and I forever love you for it! I adore all of your stories and you’re so talented and smart!

@thatgirlnevershutsup: You’re so lovely and sweet! Your fics are always so good and I love them all! You gave me the new and wonderful ship Jon x Susan! Thank you for being such an awesome mutual!

@themiddleliddle: I love the little metas you do and you are the absolute sweetest! Thank you so much for all the incredible work you do with jonxsansafanfiction!!!

@ladyflorence1215: You are my absolute fave! You’re so smart and just amazing and you deserve all the good and wonderful and lovely things in this world because you are that.You’re one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life and I love you!


@zip00198704: I love all your fics! They always put a massive smile on my face and make me so happy! You always post and reblog so many beautiful things and I love it! Thank you!

Looking for Star Trek blogs

hey so uhhhhhhhhhh

‘f you’re a Trekkie blogger that posts a lots of good Treks (which is to say any and all of them) and has a positive outlook about the shows, especially the new Very Disco, could you possibly hit like or reblog?

My very first fandom love has returned from exile and I need approximately 1701% more Star Trek on my dash because there is still insufficient Star Trek on my dash

anonymous asked:

For the palate challenge: 17 and Cloud Strife?

Cloud Strife with palette 17.

I miss drawing him! Haven’t drawn him like …. 7-8 years now.
I tried coloring this many times. It was hard and it was fun experiment at the same time.

Maybe I will color him in normal color tone later — If i’m not lazy though.