my very first colouring!!!!!

Voltron High School au, yay!! ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

My procrastination level has increased holy shit. I consider myself as a pro.

This is my very first time drawing Voltron characters, a naked male upper body and coloured manga panels… I hope you guys will like the result öwö I bet he played football a lot as a child c: btw I’m talking about European football/soccer! It’s nothing special but I had to draw this~

Keith, Hunk and Lance enter the same high school. Keith wanted Hunk to join the karate club with him but he already signed up for the newly founded football club, led by his childhood friend Lance. He invited him since they used to play a lot as children. I would write a fic about this but I suck at writing, especially in English haha ;u;

I’m a sucker for “Holy shit I’m gay!”-moments lmao

if it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it


Still going by Devereaux?



Arthur: Hey, Yao? We got a small problem here.

Yao: Arh?

Arthur: … Yes. There’s uh- A customer. We’re fully packed and he insisted he’s eating here.

Yao: … ok.

Arthur: Okay?

Yao: If he’s desperate. Ok. Very rude. Who is this?

Yao: …

Yao: Ok.

[First event: Actual Meeting]

A little bird told me that today is your birthday!

I absolutely adore every single one of your stories and since I am terrible at expressing my feeling with words, this is my way of saying “Thank you” and “Happy Birthday” to you, @disneygeekwriter!

Here is Chef Kristoff from your fic “Unbreak you

Also, welcome to the club, life gets even better at 30 ;)

Dear lord! This is happening!

It’s Christmas time, so I decided to challenge myself artistically (?) and share my ‘dream time-team’ illustration along with a fic inspired by this particular piece of art. I’m kind of nervous (af) right now, because that’s the very first time, my drawing has colours and patterns. As for the fic… I hope it’s not complete disaster ;)

Well, it can’t be, because the lovely @flabbergabst was my beta (once again thank you darling), so this is for her and also all of those Captain Canary fandom members, who didn’t have time to sign up for Secret Santa 2016 <3

I hope this gift will be enough. Enjoy!

(I own nothing)


Time-Family Portrait

Waverider, Christmas Day 2017

It was the team’s first holiday together after getting back Rip and brainwashed Leonard from his stint with the Legion of Doom. The return of their teammates was enough reason to celebrate, even if the Team Legends was still floating in space, waiting for a warning to fix time aberrations.

Despite Rip’s efforts, he could not convince Sara to stay with them as a captain. She refused, explaining that it was too much responsibility and stress to bear. She always loved to be a fighter, not a mastermind. Rip understood and took the position, which once was meant for him. Deep down, Captain Hunter knew she was right.

Unfortunately, being the Waverider’s captain for a long time made her feel older. She became more experienced in fact, but the burden just made her become worried for everyone. It made her become afraid of failure. Still, this didn’t stop her from teasing Rip about her innate talent for leadership.

One of those discussions started exactly before Ray prepared a camera for taking a special Christmas portrait of whole team.

“Oh come on! You know I was born to be in charge!” Sara proudly exclaimed, with raised eyebrows and a wide smile on her face, as she sat on Leonard’s lap, who looked at her with a smirk, like she was a goddess.

“I never said you were not, Ms. Lance! It was you who refused my offer of being the captain of the Waverider. Not me,” noticed Rip, pointing at himself in defensive gesture and sitting next to the crook and assassin, none of them hearing the sound of the flashlight.

“Yeah, Blondie! Why didn’t you say ‘yes’ to that? I liked you being my boss. At least I trusted you more than I trust him,” Mick pointed truthfully in Hunter’s direction as Amaya shifted to get herself more comfortable on the pyro’s knees.

“You know that was rude, don’t you Hothead?” teased Vixen, leaning slowly to whisper at Mick’s ear.

“I’ve never been good at lying,” Mick responded. “Besides it’s me who has the longest experience with piloting a timeship so cut me some slack, Foxie.”  He shrugged and sneered as he spotted Amaya rolling her eyes.

“What? Choosing Blondie to take Time-Dad’s place while he’s been gone, was the best idea we ever had. I’d vote for her for the next elections, to be honest,” Rory said, raising up his beer toward Sara, receiving a little wink from resurrected assassin.

“I don’t think there will be another election Mick,”  Len smirked at his criminal partner. He knows that they share the same opinion regarding Sara being captain but he knows it’s a delicate matter, therefore refusing to show any sign of agreement. Sara knew better, so she took the opportunity to lightly punch his shoulder and give him murderous look, playing it off with a smile.

Resigned, Captain Hunter shook his head and raised an eyebrow after Leonard’s comment, not even trying to read between the lines. He then again spoke with confidence. “Was that a suggestion to make ‘you’ a captain, Mr. Rory? If that’s what you want, I can offer you some probationary time. Will you take it?”

“Better question is, would anyone want to stay on a Waverider with knowledge that Mick is responsible for fixing the timeline?” Sara seemed a bit perplexed both about Rip’s suggestion and Mick’s final answer, so she just exchanged a look with Snart to hide her exasperation.

It was then Martin’s turn to have a say in the conversation. “Considering that Mr. Rory has an extraordinary tendency to light things on fire and to ‘blow stuff up’, I suppose this is a bad idea,” he said, finally taking his eyes away from a book he was reading.

“Hey! I would have trusted Mick with my life… eventually,” Amaya interjected furrowing her forehead, pouted lips on her face. “Would you?”


Leonard, Rip, and Sara said at the same time, causing a burst of laughter from every ‘time-parent’ or ‘rogue’ sitting in a first row.

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digital painting of knk’s heejun.
please do not reupload anywhere without my permission.

SOOOOO I got a tablet today. Or yesterday now because it’s like 3 am. And because of slugette‘s pirate theme going on I decided to try it out. Hopefully I’ll be as good as you one day! :D

I LOVE pirates so, this is a good thing (^u^). This is my art style.Very dark/grungey, with basically no colour. 

This is my first time using a drawing pad or tablet and my first traditional art on here so…I’m anxious af. I haven’t done any drawing in a while so I’m very rusty. 


Having the intro to Better Call Saul in black and white was definitely a good choice stylistically speaking: it lets you know that is this is going to be another ride of a show that’s heavily told through visuals.  But it was also such a good choice for character establishing as well - or rather, character de-establishing. 

The audience is so used to Saul Goodman and his amazing technicolour dreamcoats that are as much a character trademark as the titular catchphrase. So really, what better way to establish his new life by bleeding it of all colour whatsoever? This really isn’t much of an observation given how it’s probably the obvious choice in some ways. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a completely perfect choice either. The show has to move Saul into new territory and the black and white sets the tone in a way that goes so much further than just a “quirky attention grabbing shot.” And this choice wasn’t only great from a colour-scheme standpoint alone. Because Saul - for all the flash of his wardrobe - was the most truly neutral character on Breaking Bad. And what’s more outside the comfort zone of someone who’s so morally grey, than suddenly being thrust into a world where everything is black and white?