my version of the cover



Here is my version of the ACOWAR cover by the fabulous Sarah J Maas. ACOWAR wasn’t my favourite book of the trilogy, but the cover was and so I just had to re-create it in my style! 

Posters available over on Etsy :-

Character copyright of Sarah J Maas

Original book cover designed by Adrian Badich

Dress design by Charlie Bowater 

Inspired by the amazing work of Zezhou Chen

i know you’re dying to meet me, but I can just tell you this
baby, as soon as you meet me, you’ll wish that you never did

We made a new snk punk/band au (our last one was four years old?!) and I’m super obsessed with this version of hitch as per usual ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Ymir, Annie, and Hitch are in a girl band called ‘Second Chance’ and there’s a lot of lesbian ust.


31 Days of Muse
Day 17 - Favourite cover: Feeling Good
 Live @ Radio 3, 2001


So is anyone gonna color these linearts or do I really have to do it myself