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My parents are Christians, so I made this discreet mini-altar to Aphrodite on my dressing table and they don’t even notice it! I got the rose candle and rose quartz today 💕🌹🐚✨ The jar in the right side is going to be an Aphrodite jar, I just need to get some stuff first, but I’ve decorated the lid already!

finn balor { spiders }

   NOTES: And this is my Finn Balor one shot based off of the idea I posted previously. For my other versions, see below:


Okay, so this one is kind of teeth rotting fluffy. But it has sexy moments too. And I thought it was cute, so I thought I’d share with everyone. I hope it’s not badly OOC but I just really felt the fluff tonight.

Probably gonna do a Zack and a Dean one too, maybe one or two others.. Not sure yet. I have more ideas for more one shots I wanna write. What I do know is it feels good to be writing again. – Love, Amber.

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Spiders have always terrified me.. And when I say terrified, I mean sobbing and screaming and frozen in mortal terror.. I’m talking about the kind of fear that makes your throat close up and makes you feel like you want to vomit. It sounds so extra now that I’m actually admitting it, but I guess if I had to peg that one thing that made me like this, it’d be when my cousin Dexter threw a spider at me when we were little, not realizing it was actually kinda poisonous.. And it bit me and I wound up getting really sick.

Pretty sure that’s the one defining moment that shaped my fear of spiders, but anyway.. I digress…

I’d just settled into bed, I had my latest erotic novel and I was reading it until I actually got sleepy enough to fall asleep. At first, when I felt the movement, I put it off to the fan blowing my sheet against my bare leg and I ignored it.

But then it happened a second time… Higher. I looked down and there wasn’t anything there, I guess when I moved my leg, it moved. By now, I was actually starting to feel sleepy, so I shut my book and turned off my light, ready to sleep.

I think I might have been asleep an hour and having a very sexy dream about my room mate Finn when I felt the third subtle brush against my skin.. And it was on my chest.. I sat up in bed and I looked down and when I did, I started to shriek. I jumped out of the bed, throwing my covers down as I did so, swearing and in the middle of an obvious freak out. A freak out that I didn’t realize had woken up previously mentioned room mate..

When I saw it scampering towards my vanity, I shrieked and I threw the nearest thing in it’s direction and I turned around, finding myself body to body with Finn. I buried my face in his chest and tried to take a deep breath or two and he asked me in concern, “Are ye alright?”

“Spider.. Kill it, kill it.. Please just.. Get it out of here.” I looked up at him. He bit his lip and blinked, looking at me with a  raised brow. “Yer okay.” he smoothed his hands over my hair and then he chuckled, hesitating to let me go, sort of staring at me. I was staring right back until I thought I saw it scampering across the floor again and I was pressing against him again, face hidden.

“Please just kill it!” my voice was muffled against his bare chest and he chuckled, tilting my chin up. “Dere’s a problem wid dat.”

“For me ta kill et.. Ya have ta let me go, lass.”

Reluctantly, I stepped away, and it hit me then.. I liked the way it felt just now, the way he was holding me, the way his heart beating sort of had me a little calm for a good few seconds there.

I stood there in shock at the realization as he killed the spider and took it into the bathroom across the hall, flushing the dead spider down the toilet. And when he came back into the room, I mumbled sheepishly, “I’m sorry I woke you up.”

Our bodies brushed against each other and his hands lingered at my hips, squeezing gently as he stared down into my eyes. Lately, with him around a lot more due to his injury and having to take time off, things had gotten a little comfortable.. But there was this heavy tension underneath it all.. Like when you want to do or say something but you just can’t figure out how?


“Et’s alright.” Finn bit his lip and I licked mine, this urge to raise to tiptoe and kiss him. When our bodies brushed again, there was no space left between us and he was leaning in more. “Are ye okay? Ya were pretty upset.”

“I’m fine just… spiders fucking terrify me.” I muttered it quietly, and he’d pulled me so that my forehead rested in the center of his chest, so when I mumbled the words, my lips brushed against his chest and I felt him tense up slightly. He tilted my chin with his fingertips and pulled me into a deep and passionate kiss that caught me totally by surprise, my eyes fluttering open and closed as the kiss broke and I tried to catch my breath.

“Ah shouldn’t ‘ave  done dat.”
“Oh no, no.. I wanted you to do that.” I blurted it out, surprising myself. He gaped for a second and then that boyish smile came and he admitted with a laugh, “Ah wouldn’t mind doin et again.”

“So do it.”
His hands moved down my sides, stopping on my ass, sliding me up into his arms carefully. “Your should..” I started, only to have his lips cut me off before I even got the words out completely as he sat me down on the vanity table and told me quietly, “Shoulder es fine. Doesn’t hurt. And ya act like ya weigh so much when yer light as a feather.”

“Flattery, hmm.” I muttered as I slipped my legs around his waist, pulling him closer, putting my hand on the back of his neck to pull him down into a slow and deep kiss that left my lips swollen and tingling, left me soaked when it broke. He rubbed against me on accident and I sucked in a breath, the friction making me ache.

“Et es not. Et’s true.”
I laughed softly against his lips and he slid his hands up my thighs, squeezing and groaning against my lips as he chuckled and muttered into the kiss, “Et’s a damn shame ah 'ad ta kill dat spider.”

“Fuck no.. It’s good.”
“Dat spider helped dis 'appen.” Finn chuckled and I thought about it. “Nope.. Still hate spiders.. But I do thank the little bastard.” I laughed softly as he held my gaze, licking his lips hungrily before scooping me off my vanity table and carrying me down the hall and into his room.
“Yer safer 'ere. Ah can keep da spiders from crawlin on dat little body of yers better in 'ere.”

“Oh, I bet.” I laughed softly as he pretended to pout.

Daddy - Ashton Irwin Oneshot (dirty)

Rating : R

Word count : 1938

Synopsis : You take the blanket from Ashton and he chases you for it but your little game turns into something completely different as he bends you over in front of the mirror and forces you to watch as he fucks you

Authors notes : I’m happier with this one that I was with the Michael one I posted last but yeah, this was the last request in my inbox so if there’s anything you want to read let me know and I’ll get to it

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I have only one week left of winter break, so I’m utilizing the time left to be productive as possible. Right now, I’m just working on some optimization problems and planning out the week. Also, my workspace is cramped because I’m waiting for a new desk, so I’m just putting my little vanity table to use!


The clean-up crew are still at my house, I just feel likethe whole thing didn’t need to happen but it wasn’t coming out of my pocket. The record label threw the party for me so they’re paying for it, I could have laid in my bed and watched Orange is the New Black all over again but Jay Brown wouldn’t leave it alone. Wrapping my robe around me making my way down, I feel like shit and probably look it too because when Chris did leave the party it didn’t end just there and people ended up staying at the house but I’m glad they have mostly just left. Tiptoeing to the main living room, I could hear my family’ loud mouths in there “morning robz!” how is Lee even functioning, she looked terrible last night and she drank more than me “well hello to you too” I did a little run towards her and jumped on to her lap “we been looking through ya gifts” they never wait for me to look with them, looking over to the pile of ripped open wrapping paper “anything good?” she pulled a face “actually did you not see my gift?” she pushed me off her lap causing me to fall to the ground “bitch!!” I screamed out, she ran to the pile of gifts.

I got up from the floor and sat on the couch waiting “oh here that yellow nigga’ card and here is my gift” she threw on to my lap, snatching his card from Lee and placing it to the side “okay, this seems like some clothes?” she beamed nodding “hurry” Melissa was sat on the next couch just shaking her head “is it something bad? Why is Melissa shaking her head” I questioned Lee, I know she is the main bitch to buy me some dumb shit “it’s something good, it’s for the future” oh my god, scratching my head and then ripping the wrapping paper open “I did it twice” she said placing her hand over her mouth laughing “you mean you’re making life hard for me” throwing the first part to the side and then ripping the second part, I froze just staring at what she got “really?” I said in shock looking up “I am telling you it’s your time, you need to stock up” lifting a baby outfit that said on the front mini riri “why? I honestly cannot stand you, I hate it” placing it back in the wrapping paper “bitch I paid for the shipping for that” she spat, she is just annoying I swear to god, grabbing the clothes and the card walking out of the room “I told you it is a touchy subject with her” Melissa started lecturing Lee.

Sitting Indian style on my big bed with Chris’ card in hand, that is something I do not want to read while they are sat there. Looking at the front and how he wrote ‘Robyn’ I smiled lightly grazing my finger tips on top of his handwriting. Ripping the envelope but making sure not to make a mess of it, pulling the card out and placing the envelope to the side of me “oh my god” I gasped staring at the front picture, he had my card made “I cannot believe he has done this” it was a private picture of me that he took and I look about 18 acting a damn fool in the hotel room, shaking my head “Happy Birthday shawty” I read the front of the card aloud, why is he like this. I am nervous to open the card now because of that mess on the front, taking a deep breathe. I opened the card hoping it will be something sweet. This nigga took the whole card space on both sides, I cooed looking on the other side he drew his weird cartoons, and that best not be me with his weird self because I have a big forehead here but then again the guy stood next to me does too, squinting my eyes this is me and him, it has to be “aww” smiling reading the other side.

Dear Robyn (Shawty) you’ll always be my shawty,

Happy Birthday beautiful, it’s actually been years since I have actually wrote a birthday card for you but I am happy you’re back in my life. All I want for you is your happiness I know how sad you have been about being 34 but it’s a beautiful age because you still look like the first time I met you besides the little lines on your forehead, just joking.

I hope your birthday is filled with laughs and jokes with the people you love (even if that is not with me) I am kind of shock you still are talking to me but it’s your rules and you are in charge of course just don’t change your number on me, please.

Love you dearly and always have



“Why does he have to be so damn cute” holding the card against my chest, he honestly gets me mad but that was too cute and I will keep this card in a safe place because you never know when we might just fall out, again. Come to think of it where have I put the dress he bought, I jumped off my bed so quick. Last time I saw that thing was at the party and everyone was wanting to take off with that dress, skipping down the stairs “Lele!!!” screaming down the place “where the fuck is my…..” I stopped midsentence “I nearly had to call security on this nigga, creeping around with his thug ass” slowly stepping down the last of the steps “you came… I mean did anyone see you come here?” I do not want him thinking I wanted him to come just when I’m feeling all mushy and he appears out of nowhere “oh nah, I had my hood up and my friend dropped me off outside the gates. I come to get my car, living in a gated community is no joke. I was sneaking in when that gate opened up” Chris pushed his hood back “you over your hangover?” pushing his hands in his hoodie pocket laughing at himself “erm I kinda have, I just need to revaluate some things. I saw some shit that reminds me that I don’t need to drink that amount again” Lele is stood behind Chris pulling faces so everything fell silent as Chris was stood just staring at me “come upstairs” turning around to go back up the stairs “not you Lele, Chris” I prefer to speak to him without people around, I’m not stupid I could see my mom in the corner just watching.

Stood behind my bedroom door waiting for Chris to walk into my room, he is taking his sweet time. He slowly crept in side with his eyes all wide “already inviting me to the bedroom, I see” shutting the door behind him “yeah, you’re my friend so why not” walking over to my bed “oh, yeah sure” I heard the disappointment in his voice “you remember anything from last night?” I wonder if he remembers him crying or not, he licked his top lip looking around my room “nosey ass, stop snooping” Chris walked over to my vanity table “I wonder what this has in it” I would get up from my bed but I am actually naked under this and I do not want to be play fighting like this “yooooo” he said in excitement turning around “Is it used?” he held up one of my thongs “oh my god” closing my eyes “Chris can you just sit down” he even has the nerve to sniff it “right” I got up from the bed, he quickly put it back “sit down now!” pointing to my bed, he put his hands up walking over to my bed “you was looking at my card” he got it from my nightstand, sometimes I wonder why I invited him to come into my room “Chris stop” grabbing the card from him “thank you by the way, it was cute. I look ugly here but thank you” Chris looked down at his hands “they uhm saying some shit on the blogs, someone took a picture. It is just one picture of me at your party but we was stood outside. PR called and I was like just going to a party man, chill” he laughed nervously “did I do anything stupid?” he questioned, I could tell he always feels nervous or awkward with me but so do I with him “you talked a lot but you didn’t do anything stupid” he looked up at me “I woke up on the floor of my kitchen, I don’t remember how I got inside. I woke to a dog licking my face” I giggled at him, I hate when I giggle because I look so damn stupid “you live in that house with who?” I know some things about him but not a lot after we broke up because I had to let him go “just me and my two dogs that is about it” he looks so sad about that “why you live here like in LA? What about VA and your friends because they used your house as a crack house” Chris busted out laughing shaking his head “they all moved on, I cleaned up and cleaned house and when I did that I ended up with an empty house. Mom comes sometimes but work is here, niggas got married but you know me I wasn’t ready or into that thing” I know he’s not, I don’t think he ever was so I am still on edge with him so I won’t let him come close.

I sat confused on Robyn’ bed, why am I even sat waiting for her to get changed like where the hell are we going because I came just to get my car. I low key want to snoop and look for that sex tape of mine, she think I have forgotten but I haven’t and I want it back “Chris you better be sat” she came out of her bathroom dressed in jeans, vest and my letterman jacket on “you stole my jacket” she really didn’t care “do I look good? I really don’t want to put any make up on so shades it is” I couldn’t stop smiling watching her “where you going now?” she asked as she stared at herself in the mirror “uhmm home, I have nothing on the agenda today. I mean I got a club appearance tomorrow if you would like to come? You know with Mel and whoever” Robyn paused “come we going to your house, you can show me it” I stared at her in confusion “my house? Why?” Robyn shook her head walking over to me “get up and let’s go” grabbing my arm, I don’t want her to think I’m lonely over there. I had to learn how to be alone and it had worked out just fine with me, mentally it’s made me better.

Making sure to go through all the back streets so we didn’t get caught made the journey back home extra-long, can only imagine the stories if people were to see Robyn in my car. It is actually so weird having Robyn at the side of me in the car, most of the car journey she was silent with me just looking at her phone “did you read this?” Robyn said showing her phone all in my face, squinting my eyes “Chris and Rihanna back together” saying aloud “they all going to think that” I said putting my car in park “some of the stories are funny saying we was making out in the corner like who tells them this” turning the engine off “let’s forget them” opening my car door and stepping out the vehicle, I watched Robyn look at my place “this is nice” she smiled over to me closing my car door “thank you” walking towards my house, I really wonder why she wanted to come to see my place, does she think I haven’t changed or something “don’t mind the dogs, they get a little happy” pushing the door open and just like clockwork both of them bitches came running at me “come on! Move” grabbing both their collars “just make yourself at home” pulling them along to take them to the back yard, Robyn don’t understand how boring my life has become now because I am trying to change.

Biting my thumb nail as I walked back over to the couch, I look nervous as shit right now I better stop biting my nail “you want anything? Food? Drink? I mean did you eat breakfast you must be hungry, I can cook for you” if I could sit anymore further I would, I have to be good and stop being all upfront because if a nigga gets any closer I’ll be laying the pipe on her right now “no I’m okay, if I’m hungry you know I will walk in that kitchen and get something” that is true she has never been shy “did you just rolls your eyes at me and sigh” I stopped midway of my sigh “oh nah, I was thinking” rubbing my face, she is watching my every move “what’s up? You seem a little on the edge, even sitting on the edge of the couch” damn she is watching my every move “I don’t know Robyn, so much to say and so I just feel on the edge about shit” I laughed nervously, this has to be so awkward on so many levels.

I never get shy, I’m Chris Brown why would I be but Robyn just makes me feel so damn insecure “look at me” Robyn demanded, I slowly brought my eyes up to hers “you pregnant?” I said out of nowhere, I have no idea where that came from, I told myself not to say shit “why would you think that?” her face is in disbelief with me right now, more in shock but she is not happy “because you had baby clothes, I mean shit is cool if you are just tell me straight up. If you want to keep that shit a secret then fine by me but don’t keep it away from me, you can hurt my feelings if you must but I want to know who that nigga is?” I talked so much that I don’t know what I just said but I said it “I’m sorry Chris, the reason why I came here is because yes I am pregnant. Me and Matt have decided to get back together and you know things happen so yeah I’m sorry” turning my head to the side and looking out the window “cool, congratulations” let me keep my emotions to myself, I need to remain normal “see Robyn, I told you life would get better. I’m happy for you” I had to look at her face and that hurt even more “say it like you mean it” she squinted at me “tell me how you really feeling Chris” rubbing my neck “bring the real Chris out” is she trying to rile me up or something “there is nothing to say, god bless I’m happy. I just know you wouldn’t get a nigga better than me, you will never feel how you feel when you’re with me. They are nothing and you know that but have a good life” Robyn started clapping “you don’t want to know me now huh?” I swallowed hard, she is not even letting me think “I would like to be godfather” I mumbled putting my head down “you know I would look after the kid if anything happens to you, I would be there because that would be half of you and I love you so I think, I mean if it’s okay with you I would like to be it” the room fell silent only thing I could hear is my own breathing, slowly lifting my head Robyn was staring at me in shock “are you being real?” I nodded, I’m hurt as shit right now but I can deal with it, I will still love the child “I have grown up, I can deal with it. I lost you before and I can’t lose you again not as a friend and I can deal with the child because it’s yours” Robyn got up from the couch “I need to use the bathroom” I hung my head feeling choked up, she probably feeling sick but she better clean that shit up.

With my head hung down still, I didn’t move this position just thinking why she would bring me all the way to my home to tell me this shit. I’m angry and annoyed right now but I need to put my feelings aside, hearing the bathroom door open “hope you cleaned the mess” looking up at Robyn “I only needed to pee” I nodded sitting back, well this is going to be awkward now “you still love me?” she asked “what makes you think I don’t or ever stopped?” I answered so quickly, I am really angry right now “you moved on so quick Chris, you went back to the bitch. You seemed like you didn’t care” she always want to talk about the past, drives me crazy “what did you want me to do? Be depressed while you’re all happy and shit come on Robyn, I am public enemy number one and still is. Walking around that party you think anyone talked to me? I couldn’t let that shit happen, just like you moved on so did I so don’t come at me with not caring and shit because I do, now you’re the one that did not want to be my friend” she is getting all heated with me I can tell “be friends with what? You wanted two women when we got back together and you think I would accept that” look at her all mad and pointing at me “aight, whatever. I did want two women and your point is? You dogged me out so many times don’t forget that” Robyn’ eyes got all wide “so you wanted to get me back?” I shrugged not saying a word “just know I love you and always have, I got hurt by you Queen Rihanna as everyone made sure to make clear” getting up from the couch “I’m sure this place is too less for the queen, we both going to be hiding and shit because being in public with me might make you look bad” walking off to anywhere but to be near her right now.

Drinking the last of the vodka in my glass “I’ll take you back home” placing the glass on the glass coffee table in the middle of the room “I’m hungry” she telling me like I can do anything “you can eat at home” she wasn’t even moving from my damn couch but she will if I leave the room and lock her in with the dogs “I lied Chris, I lied about everything. I am not pregnant and I am not with the idiot Matt I just said it because you assumed and I wanted to see how you would react” I froze midway walking “Lele is a dumb whore, she bought it for me and I took it with me upstairs, I’m sorry” is she being real right now, how can all that be a fucking lie when I poured my heart out there “it was so sweet what you said, I didn’t think you still loved me that much and that is why I went to the bathroom I couldn’t take it. I’m shocked and I’m sorry for the time I have hurt you and now too because you probably hate me even more” she is playing with my feelings right now, why is she doing this “maybe it’s better if I take you home” I said without looking at her and continuing to walk outside.

Unfortunately I had to drop Robyn right outside the house, couldn’t let the queen walk now because everyone will hate me for it.  Biting on my bottom waiting for Robyn to leave my car she seems to be stuck to my seat “you want me to help you out or..?” I didn’t bother to look at her face because she is probably mean mugging me “I don’t like that you’re upset with me” oh so now she cares “I don’t like that you’re hungry either so maybe you should go and eat” I said, I felt her hand hit my arm causing me to look at her “look at me when I talk to you and stop dodging my questions, I am sorry ok? We both have hurt each other and I could never be angry with you because people can be so mean towards you. Why you think I forgave you so quick huh? I couldn’t stand people dogging you but I was stuck Chris and you know it” shaking my head silently turning my engine off “you didn’t choose me did you? You love me but yet you left me for fame, you wanted fame and the money. I wanted you and you know this so don’t come at me with the bullshit putting me on tests when I fucking wanted you in the first place. The blogs came at me saying I fucked it up when it was you when we got together, you pick fame over me all the time. Thank you Rihanna you forgave me, you make me look stupid all the time and I come back for more but out there it looks like you’re the one that is getting fucked over because people hate me” silence fell between us both but she knows I am right “you know nobody would let me live it if I did” she is so annoying “fuck people and fuck what people think ok? Just please go inside and do what you need to do, I will always be here as a friend. You know I’m always 100 with you but you’re always 50 with me so let’s leave on good terms and just forget anything I said aight?” I shouldn’t be even saying this in the first place, it’s wrong and I’m always wrong “bye” kissing Robyn’ cheek “bye Chris” Robyn left my car, I know she about to change her number and not want to know me again, I sighed “here we go again” I mumbled, just when I thought we could have been something.