my valshe stuff


This is the entirety of my VALSHE collection. I’ve been meaning to post pics as soon as the autographs arrived. Here’s a freakish list:

  1. VALSHE x DEORART Chained button fur coat parka
  2. Valuable sheaves CD
  3. Story Teller CDx2, Poster
  4. Revolt EP - W/ DVD ver, Animate Online card (not pictured)
  5. Jester - W/ DVD ver, Animate Online card
  6. Play the Joker - W/ DVD ver, pre-order bonus calendar poster, Tora no Ana mousepad, Animate Online clear file
  7. AFFLICT/Fragment - W/DVD type A and B, CD only type C, Animate Online clear file, Tora no Ana clear file, pre-order bonus poster
  8. 4FELIDS - W/DVD Leopard and Lion vers, CD only Tiger ver, Musing special Cat ver, Gamerz Online card, Animate Online clear file x 2, Tora no Ana buttons, VALSHE’S ACTUAL AUTOGRAPH X3

This is far from complete, but given the circumstances with life I’m gonna have to cease on collecting her stuff for now ;__;