my vacation starts today

Today my boss started his vacation and will be out of the country for three weeks, and the other lawyer will be out for 12 days starting on Friday. They’re going to have me run things while everyone is away. I was hoping the other lawyer (also a newbie to the firm but with three years experience) would be with me, but they got let go last week. I’ve only been an attorney for 5 months but I’ll try not to burn the place down.

Tl;dr Unattended boy lost in law firm S E N D H E L P

Thought I would start my vacation today since this is all the rage!! Guess where I am?!? Oh wait….I forgot my handbag….drat!!😝

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i have like 4 school days left then my wtnv binge will go into full force

I start my 11 day vacation today!!! 😍😍😍😍 heading to Colorado on Friday. I so need this is my life. I need a vacation.

No joke though. My manager boss nurse lady thing texted me TWO hours after I had left to write up something about something etc etc and email it to her as soon as possible. I won’t lie. I was a bit rude in my reply.

I told them once I leave this building I do not care about their problems 😂😂

;p sorry for the random rant!

Yay vacation!

4 years old

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Note: I started this toward the start of my summer vacation and I did not finish until today the first day of school. -.- I know I suck. Either way it ended up like 4 pages long and I don’t remember where I was originally going with this. Long story short sorry it sucks I’ll edit it after I finish my homework tomorrow (I already have a ton of homework wtf?) Ps YO I put a gif for once.

Member: Yugyeom x Reader
Genre: Fluff???
(Idk i call everything fluff)
Summary: Yugyeom takes his girlfriend to his younger cousin’s birthday party and introduces her to his family. Who would’ve thought they’d like her as much as they do?
Length: 4 Pages (Google docs is frustrating)

“It’s just a birthday party,” You reminded your boyfriend for the tenth time. He’s worried about bringing you to his baby cousin’s birthday party because he doesn’t know if his family will like you. “Do you really think your parents will cause a scene at a four year old’s birthday party?”

“It’s not that,” He explains. “I just really want them to like you and there’s going to be a lot of family and they’re not going to want to get to know you and-”

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Well the move is complete. My room is going to be a work in progress for awhile, but it happened. I am physically and emotionally exhausted of course. I don’t want to sleep though… blah. Haven’t eaten today either. Happy start to my vacation. 

Verb ~(으)므로 = Because, as, for, since

(This is a non-colloquial form used only in writing.) 

파올로의 생일은 형 생일보다 두 달쯤 늦으므로 9월이다 = Since Paolo’s birthday is about two months behind his older brother’s, it’s in September.
가을 날씨가 좋으므로 관광객이 많이 온다 = Since the fall weather is good, many tourists are coming.
아버님이 오셨으므로 그날은 일찍 집에 가기로 했다 = Since my father was visiting, I decided to go home early that day.

Noun ~(이)므로 = Because it is…,

사흘 있으면 명절이므로 길이 막힐 거다 = Because the holiday starts in three days, the roads will be jammed.
내일이 추석이므로 할머니 댁에 가야 한다 = Because tomorrow is Chusŏk, I must go to Grandmother’s house. 
내일부터 휴가(이)므로 오늘 일을 끝마쳐야겠다 = Since tomorrow is the start of my vacation, I have to finish the job today.

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I had a party yesterday and another one today! Summer is great 👌 ~Princess anon

My summer vacation starts on 30th of June and ends on 15th of September

So now work calls #yikes

I’m glad I went in early to leave a note that was remind them to put in my vacation hours. Tbh I’m off today and tomorrow starts my vacation, but heck… once I went in and left a note, that was it for me. I’m gone y'all Lmao

But nah, I done made plans to leave already.

Could use the hours, but do I want to?


On Vacation with the Saiyuki Boys  ^.^v. This image is too awesome not to share, so what better kickass way to start vacation than getting my T-shirt today. But the best part : it FITS DAMMIT! It fits! I didn’t know what to expect from Japanese sizes since compared to US plus sizes well..

^_^ whatever. GO WEST!

Edit: This image makes for a real nice wallpaper