my vacation starts today

yall, my 2nd fav boy is back and he just can’t get his footsies wet
also i’ve made him a flower leafy crown


New PV for “Little Witch Academia - Time Magic and the Seven Wonders”

I did a quick translation! Please excuse any errors (I’ll mark parts I’m unsure about with three asterisks like this ***)

Lotte: Akko, were you sleeping all this time?
Akko: Um… I was doing a bit of organizing and I got sleepy. Heh!? What time is it?
Sucy: You didn’t even finish either.
Akko: Huh? Did I leave my book over here?***

Akko: Summer vacation finally starts today! Or it’s supposed to, but even though morning comes, “tomorrow” doesn’t. In other words, we can’t go anywhere to play! That means we have to repeat this day over and over and unravel this maze.
First, we’ll search every nook and cranny of the school.
I wonder if the teachers and other students know anything.
Many different things can happen in different places at the same time, so use the repeating time well and collect information!

Whoa! We got a key! If you have a key, you can go into dungeons from the Horologium Room. Create a party of 3 of your favorite members, and after preparations, set off on an adventure!

I won’t give up! Take that!
Lotte: I can help too!
Sucy: I guess I’ll give it a try.
Amanda: How could you keep such an interesting thing from us?
Jasminka: Searching for people and collecting gold*** are both important!
Akko: With the power of all six of us, we’ll get past anything!***

Don’t ever tell anyone else! Especially not the teachers!
Diana: My, do you know of something that would get you in trouble if they found out?
Akko: Gck! Aah it’s over. Why did Diana have to come of all things. Don’t tell me… Amanda?
Amanda: Haah? It’s your fault isn’t it?
Jasminka: Want some? It’s fluffy flavor.

Little Witch Academia - Time Magic and the Seven Wonders! On sale November 30th!

Also included with the game will be:

  • Illustrations from Trigger
  • Blu-ray with special contents
  • Drama CD with Night Fall in it
  • An artbook
  • Game-original Chariot card

Finally, it was said before in an earlier PV, but Ohara Yuiko, artist of both the EDs of the TV series, will also be releasing a new song tied to the game, titled 「時のミラージュ」 (Toki no Mirage) “Mirage of Time”. I want to give this reminder because I’ve become a big fan of hers, haha!

Today my boss started his vacation and will be out of the country for three weeks, and the other lawyer will be out for 12 days starting on Friday. They’re going to have me run things while everyone is away. I was hoping the other lawyer (also a newbie to the firm but with three years experience) would be with me, but they got let go last week. I’ve only been an attorney for 5 months but I’ll try not to burn the place down.

Tl;dr Unattended boy lost in law firm S E N D H E L P

Today was my last day of work!!! I’m starting my new job a week later than planned but this means I get an entire week off without having to feel guilty or worried about going back to that place again.

Thought I would start my vacation today since this is all the rage!! Guess where I am?!? Oh wait….I forgot my handbag….drat!!😝

Luck let a gentleman see
Just how nice a dame you can be

Because my Vegas vacation starts today…Vegas!Ben!!  Or, quite possibly, it’s my adorable boy, Gerry, enjoying Vegas.  (On my Vegas vacation: I’ll be around when I can, but I intend to enjoy the fuck outta this city as much as I can so if the tumbleweeds start blowing on my Tumblr, don’t be alarmed.  I’ll return next week and begin posting once again!)

4 years old

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Note: I started this toward the start of my summer vacation and I did not finish until today the first day of school. -.- I know I suck. Either way it ended up like 4 pages long and I don’t remember where I was originally going with this. Long story short sorry it sucks I’ll edit it after I finish my homework tomorrow (I already have a ton of homework wtf?) Ps YO I put a gif for once.

Member: Yugyeom x Reader
Genre: Fluff???
(Idk i call everything fluff)
Summary: Yugyeom takes his girlfriend to his younger cousin’s birthday party and introduces her to his family. Who would’ve thought they’d like her as much as they do?
Length: 4 Pages (Google docs is frustrating)

“It’s just a birthday party,” You reminded your boyfriend for the tenth time. He’s worried about bringing you to his baby cousin’s birthday party because he doesn’t know if his family will like you. “Do you really think your parents will cause a scene at a four year old’s birthday party?”

“It’s not that,” He explains. “I just really want them to like you and there’s going to be a lot of family and they’re not going to want to get to know you and-”

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‘I didn’t want to give you the one last part of myself that I couldn’t take back. And then you were gone… And I realized it was already yours. It had been since the beginning. Except that I hadn’t told you. It drove me mad, the thought that you would never know.’ || [x]

So today starts my one week vacation. Mr. Motta was nice enough to let me have a little break from the kids. What I am gonna do for a week without crying kids, grabby hands and bandaids? I have no idea, but I am gonna enjoy every minute of it!

Verb ~(으)므로 = Because, as, for, since

(This is a non-colloquial form used only in writing.) 

파올로의 생일은 형 생일보다 두 달쯤 늦으므로 9월이다 = Since Paolo’s birthday is about two months behind his older brother’s, it’s in September.
가을 날씨가 좋으므로 관광객이 많이 온다 = Since the fall weather is good, many tourists are coming.
아버님이 오셨으므로 그날은 일찍 집에 가기로 했다 = Since my father was visiting, I decided to go home early that day.

Noun ~(이)므로 = Because it is…,

사흘 있으면 명절이므로 길이 막힐 거다 = Because the holiday starts in three days, the roads will be jammed.
내일이 추석이므로 할머니 댁에 가야 한다 = Because tomorrow is Chusŏk, I must go to Grandmother’s house. 
내일부터 휴가(이)므로 오늘 일을 끝마쳐야겠다 = Since tomorrow is the start of my vacation, I have to finish the job today.

Winter Wonderland

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Just one of the many holiday stories I’m planning on writing. I know I started late but I’m blaming it on my annoying school district which started vacation today. Either way, I love winter and I now don’t have to worry about school so I’ll hopefully be able to write more. And as always hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 823

Peeking out the window on an early Sunday morning you gasp in delight. The chilly night before had brought a fluffy layer of white powder, that coated the ground outside the tower.

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Ah, today I finally start my vacation! I’m dying I haven’t been on a real vacation since middle school and while I’m actually nervous cause I’m such a home body, I’m SO excited to actually relax and have a good time without worrying about anything else. It’s something I haven’t done for as long as I can remember, so I’m going to try to let go of all my stress and just enjoy it! I bought the WiFi package so I’ll try to be as active as I can be considering, but that won’t be too active so I’m sorry in advance. Please still love me and don’t leave me :p

not counting today but there are seven days until my vacation starts and I have to work all seven of them but damn. I am ready for my time off lol