my vacation is turning into a nightmare

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You were lounging on the sofa with Tyler, a movie playing softly on the television. Snuggled into his chest; his arms were fastened securely around your waist, his chin resting on the top of your head. It was getting late and you’d have to leave soon, but you were enjoying your time alone with Tyler. You heard the patter of small footsteps coming down the hallway; turning your heads you saw Tyler’s son, Charlie, appeared in the doorway dragging a worn fleece blanket behind him.

“Daddy, I had a nightmare.” he sniffled; the lashes covering his bright brown eyes were damp with tears. Gosh, did that little boy look like his daddy.

“It’s alright, Charlie.” he said as he slipped his arms from your waist and stood up. “I’ll be right back.” he whispered to you, placing a soft kiss to your forehead.

You watched as Tyler knelt down next to his son and spoke comforting words to him in a hushed voice before scooping him up in his arms and carrying him back to his room. You loved watching the two of them together.

Tyler and Charlie’s mother hadn’t planned on having a baby. After the birth she had left Tyler with sole custody and hadn’t been in touch since. In the four years since then, Tyler had taken it upon himself to be the best parent possible; growing up a lot himself during that time. He didn’t like letting people into the safe and sheltered world he had created for Charlie; unwilling to expose his son to other people who may or may not stick around. You had been dating for a little under a year, and you had managed to earn Tyler’s trust and he let you in. Sort of. Although you had spent time with Charlie, Tyler didn’t let you get too close. You knew how protective Tyler was and you didn’t want to push anything on him.

You stood up with a yawn and began gathering your things as Tyler came sauntering back into the living room and flopped down on the sofa.

“Hey babe, I’m going to head home.” you said, picking your bag off the floor. As you turned to face him he sighed loudly, rubbing his hands down his face. “Tyler, what’s wrong?” you asked, sitting beside him, rubbing a hand across his broad shoulders.

“I just don’t know what I’m going to do with Charlie when we go on our trip next week. His normal sitter is on vacation; my parents and sisters are really busy right now, they can’t fly in.” he said tiredly. “I hate leaving him with new sitters; he doesn’t do well with people he doesn’t know; especially with the nightmares he’s been having recently.” he explained, closing his eyes in frustration.

“He knows me, I could watch him.” you stated simply. You suddenly realized what you had said and your mouth dropped open, surprised at your own words.

Tyler’s eyes flew open and he stared at you, his eyes studying your face. You couldn’t read his expression and it worried you. Did he think you were trying to force yourself into their lives? Didn’t he trust you enough to leave his child in your care?

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I don’t want to make you feel like I’m intruding—” you began nervously.

“No, no, no.” Tyler said, cutting you off. He sat up straighter and placed a hand gently on your knee. “Do you really want to watch him? I don’t want you to feel like you have to. I know you’re busy with work and everything else going on in your life right now.”

“I really do, Tyler. I’ll switch my schedule to work around his pre-school hours. You’ll only be gone for a little over a week. I’d like to get to know Charlie better.” you said, offering him a small smile. “If you’ll let me.” you added quickly.

“You want to get to know Charlie better?” Tyler asked.

“Of course I do. I love you Tyler, and Charlie is a huge part of your life. We’ve been together for almost a year, and I plan on sticking around; I think it’d be good for us to know each other better.” you said, praying Tyler would understand how much you wanted him to fully let you into their lives.

Tyler bit his lower lip; once again he stared at you. Before any worrisome thoughts could cross your mind, Tyler wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to his chest; one hand caressing your back, the other wound through your hair, keeping you close to him.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” he murmured into your hair.

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Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanfiction Chapter 5)

Here is Chapter 5! Chapter six is on the way! Thanks to @ladyfall16 for suggesting the title of this chapter to me! Enjoy! I hope the ending is better for you guys! 

Want to read from the beginning? Here you go!






Lance is released from his pod with some complications. However the team begins to realize that they don’t know much about Lance at all. 

Chapter 5: Well, Quiznack. 

So they did wait. Lance was never alone for a second when he was in the healing pod. They even ate their meals with Lance, the first night Lance came back home everyone was reluctant to eat in the dinner room. They tried of course until a few minutes into the meal Hunk grabbed his plate of space goo and left prompting everyone to quickly follow. Even though Lance was still in his pod, unmoving and not speaking, it was better having him there.

They did have things to do however. First they sent the Noo and Good back to their home planet, thanking them for their hard work and promised to bring Lance by once he was better. Then they dropped of the Blade of Marmora members back at their secret base. They continued their routine looking for distress signals and their fight against the Galra. But they never once left Lance alone if they didn’t have to.

So they all kept him company, Shiro in the early morning until breakfast, he mostly watched the monitors on the pod and Lance’s slow breathing. Keith took over until lunch like Shiro he mostly watched but occasionally talked to him, he didn’t know if Lance could hear him but he felt it was the right thing to do. Pidge had lunch until dinner, mostly working on whatever she was working on and looking at Lance for a bit before going back to work. Then Hunk took over from dinner chatting up a storm and slept outside of Lance’s pod during the night until Shiro woke him up. Allura and Coran made frequent visits throughout the day, several times to make sure everything was going smoothly.

So they waited. They watched as the cut over Lance’s eye became a thin white line on his tan skin. They watched as color finally came back into his face and he didn’t look so thin. They watched as his vitals got stronger each and every day until the hour finally came.

The team waited anxiously outside of his pod, much like they did after the explosion where Lance saved Coran. Hunk was in front, ready to catch Lance out of the pod. Pidge was on Hunk’s right and Keith on his left. Shiro stood behind them as Allura and Coran look anxiously over his shoulders.

Finally the glass retracted revealing a standing Lance who opened his eyes and immediately fell forward into Hunk’s arms.

“Lance!” They all shouted with happiness.

Hunk moved Lance so he had one arm slung across his shoulder, supporting his weight, Hunk’s arm around his back keeping him upright. Lance blinked, Keith sighed in relief seeing that his eye was no longer red and for the most part he looked just like he did before. However with new scars. Pidge saw it too, looking at his hands crisscrossed with white lines that probably when up his arms. The back of the white suit failing to hide the burn on his back just peaking up over the suit. But he was alive. That’s all they could ask for.

It took a minute for Lance to speak. His throat felt so dry and the room was spinning a bit.

He smiled, “Hey guys!” Voice scratchy.

They all released a sigh, there he was.

“Good to have you back buddy!” Hunk said, giving him a good squeeze before releasing him, still helping him stand upright.

“Yeah, good to be back.” Lance said.

“Honestly you scared us! But it’s good to have you up and around.” Keith said

“Yeah! The castle was so quiet without you!” Pidge said.

Allura came from behind Shiro, “More importantly how are you feeling?” She asked.

Lance paused, he wasn’t really sure to be honest. But then the princess spoke again.

“Don’t worry, take your time.” Allura said.

First he inspected his hand, he had a lot of scarring. I guess the healing pod can’t fix everything, Lance thought. He blinked then he put his hand up to his left eye. He still couldn’t see out of it, great. Well he kind of expected that.

The rest of the team watched growing more anxious as Lance gently placed his hand in front of his eye, squinting at it, touching the area around it his left eye, before finally putting the hand down.

“Lance, is something the matter?” Shiro asked.

Lance looked somewhat surprised by the question and then smiled shyly.

“Oh… um… I can’t see out of my left eye… actually.” He stated quietly.

There was a moment where everyone just stared at Lance in stunned silence before everything happen at once. Allura and Coran pushed everyone out of the way, Allura grabbing Lance’s face and turning it towards her with Coran shining a light in his eye. Sure enough the eye did not react to any kind of stimulus. Hunk’s grip tighten on Lance. Pidge had moved to Shiro’s side gently touching his arm and Keith on Shiro’s other side looking pale with concern.

Eventually Allura gently let go of Lance’s face, “Oh Lance, I’m so sorry.” She said finally.

He blinked at her before shaking his hand and placing an awkward but gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Princess, don’t worry about it. I kind of figured. It’s been this way since I got onto Lotor’s ship, to be honest I’m kind of already used to it! Plus it shouldn’t affect thing too much, it’s not like I’m blind completely! Just got to do some extra training!” He smiled before letting her go.

Here was Lance, scarred and now half blind, giving Allura reassurance. She should be giving it to him! She smiled.

“Don’t worry, we’ll work through it! But you must be starving, why don’t you get changed and we get something to eat?” She asked.

Lance smiled, “Yeah sounds good!” He turned to Hunk, “Could you um… help me to my room? I didn’t really use my legs much on my little vacation-nightmare so they’re kind of shaky.” He laughed.

Hunk blinked still in a little shock from the news, “Uh… yeah sure thing buddy.” He did his best to smile back. The two of them left the room while the rest of the team watched from behind.

Shiro was the first to ask, “Will he be able to pilot his lion?” He questioned, looking at Allura.

He had to ask but he hated doing it, so quickly after Lance stepping out of the pod. So quickly after finally getting him back.

Allura paused about to open her mouth when Coran answered for her.

“It shouldn’t be a problem!” He stated with a smiled. The rest of the group looking at him in confusion including Allura.

“Lance told me about a week before he was captured that he had been piloting the Blue lion entirely through his bond. Using her eyes as his own. He told me in passing after the mission by the two moons of Hadi. He said he suddenly was able to do it and has been ever since. So his half blindness won’t affect his ability to pilot his lion, not to worry.” Coran stated.

The rest looked at Coran, shocked, none of them were aware of this fact.

What? Coran, that kind of bonding is extremely advanced! Why didn’t he tell us?” Allura asked.

I know Princess, I asked him the same thing! Apparently he had assumed that everyone was doing it already since they all increased their bonding with their lions. Like Pidge and Green and the cosmic dust, or Keith and Red coming for him when he was in danger. He thought it was just part of the process! Never realized he had advanced onto the next stage before everyone else!” Coran laughed.

Shiro now felt guilty for even asking the question. He realized something though, none of them knew much about Lance. None of them.

Lance and Hunk made their way back to Lance’s room, Hunk asking Lance if he was all right about a thousand times and each time Lance said he was. It wasn’t a complete lie. He was fine, mostly.

They arrived outside of Lance’s room, Hunk giving Lance a quick glance which Lance could see out of the corner of his eye, his good one anyway.

“Um do you… need help? You know…” Hunk asked nervously.

Lance turned to look at him and smiled.

“Hunk I know you want to see me in my underwear…” Lance began.

Oh god! Come on!” Hunk protested, a blush rising in his cheeks causing Lance to laugh.

“Sorry man, I’m just kidding. No, I think I’m fine now. Not as shaky anymore. Why don’t you whip me up some space goo and I’ll meet you in the dining room in a bit?” He said, still smiling.

Hunks pout turned into a smile before he nodded and ran off down the hall. Lance watched him go. It was good to be back. He looked back that the door to his room and stepped inside like he had so many times before. Everything was left how it was before he was captured. Blankets crumpled on the bed, robe tossed over a chair, hair and skin products in a messy but somehow orderly display on the table.

But it was dark, and Lance was different than when he had left. He knew that. And when Hunk asked if he was alright, he lied just a little. He was always lying just a little. It was something he knew he was doing but he couldn’t stop himself. For being such an honest person, Lance was rather sly. He could tell a simple, tiny lie and get away with it, never quite telling the truth. But that’s how to keep people at the perfect distance, how you keep up appearances and how you don’t hurt your friends.

Friends. Now that was a mixed word, even here in space. But Lance shook his head, no he won’t go down that train of thought. So instead he worked the white suit off of his body, trying to avoid the mirror but he couldn’t help himself. He looked. He stared.

The cut over his left eyebrow was a fine white line across his tan skin. Small cuts left scars, white and crisscrossing over one another all over his hands and gradually dissipating up his arms. The skin on his hands was tight but he was sure it would get better over time and his back. He nearly cried out, clamping a hand over his mouth. The skin bugled in areas and stretched too tight over others, starting at the back of his neck and reaching the middle of his back. It was pale and grotesque. The burn was horrible.

“I could be the new Hunchback of Notre Dame with this.” He half whispered to himself.

Before he could stop it tears were rushing down his face. This body was one he hardly recognized. He had always been obsessed with looks. If you look good, no one would know if you were hurting, or upset or whatever. But now there’s no hiding it. His body wasn’t his. Hot tears continued to stream down his face but he didn’t make any sound just in case someone heard. He just looked away from the mirror and let his tears fall onto the floor.

Eventually Lance came back to the dining room with a smile on his face. He had splashed cold water on his face, making his eyes less red, like he had done countless times before. Like those times before, no one took notice.

He sat himself down at the end of the dining table, Hunk putting a plate of goo in front of him. To be honest Lance wasn’t even remotely hungry but he made a show of shoving a big spoonful in his mouth. And another, and another. The team watched him with happiness and concern.

After a while of just watching Lance eat, Allura spoke up freeing Lance from the staring.

“Coran informed us that you should be fine piloting your lion with your… condition. I did not realize you had bonded with your lion so much! Do you use the blue lion’s eyes as your own? Please tell us.” She asked excitedly.

Lance swallowed before answering slightly confused at the question, “Uh, yeah. At first it was just at certain times but um before I got captured I did it every time I flew Blue. It’s a lot easier and she moves a lot better.” Lance said.

“Fascinating.” Allura said with a sigh.

“Soooo, how do you do it?” Pidge asked.

Lance looked at her surprised, “What do you mean? I thought you had it down. You know, cosmic dust and stuff?” Lance asked.

“Lance,” Shiro said, “Only you have mastered this part of lion bonding. The rest of us haven’t even gotten that far.” Shiro stated.

“Oh.” Lance said, “I had thought everyone was ahead of me.” He turned back to Pidge.

“So I guess it’s like the floaty feeling you get before you go to sleep. You kind of just let everything go and you just feel your bond with the lion. Then there’s like a snap and you’re in! Then you fly. It’s kind of like you and your lion are one thing rather than two. That’s the best I can explain it.” Lance said.

Pidge nodded and looked at the table very seriously, like if she looked hard enough then she’s be able to figure it out.

Lance turned to the rest of the group, casually pushing his bowl away even though he’d only eaten a couple bites. He folded his hands in front of him, the skin feeling different but looked at the rest of the team seriously, or more like staring at Allura.

“Princess, there are somethings that I learned on Lotor’s ship that I think will be useful to the team. I’d like to share.” Lance said.

“Lance,” Allura began, “You don’t have to discuss this so soon…”

“No, I’d like to. Maybe not my… experiences yet. But I was able to learn somethings while on Lotor’s ship.” Lance said.

Allura paused, looking into Lance’s eyes. He was quite serious, she wasn’t sure she’d ever see him this serious. She sighed.

“Yes, of course. Please tell us what you know.” She said.

Lance smiled slightly before his face became stern again.

“Prince Lotor was not very close to Zarkon. However the witch Haggar called him to take his father’s place as head of the Galran Empire.” There was a collective intake of breath around the table, “I don’t know whether this means that Zarkon is injured or dead. However Lotor was in no rush to get to Haggar. Lotor and Zarkon did not get along and Lotor has never had much interest in that kind of power. He rather do things on his own terms. But I do know this. He kidnaps species of aliens for some weird harem, his crew is not entirely Galran, and in fact most are alien pirates hired by Lotor. He also…” Lance looked directly at Allura, “He’s also obsessed with the Princess.” Lance stated.

Shiro’s head snapped, looking at Lance directly.

“What do you mean?” Shiro asked, concerned.

“He asked a lot of questions, he doesn’t have a lot of information about Voltron. Apparently Zarkon wasn’t very open to share. But he asked a lot about the lions, the castle and they’re relationship to Allura. He doesn’t understand how Allura’s bond with the lions works exactly and he really wants to find out. Also I’m not entirely sure, but did he know you Princess?” Lance asked.

Allura blanched at the question, Lance was quite perceptive. She nodded.

“I see.” Lance said, leaning back in his chair, “I also don’t know if this matters necessarily but is Lotor not completely Galran? He seems… like he’s something else.” Lance shuddered a little bit at the thought.

Allura’s eyes grew wide, “I don’t know. I never knew Lotor’s mother.” She turned to Coran, “Coran. Do you know?” She asked.

He shook his head, “No Princess, I never knew her.” He stated.  

Lance leaned forward in his chair again.

“Well, Princess. I know this will sound kind of cliché but I think whenever we get into a fight with Lotor you need to stay as far away from him as possible. Don’t leave the castle during a battle, that kind of thing.” Allura opened her mouth to protest but Lance cut her off, “Princess. You really don’t want to be captured by him.” He held up his scarred hands, “I would know.” He finished.

There was a long silence before Allura answered.

“I suppose you’re right.” She said quietly.

Another silence followed before Lance stood up, drawing everyone’s attention.

“That’s all I know, now if you’ll excuse me. I need my beauty rest!” He made a show of stretching before sauntering out of the room, leaving the rest to stare as he walked out.

Lance had fallen asleep in his bed, for an entire day. At first the team was worried but Allura told Shiro that it was to be expected with what he went through. Lance slept like a log. Shiro had checked up on him, taking a peak into his dark room. He watched while Lance’s back rose and feel in slow breaths. He felt relief to have Lance back with them.

But guilt crept up in his chest. He was fast to question Lance’s ability as a paladin. Why did he doubt him so quickly? He didn’t have an answer, he just simply watched him sleep for a bit before closing the door and going down the hall. Keith emerged from his room next door, meeting Shiro in the hallway.

“How is he?” Keith asked, looking concerned.

Shiro smiled, “He’s fine, still sleeping.” He said before continuing, “Allura said that it’s to be expected with… everything he went through.” But his brow furrowed.

“What is it?” Keith asked, slightly scared that something really was going on with Lance.

Shiro shook his head, “No, I… I was so quick to question if Lance could still fly his lion after we…” He took a breath, “We just got him back and yeah he has a disadvantage now but instead of asking how it would affect Lance… I asked how it would affect Voltron. Like I was questioning if he was even qualified to be a paladin.” He scratched the back of his neck.

“How could I do that? Even then Coran said that Lance had been ahead of us the entire time, in terms of bonding. And I realized for the second time that there is nothing I know about Lance. I just feel so guilty for questioning him and even worse for not knowing anything about him.” Shiro finished, hand falling to his side.

Keith was kind of shocked but soon he realized that he too, knew nothing about Lance. Keith put a gentle and awkward hand on Shiro’s shoulder.

“Shiro you were just asking the question that we were all wondering. It’s important for the team to discuss that kind of stuff, so it’s not your fault. But maybe we all need to put a bit more faith in Lance. I mean for Christ’s sake he blew himself up to save the rest of us. I think he deserves at least that much.” Keith let go of Shiro’s shoulder, “And in terms of knowing Lance, I realize I don’t know much either. Maybe we need to make an effort, or ask Hunk since they’ve been friends the longest.” Keith suggested.

Shiro looked serious contemplating what Keith said, he was right about everything. Keith had grown more thoughtful after Shiro had disappeared, maybe his time as leader gave him some insight. Lance deserved their respect and their trust, which was something Shiro needed to work on.

But then Shiro smiled, “Yeah maybe I’ll ask Hunk some stuff and work on getting to know Lance better. Maybe Hunk will tell me how to approach him.” Shiro nodded before beginning to walk down the hall.

“Wait up! I want to come too!” Keith said, running to catch up.

Hunk was honestly kind of shocked to be in this situation with Keith and Shiro sitting across from him asking him to give them a summary of Lance McClain’s life story. He was shocked because they had never shown any interest in getting to know Lance or Hunk for that matter. For the amount of bonding they did the origins of Lance and Hunk were a mystery. But here they were, sitting in the dining room with Hunk sitting across from both of them fidgeting awkwardly.

“So umm… what do you guys want to know exactly?” Hunk asked.

“Well let’s start with where you and Lance are from.” Shiro said, Keith quietly observing them.

“Well I’m from Samoa originally and Lance is from Cuba.” Hunk stated.

Shiro looked at him surprised, he never knew.

“How did you two meet?” Shiro asked.

Hunk smiled, “Well we were roommates our first year at the Garrison! We were both fourteen, from two completely different countries and for a while we had pretty bad accents, although mine was a bit better since English is pretty common in Samoa and we clicked.” Hunk laughed, “Lance was ridiculous and helped me out of my shell and I helped him to not get into too much trouble, or I tried anyway.” Hunk said.

Shiro smiled trying to imagine a young Hunk and Lance meeting for the first time.

“So how did you end up in the United States Garrison?” Keith asked, curious.

Hunk blinked, “Well it was pretty easy for me. Samoa is one of the countries in the exchange program. If you got a certain score on the standard testing they give you in middle school you get an invitation to apply. But Lance had a tougher time because Cuba wasn’t part of the exchange program. The economic strain on the country is pretty severe so the Garrsion felt they didn’t need people from Cuba. But Lance was pretty sneaky. So he didn’t have a computer and countries not in the exchange program have their students take this ridiculous hard entrance exam, really it’s just a way to discourage people from joining. But Lance went to local library one afternoon and just took the test. He passed with flying colors, Lance is actually really smart you know, he just doesn’t act like it. So anyway he passes the test, which was entirely in English by the way, he grew up speaking only Spanish and learned English in a couple months in order to take the test. I never asked why he did, but he did.” Hunk finished.

Shiro and Keith looked at Hunk, stunned. That was amazing. Neither of them had to take the entrance exam either but they had heard how impossible it was but Lance had been so determined that he actually passed it. They really didn’t know anything about the guy they had been living, eat and fighting with for a year and a half now.

“What else can you tell us?” Shiro asked.

“Well I don’t know much beyond that. Same as you guys. I know he came from a small town, Santa Marta, he has a huge family. I’ve met his mom before, she’s really nice and only speaks Spanish but she was super cute trying to speak English to me. But other than that, that’s all I know.” Hunk said, sounding disappointed, “Lance doesn’t like to talk about that kind of stuff because he knows he’ll get homesick. And recently he stopped talking about it all together, I mean before he was… you know. And I’ll admit that I’m a bit worried. But one step at a time, you know?” Hunk said.

Shiro nodded, “I um… feel bad that I didn’t know much about Lance. He has this way of bringing attention to himself while at the same time being in the background. I don’t know but I want to try and get to know him better. He being gone has really made me realize that I need to work and get to know everyone on the team.” He looked at Hunk, “Including you Hunk. I’m sorry I haven’t tried until now.” Shiro finished.

Hunk raised his hands, “Don’t worry about it too much, really. I appreciate you trying.” Hunk said lowering his hands. He smiled and Shiro and Keith smiled back. Finally after everything that had happened, they were starting to feel like a team again, a real team this time.

The Nightmare Before Christmas sentence starters

1. “How dare you treat my friends so shamefully!” 

2. “You’ve poisoned me for the last time, you wretched girl/boy.” 

3. “I’m conducting a series of experiments.” 

4. “Interesting reaction. But what does it mean?” 

5. “You’re not ready for so much excitement.” 

6. “Consider this a vacation, ____. A reward. It’s your turn to take it easy.” 

7. “Something’s up with ____.” 

8. “I sense there’s something in the wind, that feels like tragedy’s at hand.” 

9. “There are few who deny, at what I do I am the best.” 

10. “We’re his/her little henchmen, and we take our job with pride.” 

11. “What have I done? What have I done?” 

12. “I wish my cohorts weren’t so dumb.” 

13. “Since I am dead, I can take off my head to recite Shakespearean quotations.” 

14. “Haven’t you ever heard of peace on Earth and good will towards men?” 

15. “Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it.” 

16. “It’s a world unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” 

17. “What is this place that I have found?” 

18. “What’s this?” 

19.  “There’s something out there, far from my home. A longing that I’ve never known.” 

20. “You’re mine, you know! I made you with my own hands.” 

21. “S/he’s not home. S/he’s been gone all night.” 

22. “Where are we? It’s someplace new.” 

23. “I’m restless. I can’t help it.” 

24. “This’ll stop ____.”

25. “Until you taste it, I won’t swallow a spoonful.” 

26. “The job I have for you is top secret. It requires craft, cunning, mischief.” 

27. “Leave that no-account ____ out of this!” 

28. “Please listen to me. It’s going to be a disaster.” 

29. “Be careful with _____ when you fetch him/her. Treat him/her nicely.” 

30. “This is worse than I thought. Much worse.” 

31. “Release me now, or you must face the dire consequences.” 

32. “The sound of loaded dice, to me is music in the air.” 

33. “It’s hopeless. You’re finished. You haven’t got a prayer.” 

34. “There go all of my hopes. My precious plans. My glorious dreams.” 

35. “They’re trying to hit us!” 

36. “Aw, what the heck. I went and did my best, and by God I really tasted something’s swell.” 

37. “I just can’t wait until next Halloween, because I’ve got some new ideas that’ll really make them scream.” 

38. “I hope there’s still time to set things right.” 

39. “S/he’ll fix things, ____. S/he knows what to do.” 

40. “____’s okay!” 

41. “My dearest friend, if you don’t mind, I’d like to join you by your side.” 

42. “For it is plain, as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.”    

EXO Wolf: reaction to their pregnant mate being taken by the rivalpack

@lay-that-silly asked: Can you please do an exo wolf reaction to their pregnant mate being taken by the rivalpack ? Thank you in advance 😊💖 

Xiumin: *Hold a meeting with Kai and Suho* “ I am determined  to get revenge. They deserve hell and that’s what we will give them”

Originally posted by intokai

Luhan: “I don’t care if it’s dangerous. I’m marching in there and teaching them a lesson for messing with my precious mate and pup”

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Kris: “I’m ripping each of the rival pack member one by one”

Originally posted by galaxychen

Suho: “I gave them too many warnings because my mate is so generous, but this time I won’t let them go until they die in my arms”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Lay: “My baby and my wife. They will pay”

Originally posted by blaekish

Baekhyun: “Boys, tomorrow we march to the other pack’s land and take back my wife and child. I will not leave until I am covered with their blood. They will pay”

Originally posted by sefuns

Chen: “Right when I thought my life would be happy, they have to take that away don’t they”

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Chanyeol: “So this is the rival pack’s land. I should’ve change. I’m still in my vacation clothes because I was so ready to go on a vacation with my mate. Well none of this will matter once I turn into a wolf and tear them apart”

Originally posted by lawlliets

D.O: “Boys your nightmare has arrived. Now. Give. Me. Back. My. Mate”

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Tao: “We don’t need a plan. All we need to get my wife and kill them all”

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Kai: “Boys let’s transform and kill this place”

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Sehun: “My baby and my mate. You messed with the wrong person. Let’s see how you feel when I take the most important thing you love, or should I say someone”

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This is Part Six in “Together”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Jared
Words:  1081

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A/N: The “Our Girl” series will be back after the first 6 parts of “Together,” (So…after this one) but I’m not taking anymore requests for it.
A/N2: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know.

Jensen’s Point Of View 

           Jared and I could only hold Y/N’s hands as she remembered what happened the night she got stabbed. It was hard to watch as tears streamed down her cheeks. But it was good that she remembered what happened. Maybe it would help the police find who attacked her.

           “I was walking, just enjoying the beach at night,” she said, starting slowly, “Everything was so beautiful. And I was thinking about how lucky I was to be here with you two. How lucky I am to have both of you in my life. I heard someone coming up behind me. I got spooked and turned around. He was wearing a mask. He told me to give me all the money I had. But I didn’t have anything with me. He kept coming closer to me and I couldn’t make myself run away. And when he realized I really didn’t have anything to give him, he stabbed me.”

           “Hey,” Jared put his hands on her shoulders, trying to ease the shaking, “It’s okay. We got to you. You’re going to be okay.”

           “He just . . . didn’t care. I was just some random girl walking around and he didn’t care. He stabbed me. I could have been anyone. What if he stabbed someone else? What if he does it again? What if he kills someone?”

           “They’re gonna find him,” I said, putting my hand on her back, “They’ll make sure no one else gets hurt.”

           “How do you know?” she asked.

           “I believe they will.”

           “Come on. Let’s get you back to the house. You need to rest,” Jared said, trying to take her mind off of the panic.

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hey,,,, can we,,,, get some trans jack headcanons,,,,,


Well, uh, he is a transgender man. (F to M) His birth/dead name was Hope.

He got his mastectomy at the age of 17, and started transitioning a year around the same time. He took T through his army years and stopped around the end of the SEP.

He came out to his baby sister first at the age of 8, who was a little confused, but excited to have a brother.

Mom and Dad got told about a week later, and they were very accepting and understanding. (let jack have good parents, dammit)

They got him the clothes he wanted to wear, let him cut his hair shirt, and began to call him by the name he wanted to be known as, which was the name his parents would’ve given him had he been born male.

His parents helped him get his name changed as a birthday present at the age of 9. His full name is Jack “Hope” Q. Morrison.

In his much older years, he thinks a lot back on his younger years. He thinks back to Hope, and wonders what she would think if she saw where he was now.

Not trans headcanons, but, a few of my personal hcs -

He has high PTSD and anxiety, but hides it well beneath the mask. He ends up with nightmares and sleepless nights frequently.

He takes a birth control, depression medication, anxiety medication, and a heart medicine. His heart is weak due to severe wounding in the explosion.

After he and Gabriel broke up, he was in a very bad place. He went all over the world, from their old vacation places, to his old farmhouse, all the way to an old island in japan filled with bunnies. He never got over it.

His eyes were gray blue when he was born, but turned to a more vibrant blue during his SEP days, due to the chemical intake and genetical change. His eyes slowly became pale gray blue again after however. They’re nearly white in his old age.

baby jack headcanons -

He’s always been pansexual, as his mother raised him to be accepting and always try everything once, as she delved in many types relationships when she was younger.

He had a golden retriever as a child named Pancake, who ate his sister’s pet chicken.

His family contains his father, mother, and baby sister. He lost his mother at the age of 11, and lost his father right as he got out of the first omnic crisis. His sister disappeared off the grid after the fall.

His sister’s name is Emily, and she’s a vibrant blonde girl, about 5 years younger then him. Before she disappeared off the face of the world, she used to help her father as a farm hand, and was studying to be an astronaut.

Jack was a very independent yet extremely helpful baby. He refused to have things brought to him or to be fed by hand, insisting he could do it himself. He was also very picky on who held his baby sister and how they held her.




And I know I got carried away with this but, hell, I have a lot of headcanons and feelings for this man.

The nightmare of the swamp

I was in a vacation trip to Florida some part of Homestead visiting my mom, I was traveling in a rental car, it was the most affordable way becouse of the mileage, and I’m from Alabama. I was taking the Florida Turn Pike expressway I was getting a little tired, and I needed to take a piss the road was clear so I can stop the car and strength. So I did stop the car, I get out, soon I realize I can’t do anything being in the highway; close there’s a wood covered by trees and in the other end there’s a swamp with mistiness.

I took my lighter walk through the swamp and there I took the piss, then I hear something in the other end of the swamp the water was throwing bubbles. I thought it was the fishes or an alligator tho, so I finish, then I heard a deep sound like a someone drowning so I pointed my light to the place of the sound. Nothing to be see, than I hear squishy sound on the other way, pointed still nothing.

I was very frightened then a much more stronger squishy sound came, it was like coming towards me. I soon take turn my head and what I saw was the last thing in my mind. A huge tall like 7 feet, body shaped covered with mud, the face eyes was all deep dark, big mouth.

I was paralyzed trying to think, the mist over taking the swamp, soon it screams deep voice watered then my mind goes back in place, I started to run towards the car. Soon I jump in I started the car, and run I was getting low on the gas so at least on my way was an exit, stopped in the gas station. I enter I was like trying to catch my breath, the cashier ask me “are you okay” I answer with fatigue “I saw something outside” he than say “well what was it you look horrible” I replied “You won’t believe it” he says “try me” so I did tell him the whole story.

Than he just starred like scared and says “Not along time ago people who enter that swamp, are found dead” I was looking at him like “what do you mean by dead?” He replied “The body were found in the mud, no eye, no arms, no skin the forensic police found nothing” I was like I couldn’t believe him. He put news papers with pictures of that same swamp of all the cases happened there in that spot. He said “You are lucky” and a say “thanks man” I fill my gas and take the car on my way to my destination. No matter what happens I promise myself never to stop the car in that place again.

— Made by Sandy Guzman Encarnacion

DIGGLE IS CONSUMED WITH GUILT AND SEEKS REVENGE – As Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) look for a magical solution to defeat Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough), a vengeance-driven Diggle (David Ramsey) gets a lead on Andy’s (guest star Eugene Byrd) whereabouts and heads off to confront his brother. Meanwhile, Alex (guest star Parker Young) takes Thea (Willa Holland) on a vacation that quickly turns into a nightmare. Gregory Smith directed the episode written by Oscar Balderrama & Emilio Ortega Aldrich (#420). Original airdate 5/4/2016.
—  Arrow 4x20 Genesis Description
Me, my dog, and a chair

alex-burns-red submitted:

About 2 years ago, I believe, I was on summer vacation and had a pretty rude awakening.  

At the time I had a lawn chair in my room.  It was just an ordinary plastic chair with slits throughout the seat and the back.  

One morning I had slept in a few hours extra, so it was probably around 12:00pm- 12:30pm.  I was having a lucid dream that was pretty relaxing until it turned into a quick nightmare.  I was lying there thinking I should force myself to wake up.  I soon started to feel myself shaking.  At first I thought this was just part of the dream.  As I start to regain consciousness I realized it was my bed that was shaking.  My next thought was there was an earthquake.  It then registered to me that ONLY my bed was shaking, everything else that i could sense around me was still.  I jerked myself up and was breathing heavily and sweating.  I looked around to check and see what damage there was and nothing was wrong.  Except, I noticed my chair that was on the opposite side of my room had somehow been placed at the side of my bed.  I look over and saw my dog standing there in a defense position but he saw that I was awake and started wagging his tail.  Everything hit me so fast i jumped out of bed and ran to the other room.  I made phone call and tried to keep myself together.  

While I was on the phone I walked back into my room and noticed something on the floor under the chair.  It was a tag from my dog’s collar. So my first thought was that he must have gotten caught in the slit of the chair and struggled to get himself free.  This would explain how the chair moved.  

I later took the tag and went over to the chair to check it out again.  I placed the tag in a way that it would have had to of been stuck.  To my surprised, there was no way for the tag to get caught.  The tag was too short for the depth of the seat, and the ring around the tag prevented it from slipping through. Also, my dog’s weight is significantly more than the chair’s.  The physics of the situation would mean that he would have clamp the chair to something, then pull tremendously to distort the ring of the tag the way it was. 

It also occurred to me that no amount of thrashing done by him or the chair could have shaken my bed the way it had been. 

I don’t know what happened that day but it wasn’t the first of my incidents with the unexplained.   

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: My first thought was sleep paralysis until I read that the chair had moved!  Very strange! 5/10 for scares and thank you for sharing.