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Y'all know what I hate???

I hate how people particularly on this site scream and demand representation in action films and everything but when the movie comes out they don’t support it, in 2017 alone we have about 8 POC playing leads in superhero films and no one is trying to acknowledge it! Gal Gadot an Israeli-Jewish woman is playing Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa a biracial Hawaiian man is playing Aquaman, Ray Fisher a black man is playing Cyborg, RJ Cyler a black man played the first autistic superhero in the Power Rangers film that just came out this past Friday, Becky G a Latina woman played the first LGBTQ hero in the Power Rangers film, Ludi Lin played the first Asian superhero to ever hit the big screen, Naomi Scott played the first Indian superhero, Maisie Richardson-Sellers plays a live action Vixen, and there a plenty of others that can be added to this list ,but all those people yelling about wanting representation here are examples of a few and all of these people are leads in their respective films.. Y'all want POC leads here they are watch their films and support them! Show Hollywood that POC as leads can make money in the action and superhero genres as well! I don’t want to see another post complaining about representation until y'all have seen these movies first. Support these actors they have worked hard and deserve support!

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Okay most of my salt is gone (because I’m a spiteful person and the more people say the show was awful and etc the more I gotta love it) and I did say I would be okay if the counterparts remained as one persons as long I got shenanigans so here we go:

-Yuzu (along with Serena and Rin) calls Shun big brother now. At first she’s embarrassed by this but he doesn’t mind

-When Yuya and Yuzu are separated for more than like a day and she comes back Yugo takes over and runs over to her screaming “RIIIIIINN” depending whose in control either he get slapped with a fan, kneed in the stomach, punched, or if he’s lucky and Ruri is in control he’ll actually get to hug her

-The three kiddies from Yu-Show school getting to know the counterparts and scolding people who get them wrong

-One day while Yoko gives them food Yuya and Yuzu just start crying because Yugo and Rin aren’t used to all this food

-Yuzu, Rin, and Ruri taking time to forgive Yuri and surprisingly he tries a lot to get them to be comfortable around him again

-Once when Yuto and Ruri are in control they go on a date like they use to and the rest of counterparts are like “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?????”

-They eventually start dating and when Serena and Yuri are out it’s awkward and one time they just talked for like hours about how hard and weird this all is for them because of their upbringing and the counterparts are like ‘nooooo I’m sorry’

-Shunzo finding out which bracelet girl likes what and when that one is out he’ll make them their favorite meal and gushes over them (Shun and Shunzo have a rivalry of cheering Ruri on)

-On test days Yuya will try to get Yuri or Yuto to switch with him

-Every other weekend or smh Yuto and Ruri will go hang out with xyz gang and sometimes theyll let Yuri and Serena take control to go visit Dennis and make a proper friendship with him

-When the friendship cup is remade to not be horrible Rin and Yugo compete

-Yuzu doesn’t have the switching down like Yuya since he’s used to having his counterparts with him so like when someone scares her and she’s surprised she’ll just randomly switch between Ruri Rin or Serena

-Shingo + Yugo bromance

-They all stay at least 100 feet away from Leo because fuck him

Just a daily reminder to screw your heart up :)

Zen was alone majority of his life because he ran away from his abusive parents, and then at the age of 23 he found you and suddenly he wasn’t very alone anymore. But then he finds out that you’re not even in the same dimension as him… and suddenly he’s alone again.