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Little cute precious child shino~ The poet was made by raven just for fun and he gave it to shino cause it sound funny to her and the last sentence had been putted in by shino too~ And I pretty sure shino would be a very close person to BP when she come over Raven’s classroom , Shino: @blue-kohina Blue print: @pepper-mint Raven: @ask-the-gothfamily Naj: @coolca4t8

the worst part of shipping a not too much popular couple is that you can’t find things in a easier way and it’s so f*ckin boring

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All my friends hate me now because someone who I thought was my 'best friend' started spreading rumors about me that are not even true. I need some advice, please and thank you.

((Quality advice from a bloodthirsty creature with trust issues))

irarii: E-vay’s Universe! I hope you like this gift and sorry if there aren’t some things, but I hope you ship SonAmy and Shardora all time ^^// (also, I send you an hug from my Country! ^ v ^

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Aw, thank you! Your style is lovely and I’m honored that you drew me and Aurora in there along with my 3 favorite hedgehogs! And hugs to you too!

130602; Tweet about Jimin

[V] 내친구지민이와사진투척vV ©

Throwing you a photo of me and my friend JiminvV

[BTS_Official]  #방탄소년단 동갑내기 친구사이 #V RT @BTS_twt: 내친구지민이와사진투척vV ©

#BTS Same age friends #V RT @BTS_twt: Throwing you a photo of me and my friend JiminvV



Which is a place it technically never should have been in, considering that @cold-creature lives in the eastern states of mY OWN COUNTRY :V IT TOOK OVER SEVERAL MONTHS FOR A PARCEL SENT FROM AUSTRALIA TO ESSENTIALLY GET TO AUSTRALIA ISNT THAT AMAZING LMAO.


(I was a bit worried Veron had sent me perishable food or something because she said and i quote “i dont know if it will last such a long trip” and i was like 😱 and was almost scared to open the box XD)

Happy halloween!!!

It’s almost timezone change!! Hope you guys had a fun halloween!! and hope the others who haven’t had halloween yet, have fun trick-or-treating!! or carving pumpkins!! or whatever it is you do!! :DD

Enjoy your day lovelies!! and stay safe!!! and have a nice week!!

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❛ hey, what’s that?  ❜ his eyebrows furrowed, while he tried to get his hands on the piece of paper that had fallen off will’s locker. the words zombie boy were written next to his face.  ❛ do you know who wrote that? ❜ he couldn’t help but get defensive. will didn’t deserve that type of crap after everything that had happened to him. he stared at the rest of kids in the hallways, trying to catch the prankster. he took the paper and shoved it into his pockets, he was definitely going to do something about it.