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I know admin Lily speaks French fluently. So I was wondering did you self teach or did you take a class. If you self taught what programs did you use and how long did it take for you to become fluent?


I took classes at my college to learn it. BUT. There are toooooooons of resources online at your disposal to learn. If you google “free French textbook PDF” you’ll be able to sift through em and find one that works best for you! I highly recommend downloading Duolingo as a good way to supplement your learning because it is really effective. I’ve heard some really good things about Memrise’s French programs too.

I did a lot of my learning outside the classroom though because I’m a full believer in immersion learning. Since (sadly) I couldn’t learn French while in a predominantly Francophone country/area, I used technology!! For my phone, I changed the names of my parents, brothers, and other relatives to the French terms for them (they’re still set like this today); changed the settings for Siri (my arch nemesis) to French; changed my phone’s language and added the language specific keyboard. I watched French films on Netflix (I can give you a list of rec’s if you’d like!) with subtitles when I was beginner then again w/out when I was more advanced (tho sometimes I’d have to turn the subtitles on cuz I wouldn’t be able to understand something). I also listened to HELLAAAAA francophone music to the point where I wouldn’t find myself singing along to each song without missing a word. My favorite francophone artists are Stromae (i could present actual dissertations on my love for him), Maître Gims (“Bella” is all you need in life), and Indila (“Tourner dans la vide” is her best song idc idc idc). I also subscribed to several French YouTubers and followed several French accounts on IG and Tumblr.

Another thing I did (and still do, just with Korean) to help me get comfy speaking is that I would say aloud a thought I had. So, for example, if I thought “I’m very hungry,” I would say aloud, “J'ai très faim.” I have this weird habit where I have to count stairs if I go up a new staircase, so I would count steps in French. Actually, I counted a lotta things in French just because it’s super easy. Also, reading children’s books (and then other books as you go along) REALLY does help!! My biggest piece of advice though would be to learn practical vocab. If you know the words for everyday things (like phone, laptop, school, friend, food, etc), you’re going to have an easier time picking up vocab AND you’re gonna find it easier to start speaking and really learning the language.

Sooooo yeah. Sorry this is such a long reply but I really do hope this helps!! Just remember to take baby steps and do a little bit everyday! And if you ever wanna practice chatting, just shoot me an ask!!


–Lily, who took about 6 semesters worth of French😘

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*peeks out from a bush* *holds a sign at you saying ' you can do it kohza! you an kiss the girl! ~ ' while making a thumbs up at the young man before retreating once more under the bush* :3 # rouge will always help lovebirds

◈ — A confused expression crossed his face before the male returned it to its neutral state. Who was this woman? And why was she interested in his love life? Instead of hopelessly wondering these things, Kohza went straight to the bush and peered behind it.   

         ❝It’s illegal to kiss the princess.❞ The lie was told with a straight face. 

130602; Tweet about Jimin

[V] 내친구지민이와사진투척vV ©

Throwing you a photo of me and my friend JiminvV

[BTS_Official]  #방탄소년단 동갑내기 친구사이 #V RT @BTS_twt: 내친구지민이와사진투척vV ©

#BTS Same age friends #V RT @BTS_twt: Throwing you a photo of me and my friend JiminvV

@devilslcg || X

◈ — ❝My name is Kohza, I’m a citizen of Alabasta.❞ The male didn’t hesitate to introduce himself. Seeing as he never got the chance to two years ago. ❝I was still recovering from a wound when you guys left, so I never did give my gratitude to you and the other strawhats.❞ With a step back, Kohza gave the other a full bow.  

         ❝Thank you for saving my country.


              Ba Dum Tss!

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