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hey vera, congrats on 500! my ships for the make me choose headcanons are nottpott and linny :)

thank you!!!  i’m gonna do Theo/Harry <3 (though i also did linny here, you can check it out if you’re interested)
this is 5th year, canon AU, the beginning of this headcanon is quoted from OoTP

(also i didn’t originally planned to write this much Blaise … it just … happened)
(i’m v sorry about this)

  • “I don’t think we’ll have to stay there all journey,” said Hermione quickly. “Our letters said we just get instructions from the Head Boy and Girl and then patrol the corridors from time to time.”
  • “Fine,” said Harry again. “Well, I-I might see you later, then.”
  • “Yeah, definitely,” said Ron, casting a shifty, anxious look at Harry.
  • “It’s a pain having to go down there, I’d rather — but we have to — I mean, I’m not enjoying it, I’m not Percy,” he finished defiantly.
  • “I know you’re not,” said Harry and he grinned. But as Hermione and Ron dragged their trunks, Crookshanks, and a caged Pigwidgeon off toward the engine end of the train, Harry felt an odd sense of loss. He had never traveled on the Hogwarts Express without Ron.
  • “Being abandoned, Potter? What a tragedy,” a voice drawled behind him, and Harry whirled around to see two boys in Slytherin robes.
  • “Don’t tease the Boy-Who-Lived, Blaise,” the thinner, slightly shorter one said drily, though his own blue eyes were sparkling with amusement. For a moment, Harry thought they looked rather like blue sapphires. “Especially when he looks like a lost puppy. That’s just cruel.”
  • “Cruelty,” Blaise said thoughtfully, tilting his head to the side slightly, “remind me, Theodore, does that contradict with elegance?”
  • “Excuse me,” Harry interrupted the two of them indignantly, “I do not look like a lost puppy.”
  • “True, a puppy would have less messy hair,” Theodore conceded. “And yes, Blaise, that contradicts with elegance.”
  • “Guess I’ll have to refrain from doing it then,” Blaise mused, “can’t have anything diminishing my elegance.”
  • Harr stared at them, bewildered. He knew nothing of the two Slytherin boys, except for their first names – and that was only because he just heard them calling each other by name.
  • “Join us in our compartment?” Theodore turned to Harry, a small smirk on his lips. “Seeing you’re all alone and lonely.”
  • “Who just lectured me on not teasing Potter?” Blaise raised an eyebrow as he demanded.
  • “I’m flirting with him, which is totally different,” Theodore replied, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
  • “Wait – what?” Harry spluttered.
  • “Rude,” Theodore determined, shaking his head in disapproval. “Not what I expected from our beloved Boy-Who-Lived. The polite answer would be ‘Yes, I’d love to join you’.”
  • “Hey –” Harry protested.
  • “Or is the brave Gryffindor afraid of two sneaky Slytherins?” Blaise prompted. “Certainly understandable, of course –”
  • “Certainly preposterous, you mean,” Theodore corrected him. “By which I mean impossible. I’m sure Potter would gladly come with us, without any fear.”
  • Harry couldn’t believe this – he’d faced down Voldemort but here he was, totally unable to act like a normal person in front of two Slytherins who weren’t even threatening him or something.
  • Perhaps it was Theodore’s sapphire blue eyes, or the smirk on his lips, or his claiming to be flirting, or simply because his way of ignoring Harry’s bewilderness and talking over him, that paralyzed Harry, but Harry just didn’t know what to do with them.
  • A minute later, Harry found himself sitting in a compartment with the two boys. The two of them engaged in random conversations and sometimes involved Harry in the conversations, though Harry didn’t gather any crucial intel on Death Eaters as he’d hoped.
  • As the train finally drew close to Hogsmeade, Blaise stood up. “Well, I’ve got a rather lovely Ravenclaw prefect to meet, so see you two later.” He gave Theodore a meaningful glance which Harry couldn’t really decipher, and left.
  • Theodore suddenly looked a little nervous – wait, cautious seemed to be a better word, Harry thought – as the two of them were left alone. “Let’s get off the train, shall we, Potter?” he asked, trying to sound light.
  • “Ron and Hermione –”
  • “– could meet you at the Great Hall,” Theodore cut through him, and his voice a lot tenser now.  Harry couldn’t figure out why.
  • But he didn’t have much time to dwell on it, as he saw some strange looking horses pulling the carriages, “What are those things?” He blurted out.
  • Theodore murmured in a very low voice, “Ah, I knew you’d see them this time.” He grabbed Harry’s arm, pulling them into an empty carriage. “Harry –” Harry noticed that Theodore had suddenly switched to calling him by the first name. “Have you ever heard of the thestrals?”
  • Harry frowned at Theodore, who still hadn’t released Harry’s arm, and somehow, Harry didn’t mind that, even if he’d always thought he wouldn’t be accustomed to touches not from Hermione or Ron. He shook his head slowly.
  • Theodore drew a deep breath, and looked Harry straight in the eyes, and for the first time, it wasn’t joking or teasing or whatever, but they were filled with emotions, and Harry stared back, unable to tear his gaze away.

(2 weeks ago)

  • “Potter would be able to see the thestrals this time, wouldn’t he?” Theo asked Blaise.
  • Blaise hesitated a bit. It usually meant nothing good when Theo wanted to talked about thestrals. Blaise had never been able to see them himself, because while he’d seen enough of dead bodies of his stepfathers, he’d never actually witness one die in front of him.
  • “Didn’t he see his parents’ dying?” Blaise replied, his voice carefully neutral. Theo put on a brave front, an exaggerated carelessness attitude sometimes, but it was a topic he knew that was very likely to upset his best friend.
  • “He couldn’t have remembered it, at that age,” Theo said, voice curt.
  • “Okay, let’s say you’re right,” Blaise said, slowly, “so you want to …?”
  • “Talk to him,” Theo hesitated, and shrugged, looking a little helpless. “I don’t even know why, but – but I’ve never met someone else who could also – and I just –”
  • “Done,” Blaise interrupted smoothly. “I’ll get you the chance to talk with Potter in two weeks time.”

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