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The heavens have parted

and somehow someway UW has just created a new masters program for psych. THEY HAVE NEVER HAD A MASTERS PROGRAM FOR PSYCH. This is EXAAAACTLY what I have been looking for I am so excited, I’m like, squealing. Look at this:

“For those considering pursuing a Ph.D., the program can help clarify your graduate school trajectory and strengthen your qualifications for psychology, social work or nursing Ph.D. programs.“

How can this be happening? How is this so perfect, so meant to be? :D I wonder if it’s what I should work towards? I think I ultimately want to apply for my PhD at UW, but the program is COMPETITIVE and super intimidating, and I feel soooo scared and uncertain about all that…. But this? This feels more my speed. Maybe I can actually do it? AHHHH I feel so excited that this is now an option!!!!!! OMG!!!

The other school I was thinking of applying to is really expensive and also not accredited by APA so I’ve been told it’s risky and maybe not a good school for that reason, but I get mixed advice bc I’ve talked with an alumni/professor there that really loves it and I met with an advisor there and it seemed like a cool school, very community and social justice focused… But that mixed advice has got me scared about it.
Another school nearby that I was hoping would work is christian based… And considering that psych is such a feelings heavy field, I don’t think I could ever be apart of any kind of religious based program. I don’t agree with a lot of that kind of thinking and I feel like it would inevitably bleed into the training (even though they say it wouldn’t).

Having UW as an option now for masters, omg!! I can’t even express how elated I feel right now, lol. omg omg omg. ⸂⸂⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝⸃⸃

Edit: Forgot to mention, it’s adolescent focused!!!! THAT IS MY FIELD!!! It could have easily been addiction or marriage and family, but it’s not, IT’S CHILD AND ADOLESCENT!! ✯⸜(ّᶿ̷ധّᶿ̷)⸝✯

voiddwellerstudios  asked:

Hey! I would probably say that not-Anubis would be black, considering Anubis is the Egyptian god of burials, and also death and the underworld (though the last two are more of Osiris's thing)

People keep saying this, but I’m really not sure it’s true. Our resident Magic-fan and Egyptologist @rudjedet had this to say about it:

From an Egyptological perspective, I’m personally not fond of Not-Anubis being either red or black. Anubis, in my opinion, is UW because of his role as protector of the dead and embalmer, and because of his part in the Weighing of the Heart.

And that’s assuming that not-Anubis has the same role on Amonkhet that Anubis has in Egyptian Mythology. The Jackal-folk we see on the pack art for Amonkhet looks distinctively red-blue (at least color-scheme wise).

So I’m at my parents house for half of the weekend and I don’t know about y'all but it’s impossible to study at home. I don’t have cable at my place but we do here so of course I watched a couple episodes of chopped. Everybody keeps asking me how I’m doing in school or just telling me random stuff so it’s hard to get time alone here to do things. There’s also not a desk here and the dining table isn’t that great of a place to study because of the chairs not not having great back support. I did manage to do my block of 20 UW questions after not doing any this week.

I enjoy being home but it was an A+ move to live by myself. I could have saved money by commuting from home but that would be awful. Definitely not going to stay here during dedicated. Although I might stop by if I know dinner is going to be good.

I am having the worst week. Whining and medical stuff ahead.

–I got rear ended on Saturday. My car is drivable, thank fuck, but the trunk and bumper are so damaged that I’m expecting them to total it. So I have car shopping to look forward to. I also haven’t heard back from the damage people yet, even though it’s been 6 days since I filed the claim.
–my cat is sick. She won’t eat, she’s got a stye, she’s peeing on the floor, and she generally seems really uncomfortable. I’ve run through every possibility from constipation to kidney failure in the last two days. (I’m at the vet right now, don’t worry)
–my UW application is due in 5 days and I haven’t even started it. I have no one to blame but myself
–I’m moving in early March and again in April/May so I’m trying to pack and also to figure out what I can live without for 1-2 months and I’m a pack rat raised by an extreme pack rat so I’m overwhelmed. (I feel like I’ve been complaining about this for weeks but I can’t stop thinking about it and have also had my dates change on me four time at this point.)
–I haven’t written anything good in almost two months

On a more frivolous note, I’m sliding back into the fanfiction pit, which is a problem when I have so much stuff to do


I hope no one asks me what happened in this episode besides hair.  I don’t remember, man.  I liked it when hair.