my usf


Since my Junior Freeskate is so long, it’s been a challenge to upload. While I figure that out, I thought I’d share some super blurry screenshots from yesterday’s test programme instead.

I passed my USFS Junior Freeskate test on Sunday, 15th Jan. 2017, age 32, as a standard track (non-adult) taker by all three judges. No reskates. I took my Novice Freeskate in 2008 and thought I was done testing freestyle until a serendipitous combo of renewed interest in the sport thanks to a skating-related fanfic collab with @apiegohome and @sylvermyth plus starting lessons with a supportive freestyle coach who knew how to pull a four minute-and-change programme out of me with a couple months worth of double run-throughs got me in good enough shape to sign up and take this sucker.

As an added bonus, I also passed my standard track partnered European Waltz and Foxtrot yesterday morning. Along with the Fourteenstep I passed in September, I have now also passed my Pre-Silver Ice Dance test (level 4 of 7). I’m pretty stoked about all of it. 

My dad just sent me this photo he took of me in front of a mural I painted back in 2001. It was in the faculty lounge of the University of San Francisco. I snuck  in a year later and they had painted over it! Too edgy I guess.


Here we go, and holy crap. Three weeks shy of my 33rd birthday (and after a nine year testing hiatus), I passed my standard track USFS Junior Freeskate test. I started doing full run-throughs in early November.

My jumps were a lot wobblier than they tend to be in practice, but nerves have always been a challenge for me and it’s been nearly a decade of on-and-off skating without running a program so I’ll take it. I have a habit of putting my hand down on jumps with weird landings, popping them, or not even trying the second half of combos if the first jump feels off, so staying on my feet and fighting for every landing during this program was a big achievement for me. I also passed my remaining two standard track Pre-Silver dances (European Waltz and Foxtrot) to finish off that level (I’d already passed the Fourteenstep). It was a really great session for me. :)

Next goal: Silver Dances and Senior Freeskate (with more confidence and stronger jump landings!).