my url might have something to do with her :)

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all ur urls are FIRE icb this .... teach me mom

go look in the url uft tag and find something u might be able to trade for!! if you have nothing to trade, some will ask u for $$ if ur still interested. aside from that, usually one word urls w/ letters dropped or plural ones r cool!! also, don’t be afraid to make a brand for yourself. do something unique w/ your URL to make it single word. like, if you’re having matching blogs, you can do her____/her____ or his_____/his_____, his/her, whatever!! i’ve been lucky w/ urls thankfully but that’s my advice. also don’t b afraid to make puns. i love punny urls, their blogs end up being the dopest tbh. like 4 my countess blog, my url is lichorice bc ramona described her blood’s scent as black licorice and ichor = fancy word for blood. n e ways i love url puns and plural urls….go to the uft tag…….that’s the best advice i can give :’)

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♥ give meeee

Send me a “♥ + a Url” my muse will have to answer about their:

  1. Relationship Status: “We’re friends– I think.”
  2. Feelings toward them: “Positive feelings. I like Eric, and I’m generally happy and amused when he’s around.”
  3. Fantasies about them: “By fantasies, do you mean something you want that might not happen? Or that 18+ stuff? If it’s the former, then I really wanna go on a field trip to Disneyland– but I don’t think he’d like that. The latter is actually pretty PG. Sometimes I picture us cuddling– I love cuddling.”
  4. Trait they like: “I love Eric’s smile. I love it a lot.”
  5. Trait they dislike: “I’m not sure… I guess that he can be mean sometimes? Like when he said that some people in this country look like they’ve eaten the entire planet. That wasn’t very nice– but he’s never been mean to me.”
  6. Favorite thing to do to bug them: “Ask him dumb questions at godforsaken timings so we end up having weird conversations at 5 AM.”
  7. Favorite thing to do to cheer them up: “Eric said leaving works for him, so that means leaving his problems behind for a while could help him feel better. I’d invite him over for lunch or see if he wants to bake something with me. Or we can watch TV, watch a movie he dislikes and make up dialogue so it’s more fun.”
  8. Nightmare they had involving them: “I’ve never had a nightmare involving Eric.”
  9. Dream they had involving them: “One time, I dreamt that he brought, like, a dozen cats into my apartment.”
  10. Desire from them right at this moment: “Cuddles, but I don’t know if we have enough Friendship Points for that yet– or if he even cuddles his friends.”