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I saw your post among many on my dash about Urbance. I attempted to learn more about it, but I've hit a bit of a wall. The kickstarter page seems to demonstrate a lot of good points, but I've been seeing a ton of conflicting evidence (both ways) on my dash from other sources (like their facebook) about the team. I was wondering if you could clear up the confusion a bit. I'd really like to support it (it looks awesome), but I'm nervous to give my money to people whose views may be harmful.

Sure, Anon!

Here’s a super quick explanation on why people should donate and get over the fact that Urbance could be potentially ”problematic”.

The story is about how “sex kills”, and it is completely inclusive of heterosexual and homosexual relationships. This is a direct quote from the Kickstarter (emphasis mine):

Sex means all forms of sexual activity. In Urbance, any kind of sexual intercourse is deadly, supposedly heterosexual AND homosexual. We —as authors — do not discriminate and the serie is precisely about that. LGBT discrimination is one of the social topics of our show. Now that does not mean that our views are shared by all gangs and even less by the government that rules Urbance. We won’t spoil the story for you guys but there is definitely more than meets the eye in the COVEO cure policy…

The staff has also expressed that they understand the spectrum of sexuality, in that a person does not need to be explicitly hetero- or homosexual; they’ve said, “two girls or guys kissing in a club does not define them as homosexual, but you know that…”

And here’s what they’ve had to say about people who are trans*, asexual, non-binary, etc etc (emphasis mine):

We received many concerns referring to non binary characters, meaning — among other things— that our fans want to see characters that don’t fall on either side of the boy/girl line. Such characters are part of the script and they fuel Urbance’s story dynamics too. It would be mistaken to believe them to be the mediators only because mediators are presented as the bad guys. Mediators can seem evil and they are asexual but this asexuality is rather an attribute linked to their neutral status. That being said, not all the asexual people in Urbance are mediators and some of them are regular citizen segregated like any other. We can also add that there are are trans* and non binary citizens forced to live on either side of the line where they feel they do not belong. This is one of the many causes why clans and gangs are formed, to try preserve their identity despite the segregation. The thing is that cisgender people are pissed as well and all that frustration has led to one tensed climate of hatred between both sides (each one blaming the other fo their condition) and this war is cultivated by the government who keeps people split in the most arbitrary way.

I know you already read the Kickstarter, Anon, but I’m pointing all of these things out again anyway. Because gender and sexuality wise, this is the most inclusive project I’ve ever seen. 

Sure, they could fuck it all up. Sure, there could be a few reasons to be upset. Anyone could fuck up anything, at any time.

If people want to shoot down a fantastic concept before it even has a chance, then don’t ever expect to find anything to your liking. Nothing is perfect, and none of us could do any better, no matter how much we’d like to think so.

I don’t know just, in this case at least, can we keep black mogai people as the center of the argument on #Urbance, specifically those who are trans, not het, or both? I don’t want to have to discuss this on only one axis of my being. I don’t want to have to call it the absolute homobigot thing because actually there’s an antiblack trope that black people are inherently homobigots, this is a complicated argument best left in our hands and people should listen to our side?

i cannot separate being not-cis, not heterosexual, and not white, and i have a complicated experience here and to disregard my analysis of Urbance from my own background and life experience I hhhhhhgh do not do that