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and now, finally,,  shiro in a nice!! skirt!


And this is how “si tu eres mi bro, yo soy tu pisha” started:

Isco: Marco and I are good friends, he is my pisha and I’m his bro.

Marco: We had a discusion in a rondo, so I approached him and told him: Isco, if you are my bro, I am your pisha, so from then on we always say it. It’s very funny

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Your comics are amazing and they inspire me to try to create my own comics but I'm not good at thinking of stories. Do you have any tips?


unfortunately, this is tough for me to answer, because i’m not sure myself. this is the one thing i’ve always relied on myself for, and’ve never done any workshopping on.

actual storyline + execution in comic work is heavily taken for granted. i honestly didn’t think of myself as a writer until speight referred to me as one?? but it made me realize i know a lot more about story tellilng than i was giving myself credit.

so to break my idea process down, i break my structure down to 3 portions:

you’ll see this theme recur in a lot of my comics, especially post-episode ones.

i think your personal background will also affect how you come up with stories, as well. for instance, when i’m writing siblings, it’s easy. i can just grab from my own past and apply it there. you’ll actually see me do this a lot in The Swaingels! example:

this is heavily based on interactions i’ve had with my own sister, so writing relationships like these are one of my strengths. your’s could very well be different. you just have to put characters in situations like this in order to work out funny/interesting scenarios, because we don’t all have the same experiences, so not everyone’s mind goes the same place. but with that being said, you also have to de-personalize it enough to make it indisinguishable to the past situation you’re grabbing from.

so to me, it all depends on what kind of content you’re trying to tell the story of!


💖 I’m dead 💖

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What does flipping do?

When drawing people especially its important to flip your drawing from time to time to make sure your proportions are accurate and like, one eye isn’t sliding off the face or something weird like that

Your eyes basically get adjusted to the view of what you’re drawing and your mind deceives you making you think what you’re drawing is okay, so you flip it and 9/10 you’ll notice something wrong

But that 1/10th time where your flip is perfect, oh high heaven you feel like a badass. A master of anatomy. A slayer of proportion. Nothing stands in your way.

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What are your Sims stance on the whole pineapple on pizza thing?

Matt: “Hahaha no.”

Zero: “Omg. Love it! Yes!”

Jaide: “I didn’t know there was any other way to eat pizza???”

Fenix: “Hell yeahhhhh, bitch.”

Aniyah: “Ideally for me, it depends on the place but yeah, sure.”

Casper: “Love yourself.”

Benji: “Is there weed in it?”


Natalya: “Fuck no.”

Granger: “Pizza?”


I did it!!! Aaaaa all of you guys are so cute this was so fun to do!!!! If You want me to change anything about these don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll change it for you!!

(I hope I get these in the right order and remember who’s who I’m terrible)

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