my ups



VIDEO BY @miraculouscorazone 

hc where keith spends his birthday locked up in his room because “birthdays are nothing but a reminder of another year of my life i spent alone so he’s sitting on his bed sharpening his blade when suddenly the door to slides open to reveal lance standing on the other side, holding a familiar red jacket he thought was gone for good in his hands, smiling at him “hey, man” and if little things like these were sometimes all it took for keith to think that maybe, but just maybe, he finally wasn’t alone anymore, no one needed to know

Don’t let boys with beautiful eyes and persuasive mouths anywhere near your curious eyes or your delicate lips. I know these boys they make us curious and it makes us stay, but we mustn’t let them pull us in. So tempting it is to spill the galaxies of our minds and draw the constellations of our dreams for them, but we must keep such things to ourselves because they are not strong enough to hold them. I know how badly you want to give it all to him, but he is not enough. He is not enough because you are too much. You are too curious and you love too hard for boys like him. He only wants your body, he only wants the shell. But you are so much more and without him you are still so much more. You are more than the forlorn girl he creates of you. You are the endless dreams he suppresses and the loud and infatuating mind that he is too self-centered to appreciate. So don’t let him near your skin, don’t let him seep through, don’t let yourself seep out. Don’t let your loneliness convince you that you need him. Don’t let an empty day convince you that he is worth your time. He is not. Please make this time your own, use this time to make you your own, entirely your own. Stay strong and one day you will find someone who is worth every second of your time and you their’s. Please, please, please just wait because you will find him and you will be as beautiful to him at noon when your mind is wide open as you are at midnight when his hands explore every inch of the skin that dresses your soul.
—  you are too much and baby girl, he will never be enough