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The fact is, Captain America is Clark’s hero since he is a kid. He represents everything Clark wants to be: a good, strong man who knows what it means to have integrity - to want to do right by the world, no matter how difficult it may be. So of course, when he learns the truth about his heritage, he tries to act the same way the Captain would, even though it is a bit difficult at first.
On the other hand, when Steve wakes up in the 21st century and discover that someone else has taken upon defending the world against bullies, he can’t help but being proud. There is still hope to find good people in this new world, and he has quite a desire to meet this mysterious man with a red cape…

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it’s been less than a year since I made this blog and I honestly never thought this would happen let alone have it happen so quickly. I don’t even think me writing out this little post could accurately express how I feel. like guys, 15,000 people..that’s like a mini stadium, a tiny country, the number of calories I eat in a day :’)

no okay but seriously, though I had been following bangtan for a while I never really thought about making a blog about them. but with the pressures of school I really needed an escape from it all and tumblr was this quiet place for me. a place I could come to and just forget about all the pressure and stress while I thirsted after namjoon and yoongi. and with the encouragement of those around me I decided to make this blog. even though I had run two other fandom blogs before this one, I never thought a fandom could be this welcoming. I felt right at home, memeing since day one 

through these past few months I have made some amazing friends I would have never had the chance to meet if it weren’t for this little bangtan blog. I trust and lean on a lot of them to help me through hard times as well as sharing some of the brightest parts of my life. many wouldn’t and could understand that even though we have met online only a few months ago, I feel I have known them for so much longer. meeting people in a shared fandom is honestly an incredibly special thing because you tend to meet people with similar interests, personalities and terrible humour making it so easy to connect with them and bond over things you might not normally be able to with others  

I’d really like to thank all of you who follow me and put up with my thirsty ass always crying, writing long posts about all the boys, having long and interesting discussions with me about all kinds of subjects, sending me lots of love and support if you see I’m going through a hard time, liking and reblogging everything I make no matter how shitty, talking to me and generally being interested in who I am???, coming to me for life advice, tagging me in all namjoon and yoongi posts, sending me random posts you think I’d enjoy, drawing fanart  and most importantly shipping the one true cannon ship #sabjoon 2k17. you guys all mean so much to me and it genuinely hurts to be away from you all whether it be because of school of or those time I travel I always feel like I can rely on you to make me smile no matter the situation

okay this is long enough and bless you if you read it all below you’ll find 99% bangtan 1% multifandom blogs, all a+ would recommend quality

your local sugamon hoe~

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<< 1.5 The Jersey Devil ——————————- 1.7 The Ghost in the Machine >>

What better therapy for a disappointing week than to put on my hat of judgement and preside over another edition of Rose Reviews TXF! I probably could have thought of something better tbh but I ran out of creativity on Tuesday and I can’t pass go or collect $200 till the 28th so… here we are again. As usual, gifs, sarcasm and swears await under the cut. Lower your expectations sufficiently and you may even have fun!*

*fun is not guaranteed

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anonymous asked:

Favorite WestAllen fanfic you've read and Favorite WestAllen fanfic you've wrote.

OMG, I can’t just pick one! So I kinda answered it a la ‘favourite story written by an author’ but even that was hard, and this list is no where near complete. I need to like get all my favourite stories together man.

Nothing Is Infinite by @theopensea

Untitled by @infallible-dreamers

Can I Catch Your Eye? by @ishipit87

Untitled by @yeinethegray

Letters On The Wall by @dynamic-ideation

Untitled by @4ever-the-nme

Four Good Words by @ravenbabe321

Something Special by @wanderer765

It Gets to Friday and I Give You a Call by @journalistiriswest

Chills by @zaatanna

Five Times Barry Sees Iris Naked by @gnimaerd

Time After Time by @capaldiiscoming

Mirror by @trufflemores

Off the Record by @mosylufanfic

Untitled by @gayjedirey

Impossible Hope by @storyadvocate

Dark Masks and Darker Pasts by @kingwallywest

As for my favourite WA fic that I wrote…I might have to go with Since the Moment We Met because I loved the fluff and misunderstandings. I’m kinda partial to Choices, too, because it’s my first multi-chapter baby and I’m a slut for Zoom stories apparently lmao

sunday six

**Post six lines from your current WIP**

“Give me a minute,” Jyn replies, darting to the screens, which Kes has managed to turn on. She begins to flip through the Research Facility’s database, searching for a layout of the building.

“Who do you have?”

“Just Kes.”

“Cheers, Cassian,” Kes calls. “Fest is really kriffing welcoming. I love it here.”

“I don’t count the Imperial Weapons Research Facility as part of Fest.”

this story is ~done~, in the process of editing, and then i also sent it to my BFF, the unsung hero of the Nonsense, who has read EVERY SINGLE WORD of a series that is now some 450,000 words. she is a saint.

the first half of this story has been posted, though the above snippet is from the last chapter (Chapter 6). i’m doing an every-other-day posting schedule to give myself enough time to edit and whatnot, so the whole thing will be finished/posted Friday barring anything unexpected/horrible.


The last SeaCon photo op is a double-header yay!

As per last time, I’m supplying these JPGs so y’all can enjoy and play around with them (for icons and headers and whatnot) if you want - just play nice and don’t be mean and they really belong to Chris so no buying, selling, or wagering.

Let us harken back to a time when A. and I finally MET CAS….

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