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Filling the prompts “one where Van meets a girl and at first they’re just friends and she always goes away when he smokes because she hates it and then Van finds out she has asthma and sees how she struggles breathing and quits smoking because of her?” and “i had a dream last month where a young van who was just starting catfish and was around 18 stayed at a student hotel i worked at, and i thought it would maybe make a good fic prompt?”

People always said you should find a job where your skills and traits were a benefit. Your innate self needed to be useful, rather than something to be hidden. They also cited the cliché of finding something that makes you want to get out of bed. You’d just invested in a thick, fluffy mattress topper though. There was not a lot that would make you want to get out of bed, but you knew what they meant. Surprisingly, you found the perfect job early on in life. You did work experience at sixteen at a hostel in town. You spent the two weeks washing clothes and wiping down tables, but you loved it. When you turned eighteen, you went back and asked for a job. A year later, you were still in love with it.

The hostel’s proximity to a bunch of music venues meant that a lot of the people that came through were young musicians. Messy by nature, but amazingly cool and kind, you liked making them tea and listening to their stories. You were organised enough to be able to run the front desk, but you liked having a few minutes to yourself too, so you never caused a fuss when asked to go do the washing. Some of your best friends were made there, and it would also provide the setting for meeting the absolute love of your life.

Catfish and the Bottlemen were playing across the road on a Friday and Saturday night. They’d open for Friday’s band, and had enough faith in themselves that people would come see them headline if they booked the next night too. Taylor, your manager, said it was a cocky move, but as you both sat at the desk reading about them, you came to the conclusion that they probably weren’t wrong.

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Prompt: “Scotty needs some love. How about one where the reader is an engineer, possibly better than he is, but is permanently paralyzed and stuck in a wheel chair. He manages to get her on the Enterprise but it takes Keinser and Jalya to convince him to ask her out.” - Anon

Word Count: 1,599

Author’s Note: I am not paralyzed myself, nor do I have any friends who are. I have, however, spent more time that I’d like to admit in a wheelchair, so I tried to synthesize my experience with the actual state of paralysis to build the image of this character. If I’ve done anything wrong with this, please leave me an ask and I’ll fix it.

Also, I used the word ‘hose’ several times and, as a testament to my maturity level, I ended up laughing more than is reasonable through that scene. Enjoy my loves <3

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Playing doctor by hairyhunny

My sister and I had always had a great relationship. I was the younger “protective” brother and she was the older “troubled” child that always had me on my toes. You see my sister and I were the only ones we could count on after my dad died in a plane accident. My mother was a local gynecologist, and always busy with patients and rarely at home. So that left my sister and I with a lot of time together to talk and lounge around until mom’s arrival.

One afternoon, Amy confided to me that she thought about sex all the time. Anything sexual was never too taboo for her to discuss with me, after all I was the one who often kept her out of trouble. Amy at the age of 22 attended a local community college, and I was 18 and in my senior year of high school. My sister was a tease and sometimes wore clothing in the house that would get my attention. One Friday after school, I was coming up the stairs when Amy appeared out of the master bedroom wearing moms favorite white teddy. I tried to look away but couldn’t when I noticed the teddy had what I called “see through fabric”. I could clearly see the outline of Amy’s bush with her D cup breast matching her thin waistline and wide hips like a goddess. Her nipples pushed into the fabric catching my stare and her aureoles were the size of a tennis ball. I asked her what she was doing and she simply said “nothing, just wondering what it would look like”.

On days when mom wasn’t around we would often play games to pass the time. Monopoly, chess, and cards were some popular ones, but playing doctor was our all time favorite. In the house mom had a spare bedroom made into a examination room for the interns she taught. Having real equipment to play with made it exciting as I played Doctor Ryan wearing my white jacket, and Amy wearing shorts and a tank top played the patient. I would get Amy’s height measurements at 5'5" and then look at her throat and ears on the examination table. With a full report making sure she was in top running order, I tried to keep things at an innocent level.

One day I had Amy on the table fully clothed when I was checking her heart rate. The stethoscope was getting stuck on her low cut blouse and her huge tits weren’t helping. As we were just playing, I was almost ready to skip to the next part of the examination when Amy said “doctor shouldn’t you just have me take off my blouse?”. I looked at her in disbelief, knowing that mom could be home at any time.

I said to her “what if mom would catch us?”

She replied “I’ll just run to my room if she comes home its right down the hall.”

With a reluctant “OK” I helped Amy off with the blouse and put it on a chair next to me.

It was the first time I had ever seen Amy’s bra covered tits other than in the white teddy and it was always a jaw dropping experience.

After hearing her quickening heart rate and getting more nervous about being caught, Amy said to me “doctor isn’t it time you checked my breast for lumps? After all I don’t think we did that on my last visit.”

Looking nervous I reached for my clipboard to act like I was actually reading the last time I did a breast exam to clear my head and decide if I wanted this to go on.

Amy again spoke up after clearing her voice “ doctor without my bra on.”

I timidly agreed and reached around her back to unclasp the huge boulder holder while holding onto my thoughts of what would happen if mom saw the two of us like this. There were 7 clasps undone and the bra still didn’t unfasten. I had some girlfriends who had maybe 4 clasps but never this many. Fearing I had lost my touch, I looked up at my sister waiting patiently for help. Amy just smiled and said, “silly you almost had it” and she removed yet another garment after undoing the final clasp.

I was taken back as my sisters breast were freed from their confines and brought to my unabated gaze for the first time. Her nipples were perfect her globes of flesh were so firm you could knock golf balls off the top of them. I looked them over for a long period of time when Amy interrupted and said, “are you going to feel for lumps or what doctor?”

“Of course” I said, “what kind of doctor would I be if I didn’t?” My hands roamed around feeling her huge milk makers and paying special attention to her pencil eraser shaped nipples. I don’t know what came over me at that moment, but I bent down and sucked on both nipples, fully expecting Amy to end our play time together. I looked up and was really fearing the time as moms arrival was sure to come when Amy spoke yet again with another medical question, “do I feel warm to you doctor?”

I replied “I’m not sure, I think to be careful we should take your temperature” I looked around the room and sure enough there was moms glass flask full of mercury thermometers and soaking in alcohol. Funny I thought, I always use the digital one and can’t seem to find it. Amy must have moved it earlier. I approached Amy and presented her with a thermometer and tried to insert it in her mouth.

“Yuk! That’s not the way doctors do it” she shouted topless and naked from the waist up.

“Excuse me, but I’m the doctor and I think I would know how to take a patients temperature.”

She looked at me with that naughty smile and said, “that’s not what I mean, you see there are two colors of thermometers in the flask red and blue. The blue ones are oral and the red ones are anal. Your holding a red one and you know where that goes right doc?”

I grinned, “well maybe you should decide where your temp is to be taken, close your eyes and choose a thermometer from the flask Ms Ryan” I stated as professionally as I could.

Amy closed her eyes and although I saw her peek, picked out none other than a red thermometer.

“Sorry” I said. “I’m afraid I’m going to need you to assume the position on your hands and knees with bottoms up. Looks like it’s your unlucky day.”

My sister looking brave said “I guess that depends on how you define unlucky.”

Amy laid back on the examination table and watching her tits flop to the sides of her chest, I began undoing her belt on her khaki shorts while looking down at my own rocket cock trying to launch its way out of the silo. Amy assisted by lifting her bottom to help me slide her shorts off along with her shoes and socks.

Gazing at my sister on the paper covered table that made a distinctive crinkling noise, I made my way over to the cabinet where latex gloves and KY Jelly were stored. After being satisfied that there was enough KY on the thermometer, I came back to my panty covered sister who had turned over and assumed the position with her ass to my full view. Anticipating my first look at her naked bottom, I grabbed the elastic of her pink cotton panties and began nudging them down. Amy resuming her role as patient stopped me and loudly stated, “I know this isn’t a good time doctor, but I’ve heard you are writing a book about the female anatomy and looking for research am I right?”

“Yes…..yes I am Ms Ryan”, I said dying from expectation.

Amy looking over her shoulder with a look of someone about to have her temperature taken up her ass replied, “well it’s OK with me if you use your camera and camcorder over there to record my examination for your medical research to complete your book if you want to.”

Thinking of the possibilities of sending my friends e-mail attachments with pictures of my sisters naked pussy, I realized I should hurry up and take the porn pictures before she changed her mind. “Great idea Ms Ryan, but I should make you aware first that a lot of people are going to see these pictures in my new book, people you may or may not know.”

My sister now rubbing her panties into the lips of her sex looked back again and replied “may I know some examples of whom may see these pictorials doctor?”

Quickly I said, “Well I do have some colleagues whose names are notorious in the gynecology field, like my friend Dr Livingston (aka best friend), Dr Cape (aka second best friend), and maybe just maybe Dr Lilienthal(aka my sisters best friend).” Testing the waters as my sister has told me countless times she is bi-curious.

“Yessss” My nympho sister said as if a shocked doctor wasn’t there, “not only do I know all those doctors but you can show them to others as well if you want. I trust you Dr. Ryan. I’m all yours to display to the medical community and the eyes of professionals like yourself.”

Thinking fast I said, “Can I have copies made for my wallet, you never know when reference anatomy pictures would come in handy to show to others.”

“Anything you want doctor, including a full pictorial for self stimulation maybe or to add to a closet wall or a screen saver on a computer. Amy caught me by surprise by referring to the back of my closet where several well placed Playboy centerfolds are hanging that my mom hasn’t found yet.

In view of how far my sister was in sexual pleasure, I thought it best to try out my good fortune again, "Ms. Ryan with your permission and signed consent, I would like to post your medical pictorials on the internet and give you the profits from their sale. Would you agree to that?”

Impatiently Amy cried out “all that sounds great now let’s take my temperature and continue with this discussion later shall we”. Positioning the HD camcorder and bringing the Cannon SLR digital camera into arms reach, I began to dwell again about all the ramifications of what I was doing and what mom would say if we were to get caught. Getting the best possible ass and pussy camera shot, I began pulling the sides of Amy’s panties around her flared shaped hips in the hope that she wouldn’t interrupt me again.

Sliding her panties slowly down to her thighs, Amy displayed her untouched furry fuck hole to me for the first time. I picked up the SLR and as on cue, she took two of her sexy fingers and opened her womanhood to my camera’s gaze. I noticed a wet spot at the entrance to her slit and an odor that I can only describe as sweet.

“I can’t wait till we show the tape to everybody whom is helping with the research. Do you think they will like it?” My sexual vixen cried out.

“I’m sure they will Ms Ryan because you have a beautiful vagina. Lets remove the panties fully so I can view your pussy easier with the camera shall we”

Amy hurriedly removed the rest of her clothing and naked bent over and spread her pink gash more fully for my viewing pleasure. “If it’s OK with you doctor can we use the technical term for my vagina.”

“Sure thing” I said while hitting the shutter button of my Cannon Rebel to record the event.

“I think you should refer to it as a cunt, don’t you agree Dr. Ryan”

“Yes Amy that sounds nice, cunt it is”.

Wanting to move on I put away the camera and loosened my top polo shirt button. Looking into the view finder, I adjusted the camcorder to view as much of my sisters naked body as possible. Gently I took the thermometer and placed it on Amy’s brown flexing hole to prepare her for the intrusion.

“Are you ready Amy?” I asked.

“Stick it in doc.” Amy replied holding her ass cheeks as far apart as possible.

I slowly inserted and held the thermometer in my sisters ass harboring thoughts again of my mom walking in on the two of us. What should we do or say I thought? How could we explain this? Thoughts of us being grounded, thoughts of mom joining in, and thoughts of my life ending as I knew it were all possibilities. Pulling out the thermometer it read 98.6, perfect just like the ass it came from I thought.

“Have you had your prostrate checked lately Ms Ryan?” I asked watching my sisters hand get wet playing with her furry beaver to my delight.

“No could you please doc, I’ve never had one done and you never can be too careful these days.” Amy said while getting us both aroused.

I prepped my latex finger with KY and told my sister to just relax and back up so it would go in easier. She looked back and shocked me yet again, “do your worse doc!”

I took this as an invitation and shoved my finger fully into my sisters ass as she impaled herself on my single digit. “Yesssss” she screamed, bewildering me if she was actually enjoying this or just trying not hurt my feelings and end it. I wiggled my finger in her brown hole and withdrew it taking pride in that another barrier had been torn down between myself and Amy. I began scribbling on my clipboard a note that said in large capital letters, “PERFECT BUTT”. I laughed at its symbolism and showed Amy who giggled along with me.

Moving on Amy turned over and let me fire off more pictures of her lovely hot box with a smile to go along with it. I was flabbergasted as she made known to me her next request, “Dr Ryan I heard this is the best fertility clinic around am I right?”

“Yes I believe it is” I told her.

“You see my girlfriend and I are thinking the time is right for me to have a baby, and she told me to come here so you I can try out your special equipped fertility thermometer for my other hole.” “You know the one that everyone says supposedly gets girls pregnant” Amy said with a stupid look on her cute face. Thinking about what she just asked, I put her legs up in the stirrups at the end of the examination table and ordered Amy to unfold her hairy love petals so I could obtain photo’s of my sisters snatch. “This one’s for the internet” I thought to myself with a smile and a click.

Pausing briefly with the camera I said, “This can be done Ms Ryan but I need to know a couples of things first?”

“Sure like what?” My sister said while letting me take more photos of her most intimate parts.

Staying in character I said, “if this doesn’t work on you I may need to see your girlfriend for some special fertility treatments to get herself a baby, do you think she’s up for that?”

“I know she’ll do whatever it takes doctor she wants a baby too”

Rapidly I added “also I may need permission granted for some nude photographs of the two of you for my book, some erotic if that’s OK?”

Looking a little distracted at my camera my sister looked up and mouthed “whatever you want doc.”

“Great!” I said, “now I need to ask you one serious question before we begin the treatment.”

“Go on?” my sister replied.

Thinking of mom hearing the news that my sister was pregnant I had to ask, “are you on birth control?”

Amy looked as if lost in thought for a moment and said in a uneasy manner “No, is that going to be a problem doctor. I mean I am trying to get pregnant you know.” Quibbling on and reminiscent of her desire to have sex with me.

“Well you can’t be careful enough with the types of diseases that are out today. So I’m afraid we’ll have to use the precautionary mode until certain tests are negative. Is that OK Ms Ryan?”

“Yeah, whatever, yor the doc” My disappointed sister winded out.

I pulled out my lucky condom from my wallet that I always had in case of emergencies, and took off all my clothes except for the white lab coat to stay in character. Amy’s eyes widened with approval when she saw my cock for the first time. I wasn’t huge but 8 inches was not only the longest, but also the thickest from what she told me later .

I was now stroking my rocket when Amy piped in, “you want me to prime your special fertility tool doc?”

Shaking my head yes I stepped up to the examination table and stuck my dick in my sisters mouth for the first time polishing my knob. Trying to imprint every second to memory, I looked up only to realize that everything was already recorded on HD tape. How sweet life is I thought to myself. Look a sister and brother porn star team. I started to think of these silly screen names that all the porn stars have to hide their real ones. For Amy I thought, “Hairyhunny” because she tastes sweet as honey. Myself, “Spaceshuttle” because I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex in zero gravity. Would you ultimately end up bouncing off the walls? I chuckled at the thought.

After several minutes of coming on the brink of orgasm and then the thoughts of mom catching us to bring me back down, I decided to go for broke and complete the act of incest by fucking my sisters hairy twat for the first time.

“Are you ready Ms Ryan I think you have my instrument primed properly?” I said

“Yeah doctor, put your fertility tool in me now” Amy impatiently cried.

I walked around the table sliding the rubber over my hardon and putting on some KY put my cock at the forbidden entrance of incest. Holding Amy’s pink hairy folds as far apart as they would go, I gave my sister her last final chance to back out.

She looked me in the eye and said “Do it! Do it now! Make me pregnant with your fertility tool Doctor Ryan!”

Hearing her talk that way made my purple headed prick lose control, and plunge to her womanly depths instantly.

“Time to make you a woman Ms Ryan” I said bringing my cock out and rubbing it on her pubic hairs then plunging it back into her hairy canal.

My sister shrieked and yelled out of character for the first time “Yessssss fuck me brother my body is yours. Order me and I’ll show my hairy pussy to anyone you want. I like it when your friends see me like the slut I am. I want to be your personal whore at your beckoning call. I’ll call you master and do whatever you want as long as you show my body to your friends.” My naked patient decried to me out of breath and in sexual bliss.

Talking like this in the heat of the moment, I couldn’t resist getting my sisters complete control while fucking her and I knew once she calmed down she would recant all comments she had just made. So I said in a more businesslike brotherly tone “are you serious about doing anything Amy?” While standing at the end of the examination table and pumping my protected cock in and out of my naked sister.

Calming down a little she looked me in the eye and said “tell me what you want and I’ll tell you what I want little brother.” As if fucking my nasty sister wasn’t enough, bartering was always a way for one of us to get what the other would not give. At this moment I couldn’t think of what my sister could want from me since we were already having sex so I laid down my terms of the agreement.

I spoke wisely, “ I want to bump uglies with your best friend (Brittany). Tonight if possible in the woods out back while moms asleep”. Brittany is 22 years old and my sisters best friend. I have always wanted in her pants since she and Amy became friends.

Amy smiled a evil grin and looking between her legs said “I think I can get her to sneak out”

“ Do you think she’ll do it?” I asked.

My sister looked up “Yeah she’s good at sneaking out.”

“That’s not what I meant, I’m talking about fucking” I frantically replied.

The next thing my sister told me was something I’ll never forget to this day. Impaling herself as far as my cock would go in her she told me in her exact words, “if she doesn’t agree to fuck you (which I think she will), I’ll help you hold her down and rape her. Promise”

Now it was happening to me as well as my sister when an evil grin appeared on my face, “Do you think she will tell anyone?”

Amy replied “she didn’t say a thing when she turned 18 and her mom held her down and let her dad raped her!”

“Get out of town!! I don’t believe that!” I shouted while still pumping my man meat inside my sister . Amy looking down at her hairy pussy told me, “that’s not all.”

“It isn’t?” I quizzically stated.

“When I got Brittany to actually talk about it she said she actually began to like the idea so much she helped her mom hold down her sister while her dad had his way with her. Imagine losing your cherry to your dad and then helping him with your sister. Its fucked up and I laugh every time I talk to her about it, that family has been into incest ever since. Incest is the best!” My sister chanted.

So i posted on ‘my day’ in messenger telling it was my unlucky day and my ex send me a message saying “always pray and you’ll be fine” so yeah. Hahahaha. i know i will be fine like how i became so fine without you. Hahaha okay okay.

Got Game?

Summary: Who would’ve thought that the chain of events that led to Dan getting a date with a guy completely out of his league started with a bucket of popcorn dropped on the ground and a broken down car? [Ft. Pj and Punk!Phil if you look hard enough]

Genre: fluff | AU

Warnings: none unless you’re scared of slight cockiness and dropping popcorn on the floor

Word Count: 1.3k

Authors Note: I POSTED THIS A WEEK LATE IM SO SORRY. Im finishing up school for the year so thats gross and tumblr is blocked at school so thats even worse but please forgive me. Also Dodie’s ep and Yuri!!! On Ice are my new favourite things, okay enough rambling this was v v fun to write but it has the shittiest description ever but yeah I hope you enjoy :D [oh yeah incase you can’t tell its based in 2013 okokok coolios]

part three of “The Ways I Met You”

part one here

part two here

part four here

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L-Mag Interview with Linda Marlen Runge 
Nov/Dec 2014 Issue
By Ahima Beerlage

English Translation (Thanks to Lillian)

How did you get the part of Anni?
(laughing) I was in Mexico, and broke, when I met one of the writers of GZSZ online. More as a joke, I asked him to get me a job as an extra on the show when I’m back in Germany. I didn’t hear about that from him though. Soon after, I flew back to Germany, after all, and he wrote me, saying my character was finished now, and that he couldn’t promise me anything but wished me good luck for the audition. With a little party hangover, I went to Potsdam. Two weeks later the phone rang, and they said they wanted me for the role of “Anni” in the main cast. Unbelievable!

But I'm sure the regular pay check wasn't the only reason you took on the part?
No, I saw it was a lesbian character part. I knew if I’d get to play it the way I imagined it, it could help a lot of girls out there to accept themselves.

How much of Linda do you think is in Anni, and vice versa?
Quite a lot. The basic characteristics they give us to get into the role don’t suffice for more than two weeks. And then you have to give a lot of yourself. I’m Anni for almost more of the time than I am Linda,
because I’m at the studio all day, portraying this character. You actually have to be careful not to let the two blend into each other too much.

GZSZ has been on the air for 22 years. What was it like to join this seasoned team as a new actress on the show?
Strange. I’ve been on stage for 16 years as a musician, and everybody thinks I’m anything but shy. Quite the opposite. At first, I kept to myself on GZSZ and just observed. After all, it was a different world. But this team is so great that I felt a part of it within the first month.

You’re portraying a couple with Janina Uhse a.k.a. Jasmin Flemming. How is the chemistry between you two?
Originally, Anni was supposed to end up with a different character. But during an audition scene, Janina and I clicked right away.
I guess they liked our chemistry. By now we’ve become a well tuned team.

Over 3 million people watch GZSZ every day. Which also means the actors are very much in the public eye. How do you deal with that?
I have a pretty good tunnel vision. I’m not the kind of person who revels in fame, and I always act the same, really. But when you’re out partying at night, and you don’t look around often enough, stupid things happen sometimes.

I take it you’re alluding to an internet celeb magazine filming you kissing a colleague of yours with a hidden camera a few weeks ago?
Among other things. It was no big deal for us. I honestly didn’t notice somebody with a camera hovering over us (laughing). And then they tried to create a scandal out of this. But the joke was, the fans thought it was cool, anyway, and said we should do whatever we like. I didn’t really care, to be honest. When I feel like doing something, I do it.

How did your friends react to you being on GZSZ?
I was in this artists milieu, and I would always say: I’ll never do mainstream! But GZSZ is kind of a classic. On this approach I tried to “confess” it to my friends. Funnily enough, most of them outed themselves, saying they like to relax at night watching the show. (laughs)

Did you watch GZSZ before you joined the show?
No, I was travelling too much. I used to watch “Marienhof” as a kid. From the age of 10 to 14 I was a Billi fan. (laughs) I thought she was super cool. I still have those Linda Perry glasses!

And now you’re Anni. Do you feel responsibility playing her?
Definitely. I suffered for years because I wasn’t like the other girls. And then I painted my fingernails light blue and put braces in my hair, until I stood in front of the mirror and laughed at myself. And I thought: Screw it, you are the way you are. I can have a good time being by myself, and the people who want nothing to do with me…fine, don’t then. I love Anni, because she shows other girls that that’s possible.

How much input do you have when you’re shooting scenes about the details you think define Anni?
A lot. When I state plausibly that Anni would never join the others in their cute excitement about Nele having a new boyfriend, a glass of prosecco in hand, but would stand by herself instead, with a bottle of beer in her hand, dryly remarking that it’s gonna last for just 3 months at the most anyway, I can do just that.

There’s a lot of hype around Anni and Jasmin. You have fans from Asia to Australia. Do you keep contact with your female fans?
At first I always replied. But after two months I had to disable the private message option on FB, because it got out of hand. But when somebody goes to great pains, I think it would be wrong if I didn’t at least say thanks. But it should stay within certain boundaries. I don’t want the girls to do something they might regret afterwards once they’re not crushing on me any more.

Is it important to you that lesbians accept Anni?
For me, the worst thing would be if they said about the Anni & Jasmin story: “That’s an obviously straight girl attempting to portray a lesbian.” When you’re an actor, you have to be able to make a character believable. And if you can’t do that, you shouldn’t take on the part.“

What does your working day look like?
(sighs) If I’m unlucky, my day starts at 4:30. By 7:00 I’m in hair & make up. Sometimes we have night shoots. What annoys me the most is when people look down on soap actors. Often we’re more professional than the others. The hardest part is that we don’t shoot in chronological order. One scene you’re goofing around with someone,
and in the next scene something terrible has happened to that character. At first, I had the ambition to draw all emotions from within, one-hundred percent. After four months I sat on the floor in my apartment thinking I’m not feeling anything any more now, because I let it all out.

Who helps you prevent burnout?

We have coaches, for example Uta Prelle-Köppe. People may know her from her time on “Hinter Gittern”/”Behind bars”. She was on a TV series for 10 years herself. She knows exactly what it’s like for you, and she has so much empathy that she always picks us up.

Daily-Soap is a full time job. But you’re also a passionate musician. How do you make time for everything?
It’s hard. I write a lot, but I can’t do anything with it. I’m going on vacation to Asia now, and I feel bad, because I should fly to Mexico to my band.But I’ve been working on the show all the time, and during my time off I went on tour with my band. I just have to relax now and recharge my batteries.

Your band lives in Mexico. How do you work on your music when you’re here?
Over the internet. My guitarist and I met in Mexico at a party and talked for maybe two minutes. After that I went back to Berlin. Then I found his music online and thought he was great. He sent me an instrumental, I added vocals and sent it back. After six months we had finished a demo album this way. And then the question was: Am I gonna do more with this? So pretty much over night, I sublet my room in a shared apartment for three months and went to Mexico. Three months turned into two years, because we worked our way to performing as festival-head liners within half a year. My GZSZ fans love Lejana too now, but unfortunately I don’t have time for the band.

Your second band project is Blood & Honey. How did that come about?
Blood & Honey happened because Tim Williams, who plays Kurt LeRoy on GZSZ, introduced us. Tim and I hit it off right away. He introduced me to his irish buddy, a great guitarist, and just a week later we recorded our first demo. For me, music has to do with spiritual kinship.

Do you want to be a full time musician one day? It’s hard to make your way in the music industry.
If the music industry doesn’t want me, I don’t want the music industry. I’m not only a musician if I’m successful. Sure, Anni plays music on the show too now. There already was the “Far Away” single release, and there might be more in the future. But here I can tell the composer of the show what I’d like to do. If I can’t live off music after GZSZ, I’ll go back to working in geriatric care.

What are your wishes for Anni’s future?
I’d love for Anni to learn to have a little more sympathy. You can be honest in a way that doesn’t hurt people. Personally, I’d love it if she got married, because she found the one. The idea appeals to me, because Anni is the kind of person who hates cages.


French Translation (Thanks to Ameliefan05)

Dans le plus vieux soap allemand Jasmin Flemming tombe amoureuse d'Anni, le personnage de Linda Marlen Runge. Et dans la vie réelle une fanbase féminine, qui ne cesse de croître, s’éprend de la lesbienne tatouée et brutalement honnête. Voilà des raisons suffisantes pour rencontrer l'actrice et chanteuse de 28 ans. Au bar Südblock à Berlin nous avons discuté avec l'actrice de Marburg à propos de sa routine quotidienne sur la série, de ses deux groupes de musique, et Linda nous a aussi confié ses souhaits pour l'avenir d'Anni.

Comment as-tu obtenu le rôle d'Anni?
(rigolant) J'étais au Mexique, fauchée, quand j'ai rencontré un des scénaristes de GZSZ en ligne. C'était plus un délire (une blague), je lui ai demandé de me trouver un job en tant qu'extra dans la série pour quand je rentrerai en Allemagne. Par contre je n'ai plus eu de nouvelle de sa part à propos de ça. Peu après, je suis rentrée en Allemagne, enfin, et il m'a écrit, me disant que mon personnage était désormais terminé (prêt), et qu'il ne pouvait pas me promettre quoi que ce soit mais qu'il me souhaitait bonne chance pour l'audition. Avec une légère gueule de bois, je me suis rendue à Potsdam. Deux semaines plus tard le téléphone sonnait, et ils m'ont annoncé qu'ils me désiraient pour le rôle d'“Anni”, dans le casting principal. Incroyable!

Mais je suis sûre que le salaire régulier n'était pas l'unique raison pour laquelle tu as accepté le rôle?
Non, j'ai vu qu'il s'agissait d'un rôle de personnage lesbien. Je savais que si j'arrivais à le jouer de la manière dont je l'imaginais, cela pourrait aider beaucoup de filles à s'accepter.

A ton avis, à quel point retrouve-t-on Linda à travers Anni, et vice versa?
Beaucoup. Les traits de base pour le rôle, que nous recevons pour entrer dans le personnage, ne suffisent plus après les deux premières semaines. Et ensuite tu dois donner beaucoup de ta propre personne. Je suis presque plus souvent Anni que je ne suis Linda, parce que je passe ma journée au studio, à jouer ce personnage. Tu dois en fait même faire attention à ne pas trop mélanger les deux.

GZSZ est diffusé depuis 22 ans. Comment c'était de rejoindre cette équipe expérimentée en tant que nouvelle actrice sur la série?
Etrange. Ca fait 16 ans que je me produis sur scène comme musicienne / chanteuse, et tout le monde pense que je suis tout sauf timide. Bien au contraire. Au début, je restais concentrée sur moi-même sur GZSZ et je ne faisais qu'observer. Après tout, c'était une univers différent. Mais cette équipe est tellement géniale que je me suis sentie l'une d'eux dès le premier mois.

Vous représentez un couple avec Janina Uhse a.k.a. Jasmin Flemming. Comment est l'alchimie entre vous deux?
Initialement, Anni était supposée finir avec un autre personnage. Mais durant une scène d'audition, Janina et I avons accroché immédiatement. Je suppose qu'ils ont aimé notre alchimie. A présent, nous sommes devenues une équipe bien réglée.

Plus de 3 millions de personnes regardent GZSZ chaque jour. Ce qui signifie aussi que les acteurs sont très exposés au public. Comment réagis-tu à cela?
J'ai une assez bonne vision «en tunnel» (recentrée). Je ne suis pas le genre de personne qui se délecte de la gloire, et je reste toujours moi-même, vraiment. Mais quand tu sors lors d'une soirée, et que tu ne regardes pas assez souvent autour de toi, des choses stupides peuvent parfois arriver.

Je prends ça comme une allusion au magazine people sur le net qui t'a filmé en train d'embrasser une de tes collègues avec une caméra cachée il y a quelques semaines?
Parmi d'autres choses. Ce n'était pas un gros problème pour nous. Je n'ai honnêtement pas remarqué quelqu'un avec une caméra planant au-dessus de nous (rigolant). Et ensuite ils ont tenté de créer un scandale à partir de ça. Mais l'ironie c'est que les fans ont trouvé ça cool, de toute façon, et ont dit que nous devrions faire ce que nous voulons. Ca m'était égal, pour être honnête. Quand j'ai envie de faire quelque chose, je le fais.

Comment tes amis ont-ils réagit au fait que tu rejoignes GZSZ?
J'étais dans ce milieu artistique, et je me disais toujours: je ne ferai jamais du mainstream (divertissement grand public/principal)! Mais GZSZ est une sorte de classique. Avec cette approche, j'ai essayé de "l'avouer” à mes amis. Assez curieusement, la plupart d'entre eux se sont démasqués tous seuls, en disant qu'ils aiment se relaxer le soir en regardant la série. (rires)

Regardais-tu GZSZ avant de rejoindre le feuilleton?
Non, je voyageais beaucoup trop. Je regardais “Marienhof” quand j'étais enfant. De 10 à 14 ans j'étais fan de Billi. (rires) Je trouvais qu'elle était super cool. J'ai encore ces lunettes style « Linda Perry »!

Et maintenant tu es Anni. Ressens-tu une certaine responsabilité en jouant ce rôle?
Certainement. J'ai souffert pendant des années parce que je n'étais pas comme les autres filles. Et puis j'ai vernis mes ongles en bleu clair et mis des barrettes dans mes cheveux, jusqu'au jour où je me suis tenue devant le miroir et me suis mise à rire de moi-même. Et j'ai pensé: Merde, tu es comme tu es. Je peux apprécier de me retrouver seule (un moment de solitude), et les gens qui ne veulent rien avoir à faire avec moi… très bien, qu'ils restent à l'écart. J'aime Anni, parce qu'elle montre aux autres filles que c'est possible.

A quel point apportes-tu ta contribution, lorsque vous tournez des scènes, à propos des détails qui, selon toi, définissent Anni?
Enormément. Quand je déclare de manière plausible qu'Anni ne se joindrait jamais aux autres dans leur enthousiasme tout mignon à propos du fait que Nele ait un nouveau petit-ami, un verre de prosecco à la main, mais qu'elle s'en tiendrait plutôt à elle-même, avec une bouteille de bière à la main, en faisant sèchement remarquer que ça ne va seulement durer que 3 mois au maximum, de toute façon, ça je peux le faire.

Il y a beaucoup de battage médiatique autour de Anni et Jasmin. Tu as des fans d'Asie jusqu'en Australie. Gardes-tu le contact avec tes admiratrices (fans féminines)?
Au début je répondais toujours. Mais après deux mois j'ai du désactiver l'option « message privé » sur Facebook, parce que ça devenait impossible à gérer. Mais quand quelqu'un se donne beaucoup de peine, je pense que ce serait mal si je ne disais pas au moins merci. Mais ça devrait rester dans certaines limites. Je ne veux pas que les filles fassent quelque chose qu'elles pourraient regretter par la suite une fois qu'elles n'auront plus le béguin pour moi.

Est-ce important pour toi que les lesbiennes acceptent Anni?
Pour moi, la pire chose serait si elles disent à propos de l'histoire Anni & Jasmin: “C'est évident que c'est une hétéro qui tente de jouer une lesbienne.” Quand tu es actrice, tu dois être capable de rendre un personnage crédible. Et si tu ne peux pas faire ça, tu ne devrais pas accepter le rôle.

A quoi ressemble une de tes journées de travail?
(soupirs) Si je n'ai pas de chance, ma journée démarre à 4h30. A 7h je passe à l'étape coiffure-maquillage. Parfois nous tournons de nuit. Ce qui me dérange le plus c'est quand les gens rabaissent les acteurs de soaps. Souvent nous sommes plus professionnels que les autres. La partie la plus difficile est que nous ne tournons pas dans l'ordre chronologique. Dans une scène tu t'amuses et déconnes avec quelqu'un, et dans la suivante quelque chose de terrible est arrivé à ce personnage. Au début, j'avais l'ambition de puiser toutes les émotions à l'intérieur, à cent-pour-cent. Après quatre mois je me suis assise parterre dans mon appartement en pensant, je ne ressens plus rien désormais, parce que j'ai tout laissé sortir.

Qui t'aide à éviter l'épuisement professionnel?
Nous avons des coachs, par exemple Uta Prelle-Köppe. Les gens la connaisse peut-être de son temps sur “Hinter Gittern”/”Behind bars”. Elle a elle-même passé 10 ans dans une série TV. Elle sait exactement comment c'est pour toi, et elle a tellement d'empathie qu'elle arrive toujours à nous remonter.

Un soap quotidien est un boulot à plein temps. Mais tu es aussi une musicienne passionnée. Comment fais-tu pour avoir le temps de tout faire?
C'est compliqué. J'écris beaucoup, mais je ne peux rien faire avec. Je pars en vacances en Asie maintenant, et je me sens mal, parce que je devrais aller au Mexique rejoindre mon groupe. Mais j'ai travaillé sur la série tout le temps, et pendant mon break j'ai fait une tournée avec mon groupe. Je dois juste me reposer maintenant et recharger mes batteries.

Ton groupe vit au Mexique. Comment travaillez-vous sur votre musique quand tu es ici?
Par internet. J'ai rencontré mon guitariste à Mexico à une soirée et nous avons discuté peut-être le temps de deux minutes. Après ça je suis rentrée à Berlin. Ensuite j'ai trouvé sa musique en ligne et j'ai pensé qu'il était génial. Il m'a envoyé une version instrumental, j'ai ajouté le chant et je lui ai renvoyé. Après six mois nous avions terminé un album démo de cette façon. Et puis la question est devenue: Vais-je faire plus avec ça? Donc, quasiment du jour au lendemain, j'ai sous-loué ma chambre dans une collocation pour trois mois et je suis partie au Mexique. Trois mois sont devenus deux ans, parce que nous avons réussis à nous produire en tant que têtes d'affiche de festivals en six mois. Mes fans de GZSZ aime Lejana aussi maintenant, mais malheureusement je n'ai pas de temps pour le groupe.

Ton second projet de groupe est Blood & Honey. Comment cela a-t-il commencé?
Blood & Honey a commencé parce que Tim Williams, qui joue Kurt LeRoy dans GZSZ, nous a présentés. Tim et moi avons accroché tout de suite. Il m'a présenté à son pote irlandais, un guitariste génial, et seulement une semaine plus tard nous enregistrions notre première démo. Pour moi, la musique est en rapport avec la parenté spirituelle.

Désires-tu devenir une chanteuse à plein temps un jour? Il est difficile de se créer un chemin dans l'industrie de la musique.
Si l'industrie de la musique ne veut pas de moi, je ne veux pas d'elle. Je ne suis pas seulement une chanteuse si j'ai du succès. Bien sûr, Anni joue de la musique dans la série aussi maintenant. Il y a déjà eu le single “Far Away” qui est paru, et il pourrait y en avoir d'autres dans le futur. Mais ici je peux dire au compositeur de la série ce que j'aimerais faire. Si je ne peux pas vivre de la musique après GZSZ, je retournerai travailler dans les soins gériatriques.

Quels sont tes vœux pour le futur d'Anni?
J'aimerais qu'Anni apprenne à avoir un peu plus de sympathie. Tu peux être honnête d'une manière qui ne blesse pas les gens. Personnellement, j'aimerais qu'elle se marie, parce qu'elle a trouvé la bonne. L'idée me plaît, parce que Anni est le genre de personne qui déteste les cages.

Bad Day Blushes

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Anonymous Request: “Hey! I was wondering if you could do a fluffy Sam oneshot because I’m having a really rough week and it would really make up for some of it.”

Warnings: Fluff, Cheesiness, Nudity, Implied Sex (Is this a warning? idk), Cursing

Word Count: 2544

A/N: Not too thrilled by this because I feel I may have channelled a little too much Dean since this is my first time writing Sam in a while. I hope it still cheers you up, Anon! Also, I’m not too sure about the physics or anything about ectoplasm so I hope this isn’t too far-fetched lol for Supernatural at least.

The reader is having a bad week of unlucky solo hunts and her boyfriend, Sam Winchester, tries to cheer her up.


Your name: submit What is this?

You walked into the bunker completely drenched and feeling as if a stone was tied to your back as exhaustion weighed down on you. You walked down the stairs slowly and cautiously, trying not to slip from the substance dripping off your clothes and skin. You dropped your bag at the bottom of the stairs and sludged your way to the library, right where you knew he’d be.

Just as you expected, Sam Winchester was sitting at the table reading while his brother sat across from him, basically inhaling the burger he’d just made.

You cleared your throat and both the boys’ heads shot up to look at you.

“You’re back! How was the-” Sam stopped mid-sentence as he took in the site of you. You were covered from head-to-toe in gooey black ectoplasm. Dean nearly dropped his burger as he burst into laughter and Sam’s hand quickly shot up to cover his own mouth.

“Did you remember to wipe your feet before you came in?” Dean asked, wiping a tear from his eye. You shot him a glare.

“Laugh it up, Winchester. I was driving your car,” You said as you threw the Impala keys at the eldest brother. Dean’s face immediately fell.

“Fuck…” He groaned as he grabbed the keys and stomped out of the library to check out the state of his leather seats. Sam chuckled and shook his head at you. You just stared at him with an exhausted expression. He finally started to look sympathetic at your weakened state and closed his book as he got up to walk over to you.

Once he got closer to your messy self, you saw his sympathetic look start to turn humorous once more.

“It’s not funny,” You stated sternly. He swallowed his laughter and nodded at you as seriously as he could.

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Trời hôm nay đen tối quá thể đáng

Bắt đầu từ lúc sáng ra ăn sáng thì bún hến bị bỏ quá trời giá và đậu phộng ko ăn đc.

Loay hoay kỳ cọ lau chùi mất buổi trưa thì đến chiều trời mưa

dây giày sút n lần

Kéo cái phec mơ tuya bị xước móng tay cái xoẹt

lái xe bị nhầm đường vòng lui vòng tới

uống trà thì bị đổi chỗ mấy lần vì cửa đập mạnh suýt rơi vỡ bình trà

ngồi đọc sách thì bị cháu nhỏ bàn bên xô đổ cốc nc detox dâu tây mới gọi chưa động miếng nào te le khắp nơi

thứ cần dùng thì bị hết lội bộ đi mua

chỗ muốn đến thì đến nơi thấy đóng cửa

Gây ra lỗi lầm vs người khác khiến bản thân vô cùng ân hận

Bị đứt dép h hông có dép mang

bị chọc giân gây gổ và quyết định tuyệt giao vs người ta

Đang ngắm dzai đẹp thì biết dzai đẹp đã có dzợ

đ thoại hỏng bất thình lình dự là hao tài đầu năm

Mới vừa nãy tức thì làm rơi đồ trên nóc tủ xuống mần cái ầm mém u đầu nựa

Tính ra xui xẻo hôm nay chắc do mình thíu ngủ, khuya ngủ muộn sáng ko nướng trưa lại ko ngủ. Giải pháp bây giờ là lên giường đi ngủ thôi! Ngủ ko đủ giấc tai hại vô cùng. Dự là mai nên ngủ bù cả ngày. Oáp oáp!!!

Đi ngủ giải sầu thôiiiiiiiiii

♕ | The Isle of the Lost sentence starters (part one)

(change any pronouns/etc as befitting)

❝ It’s a birthday party, and I wasn’t invited. ❞
❝ Celebrations are for the rabble. ❞
❝ Now shoo, flee, and scatter like the little flea(s) you are! ❞
❝ Are you some kind of prince or something? ❞
❝ You know who I am. I’m your friend. ❞
❝ Home, freak home. ❞
❝ Room for month-old milk? ❞
❝ Do I look like I want curds? ❞
❝ Give me the strongest, blackest coffee you’ve got! ❞
❝ What is this, Auradon? ❞

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