my ultimate tvd ship don't even look at me

but as much as i would’ve given my eyeteeth for klaus and bonnie to have just one more scene together, ultimately I think him being on a different show helped keep inspiration for the ship alive. Even though they didn’t interact after TVD S4, the way their storylines played out yielded rich possibilities that fanfic writers could explore. I mean, look at all the mini fics and plotlines that the klonnie fandom has teased out of that tiny moment in S1 of TO when Klaus mentioned calling “a reluctant Bennett witch.” And don’t even get me started on all the blendedfamily!AUs this fandom has spun where Bonnie meets/ mentors Hope and/or she and Klaus start a family of their own. like, it kills me to this day that we don’t have more klonnie scenes (heaven knows it would make edit and gif making way easier!) but if klaus had stuck around on TVD the show would’ve gone out of its way to have him be extra violent and disgusting towards Bonnie (if not outright killing her) just to stamp out any and all possibility of people shipping them or them having a viable storyline. that’s how virulently anti-Bonnie and anti-black that show was. so in a way, the lack of klonnie interaction after s4 opens up a sea of possibilities that the showrunners would’ve wanted to stifle, so i’m grateful for that.