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If his hot cheeks were not proof enough, then the world might just as well be flat.


He turned his head and stared at his companion-

The strapless figure hugging maid uniform-

“I’m glad you’re back.”

To that awfully cute face that tempted him greatly to just throw everything away and cup those cheeks and kiss it like life itself-

“I miss you.”

Down to those curves he missed, that voice he yearned for, that smile he would kill for-

“Hey say something you idiot.”

“I-” and Gray paused, thinking carefully of his next words that did not consist of or of or of-

“A year later and you’re still that cute girl who caught my attention.”



(What the hell’s happening to me?)


“Nothing. Just… Stay close to me.”


(I really really miss you but please refrain from wearing that maid outfit unless it’s for my eyes only?)


(Shit. I’m going crazy.)