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Unpopular Opinion :: Shane Walsh: Most Compelling Character™ :: A Study

I recently rewatched seasons 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead. Why? They’re my favorite seasons of the show. For one common thread throughout.

Shane Walsh. 

The character you either love or you hate. And personally, I just can’t bring myself to hate him for the simple fact that he was the most fascinating character to watch. Was he a great person? Initially, yes. Was he a great person by the time he died? No. That’s clear. I’m not saying he was a good person in the end. He was twisted and demented. But as someone who is drawn to the darkness, to the tragic and broken…Shane Walsh was my favorite character. Kudos to the actor who played him, Jon Bernthal. Boy, what a POWERHOUSE of an actor. His presence was so overwhelming that he forced viewers to see him and pay attention to him.

Sometimes I think he gets hate, and for those people who hate him…I don’t feel like they understood Shane as a character. He just wasn’t Rick so ultimately people disliked him.

Do I get it? Honestly? Kind of. I can see where some people were steered another way. He got a little (not a little) rapey with Lori. He became volatile. Unpredictable. Unstable. BUT THAT WAS WHAT WAS SO DAMN AMAZING TO WATCH.

Why is his story so great? So truly great? Why was his arc one of the most cohesive stories of a beginning, middle and end to a character?

-     -     -     -     -     - 

He’s inherently good. He is. He was Rick’s best friend. For a long while, Shane was Rick’s anchor. Shane was familiar, he was someone Rick could reach for and Shane was there for him.

Shane was a good friend. He didn’t start off as the person he ended up becoming. He was caring, he was protective. 

I mean yal, they were bros™.

Shane wanted to keep everyone safe. He went back for Rick when the shit started, he tried to get Rick out of there. But there were guns firing, mass panic. Something was happening, something no one had ever seen before. The dead were rising and eating people and Shane went to try to get his friend out of the hospital. Rick was comatose, unable to protect himself or anyone else and Shane made a decision.

For Rick, he got Carl and Lori to safety. Do I fault him for lying and saying that Rick was dead? Yes and no. First of all, of course Shane thought Rick was going to die. Shit, if Rick wasn’t the main character, ANYONE WATCHING WOULD HAVE THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO DIE. 

-     -     -     -     -

So Shane is the leader of this group. Lori and he are in a good place. Carl is kind of his son. It’s unclear because it’s not mentioned who Shane lost in the outbreak. Lori and Shane are lonely, and they cling to each other. Stranger things have happened. Really. Both Lori and Shane willingly and consensually were together. It’s not like Shane just made it that way.

Rick comes back. You can see how happy he is that Rick is back. He feels guilt (this is where his guilt starts, the thing that eventually breaks him) for not rescuing him. Rick returns, takes Lori and Carl away (arguably his emotional balance) from him and then undermines him until he loses footing in the group THAT HE WAS THE LEADER OF. Am I going to be upset that Rick took his wife and son back? No. Absoluetly not. That was Rick’s family. What I didn’t like was Lori continuing to mess with Shane’s head. Idk if it was a character inconsistancy, but when Lori came to Shane all of a sudden in one of the final episodes of season 2 to admit to Shane that yes. Yes, they had something. Yes, she cared for him. She gave him that hope, that feeling of being accepted to cling onto, to bring him back. Only to then reject him again? Like, really bitch? That final rejection is what I believe sent Shane down his warpath.

Shane responds to rejection and isolation in a violent way. He’s someone who needs other people to survive; he’s a very emotional character. Sometimes people mistake emotional people as “hotheads”. But Shane did respond emotionally at all times and that manifested usually in aggression. He talks to Andrea about “the switch”. About shutting yourself down to make a hard decision when it had to be made. And the tragic thing about Shane is that as hard as he tried to do that, he couldn’t find the balance. He couldn’t shut himself down all the way. He tried to supress and supress until his emotions were so high above what he could handle. And those emotions overwhelmed him, until ultimately he became unstable.

This was shining it’s brightest in one of my favorite scenes in the second season during episode 12. Shane wrestling with himself as he crouches in front of Randall. Something is wrong with him. He’s cracked, something else is seeping through. Insanity.

In this moment I understood how deep he had fallen. How broken he was, how this new world broke him. Shane was a GOOD man. He just ended up collapsing under the weight of the rest of the world burning. His need to protect other people convinced him that he had to become something else in order to keep everyone alive. The rejection from Rick, from Lori and Dale and eventually the others pushed him into isolation; a place he could not survive.

“I think what’s so beautiful about Shane is he kind of adopts this new world order. He’s realizing that there’s actually no laws in this world. And he’s kind of becoming this creature of the zombie apocalypse where he can shut down all emotions. But the tragedy of his character is he realizes that’s an impossible task. He’s probably the most emotional character on the show. So he’s tricking himself.” - Jon Bernthal

You guys I just have so many fucking feelings about him. And it’s probably because I’m drawn to characters like him. I just loved him so much. Like I said, I’m not saying he was a good person by the end of it all. But he was by far easily my favorite to watch.

The thing was, Shane Walsh was one of the good ones. He was. He just broke under the weight he placed on himself to keep people safe. Some people hated him; I just felt for him on a visceral level.

Damn my love of the broken ones.


Right after she nods to Sonic you could see the build up of anxiety and hesitation before she ultimately pulls through and blows out the flame. Because she knows to trust Sonic and understands that this is for the best.

That is why this is my favorite scene in all of the Sonic franchise. Elise was deprived of her parents and emotions for a long time. Sonic comes along and helps her out of this decade long captivity of false sense of happiness and security (she had the Flames of Disaster within her, that’s a lot of pressure).

“I was able to be myself. A girl.”

However, as fate would have it the only way to save the world is to prevent Solaris from ever existing. This would mean Elise could finally live a happy and free life. She wouldn’t have to worry about the Flames of Disaster and the world would no longer be threatened by devastation. This also meant never getting to meet Sonic.

“You have given me so many things. Now it my time to return the favor.”

“I don’t care what happens to the world!” VS “Even if the world is destroyed, I…”

English- She had to distance herself from everyone and not get emotionally vulnerable so obviously she’ll only find worth in the one person who gave her happiness. 

Japanese- She is obviously hesitating, and coming to terms with what is really going on. The world is over. So that means I could possibly stay with him (See My Destiny lyrics)

Sonic Knows this is tough and instead of giving her a long speech on what to do and why should she do it, he tells her

“Just Smile”

He doesn’t tell her to put out the flame, or don’t put out the flame and remain with him for eternity. (since time is destroyed I doubt they’ll age or die)

He knows she’ll do the right thing and same goes for Elise. And so, Elise puts out the flame knowing she’ll never meet Sonic. That there’s hope for her, and that leaving Sonic for a better life was the right choice.

If she truly didn’t care about the world she would have never told Sonic that putting out the flame would save it. (She could have been like ’ uh well there’s Solaris maybe we should just stare at it for eternity’) XD

So, Sonic 06 exemplifies loss and understanding what is truly right.

*In my humble opinion*

Inspiration Ideas and Solving Writers Block

Okay, a lot of us writers suffer from writers block and lack of inspiration. Here’s what I do to help.

1. Go to your picture files and create a new folder. Title it the name of your book.
2. Find relevant photos and stick them all in the photo. Photos of vampires, flowers, dogs, teacups, or anything that’s an important part of your story.

That’s it! Look through the photos when you have writers block or when you need inspiration. Scout for more photos if needed.
–An alternate is using a website like pinterest. It’s pretty easy to use pinterest. Create a board, name is the title of your work, and find relevant photos.

If you’re not into either options try putting together a youtube playlist of songs that capture perfect moments in your story. Don’t want to make a playlist? Find one on youtube or spotify or etc.

Other solutions to gather inspiration and stopping writers block:
-Take a break from your work.. Put your work down for a week, then come back to it. After a week, reread your entire work, and think about if you were a reader where would you want the story to go or what would you wish to happen.
-If you haven’t already, make an outline and think about where you want to go or themes you want to explore.
-Look at why you have writer’s block. Are you scared of writing badly? Keep this in mind, it’s easier to edit a pages of bad writing than it is to edit a blank page. If you’re afraid of writing badly, then remind yourself that you can always edit it later.
-Create a writing routine such as drinking tea when you write, listening to music without lyrics. writing at 7 am, or whatever fits you.
-Are you stuck on a certain scene? I suck at writing romantic scenes, so what I do is listen to love songs from various genres from around the world and think of what makes the song so romantic. If I could match the song to a scene in a movie, what would be happening? That’s what usually helps me.
-Start brainstorming ideas to get you on the right track. No matter how wacky or outlandish those ideas are. Add zombies, make your character a god, the enemy is a poor bread baker, she falls in love with cheese, or anything. Even if it doesn’t fit your novel, it’s a good exercise to get your brain going.
-Here’s my ultimate favorite thing to do: watch TV and imagine how would you write out a scene to do it justice. How could you describe what’s going on in the show to a total stranger and have it make sense? This writing exercise could help jumpstart you.
-Read books from the genre you are writing. Watch tv shows or movies from the genre as well. Do research to look up popular tropes/cliches from the genre. Do you want to stay within the genre or break from it? This can help you think about where you want to go, and before you know it your writers block will be gone.
-Find a friend to talk to about the problems in your work. Too shy to tell other people about your work? Talk to a pet! Sometimes just the act of talking about the problems can be beneficial.

Bad Hirsch. No.

This cipher sure looks big and important, I wish I didn’t have to hunt through every frame of the episode to have any chance of reading it.

Wow. That was definitely something. 

This feels like we’ve passed a major point of no return. The main character’s soul was literally ripped out of his body in front of us. At the end of the episode his lifeless corpse flopped to the floor before he could reclaim it. This is getting seriously dark, and fast.

The laptop is broken, and Bill seems satisfied that it’s beyond repair. He’s actively seeking out the books now. His nefarious scheme wasn’t to gather power for himself or anything like that, but it was to destroy any possible obstacles to his inevitable ascendancy. 

We did learn a lot about Bill this episode. First, he can possess people, but for right now he can only do it once he has some form of permission, and it’s possible that he can’t maintain possession for any longer than the stolen body can stay awake. He is not capable of telekinesis, but he can manifest very convincing illusions to make it appear that he is. Some members of my discord chat mentioned that it’s a common theory that the random countdown clock on the laptop was an illusion cast by Bill, which makes some amount of sense, as there’s no real reason why the 974th incorrect password should trigger such a mechanism instead of, say, the 3rd or so. Bill seeks human bodies so that he can directly affect the physical world. And ultimately, he gets overconfident and lets his guard down, and he assumes that he knows more than he actually does.

There were a number of spectacular highs in this episode. It contains my favorite line, favorite frame, and favorite overall comedy scene (the Hymn of the Burning Sock Puppets) in the series so far. Bill ripping out Dipper’s soul is a close third behind Tyrone’s suicide and the Summerween incident for the most fucked up thing that’s happened so far. Bill’s entrance was one of the grandest spectacles so far, as well. At the same time, though, there was enough dragging down the lulls that this isn’t my favorite episode of the show. I wasn’t a fan of Mabel’s plot-induced stupidity regarding the degree of her infatuation with Gabe. Still, though, this is a top-tier episode and easily clears the 10/10 bar for me.

If there’s any sort of continuity in this show, which these days is a given, from this point forth the Pines twins are at open war against Bill Cipher. Good luck, kids.

I think Danny Phantom and its episodes are a great example of the saying, “There’s no such thing as a bad idea, just bad execution.”

First off, the basis for it by itself doesn’t sound like a good idea. A teenage superhero who’s power is being half dead? At first glance, it doesn’t sound interesting. And in another world, the execution of it would’ve made it as bad as it sounds to the average person. But the team who made it executed it well, and we get this cartoon about Danny that we love. It wasn’t a bad idea, it just needs proper execution.

The show itself isn’t perfect, and I won’t pretend it is. But, like the show premise, the individual episode premises aren’t bad ideas. It falls on their execution whether they’re bad or good.

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Hate YA Book Tropes? Here’s Why Resonance Is The Book For You

The book in question:


Sick of post-apocalyptic worlds where people get killed left and right for no reason other than the government to exert power over the people? Have no fear, Resonance isn’t that kind of book. I’d go so far as to say it’s almost a utopia? Not completely, but borderline.

Like it’s predecessor, Resonance is meant to celebrate the endeavors of humanity – rather than knock it down.


*sigh* I know governments in real life tend to be awful, but when every book focuses on government being the evil mastermind behind everything, that gets boring.

In Embassy and Resonance, governments are just a piece of society. Sure, the politics is still there, but there’s no one vying for absolute control and power over anyone else.


People live. People explore. People change. Nobody needs to lead a resistance against anybody else. Humanity has pretty much come to a common union. Yes, there are different aspects of society rubbing against each other – not for power, but debating the best route for humanity to follow to create a sustainable existence as we spread through the galaxy.


I repeat: there’s no love triangle. Louder for those in the back? Okay. THERE’S. NO. LOVE. TRIANGLE.

One could *possibly* argue that there’s a love triangle in Embassy (but not really though? It’s extreeeeeeeemely small….especially if you got the point of the book, which is made pretty obvious in Chapters 23 and 24).

But yeah. Love triangles. HA. NOPE.


In fact, there isn’t a Chosen One anywhere to be found in the entire series! Nope! Nada. Arman is just a guy who’s reeeaaally isolated himself fromall these experiences because he’s so dead set on finding Ladia. He’s missing out on so much because of this narrow-minded focus. So when he finally frees himself of that mindset, the world – or, quite literally, the galaxy opens up to him.

This is a story of adventure and exploration, of celebrating humanity and life, of being curious of the universe we live in.


There’s romance. As anyone who’s read Resonance already can tell you, Arman and Glacia (Glarman, for all you shippers) are the ultimate ship. In Embassy, Glacia helps Arman see what he’s been missing out on, and they move from not-friends, to friends, to relationship.

In Resonance, some of my favorite scenes to write were Arman and Glacia competing with each other, or embarrassing each other, or being cute as hell together. They have a healthy relationship, not totally perfect, but not annoying or angsty, either.


There’s no object that everyone is out to take control over. Nothing that’s going to destroy a planet, or the galaxy, or a universe. Arman isn’t in search of anything except for how to live life to the fullest and make a difference in the galaxy.


As you’ll see some reviewers of Embassy say, the most boring part of the book was Part 2: The Void, and for one simple reason: the month of space travel. It’s crucial to Arman’s journey, because he undergoes a lot of mental duress, and you get to see how these interstellar expeditions really affect the crew.

While space travel does show up again in Resonance, I learned from Embassy and didn’t put it in *as* much. It’s still there, and you’re still going to feel the effects, but it’s more of a “necessary side-element” rather than an entire section of the book this time around.


There aren’t two sides to every issue. People have their own opinions, and they form those opinions based on their exposure and ideals in life. You can’t point a finger and say, “That’s the bad guy!” These aren’t books about good vs. evil. These are books about “What is the best course of action that will do the most good for not only humanity, but for life in general?” (Life being animals, plants, humans, etc).

Some characters you like will have opinions totally against yours, and some characters you hate will have opinions you totally agree with.


Purchase Embassy Here

Pre-Order Resonance Here (Available Friday, October 16)

To preface, I’ve never been much of a black and white kind of girl. So I did not prefer Mad Max Fury Road in black and chrome, though I did like it more than I thought I would. Bae said 50-60% of the shots looked better to him in black and white; he generally prefers this version more now.

Some thoughts.


The details really stood out. I noticed details about the scarring I hadn’t before. I can’t explicitly remember what it was, but some scarring stood out as particularly deeper than I ever remember it on Nux’s abdomen. Slit’s cheek gash stood out. Angharad’s scars were suuper noticeable.

The War Rig looked majestic AS FUCK. Especially near the beginning of the movie and near the end. She looked especially black and imposing and made her seem wonderfully powerful.

Face closeups, especially when the face had any War Boy markings, looked Amazing and sharp and super intense and expressive. Morsov’s ‘WITNESS ME’ was intense af.

The spray-on chrome looked especially shiny and nifty looking. Bae would actually put this in the cons if he had the choice. He didn’t think it stood out as nicely. I can see why, but the shine of it managed to push through and stand out to me.

I WAS SO AFRAID THE STORM SCENE WOULD LOOK WEIRD AND UNIMPRESSIVE BUT IT DIDN’T. I think some of it comes from living in a place where I grew up with tornado imagery, and the idea of a sandstorm seems pretty unreal. The black and white definitely made the storm feel more tornado-y. But the columns of sand just had this weight to it. The 'sneak up’ of the storm in the back of the scenes prior wasn’t as impressive. Like it just like, yeah, it’s foggy/grainy out there whatevs. But once the camera pulled back and gave us that ominous shot just… holy shit. It also made things easier to see when in the storm, and oh my god the scene where the War Boys get pulled up into the funnel was particularly breathtaking and heartbreaking. Oh my. I asked Bae his favorite thing about Black and Chrome and he cited this sequence.

Death of the War Rig. Holy shit. OUCH! She looked so black and imposing and impressive barreling down toward the pass, and then she shudders and spins and falls and goes crashing into the rocks and the pursuit vehicles crash in behind her and just… sooo heartbreaking. So impressively heartbreaking. My majestic War Rig.

THE NIGHT SCENES! Omg. They looked purple. In the color version, everything is so blue that it does a little of that immersion breaking because it’s so obvious that it’s some kind of post work being done. Like, it’s still absolutely beautiful in the color version, but it just has that moment of 'they used blue lens didn’t they??’ (I feel like they actually didn’t, but it still had that feeling.) The black and white night scenes felt real though. It felt like it was night, and somehow it was just so violet. I mentioned it to the Bae on the way home, and he was light, “Right? I had to remind myself it was black and white.” Just. Oh my. This was probably my second absolute favorite thing about the black and white.

Probably my absolute FAV thing about the black and white version: Whenever Furiosa had the black paint, the blackness of her forehead and hair and the blackness of the War Rig made it look like they melded into each other.
It was hard to tell where Furiosa ended and the War Rig began and vice versa. What beautiful symbolism! The War Rig is visually almost literally an extension of Furiosa herself.

The first thing I put in this category, I do so tentatively. It was actually kind of cool, but it’s hard to say how intentional it could have been, but any of the scenes that weren’t totally in focus were particularly noticeable as blurry. Sometimes it seemed like it was a purposeful 'this is chaos’ technique, but it also sometimes looked like it was just 'things were happening too fast and it looks fine anyway.’

Some of the slower moments felt hokey or unpolished. This is probably an extremely biased opinion. Black and white doesn’t generally hold my attention really well, so that may factor in here. But certain points when it would go from action to something kind of slow really quickly just felt weird and ruined my immersion a bit as it made me think about the editing. The first scene that comes to mind that did this to me is when Max suddenly comes running out of the caves and he gets his full view of Citadel—before jumping to the hook. It just felt weird to me.

Doof Warrior. His debut just didn’t have that extra umpf without his red onesie. I was surprised that the flames coming out of his guitar looked as badass as they did though. They felt like liquid fire, which was really rather cool, but doof in a grey onesie just… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Bae says they should have just let that one thing stay red. Haha.

It might have been because I was tired, but the Brothers in Arms sequence wasn’t as impactful. I kind of spaced out during it, which, you know… wtf, that’s the Brothers in Arms sequence. I pulled myself back in in time to see the flames and the sand putting it out, and they just weren’t as majestic and breathtaking in black and white.

The War Boys kind of looked even cooler, with them going  from being painted white TO BEING WHITE AS FUCK, but they also didn’t really stand out against people who weren’t painted. Pretty much everyone on screen were as white as could be, particularly because the whites in the film felt like they were intentionally blown out a bit to get that gritty and artsy feel. This usually looked pretty cool, but it kind of made the War Boy paint moot. Bae actually said this was a pro for him, because he felt it made them look really sharp. So, this is definitely a matter of opinion (I mean, of course it is. All of this is really).

Bae and I both looked at each other when Furiosa was giving Max the sequence as she says “Red, black, go” as obviously there’s no red to see. It felt weird and made me start thinking about the in universe implications of black and white in a very getting-too-into-the-fandom-y sort of way. I think 'going to the green place’ hadn’t done this to us earlier because it’s so much of an idea and less seeming like a color, but we noticed it later.

The Vuvalini reveal just wasn’t as cool or intense. I’m not sure exactly how the color played into it, but the riding and throwing up of the sand behind them just wasn’t as impressive in black and white and they didn’t look as striking or interesting. I think some of that later thing has to do with not so easily being able to see the fabric patterns real well on their bikes/clothing.

A lot of emotional moments didn’t seem as intense to me. Bae kind of disagreed with me on this one, except when I talked to him about the comment about “something in the eyes” and they show Furiosa looking at the Vuvalini through Valkyrie’s hair. I don’t know. Knowing what that moment looks like in color, and just how beautiful and intense it is seeing the color there, it just fell a bit flat to me. Also, when Furiosa goes walking off into the desert after finding out the Green Place is gone, she’s kind of just a silhouette walking off and you don’t really see the details of her outfit. I don’t know. It just felt a little less like watching Furiosa drift off in despair and instead watching someone do it. Altho I will say that once the camera pans away from her after the screen, and she’s this tiny black spot against that vast background… that was freaking impressive and awesome. Bae felt different about Furiosa walking off.

My least favorite thing, and the thing that I think likely played a large part of why Miller ultimately decided not to release it in black and white for the theatrical version is that you miss the Green and Blue in the beginning. In this world of fire and dust and death, it’s striking in the color version when we get that first glimpse of green above Max as he’s trying to climb away from the War Boys. When Immortan Joe stands to make his speech and walks past the camera, the scene behind him looks bland. If I had first seen the movie in black and white, I think I’d realize the camera is showing me something, but I’m not sure I’d have caught what they wanted me to see, because it’s the green and the bluish color of the water that, in those few seconds in the frame, you have a clear visual representation of Immortan Joe hoarding all that green and water to himself, shortly followed by him making the comment about not 'being addicted to water'—as if that could ever be a choice.
I feel like the turning point of the movie was undercut by this. When Max is asked what’s at the Citadel and he says Green, the audience in the color version is starkly reminded that yeah, the tops of those formations were topped with green, and Immortan Joe had plants in that room before the Vault and Max looked up through bars at sunlight and green. We remember the Green. That could easily be missed in the black and white version.  


I noted three spots in particular where I thought the audio was different. I’m less sure now that I’ve put some headphones in and watched the scenes. Someone else who watches should let me know if they notice anything. The only one that still feels really different, even after putting the headphones on and listening is when Furiosa saves Max. I’m less sure since the other things might not be different; I might be just be wrong

In the scene where Furiosa saves Max, there’s this sort of 'things are happening music.’ It’s not the, this is good/bad thing is happening or this course altering thing is happening. It’s that sort of, intermediate music that plays when important stuff is happening and it’s important to pay attention but it’s not a big moment. That music continues through Max pushing one War Boy into another’s chainsaw, through him slipping back as he loses balance as the War Boys fall, through him falling over the side of the War Rig and continues through Furiosa catching his knee brace with her prosthetic arm. The music doesn’t really have any change to it’s pace or beat until Baby Face stabs her in the side, and you get that intense 'oh shit’ crescendo. It sounded so weird but I couldn’t quite place what was different. I knew there was a music shift immediately as Furiosa catches Max, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I pulled that scene up in the car afterward, and the music abruptly stops when she catches him, and we hear all the sound effects, very similarly to the Buzzard battle, until Baby Face stabs her and we get that crescendo. The color sound is much better here in my opinion. Just… FASCINATING

So yeah. Knowing what I do now about the trip to the theater, I still would probably have decided not to go, but I am happy that I saw it. I don’t personally think I’ll buy the Black and Chrome version, so who knows when I would have gotten around to see it, and seeing mmfr in the theaters for the eighth time… hard to complain about that!

I’d love to hear any thoughts from anyone else who’s watched this version!

Think about this! 
Swan Song is my all time favorite episode, and I have watched it a dozen times easy. This scene in particular, is slow motion, the sound of the wind blowing really intensifies it. Sam tells his brutally beaten brother “It’s going to be okay… I’ve got him” assuring Dean, he has a hold of Lucifer, and is going to throw him into the pit, ultimately killing himself and spending eternity in Hell, to save the world, and the last thing on Sam’s mind is to comfort Dean! Another thought is something I didn’t think about until yesterday. This moment, when Sam closes his eyes, opens his arms, takes in one final breath of fresh air, is the single most important moment in the whole series to date. He consciously gives his own life and prepares to take a bigger leap of Faith than any of us ever could. This defines Sam Winchester, ends the first 5 seasons, and opens up the next 6 (7 or more?) There is always this…. Sams willingness to sacrifice himself to save others. I hesitate to say this is very much a “Jesus” moment. The outstretched arms, the desire to comfort “It’s going to be okay, Ive got him” compared to Jesus’ compassion on the cross. And the look of peace on Sam’s face just before he falls, makes me think he’s thinking “Into your hands I commit my spirit” (chills)

I am not writing this to offend anyone, but to give my own personal opinion of this profound scene. Maybe this is what the writers intended, to invoke a thought of “A man possessed by Satan, becomes Jesus-like by his own heart and will” and LOVE ultimately wins! This my friends is one of the many reasons why I love Sam Winchester!

Triangle Review/Theory Part 1: The Boys

DISCLAIMER: There is so much in this episode that I had to break it into two parts. This is going to be one of my more critical reviews, because I didn’t necessarily love this episode and I’m not all that fond of this arc in general (especially this Identity Crisis malarkey). Regardless, I want to learn the in’s and outs of this show and somehow keep the faith that the writer’s have ultimate goals that are admirable, so I will not stop reviewing each and every week.

First, the Boys:

I’m starting here  mostly because it incudes the jelly bean scene and I love anything that reminds me of Boy Meets World. With Ski Lodge coming up, it was only appropriate that this scene be somewhere in this arc and I’m glad they threw it back to this moment, even using some of the exact same dialogue between Cory and Shawn:

“You’re gonna let jellybeans decide my future?”

“Oh who else is supposed to decide? You?


 But one of my favorite things that the writers tend to do with GMW is throwback to a Boy Meets World scene and then alter it ever so slightly, so that the lesson/end result is still completely different that it’s predecessors. Jacobs said himself he “isn’t writing the same show twice”, so it’s good to see him sticking to his words.

Because yes, for those of you that didn’t realize it, the two scenes are similar, but they are anything but the same.

 Context. Is. Everything.

 In BMW, Cory is “deciding” between Lauren and Topanga. Does he say nice things about both girls? Sure. But how does the scene end? It ends with all of the jellybeans on Topanga’s side, Cory calling it “no contest” and figuring out (with what will end up sticking in finality through the rest of the series), that Topanga will always, and has always been the one

Scene over, cut to black, moving forward.

 Not so much when it comes to Lucas.

 “It’s always been Riley”

 Lucas originally puts all his jelly beans on Riley’s side, yeah. He even quotes Cory when it comes to her…at first. That is canon. But I’m not sure if some people fell asleep at that moment or what, but that is not where this new scene ends. Instead…


 Lucas then procedes to talk about how Riley was pushed by Maya in the subway and how this sort of counteracts the whole original idea he had that the “universe had brought him and Riley together”. 

 “It was Maya who pushed her. It was Maya who did that for Riley because that’s who Maya is.”

 FINALLY! A comment about something that has to do with one of the girls CORE personality traits, not just something flippant and obscure or shallow, like:

 “Riley is so goofy she  makes me laugh 50 times a day”

“I love when Maya ‘Hurr Hurrs’ me all day long”

 Even Lucas’ comment about the library scene they had together, is something that happened two years ago at this point. And although it was obviously important to him, I still really feel there should have been some scenes in season 2 that revolved around Riley and Lucas bonding/growing closer, regardless of the Maya arc that was building. One conversation may have been enough for Lucas, but it’s not enough canon evidence for an audience to back a real connection between the two of them. Maya being selfless about the people she loves, however,  is something legitimate to adore about a person, it is a trait that makes you passionate about someone else, and I like that the writers ended this “experiment” with that realization from Lucas. For me at least, that line cut pretty deep against the backdrop of all the other sugary substance answers he was giving.

 In recognizing that Maya pushed Riley (honestly thank God someone finally did) he also acknowledges that the “Universe” didn’t REALLY put him and Riley together, because Maya was really calling the shots for her friend. That’s a little growth for Lucas and that’s refreshing to see, because honestly this kid has had relatively zero-character development this season. Because of this, he is also becoming increasingly unlikable in my eyes.

 If this scene was taken in the same context as the one with Shawn and Cory way back when, it probably would have been about 5 minutes shorter. Riley would have been the answer and then the next 4 episodes wouldn’t really need to happen. Cory knew Lauren for like, 2 seconds of his life, and she was up against Topanga, who he had known since he was basically a fetus. Lucas, on the other hand, has had an ongoing friendship with BOTH of these girls for a few years now, and the decision just flat out isn’t as easy for him. That  something people of all ships need to recognize.

But still, let’s quickly sum up where we are at by the end of the scene: 

*Lucas likes Riley because she was pushed into his lap on the subway.

*Lucas likes Maya because of who she is as a human being. 


(And for those of you that are reasoning this with “because Lucas only liked Maya because she was ‘becoming Riley’”, please reference 4 paragraphs back where Lucas himself uses a reason from the first episode as to why he likes Maya so much.)

So next I would like to discuss Farkle. I know that he is “not really part of the story” right now (you will understand that joke later) but the writers slipped something in this scene that highlights some slight growth in his character and I think it’s worth pointing out. When he and Zay are trying to figure out who Lucas “really” wants, he comes to the conclusion that:

 “There may be no viable scientific way to decide this.”

 Small moment, huge breakthrough. Yes Farkle, science does not dictate love. The faster you realize this, the happier this audience will be.


 “Lucas I know it’s impossible to choose between both of them, I mean I couldn’t. But you have too. For the good of all of us.”

 Did any other Riarkle fans get a little queasy when they heard that quote? I have to admit that this made me vomit in my mouth a little, because I don’t like the idea of Farkle or Riley saying anything that will potentially shut down the possibility of a romantic arc between them in the future. But, remember to look past the surface. Think of it this way:

 Farkle is trying to hold on to the promise of never choosing either girl because he doesn’t want to lose either one of them – we see him talk more about this in Upstate. But here’s the deal guys- Farkle will NEVER have to choose. Lucas, on the other hand, does have too, his stakes are different.

 Farkle and Maya do not have a romantic connection, this was proven in canon during “GM Cory and Topanga” with the lackluster high five Maya gave Farkle and then with her response of “Nothin.”

Boom. Right there, romantic Markle is dead (sorry, shippers of Markle, if you exist!) Farkle, unlike Lucas, does not have to worry about losing someone because he he will never lose Maya, regardless. It doesn’t matter how in love with Riley he may eventually fall, he can still love Maya the same amount, just in a slightly different way. And she will be okay with that. Maya will always be around and unlike Lucas, Farkle can ultimately keep them both.

 So keep the faith, my people! Stay strong until season 4. Stay strong until Ski Lodge 1, for that matter. But you didn’t hear that from me.

 I want to give props to the costume department for being SO careful with this scene. Zay placing Riley’s jellybeans on the scale (By the way, why was there randomly an available old school scale like that in Topanga’s anyway?) and Farkle is placing Mayas jellybeans on the scale, but they are both wearing yellow and purple in their costumes, the respective colors of each girl. Also, Lucas, of course is wearing something neutral (Blue. Shocker!).

In addition, despite what I have heard many people claim,, I don’t think the writers gave Zay or Farkle any lines that suggested either guy wanted Lucas to pick either girl. They were both completely objective in attempting to help Lucas figure this out, albeit they are unbelievably annoyed that it’s even still an issue.

 Farkle snapping “WHAT?!” in response to Lucas’ “Except…” is perfectly staged, because we feel you Farkle, the audience wants this shit show of an arc to be over as soon as humanly possible, too. In fact, most of us think this should have been over in Season 2 (you should be with Riley by now), but the actor who plays Josh was injured and the writers had to change lanes. I suppose with the circumstances, they are doing the best they can.

As usual, I need to point out how unbelievably great Zay is. He’s still kind of a stock character at this point, playing Lucas’ “funny, cute friend” (to describe him in his own words), but that doesn’t stop him from being totally entertaining. “We’ve let this go on for so long because your pain is hilarious to us, but it’s gotta end eventually” is probably one of the most underrated jokes of the episode, it deserved way more laughs than it got.

Oh Zay, why are you so damn great?

 Lastly, the final scene of the episode Lucas slides in to Riley’s house and proclaims that he has made a decision, which is met with cheering and an abundance of applause, followed by the parent’s telling Lucas to sit down and tell them, instead. What parent’s are going to mutually sit down with the prospective boyfriend of each of their daughters and make him spill his guts? Holy awkward. Sorry Lucas. But then again, I guess you kind of had it coming.

 As far as the applause goes, I can only imagine that the audience was cheering over the fact that this arc is finally going to end so we can watch the writers grow their characters and move on to more interesting, complex and fresh plot lines.

 I love you Girl Meets World, but let’s get this show on the road.

 Part 2 Review, coming soon!

In some ways, I feel like by doing what she does at the end of this episode and saying, “Okay, I’m going to kiss the hell out of this guy,” she doesn’t do anything lightly, so I really think that means she’s going to get into a relationship with him. She’s pushed past that for herself. It’ll still rear its head, but if she really were afraid of that, she wouldn’t have done what she had done. I think she accepts that. Everyone knows what they’re signing up for. In that moment, in episode 9, Jarvis is saying that to hurt her, and it worked. I don’t think he really believes that. Ultimately, Peggy has been able to incorporate that into her life. I love that argument so much. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. What I love about it is, you say the worst things in the world to the people that you love. They love each other, which means they know exactly how to hurt each other. The way that James and Hayley played that scene was so real that I was super happy with that.
—  Michele Fazekas, Agent Carter co-showrunner/writer on Peggy x Daniel romance and Peggy x Jarvis brotp (x)

I am so ridiculously nervous about Battle of the Five Armies! I’ve read a few spoilers and I think I’ll be okay, but… I’m not 100% sure! I just don’t want my heart to be broken, I want to stay in love with everything! With that thought thrumming in my head, I’m diving into reading pretty much all the fic I can get my hands on again.

Ich Dien - To Serve the Kingdom by MissFaust, thranduil & legolas & tauriel & legolas’ mother & others, 31.5k
    He is ready to explode at any second, but—as Thranduil is very well aware—his legendary temper is much more intimidating if visibly constrained; the quiet before the storm usually more effective than the gale unleashed.
Rainy Days by Dragon Confused, thranduil & legolas, 3.1k
    Fluffy little story about elfling Legolas and his father. Chapter Two: Legolas is an obnoxious little brat, and Thranduil has an unusual request.
Special by Miss Aranel, thranduil & legolas, 2.5k
    On small Legolas’ begetting day, his father tells him about the reasons for celebrating this very special day.
Of Silver Hair and Elflings by Fan81981, celeborn & oropher & thranduil & ocs, 7k
    We all know that Thranduil has a fondness for jewels. Ever wondered how that all started? You see its all Celeborn’s fault …
Coming Home by French Pony, thranduil & legolas & ocs, post-rotk, 12k
    In the aftermath of the battle for Mirkwood, King Thranduil faces hard times and loss. But he still keeps a flicker of hope alive.
Winter Encounters by JastaElf, thranduil & gloin + mentions of legolas + gimli, 6k
    A father learns of his son’s doings, and realizes a few things about old prejudice.
Has His Reasons by ncfan, thranduil & tauriel & legolas, 1.6k
    If Thranduil doesn’t want his son pursuing the captain of the guard, he has his reasons. Reasons that have nothing to do with her being “a lowly Silvan Elf.”
A Headache by Silivren Tinu, thranduil & legolas & aragorn, 2.8k
    Legolas has a bad headache, and he soon discovers that things are a lot worse than they appear…
Wakefulness by Morpheus626, thranduil & legolas & tauriel, 2k
    Legolas and Tauriel really need to learn not to have all of their conversations in the doorway of the throne room.
A Good Idea by Evergreene, aragorn & legolas & mentions of others/canon pairings, humor, 3.3k
    In the city of Minas Tirith, Legolas commits a most grievious betrayal. Second place winner in Teitho Contest ‘First Sentence.’

full details + recs under the cut!

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Just got out of seeing SUICIDE SQUAD and WHAT A RIDE! fuck all the haters! This was an awesome action movie. It’s exactly what I thought a movie about a team of bad guys saving the world would be. I don’t know what else people were expecting to see?! The things people are complaining about I actually really liked. (SPOILER WARNING) The Enchantress was actually a great villain and the motive made sense. The Joker was what I imagined him to be like. I wish there was more to see but I guess they will give him much more to do next time. Now my favorite character Harley Quinn? Margot Robbie KILLED it!! She was a big scene stealer. I loved how she was the one who ultimately defeated the Enchantress. Deadshot and El Diablo were also fantastic characters I would like to see more of. Killer Croc was pretty funny. The only thing that I didn’t like was that the editing was kinda off and they cut some great scenes out that I really wanted to see. I am really looking forward for the next Batman, Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad movie!

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On Another Level: Chelsea's Top 5 of 2013

Honorable Mention: Telltale’s The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us

     It seemed unfair to place these on the list, with both games having only their first episode up and nothing more. Though, it also seemed equally unfair to not mention them at all for various reasons. Both episodes of each respective game run at about 3 hours roughly, but they pack as much emotion, action, and character development in those hours than most full priced retail blockbusters. The Walking Dead even had it’s first season to build off of, making the debut of their second season highly anticipated by fans. The success of The Waking Dead even trickled into their new title, The Wolf Among Us, a game based on the Fables comic that maybe not everyone was familiar with going into. Telltale has found their sweet spot and they’ve been doing their thing well, with the future holding the rest of The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Borderlands and Game of Thrones… next year is looking like it will be heavy with Telltale and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

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anonymous asked:

In your opinion which scene in WOT3 AU was the best?? The Lucaya scene or the Rucas scene And which one you thought was more romantic? Or like ship worthy

None of the AU scenes between Rilucas or Lucaya are especially or overtly romantic.

There’s legit good Rilucas chemistry in their conversation (my favorite part of the ep by the way, partly because I think it proves something good about the Rilucas dynamic that I’ve been arguing for/defending for a long time), but Riley’s sooooo insanely childish it’s difficult to see it as especially romantic. Ultimately the AU shows some of the bare bones of the Lucaya/Rilucas dynamics in terms of what’s constant about them between the AU and what we’ve seen in the real world of the show.

In terms of what the Lucaya/Rilucas interactions reveal via the constants, I obviously think the Lucaya stuff is more “shippable” in terms of how these things tend to work in Jacobsland, but obviously people are going to debate about it nonstop when it airs.


Bamon Week Day Two: “I’m like a fever you can’t shake.” - ULTIMATE favorite Bamon scene.

I could literally put all Bamon scenes here, no kidding! But I made myself choose only one, as a challenge, and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

In this scene from 6x05 we see Bonnie and Damon about to go back home and my headcanon is that, at that moment, everything they lived in the prison world comes to their minds.

There the two of them spent 4 months in which they only had one another to talk, fight, have fun, share their sorrows or take comfort. This experience allowed them to really get to know each other, without interference or the possibility of escaping the situation.

I like to believe that these characters always  dodged the idea of ​​becoming close because  deep down they knew that once that happened they would end up creating a strong bond, and as both always felt the need to show strength and indifference in relation to the other, an approximation would be seen as weakness, and for them that would be unacceptable.

Here in this scene we see Damon, hesitantly, taking the initiative to probe into Bonnie’s impressions about their present relationship. He throws at her the words she said to him (“I’m sure there are a million people we’d both rather be with right now”) before the other side went down, making sure to exclude himself from the statement this time: “I’m sure there are a billion people you’d rather be here with”. Bonnie, in turn, subtly denies what he said (“Not exactly”), confirming that their relationship has also changed in her eyes.

All of this was expressed very timidly by both of them in this scene, without having to resort to over the top or cheesy declarations, to me that’s extremely in character and one of the many reasons I love this ship!