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Fucking pathetic Jimin bashers. Iam sick of seeing your shit in my fucking ship tags. Fuck off. Hes not doing anything wrong you people are fucking insane if you think any of this shit is real. Stop living in a fucking fantasy for one second and realise who you are hurting. Stick to your own fucking ship and stay out of the tags that dont concern you. I dont give a shit if your otp isnt having moments you whiney little shits need to stay in your lanes. Iam sick of being nice to youse all youse do is ruin other peoples days with your pathetic fucking childish hate. Jimin is my Ultimate bias and it makes me sick. You arnt armies you’re fucking disappointments. And your bias would fucking hate you for saying this shit about their band member. So grow the fuck up or shut the fuck up.

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Can i ask you a question? Do you know BTS? If yes how and why thank you 💜💜💜

I actually had to take a deep breath and calm myself down because i got so excited to talk about these dorks.

I do know BTS. I technically heard them awhile ago, but i didn’t really get into them until this summer. I had a friend show them to me but i was like ‘eh i like shinee better’ and just didn’t care that much for them. Then a girl in my history class was talking about kpop and she mentioned BTS and i was like ‘okay, i really have to get into them’ and then i listened to them and fell so hard.

So, i love them all, but my Ultimate Bias is Jimin because he’s such a sweetheart. He’s always making sure everyone is okay and he’s so affectionate. Every time he laughs, a fairy is born tbh. Plus he tries so hard and practices all the time and is so considerate omg i’m gonna cry. And i can’t remember the circumstances, but jimin did this:

and said 

Let’s practice at dawn I made a hopeful tweet for the tired Hope-ie hyung I love so he could laugh! Cheer up hyung! Let’s cheer up Bangtanㅋㅋㅋ

He also looks like this:

so like, that’s a plus. And whenever he tries to be cute he looks terrifying but when he doesn’t even try he’s the cutest man ever??? that’s so unfair. And he’s so tiny!

But i could literally go on for hours about this man so i’ll stop it here in fear of crying

Speaking of Jhope, he’s also so perfect. He’s such a dork and he, like jimin, tends to be very affectionate. He’s playful and kind and he tries so hard. I believe he, rap mon, and suga write the majority of lyrics??? And his voice is unique. Like, i can pick it out so easily, which can’t be said for other artists.

I’ve done my opinion on suga. I just want to hold the man for awhile. He got a little too real in AgustD. He’s only a centimeter taller than jimin so

he’s also tiny

Rap mon is so smart???? He taught himself english and i think there was something that said his IQ was 142 or something like that?? And He’s supportive of the lgbtq community! He looks so serious but he’s just as much of a dork as the rest of them

I don’t really know as much about Jin, Jungkook, and V/Taehyung, but they’re really great guys! V is going on to do a drama i think and i can’t wait to see how he does! He’s really funny and adorable. Then his voice. It’s so deep and harsh and tbh i would scream if i ever heard it live. Jungkook is about my age and looks so much better than anyone i’ve ever met at this age??? I’m so upset about that like who gave him the fucking right?? He’s the baby but he’s just as talented as the rest. But tbh i hope he realizes how much jimin cares about him???? Like i know they poke fun at each other but the way jimin cares for him is so heartwarming and pure.

And then there’s Jin. He’s so cute and he’s always rounding up the others like at K-con LA (or was it NY??) when V and Jungkook kept dabbing on stage and he had to get them off stage like i was actually cracking up. And in the BTS Dubai he was such a cutie!! What guy!! What a dork!!!

So i guess to answer your question, yeah, i guess i’ve heard of them

Bias Tag

Thank you  @darnzypie for tagging me! Sorry for making this late!

1. Who was your first female bias?

Sunny aka my smol girl

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2. Who was your first bias?


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3. Who are your current biases? Other than the ones above.


Exo - (since I’m a slut i will stick to ot12) Kris and the whole m unit

Bts- (slut as always) J-Hope, Rap Monster

Got7 - Jackson 

 NCT - Yuta

Big Bang - Seungri

Mamamoo - Hwasa, Moonbyul

My Ultimate Bias is … Wu Yifan

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*sighs dreamily*

4. In the entire k-pop industry who is closest to your ideal type? 

Probably Kris or Jackson

5. How did you get into kpop? 

The dark world of internet dragged me to the pits of hell

6. Who are your OTP(s)?


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7. When did you start to ship them?

There is no time they just find you and you hail

8. What is your favorite fanfic genre?


9. Who is your bias boy group? 


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10. Who is your bias girl group? 


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I tag @petitbaekhyun, @kimjunnoodle and @taehyungs-sidehoe

I may be a bit drunk right now but Kim j ongdae has bee n my ultimate bias for like ???, almost three years and that like the most commitment I’ve bee n to anything before