my ultimate bias

Bobby posted a photo of himself kneeling apologizing to iKONICs in FC. ๐Ÿ˜ข

I hate seeing my Ultimate Bias kneeling and apologizing like crazy to us iKONICs. I mean he cursed more in SMTM3 and putting up fingers alot. So I don’t really see the big deal now. One sincere apology is enough and I want to end it that way. But Bobby won’t have it. If you see any photos or videos of Bobby during VApp, regarding his slip please do remind them to remove it.

It totally breaks my heart seeing my baby looking so down and disappointed with himself. 😢


I found a longer version of Yoongi’s solo first love and now I’m an emotional wreck… 😭

Let me bless you with some Donghyuck!โ˜บ

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So I was looking a Hobi video, and I literally thought there is nothing more beautiful than Hobi with this blonde hair.

But then I remembered the pink haired from the Gayos

And the unforgettable orange ♥

And the light brown:

And the dark brown from HYYH era tho

And underrated red haired Hoseok:

And the black hair:

In conclusion there is nothing more beautiful than Hobi, no matter what hair color he has, he is going to shine bright.

(the gifs and the photos aren’t mine, credits to the owners)

When the person asks me who my ultimate bias

Outside: difficult question * smile *

Inside: HOW CAN I CHOOSE? *freak out*








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How Can I Say

How Can I Say (Day6) Songfic x J-Hope

This was so difficult for me to write! (He’s a literal ray of sunshine I really do hate me now for writing such angst). It was a real challenge, which is definitely a good thing! Thank you to the anon that requested! I hope you enjoy reading it! Let me know your thoughts!

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The air felt thick with tension as you sat upon a frozen bench. Your bones felt numb, and your hands had long lost their feeling even with them stuffed in your pockets trying to pick up any warmth in the corners of the fabric in your coat. You wondered what time is was by now, but you didn’t raise your wrist to look because you were smart enough you’d been here too long, waiting like an idiot.

Layers of snow covered the usually emerald grass, it was beautiful, mostly untouched except from the footsteps that belonged to you and you alone. By tomorrow, all the snow will have been touched and purified. You shiver, but you were unable to move; not because of the cold, but because the will power inside of you kept saying, ‘he’ll be here.’

Stupid, so stupid. You thought to yourself bitterly as the crutches of the snow sounded around you. Upon looking, you saw Hoseok lurching towards you. The air was so cold that his breath was visible as he panted, he’d clearly been running. He wore soaked through converses, his feet were more than likely blocks of ice. He had ripped jeans and a hoodie on, it was clear he hadn’t anticipated the cold weather after his flight.

“You’re here.” You spoke pointedly, coldly, sending more shivers down his spine than any wintery air ever could. He swallowed, then nodded.

“The flight got delayed.”

“You should have called.”

“I know.”

Tension expanded. He took the seat beside you. It was wrong that you felt a tingle of anger at this action. You should be happy he’s back, you should be brimmed with joy and pressing kisses against his rosy cheeks. But all you feel is empty.

“I don’t think we should be together anymore.” You commented, it was so monotone, that it sounded as though you’d lost any emotion.

“What?” Hoseok sounded astonished, as though not a single hint of a thought had ever entered his brain. He turned to face you, his hand moving from his hoodie pocket to rest on your shoulder. You could feel his fingers shaking.

“I want to break up.” You responded, sounding more blunt this time. A tiny flicker of remorse hit your gut. It was almost unlawful, you felt like a criminal. You had Hoseok’s heart like putty in your hands, but it felt burdensome. How could you feel so bleak while he loved you more than waking up in the morning?

“{y/n} I think we should think about-”

“There’s nothing to think about, I’m fed up of this.”

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t call but-”

“It’s not just that, Hoseok. It’s everything. I just don’t feel that way about you anymore.”

You looked at him, the words only becoming more real. Hoseok stared into you dull eyes. His eyes were as glittering and bright as the sheets of white snow, while yours is like the black ice. His eyebrows furrow, his orbs sparkling with tears.

You’d never seen him cry.

“If that’s really how you feel then I guess this is what’s right.” He spoke shakily. His hand slipped from your shoulder and back onto his lap, he looked down at his own trembling hands. A tear slipped off his cheek, landing somewhere against his already soaking jeans. He must already be frozen cold.

“I’m sorry.” You apologised, somehow feeling the need to even though you had no obligation.

His lower lip trembled, though it was unlike anything you’d seen before. It wasn’t in the way it quivered in nervousness when you kissed for the first time, or the way it did when he took you to the bedroom with intent for the first time. This was fatal, sadness ridden; it was clear you’d drained all the hope from his soul.

“I guess… I’ll see you around.” You spoke hesitantly, you didn’t want to leave him, but now was the time it had to be done. You rose to your feet and turned to walk away, never looking back.

“I hate me now
I hate that my heart doesn’t beat
From some time ago
My heart stopped reacting eh
Hate me now
I want it to cool down
I wish there was no love
In the way you look at me”

hc; minghao

head·ca·non /noun/

-to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual

minghao headcanons-

- likes it when people play with his hair

- will lay his head on your chest just to feel you breathing; will probably fall asleep

- loves grapefruit

- avid supporter of chia seeds bc they taste good in everything honestly

- has super soft kisses, but they’re definitely confident kisses

- tastes like yogurt and peaches

- loves cloud watching

- pastel blue greatly calms him down

- will make ice cream parfaits at 3 in the morning if he can’t sleep; be expecting an amazing breakfast

- likes hugging people around their middle

- has to have his fingers woven through your hair when you’re making out

- smells like coconut and eucalyptus 

- eskimo kisses are his favorite

- never forgets an anniversary. ever

- loves playing charades; always wins

- will dance with you in the living room even when there’s no music playing

- sleeps so close to you that you could be mistaken for one person

- hates tap water

- has to have bubbles when he takes a bath

- has one huge sweatshirt with a cat on the front and you two share it all the time