my ultimate bias

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I've known about Infinite for a little while but I never really looked into them but after this comeback I wanted to get to know them better and I've really fallen in love with them they have the best concepts and they are amazing dancers and Sungyeol has stolen my heart I think he has become my ultimate bias because I don't currently have one but the thing is that I'm worried too late to ever become a true fan since they debuted 6 years ago and I was wondering what I've missed out on

Hello! Firstly, welcome to the fandom, both of you! We really hope you have a good time here ~

I (Admin M) have actually answered a lot of similar asks to these on my personal blog, so I’ll give you some links:

To see a list of all dramas and shows INFINITE members have appeared on, you can go check out our tags page too (it is in the process of being updated, but has most of their shows and dramas up until Showtime earlier this year).

It’s definitely never too late to become a fan! There’s loooads of stuff to catch up on, but that can be fun to do. Definitely watch all their MVs too. Here is a masterlist I made. 

I hope all of this helps, and please don’t hesitate to ask us anything else either here, or you can send me a message on my personal blog too ~

- Admin M :)