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YOU SHOULD TOTALLY IGNORE THIS but some ideas i’ve had for a while and this went from secret agent to artificially created human soldier in like 10 seconds hAHAHAHA Joule is the youngest of the selected Generation 2 group and specializes in close-quarter combat.

Bonus Generation 1 Delta AKA “Elle”

More info (including new ideas about how she ended up in Disto) under the cut.

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CASUALLY HOPPING THE OFFICER BANDWAGON NBD never got around to uploading this oops

yeah idk if i’m actually going to try for officer but hey, designing was fun! I’ll properly line and color later…gotta deal with finals first orz;;;

oh geezus i don’t even know //papcry whelp, here’s officer!Abby! it’s worth a shot to try asldkajfdf but otherwise, when new uniform(?) comes out, Abby will be a senior…SHOULD I BUMP HER AGE? IDK–

she is also Russian guys hi Vikky

and uh, my computer won’t let me install the fonts, so….can somebody help me out;;;


We call her the Overseer. We don’t know what her rank is nor her purpose, but she is present at every battle and every event. She gives off a dangerous aura…it’d be wise to keep an eye on her.

idk more ideas. gave her armor. i should probably doodle the rest of the enemy officers after finals oops 

She’d eventually be revealed as the True Queen after players/heroes defeated all other officers + their pawns and the False Queen 

pig-demon  asked:

2 and 3 haha~

2. Favorite Female OC : Alyss Fenix Galbraith

oHMYGOD I HAVE SO MANY FEMALE OCS but out of all of them, I gotta say I love Alyss. She’s one of my oldest, went through quite a few changes (since what, 2010? she was created for the dA rp group Aldora-Parade) and the thing I love most about her (besides sticking her into a lot of AUs) is that she’s the first OC I had that became an antagonistic type of figure in my headcanons SIBLING VS SIBLING HEHE.

Story wise though, I love her relationship with her younger brother DJ who she affectionately calls Dom and her struggles regarding the fact that they aren’t actually siblings, something she alone knows full well. Her shackled and consequently binding loyalty to duty goes head to head with her sisterly feelings for DJ, creating interesting inner conflict. also deaths. hi jinkz.

Titles she holds in my own universes include The Nightmare Queen (Zenobia) as well as Generation 1 Alpha (Genesis)

3. Favorite Male OC : Li Jian / Jace Carter

I HAVE A PROBLEM IN WHICH I RARELY MAKE MALE OCS but the ones I do have was equally hard to pick from. I decided with Jian or Jace (depending what time period AU it is).

This lil’ shit. No but really, he’s that smirky smart-ass that has only two faces. A serious angry looking one or an irritating smirk…….and the smile he shows for Ahnah/Anna TEASESHIP HOLLA. I love those characters that are really serious and only show their soft side to a few individuals and he is one of them. Not as old as Alyss, but he was created for the rp group on dA Republic City, a Legend of Korra/ATLA inspired group and was an earth bender.

Story wise, he’s a smart yet lazy older brother who loves his younger sister and mother very much, sacrificing college and all that to take care of his sick mother and provide his prodigy kid sister the chance to do that in his stead when she grows up. He’s the big bro that would drop anything he’s doing for his kid sister, even if it’s something like drive her and her friends to their soccer game or take them shopping. Has a strong dislike for his father who had long abandoned them. Probably best summarized a a street punk kind of character, what with his grin just asking for someone to pick a fight and a scar to boot.