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Y’ALL i went through an old sketchbook and found these doodles from eons ago; back then i wasn’t as into the game as i am now (i think shortly after this i started really losing my shit???)  i used to headcanon prompto as like an inch taller than noctis but. i have accepted the canon… also baby!noct was a thing i really really wanted.


All I want is to be able to wake up and look in the mirror with my hair all messy and ugly clothes on and still look pretty. I want to be able to walk past windows and see my reflection and not want to cry, to be able to look at any photo taken of me and still look fawless because no angle can make you look bad becuase you’re skinny. I want to reach my goal weight and look in the mirror and realize I did it and I’m getting prettier by the day. I want to be happy and confident.

I’m conventionally attractive but somehow get bullied at school for being an ugly loser because I wear my brown hair in a messy ponytail and sometimes wear my red framed glasses and dress in a flowery gray dress with a vintage rock band t-shirt over it and also combat boots or converse that I doodle on. why am I wearing so many bracelets on my wrists there’s literally so many it’s ridiculous but sometimes I like to wear my boyfriend’s raggedy army jacket with all the patches and buttons and stuff. You know the one. he’s in a band or writes songs or something but make no mistake he owns an acoustic guitar. i write in my diary or journal or blog and I want to be a writer small town usa hahah I want to live in new york or some other big city. the soundtrack of my life is all these indie songs that sound the same


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Thank you for tagging me but I’m not sure why because I am ugly!

Why do I look 17 when I’m going to be 21 on September 26th?!?!

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I hate taking selfies & my hair is sooo messy!! ):

You hate your body~Michael Clifford

Request: Yes by a lovely person

Word count:1991

Summary :You hate your body and he tell you he love it. Lol this was written on my phone sorry it shitty lol _______________________________________________

It was a big secret to everyone how I felt about my body. No one knew that I would look that the bathroom mirror for whats seemed to be hours pick at my skin, commenting on the falls. Form my horrific looking stretch marks that rested on my hips on the front of my belly. As well as the ones on my thighs, and arms. Hating my body became my worst flaw at the end.

When I met Michael everything slowly fell in place, my body became nothing but a door that was creaked open, but sadly it would always open up when he would wrap his arms from behind me, rub his hands on my thighs as we laid. My hips became a battle ground of bumps and red line that aren’t fading fast enough. My weight became a knife that would cut my heart and what little confidence that I had left, was torn away form me.

I remember the time when I could look into a mirror not see anything with me but now I just see ugly, and fat written all over form they way people used to look at me. I wish I could look in a mirror..but now when I do all I want to do is cry, so I never look lights are off now. I shouldn’t look, if I do I’ll just make everything worse than it is.

I looked up fast, my messy hair and ugly skin made me cringe as I looked down and brushed my teeth, I would look into the horrible reflection. I can’t look at it.

I felt a hand tap my but making me jump a bit but look over my shoulder to see Michael, I smiled at him toothbrush in my mouth as he lean down and kissed my cheek. “Why are you up so early babe?” He mumbled wrapping his arms around my waist, “and why are you brushing your teeth in the dork.”

“You do know dark means big whale penis right?” I mumbled as my muscles stayed tenses underneath his body. His chest started to riddle against my back as he barrier his face into my neck as I rinsed my mouth.

“Well whale penis, come back to bed.” He bluntly said making me giggle as I rubbed my hands across his arms slowly removing them form me as I turned around and faced him with a little bathroom nightlight gilding me.

“I have work.” I said making him frown.

“But I thought you were going to sleep over..and maybe we know.” He said as he lean down and pecked my lips making me laugh as I shook my head.

“Nope.” I said making him groan. He gripped my hips making me lightly flinch making him humm.

“Am I could or something?” He asked, I nodded going along with what he was saying, “And bae, I hear morning sex is the best, we’ll let the sun in and I can finally see you naked.” He said as I pulled away form him and walked into his room. “Y/n?” He asked making me sigh as I turned the bedroom light on the numbers on his clock, 3am made me shake my head.

“I need to go to work babe, we’ll have sex in the morning another time. ” I mumbled as I looked up at him, his red hair and green eyes just made me smile as I looked down as I grabbed his sweats and pulled them over my basketball shorts, my long shirt covered making Michael smile as he saw it.

“Love you in my shirts.” He said making me blush as he walked over to me. His hands touched my hips and he lean down and kissed my. His hands went under my shut as he lightly pulled me closer to him. I cringe at his touch making him pull away and look at me. “I’m really cold, sorry.” He mumbled as he removed his hands, to go on with this, I grabbed them and rubbed mine over ten blowing warm air onto them. Putting them in my face I kissed both and held onto his four arm.

“There all warm.” I said making him laugh as I lean up and pecked his. “I love you, but I need to leave.” I said as I pulled away and began to run out to his garage making him run after me, I was laughing as I got to my car and locked the door behind me. I died laughing as he crossed his arms and pouted, I opened my window as I turned to car one and pocked my head out.“Goodbye kiss?” I questioned as he walked to the side of the car, goes bumps showed up onto his bare chest at the winter air making me grin as I lean in and kissed him, his lips were chapped as he cupped my face and nibbled on my lower lip making me moan. He ginned as I pulled away and smiled.“Still no.” I said making him groan as I sat back down.

“Can I jerk off at least than?” He groaned making me laugh as I covered my face.

“I do’t car Michael just don’t leave mess, you nasty boy.” I said opened his garage door as I waved him off and drove off, my head was spinning as I drove down the road, my hand gripped he wheel as I stopped at a light tears blurred my vision I hit the side of the wheel why can’t I be normal. 

When I got home I saw the sun start to rise, I laughed as I  walked out of my car, as I did I saw my kitten sitting at the window waiting for me, Michael go her for me a week ago, and she is already the second best thing to me. Walking inside I look to my phone that Michael made me lave at my house. I saw I had 1 message for him.

‘Have a lovely day at work, and I can’t believe I didn’t say it, but I love you so much Y/N and your going to have to help me deal with Calum and Luke tonight deal Okay good see you than have a great day.’

After work I drove right to MIchael knowing he had my clothes back there anyway, when I reached the door I was gretted by him. His eye were dull as he looked at me. “Y/N?” He said his eyes looking at me I giggled as I heard Calum yelling.

“MICHAEL STOP POUTING ABOUT LOSESING THE ONE GAME!” I sighed as I saw Calum walk behing him no shrit or pants on as I covered my face.

“Bands mom is here!” Luke yelled as he ran to me and picked me up I panicked as he did I heard him grunt as I slaped his chest faking a laugh, I straightened my shrit as he let me down.

“Luke and Cal..I love you guys like brothers..but I want to be alone with my girl.” Michael said wrapping his arms around me. I felt my mind go in panic as he pulled us down onto the couch. My eyes watched as Luke and Calum got their clothing back on and left. I shook as Michael held my close to his chest, me sitting on his lap I trqued but he wouldn’t let me go. “Y/N stop, why won’t you let me hold you?” He said with pain in his voice. “Please baby, tell me why is it because I’m not enought..did you find someone better please…"he mumbled kissing my neck. I shook my head as I let out a sob breaking away form him finally I stood up as I covered my mouth.

“Michael…” I chocked out his turned me around and rubbed down my arms making me shake my head backing away form him.

“Tell me Y/n…FUCKING TELL ME WHAT DID I DO? DO YOU NOT LOVE ME?!“He screamed falling to his knees as he wrapped his arms around my wasit I froze as I cried harded than before.

"Michael….” I shook my head.“ Don’t think that,I love you so much..but I.."I paused as he looked u0 at me tears stained his face as he brought me down.

"What is baby girl..tell me I’ll try to help, please.” He said wrapping me in his arms.

“I hate my body..” I mumbled, his amrs tighten me closer than before as he shook his head.

“Why, Y/N you are beautiful okay. If you don’t see it so he it..but I’ll show you it..everyday. For the momment you wake up to the second you fall asleep I will show you that you are fucking beautiful in every fucking way.” He said pulling back cupping my face.

“But how? I’m scared that you’ll see my body and you be discussed by it. ” I said making me chuckle.

“I’ll show you tight now..if you let me.” He mumbled wipping his face than mine, He pulled us up as deagged me to his room shutting the door behind us he brpught me to his bed.

When he sat me down he rabbed my arms, he thab ran his hands down my shrit.“You know I love you eyes, they are one of my favorit things to see in the morning.” He said cupping my face, I smiled a bit as he kissed my nose. He leand dosn,“I love the way your lips feel against mine.” He said pushing his to mine. He pulled away to soon, his head fell to my shoulder as hiss hands ran up and down my side.“I love your cruved and how I fit perfectly with you, you hands fit amazingly, and dont get my started on your boobs.” He said moving his head between my boobs making me laugh as his hand griped my love handed making my heart speed up. “And I love these, so I can grip onto your body ten times better when we love making, or just have a nice fuck in the tour bus bathroom.” He laughed as I slaped the backnof his head as he started rasiing my shrit off, I made him pause as he looked up at me.


“Y/N baby please…nothing sexual I just…I want to show you please after we can get you dressed and fall asleep to HairSpray…please?” I noded as he laided my back pulling my shit off. “Why haven you let me see this…” he mumbled to him self making my hands move to my stomach, his wrapped around mine and kissed them as he moved them away he kissed everyinch of my stomach. “These are cute… it show me a story, how you have grown, you knoe streach mark just mean a time period of growth..right.” his said looking at all the red and white almost silver lines. I shook my head.

“No..I’ve been on the heavy side..all through my childhood..there ho-”

“A time where you were a bit diffrent skin, but now you fit it..I don’t care if you have this lines, I have them, everyone does, you have on you tits and I think it makes them look 10 times better than most boobs, it makes you, you.” He said making me blush as he unbuttoned me jeand and pulled them down,“love these thights, love them wrapped around my neck when I’m eatting my favorite meal..” I covered my face.

“Stop..” I groaned as he moved back up my body his face was to min as he kissed it all over.

“I love your body, and I will take every step to make you under stand that I do. ”

Being nice is sooo easy… why is being mean a trend nowadays like dragging people is ‘cool’ and being sassy is an excuse for being mean… like… I’m a sarcastic person I can be ‘sassy’ at times but I’m never mean and if I cross a line I apologize be NICE YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH like you could look at me funny in the supermarket and I’ll get home and cry about it JUST SMILE AT ME EVEN IF MY HAIR IS MESSY OR MY SKIN IS UGLY THANKS