my typography can go to hell

It was a year ago today that I got told I had a brain tumour, two and a half weeks before my wedding. The remainder of that tumour is going to be irradiated from my head in less than a month. What a WILD RIDE.

For people who also have acoustic schwannomas/neuromas: 

 - The surgery ain’t that bad 

- Losing your hearing is pretty traumatic though, and I’m still not over it 

- My balance is nearly normal 

- The permanent dizziness never goes away, unfortunately 


I reread Anne of Green Gables when I was going through it all and that book helped me immensely, so here’s a cute Anne quote in celebration of living through one hell of a year. 

This is a graphic design failure.

  • Whole Foods launched oranges in plastic containers sans peel.
  • Label is generic
  • The internet freaks out with snarky jokes because the overwhelmingly vocal majority have never had problems peeling an orange (arthritis, etc.)

What can we learn from this?

  • Design.
  • Your fucking.
  • Labels.
  • Pay attention.
  • To your fucking.
  • Intended audiences.
  • Put down the Communication Arts and the HOW and the PRINT and the invites that your creative director got to showcase their amazing new installation at Trendy Art Gallery.
  • Pay fucking attention.
  • And while you’re at it, study up on typography and negative space good gravy what the hell is going on.

(This is of course going on the leap of faith that this was an intended design to help folk)

I’m going back to my hermit cave that ignores the design world.

“I’m scared of going crazy. I can already feel it happening. Things look weird, sound weird. Out of the blue I’ll start thinking about stuff that doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes the air around me feels… hard. I don’t even know what that means, but it’s scary. I’m definitely starting. The Flare’s taking my brain to hell." 

-The Scorch Trials, pg. 201

Brenda Typography for hastilinski.