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my bias list is now:
1. hobi, jungkook, jin
2. yoongi and jimin
3. bang pd
4. slow rabbit
5. the carboard cutouts of namjoon and taehyung
6. jungkooks ugly dog
7. namjoon and taehyung

Jewish women are the number one authorities on how Jewish men wield misogyny. It is not an issue of our religion being regressive or misogynist, it is an issue of men using whatever culture / ideology etc they can get their hands on as a lens for their misogyny. The day I let a goyische feminist come trampling into my culture and my religion, spew their unnuanced interpretations that are devoid of context and understanding, tell me how oppressed I am, spread antisemitic hate speech, and talk over me on my own experiences, is the day I die. Jewish women must and will be the foundation of our revolutionary liberation from misogyny. Jewish women will be the voices speaking up about how men do us wrong within our own religion and cultures. Not you. Us. If you really want to help us, listen to us. You are not our mouthpieces or better interpreters of our lives than we are. 

Here’s why I’m not bothered:

This isn’t Haylor, thank god.

  • First thought:

Kendall and Harry have been friends for quite some time, everyone knew that. In the pap pictures he really does seem to be relaxed and enjoying himself and that’s all I really want.

  • After the kiss photos:

*long exasperated sigh*

  • Kendall lesbian rumours pop up on my dash (articles that I’ve found are here & here, the original OK! Mag link won’t work for me):

This makes all the sense! YESSSSS

If I was Kendall, I didn’t want to be out yet, and suddenly rumours were everywhere I would want something to over shadow it all, and fast. In comes Harry:

  1. They’re friends
  2. He’s a huge supporter of the LGBTQA+ community
  3. He’s someone she can trust
  4. She can talk to him openly for advice
  5. At least they’d be spending New Years in an enjoyable manner not crammed in NYC 
  6. He’s closeted and in love with Louis to top it off, so he understands 
  7. For once he wouldn’t be the one with the beard

In conclusion:

here’s some body positive reminders for u cutie buns!!

  • u a lil chubby??? amazing!!! u r so cute!!!
  • u a lot chubby???? beautiful!!! ur cute af!!!
  • u not so much chubby??? lovely!!! ur a cutie pie too!!!
  • have a body that’s a bit out of proportion or in between sizes??? incredible!! u r unique and super frickin cute!!!
  • have any sorts of scars??? that’s ok!!! they are not flaws!! it’s proof that u have lived thru and survived something tough!!! u can fight whatever life throws at u!!! ur so  cute and tough!! 
  • have stretch marks???? stunning!! look at u and ur beautiful tiger stripes!!! ur lil lightning bolts!! heck yes!!
  • have acne?? u guessed it, ur still super frickin’ cute!!! acne does not change ur value!!! it is out of ur control do not let anyone make u feel bad about it!!
  • literally u r cute no matter what ok i love u

not enough people are willing to talk about the fact that, due to conditioning, same gender attraction is uncomfortable, volatile, scary and guilty territory for a lot of wlw. that a lot of wlw feel it would be easier to date men, and feel repulsed by their own attraction to women.

 too many people don’t understand that just reblogging a ton of “if you’re more comfortable/happy with women you probably aren’t straight! go you!” posts can really alienate questioning wlw who don’t necessarily feel that comfort and happiness yet and feel more shame and awkwardness. not to say that those posts aren’t good, because they are, but when they’re the only perspective/experience expressed, it’s negligent. 

shoutout to people who celebrate chanukkah and:

  • don’t have presents as a part of their tradition
  • can’t afford to have presents be a part of their tradition
  • have to deal with goyim saying “Jews basically get xmas for 8 so lucky!!”

don’t feel bad. do whatever you normally do. light your candles, make your latkes and sufganiyot, play dreidel, sing songs, pray, remember, have fun with your family or friends or yourself, whoever you’re with. remember that the concept of nightly presents on chanukkah were heavily popularized in America and other xtian centric countries due to xtians associating chanukkah with xmas and commercializing it that way, you are not obligated to be able to give presents to everyone every night.

also a note to non Jewish folks (by the way this is ok for you to reblog): chanukkah presents, if they are part of a family’s tradition at all, are in many families small things like new pencils or a piece of candy or a book, not large xmas type presents. and there are also lots of Jewish homes in which presents are not a tradition, & many homes in which they cannot be due to lack of money. chanukkah is not ‘the 8 days of Jewish xmas’ , it has been unfortunately marketed that way. it is a minor religious festival & major cultural one celebrated by many religious and secular Jews. and it is not about 8 days of presents. 

oK so i saw this post about wanda using her powers to help heal bucky’s mind, and the idea of wanda using her powers for mental healing is rLY IMPORTANT TO ME so i’m here to add a few things

  • wanda slowly starting to embrace and love her powers after she sees how much she’s helped bucky 
  • wanda breaking down into tears when bucky thanks her for all that she’s done for him
  • bucky also crying when wanda thanks him for all that he’s done for her
  • wanda offering to accompany sam to the va so she can help or at least talk to the soldiers who suffer from ptsd & other mental disorders
  • wanda being the one the other avengers go to when they need someone to talk to about everything
  • (but when she has bad days, she can count on the other avengers to be there for her bc they all understand loss in some form or another)
  • wanda moving on to help just normal citizens suffering with mental disorders like anxiety, depression, etc.
  • so many citizens in fact that tony builds wanda her own little office so they can visit her anytime
  • they actually end up visiting so regularly that she starts a lil group session
  • she even gets so busy and caught up in it that she stops going on typical missions bc she prefers her way of helping people
  • wanda making such an impact that people dont even think to fear her
  • wanda FULLY loving and embracing her powers
  • therapist!wanda!!!!!!

@men just letting u all know that lesbians are not your sexual challenge. lesbians are not just the “extra hard” option in whatever kind of game you think dating is. when you hit on lesbians not only do you sound creepy and predatory, you sound fucking embarrassing. 

[whispers] it’s stucky headcanon time

steve goes to visit young kids at school so he can talk to them about history and his time in the war as he always likes to do, and one day, just as he’s about to leave, a lil boy calls out to him and says, “wait!! mr. captain america sir could you maybe tell us about your friend bucky?”

steve smiles so sweetly, and gets this look in his eye that only seems to appear when he’s talking about bucky. “of course buddy what would you like to know?”

this leads to steve spending an extra unscheduled hour and a half telling stories about bucky, and the things they used to do when they were kids. by the end, all the kids clap with excitement, the same lil boy even shouts that bucky is his hero.

steve gets such a kick out of this, he goes straight home to tell bucky all about it. he tries his hardest to convince him to go w him next time, “come on buck, the kids love you! you have to come, i’ll even let you tell some embarrassing stories about me.”

bucky ofc is reluctant, but in the end he agrees to go. he gets rly nervous on the way there, so nervous in fact that even his metal fingers begin to fidget. but as soon as he steps in the classroom, the kids cheer, and his nervousness disappears. they all rush up to him, squealing about his cool his metal arm is and how he’s such a hero. bucky gets overwhelmed w lots of happiness and love and he nearly cries as the kids hug him. at one point he looks to steve, who has that usual twinkle of affection in his eyes, and smiles super wide, while mouthing a ‘thank you.’