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aaAAAaaa i can’t believe DR3 is already over–no more dr until the release of danganronpa v3 i guess (hYPE) 

 :’(( the ending was beautiful TT thank you kodaka :’) although despair arc was a complete disaster and huge mistake

Bonus! //cant forget my son, nagito


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Re-blogs are a sensation

For someone that loves and mains Lucina in Smash Bros and never finished Fire Emblem Awakening, I surprisingly barely even draw her.

I’m in that phase that nothing motivates me.

fentherkingchris  asked:

So... I've been meaning to ask about your furry origins... if I hadn't already.

Weelll as a kid I always seemed to have a weird interest in things that had anthro-animal characters. Like Robin Hood and various Disney movies and later on games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Star Fox. Hell, I still say to this day that Sally Acorn from the Archie Sonic comics and Krystal are like my two first Furry waifus. Then one day I stumbled upon furry porn when I was like… in late-elementary school/early-middle school and got a little too excited by it. And then finally not too long after I stumbled upon the Furry fandom (particularly a now long-defunct forum called “Furry2Furry”) and realized “holy shit, I’m one of these guys. I’m a furry bastard.”

Needless to say, the rest was history after that point. Even though I never was very out of the closet about my furry-ness (so to speak) until within the last five years ago. But yeah! Technically speaking I’ve been lurking around in the furry fandom for over a decade now. I mean I have images in my porn image stash that have filedates that go back to 2006. And that was probably just when I copied them over to the second desktop PC my family had. I might have had those image files in my possession even further back than that.

I mean, for fuck’s sake my first furry porn stash was stored on a small handful of floppy disks. So take that for what you will. XD

My Top Fiveish Favorite Yuri Picks

I felt the need to do this, seeings as it’s primarily a yuri blog, with my occasional interests weaved in.

Number 1. Shizuma and Nagisa from Strawberry Panic.

This was the very first yuri I ever watched, and I hold it close to me. I’m not sure what it was about this series that lured me in, but it was very beautiful and captivated me.

Number 2. Homura and Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

I watched this at first expecting what mostly everyone else expected: A cutesie magical girl series. I never expected it to be such a mind-fuck. And the “yuri-undertones” just make it that much more rich and better for me. ON TOP OF THE AMAZING artwork in both the anime and manga! If you seriously love a combination of artist styles, and don’t mind being mind-fucked, I highly recommend this. It’s beautiful.

Number 3. Uranus and Neptune, aka Haruka and Michiru from the Sailor Moon series.

I grew up watching Sailor Moon, and these two were so badass. Fairly certain a lot of people who grew up watching it knew that they weren’t “cousins”, if you watched it in the US. I can’t express just how much I love these two. Even though Makoto is my waifu, these two will always be on my top favorite couples. They were just so iconic at the time they were introduced.

Number 4. Inukai Isuke and Sagae Haruki, as well as Namatame Chitaru and Hitsugi Kirigaya, from Akuma no Riddle.

It was suuuuper hard for me to pick a couple from AnR. I really love both Isuke and Haruki’s character designs. And I love that their characters get some sort of story in the anime. I haven’t read the manga yet, but after seeing all the yuri fanart of those two, it made it really hard to pick just one couple from this series. Chitaru and Kirigaya were pretty much the most outgoing yuri couple I noticed in the anime and the first to fully captivate me, next to Tokaku and Haru. And the only reason I say that is because if the hand-holding didn’t strike something, then their own episode where they were Romeo and Juliet did. That was also the one episode that had me bawling my eyes out.

Number 5. Chikane and Himeko from Kannazuki no Miko.

This was the fourth yuri I watched. Even though it was kind of rough for me, I still loved the idea behind it. And I still love the concept behind these two characters. No matter how many times they rebirth, they’ll always find each other. <3

Honorable mentions:
Shinobu and Kaede from Ninja Nonsense/ Shinobuden/ 2x2=Shinobuden

Lucia and Sumire from Venus Versus Virus.

Nishimikado Tami and Tokiwa Machi, from HaNaYaMaTa.

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Twins request: SHION/DOHKO WITH 4 *twins puppy eyes* (ˊo̶̶̷ᴗo̶̶̷`)(ˊo̶̶̷ᴗo̶̶̷`)੭✧

Send me a Pairing and + a number

@bananamisa @kaokki Whatever for my two dear waifus <333333

I this is the first time I end up something of them and not just sketching. Btw I dunno what about Shion’s shoes, that fashion disaster!


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