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          THE  TASTE  OF  FLIGHT   is  one  the  viking  may  never  tire  of  ;   callous  fingers  threading  within  the  clouds  above  ,   shearing  wind  careening  against  worn  leather  armor  as  the  pair  soars  high  in  the  sky.  it’s  an  addiction  ,   an  itch  in  his  boot  ,   an  untamable  force  that  kindles  a  fire  within  his  soul  ;   to  come  alive  once  they  leave  the  ground  that  binds  them.   THIS  FEELS  LIKE  HOME.   a  sense  of  freedom  that  keeps  him  coming  back  for  more.   this  —  is  what  it  feels  like  to  finally  be  FREE.

                         what  d’ya  say  ,   bud?              auburn  crown  dips  to  acknowledge  the  dragon  beneath  ,   adjusting  himself  within  leather  saddle  before  careful  palm  pats  against  rough  scale  ,   teasing  glimmer  hinting  at  trouble  within  emerald  pools.               wanna  give  the  dragonfly  another  go?   come  on  ,   toothless  —–  it’ll  be  fine!               (  i  hope  ).

character  :   hiccup  haddock  from  httyd
status  :   currently  playing  /  uselessreptiile!


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago


mccree’s filling his flirting quota before going on a mission with reyes

The signs as Monster Factory monster descriptions
  • Aries: looks like a human goldfish cracker
  • Taurus: looks like darth maul undercover at a high school
  • Gemini: looks like if you saw someone who you suspected of being two kids standing on each others’ shoulders and then you ripped away the trench coat and it was one single human person
  • Cancer: looks like the movie the fly, if instead of a fly in the chamber with jeff goldblum it was like a big bowl of pasta salad
  • Leo: looks like a ghost chef boyardee
  • Virgo: looks like someone cut their face out of a magazine, is a human ransom note
  • Libra: looks like they’re from a dark version of gift of the magi where they sold their face to buy a gift and their wife bought them like, a face scarf
  • Scorpio: looks exactly like benedict cumberbatch
  • Sagittarius: looks like one of those optical illusions; can you see the other face in this face?
  • Capricorn: looks like they’re holding a bundle of dry spaghetti but the spaghetti is them
  • Aquarius: look likes they’re being permanently pinched by two grandmas
  • Pisces: looks like the crypt keeper is trying to sneak into a rave in the old west