my two new bookmarkers

I made myself emotional by consuming a large amount of family fluff stuff recently, R I P me so here’s two new bookmarks that helped fuel my recent need.

First Time: Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada, domestic/family fluff, trans Hanzo

It’s so good, I love it so much you can’t even begin to realize. Extraordinarily cute, so goddamn fluffy, legit made me cry with pure joy. I love how everyone is just a happy blubbering mess through the fic and it’s just such pure happines and joy. Kinda wish it would update but I adore what’s there ;u;

An Alien Concept: Rhys/Zer0, romance, canon non-binary character

Such a cute fic, I adore the thought put behind the thought process by Rhys and Zer0, I loved how their romance progressed and I absolutely love the design the author has for a unmasked Zer0. Very cute and I loved every word of it.

And of course the sequel An Alien Conception: romance, canon non-binary character

EVEN CUTER AND EVEN FLUFFIER. I adore how the thought put into Zer0′s species and how their young are and I loved how the children are treated! very cute and I absolutely adored it. I love how Rhys and Zer0 approach affection differently and I just love??


Hey guys! 

So this is the new bookmark i made for my cousin.

It’s two sided of course :D 

I wish i had a better printer but this is the best i could do <3

(I can’t see some of my and other blogger’s pictures, idk if it’s just me but i hope they fix it soon :/ )