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Sometimes it’s gonna be hard. Sometimes you are gonna look all around you and nowhere do you see success. Nowhere do you see anything that remotely looks like success. But you gotta embrace number two, you gotta embrace the faith, you gotta believe that if you keep pressing, if you keep pushing, one day is gonna be your day. When there is no evidence around you, when you feel like giving up, you gotta embrace the faith and believe that one day is gonna be my day. That one day can’t be your day if you give up - if you quit, no day will ever be your day. 


“The Doctor’s favourite picture”
Twelve and Clara visit the art gallery because he wants to show her his favourite picture :)

Not one of my cosplays (I’m still thinking about which one to do next) but an edit of one of my favourite cosplayers @superwholockiancosplay
His cosplays are ‘fantastic’! (Seriously, you should check out his page.)
Not only his cosplays but I’m also in love with his personal style (the first person I’ve ever seen who has kind of the same style as I do :’))

@superwholockiancosplay Keep going mate, you’re doing a great job!

(Oh and btw, the two pictures under the official edit are just two earlier versions before I 'framed’ it. I thought that I could still post it because you can’t have a good closer look at it in the first pic.)

Have a nice day!


ID #23789

Name: Ariana
Age: 16
Country: USA


I’m a high school sophomore (10th grade) and I’m just looking for a few internet friends. I go to an art school, really only because the Science and Math Institute rejected me. :/ I don’t do much and I’m very shy at first, so if you do want to get to know me better please be patient as it is difficult for me to open up.

I love television shows. I usually watch drama and crime. I’m very into Grey’s Anatomy, 13 Reasons Why, Law and Order: SVU, and Empire. There are a few other that I cannot think of right now.

I mostly listen to Old School 90s RnB and rap, but I also have a wide variety of different types of music that I love. I play guitar, ukulele, and the keyboard (Self-taught, although I’m more advanced in the ukulele than the other two.)

My hobbies include painting, writing, and photography. I’m no artist, but I love to paint! I also love writing, but I haven’t been doing much of that lately. Photography is more of a passion rather than a hobby, along with music and songwriting.

I’d love to learn more about astrology. I really love science-related things, and I like makeup!

I could go on and on, but I’ll let you decide whether you’d like to get to know me more or not. :)

We can talk through email, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook! (I won’t add you on facebook if you’re older than 18)

Preferences: I’ll talk to anyone, but I prefer someone 15+, but no older than 25. Gender doesn’t matter, but I do find that it is easier for me to talk to guys. It would be cool to speak to someone who I could eventually meet in person, so if you are around Washington State, it would be cool to speak with you! Also, I have a dark sense of humor, so if you are easily hurt by *offensive* things, I do not recommend that you chat with me.

More #Gwensday fun! #Cosplayer @eandoracosplay with a high flying #spidergwen. #cosplay

Regrann from @eandoracosplay - Gwensday!!! Yes for the best excuse to post one of my favourite pictures from my shoot with @leonhofenk last June. I loved combining two of my hobbies in this shoot, hope to be able to to that again sometime! Need to think of a cool cosplay/costume to do that with… °•
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Choices Fandom Appreciation Week

Name: Michelle
Age: 34
Country: Canada

I’ve been playing Choices since June. My favorite book is TC&TF and I am a hardcore Kenna/Diavolos shipper. The MC from The Freshmen/The Sophomore is my favorite customizable MC.

Random facts: I am stay-at-home mom of 3 I live in a super small town that my great-great-great grandfather helped found Knitting and writing are my two hobbies @jakexmc

H-..Hello again!!

Introductions were unfortunately missed last time so I- I uh…[Ahem]

My name is Natalya Arlovskaya Im classified as nineteen years old I live alone in Belarus if you haven’t heard of it that’s totally fine I’m used to that BUT anyway I’m a government worker Im fluent in Lithuanian/Russian/Ukrainian/English I have two siblings my hobbies include sewing I really like dogs and I got these for you- !!!

….Lets have a nice time together.

Hi honey ! can I please have a written ship with Exo,Wanna one,Seventeen and Astro ?

I’m 5'3 with long dark brown curly/wavy hair , brown eyes and light black skin , i can dance, sing and write , my two favorite hobbies are makeup and writing,i’m a very straight forward person, i’m really friendly when you get to know me so be prepared for skinship , very expressive in all aspects, outgoing and social so i tend to do friends easily, my mother tongue is spanish and i can speak english , currently studying psychology, Sassy af and some people can believe i’m a bad person at First look bc resting bitch syndrome but believe me i can be a sunshine,my friend’s also call me mom cause i tend to care a lot about them.

rxsetemptation Hello! Of course you can, I hope you like it! 

In Exo I ship you with Chanyeol!

Originally posted by chanyeolsmut

I think you two would just have a lot of fun together as you’re both multitalented and creative! He’d just love to show you his work and ask for an honest opinion. He wouldn’t mind lots of skinship, and I’m pretty sure he would stand up for you if people call you something that’s not nice. 

Chanyeol would love it when you speak to him in spanish and would try to learn some phrases to impress you. He’d stand you sassiness pretty well and would rely on you a lot for advice.

In Wanna One I ship you with Jisung!

Originally posted by fangdaniel

He would honestly be so proud of you (and of himself, because he’s able to call you his) He would also spend a lot of time asking you to teach him to speak Spanish and to give him advice in singing and dancing, I think he would also pretend not to know some choreo so you could teach him. He’s also like a mom, so I think you would be a pretty solid couple and would also have a lot of fun being sassy to each other! He wouldn’t care of what people say about you but would stop them the moment they started talking trash.

In Seventeen I ship you with S.Coups!

Seungcheol would be very impressed with how smart you are, and also how pretty. He would be super supportive of anything you plan to do and would really trust you with his projects, he’d expect you to be very honest with him about what he could do better. He knows he can rely on you to give him a break from his Leader role. I also think he wouldn’t mind skinship, in fact he would love how expressive you are and would try to keep up with it. 

In Astro I ship you with Rocky!

Originally posted by astroyals

Minhyuk is extremely talented, and I think you two would have fun dacing together and creating amazing choreographies together. You would balance each other really well and you could get a side of him that nobody knows, a lot more expressive and outgoing, he would find it very amusing when you were sassy. He would also trust you a lot with his problems but also with his happy moments and would feel really lucky to have you, because he knows he can share anything with you and you would do the same with him. Basically, take care of each other a lot.

I hope you liked your ships! I’m sorry if the gifs don’t show:( But please feel free to come back with a request any time!♡

topkoality  asked:

lantern, maple, bonfire, cranberry 💝❣️i love you!

lantern - how did you meet your best friend? What were your first impressions of each other?

you think ur funny huh??? >;-)💝  I met my best friend at a floor dinner and we talked but I really thought I’d never see her again bc she seemed like a TOTAL LOSER. but it turned out we fell in love and we’re hanging out right now. pretty cool, huh?

maple - is there a hobby / skill that you’ve always wanted to try but never did?

ahhhhhhh hmmmmmmm not a lot!! My two hobbies are my favorite ones (singing and drawing) and I hope I keep them for the rest of my life!! maybe when i’m older i’ll get more into baking because I’ll have a kitchen and money! Cooking would also be cool too.

bonfire - describe your dream house.

big swamp hut where I make spells and never shower

cranberry - what’s one physical feature that you get complimented on?

My eyes for sure!! sometimes lips… you tell me?? ;-)

I lové you soooo much honeybun 💝❣️💗💕🍒💘


The I combined my two hobbies and present my latest build! Workspace

Here are some of the products that make this workspace an Amazing Workspace:

cydnieistrash  asked:

Pipabeth, skater AU? (3 sentence fic thing)

“I’m taking a fifteen,” Piper manages to say, right before Annabeth is upon her like a fury, yanking her sideways by the collar of her shirt and pulling her towards the back door. “Make that a thirty—“

Percy hollers something back, but Piper doesn’t understand him. She’s stumbling out into the afternoon air, hands grabbing her, turning her around, pushing her hard against the stone building opposite the skate shop. Annabeth’s lips are on her next, dragging a gasp from her throat.

“What’s gotten into you today?” Piper says, clutching at Annabeth’s shoulders. Not that she’s complaining or anything, but a warning would’ve been nice. Although, she doesn’t think all the warnings in the world could ever prepare her for the feeling of Annabeth’s hands sliding up under her shirt to touch bare skin. “Was it that test? Did you fail? Do you need the comfort of my totally available and willing body?”

“I need you to shut it,” Annabeth says. It’s practically a growl, and Piper’s stomach clenches at the sound. Annabeth drives closer, hands suddenly on Piper’s ass. “I’ve got another exam later today—“

“Physical Education?” Piper throws out with a smirk. “I can help you with that.”

“Just stand there and look pretty,” Annabeth snaps, and she closes in for a rough kiss.

“What a coincidence,” Piper says, right before Annabeth’s lips meet hers, “my two favorite hobbies.”