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I was tagged by the ever so lovely @pixellia, thank you bud. I tag @meisiu, @softaprict, @holesoulsims, @princess-of-sims, @simsllama & @simper-fi 

Rules: Put your music on Shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up. 

1. Alex Turner - Glass In The Park 
2. Passenger - The Wrong Direction
3. Rufus Wainwright - One Man Guy
4. Jake Bugg - Simple As This
5. Mumford & Sons - The Boxer
6. Chvrches - Mother We Share
7. Isbells - Dreamer
8. Bright Eyes - Lua
9. Milky Chance - Down By The River
10. Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better

Okay, my playlist basically showed the music I was into two years ago. Not very original. My favourite is probably One Man Guy by Rufus Wainwright or The Boxer by Mumford & Sons. 


High King Peter, the Magnificent

This scene breaks my heart every time I watch Prince Caspian. Peter is so desperate to get back to Narnia, so desperate to be of use again to his kingdom. And he finally makes it back, just to have to try and prove that he is, in fact, a worthy king. But it doesn’t go according to plan - at all. His soldiers followed him into this battle, every single one of them trusted him with their lives and now he is forced to watch as they die, forced to leave them behind and save his own life. And he is horrified. He may blame Caspian as well later on, mostly in anger, but in this moment he blames only himself.

And remember, this boy is about 18 years old (at most). He is just a boy.

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 21)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+. Small spoilers for an event common to Yoosung, Seven, and Zen’s routes.

Busy week so this chapter’s a little later than usual, but it’s also pretty long. Thanks for reading!

You glance up at the security camera above the door to the apartment as you shift your grocery bags to one hand so you can type in the passcode. Briefly you wonder if you ever make eye contact with Seven when you look at the cameras. Well, you doubt he’s keeping an eye on them 24/7. Maybe he just has it set up to notify him if a stranger comes by or something. The only stranger you can think of doesn’t seem to have any trouble hacking the security feeds, though… Ugh.

There’s a click as the door unlocks and you nudge it open with your hip, using your foot to shut it behind you as you enter the apartment. You flick the lights on and give the desk a wide berth on your way to the kitchen to set your groceries down on the counter. You didn’t buy much – there’s hardly any point in stockpiling ingredients for later – but you do have a few vegetables, snacks, and other foods now. At the very least, you never have to worry about something going bad before you get the chance to use it.

Somewhere deep in your purse, your phone rings. You set down the milk you were about to put in the fridge and dig around in your bag until you find it, barely glancing at the caller ID before swiping to answer. “Hello?”

“It’s me.” His deep voice is instantly recognizable.

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Me on a date
  • Crush: So what are you interested in?
  • Me: (starts sweating, looking nervous from on side of the room to the other)
  • My brain: Skaaaaaam. I totally ship two guys, it's like my favourite thing ever.
  • Me to my brain: Stop it! I need to say something cool and normal.
  • My brain: What?!
  • Me: I speak fluent norwegian.
  • My brain: 👍🏻

Bryan: “This scene is one of my favourites between these two guys, it’s such a-”

Caroline: “You almost want them to kiss.”

Bryan: “It’s very intimate […] There’s an emotional intimacy that happens between [them] that is real.”

Bryan Fuller & Caroline Dhavernas: Hannibal 2x10 “Naka-Choko” Commentary

AWW MAN!!! (O  W O) <3 <3 <3 <3 i was like ~ SOOPS sad when there was a mass-exodus from my blog when i started talking about my wrestling AU ~ but HAHHAHA! XD all the cool-kids came out of the woodwork and really helped me remember that ~ FUCK! you gotta do what you love! HAHAHAH!!! so ~ here’s another of my earlier development sketches to say thank you (Kylo gets a camel clutch for being an asshole! LOL!) !!! <3 <3 <3

I accidentally deleted one of the awesome Asks that was wanting to know what Hux’s role is going to be! Thank you so much for asking! <3 At the outset of the AU he’s very much a do-it-all guy in First Order Wrestling. He was raised into the business by his father who was a three-time FOW Champion. At the start (because his role changes over time) in kayfabe, Hux is known as a heel manager named “The General” - but he also works behind the scenes as a trainer, promoter, and helping with creative! When Kylo defects from his family’s promotion to FOW he’s a total bastard and a huge pain-in-the-ass, but he draws huge crowds and makes a ton of money in merch. Still, nobody wants to work with him because he’s a traitorous, unpredictable, brat - so Hux gets saddled with him - cuz Hux don’t take no shit from nobody!! <3


I loved making this one soo much! It’s a combination of my two favourite pokemon. 💛 Hope you guys like it as much as I do!

By the way, for those of you who don’t know I made a nice little suggestion box which you can find here —-> So if there’s something you’d really like to see just drop it there or shoot me a message.


Let Me Breathe ft Jimin - Part 2

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a couple of you requested for a second part of “Let Me Breathe” so here it is ^_^

Word Count: its quite long 

Warning: Suicide attempt

it’s been 2 and a half weeks since I left Jimin. I’d been staying with my friend Amy for the time being and finally found a beautiful apartment to start my new life without Jimin.
If it wasn’t for Amy for taking me in, I don’t even know where I would be, Jimin had been calling me and texting me everyday ever since I left him.

12 missed calls ; 14 texts - Jimin- Don’t Answer

“Aren’t you going to answer that Y/N-ah?” Amy enquired

“No, it’s Jimin-ssi”
“Oh, is it really over between you two, you know you guys were my favourite couple, you only argued like once and everything was worked out within 15minutes after the argument” she pleaded trying to make light of the situation.

You see Amy sort of shipped us while he was with his ex, they were together for 8months before he caught her with someone else. I was just the bestfriend that supported him when he refused to do anything on his days off so I would pester him at the dorm, bring junk food and force him to have a movie marathon with me consisting of all his old time faves. I was his shoulder to cry on, being as we were best friends I listened to everything he had to say. I protected him when he was most vulnerable, somehow giving him the strength to confess all his feelings he’s ever had for me since we met 6years ago.

When he finally asked me to be with him 2 months after recovering from having his heart broken he wanted to be the best he could be for me, or so I thought, he was working on himself constantly trying to make me proud to call him mine, even though I reassured him that when he’s not trying I’m the most proudest, due to him just being in my life was gift enough for me.

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Just Switch.

Request: It’s late and I thought of a request. Imagine the reader is a super talented singer and both Brendon from P!ATD and Patrick from FOB want her to appear on their album, but their recording sessions are at the same time? (Essentially things work out for both of them) Just got a feeling of how nice it could be to have my two favourite guys from my two favourite bands fight over me. Thank you so much! Buh-Bye! ^w^

Author’s Note: Jesus I haven’t written a band fic since Freshman year, 6 years ago xD I hope you enjoy!

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