my two favorite things in the whole world

one of my favorite things that i have seen develop during my time in this fandom is acknowledging that, yes, harry and louis are two of the sappiest fuckers in the entire world, and they probably don’t even have conversations when they’re alone because they spend the whole time sighing dreamily at each other and using sign language to discuss their next super sappy super obvious couples’ tattoos

and yet, at the same time, we’ve also began to acknowledge that harry and louis are PETTY as FUCK and probably have a list of everyone who has ever wronged them carved somewhere dramatic in their house like on the inside of the front door or on the bedposts of their equally dramatic bed, and every time someone new does something they don’t like, harry theatrically lights the person’s picture on fire as he hands louis a dagger that looks just like his tattoo to carve their name on the Don’t Fuck With Us list

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Here are some of my favorite fics I have found:

 [Closeby @lipstickandwhiskey

Dean WInchester x Reader: Hunting a witch is never fun- but when a last-ditch spell curses Dean, the two of you can’t dance around each other anymore.

[Craving Affection] by @supernatural-jackles

Dean Winchester x Reader: ‘The warmth of your blankets wasn’t enough, none of it was. You wanted the real thing. You wanted to feel the weight of an arm around you, you wanted to hear a heartbeat in your ear. You wanted it bad, you desperately wanted to feel less alone, less like the world was swallowing you whole.

[For the Love of Pie] by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Dean Winchester x Reader: ‘You and Dean had never done anything the conventional way. Not only had you met on the job. The job that was hunting monsters, you had also damn near taking his head off thinking he was one of the vamps you were hunting.

[Vintage Bars and Ballrooms] by @bbbarneswrites

Steve Rogers x Reader: Tony tries to hook his assistant with his ‘muscly virgin’ friend, Steve. But she just can’t take this also muscly guy she met in a vintage bar in Brooklyn out of her mind.

[Shut Up You’re Ruining Your Surprise!] by @flightofthefantasies

Steve Rogers x OC: Brie has a surprise for Steve that she hopes he will love

my favorite thing about harry potter is how attractive the whole potter family is like its understood that harry is one of the hotter boys at school and ginny is fine as hell and teddy who’s an honorary potter can make himself prettier than all of them combined and we all know james and lily were the it couple and i bet james 2, albus, and lily 2 were drop dead gorgeous athletes who were super smart and famous just like their parents like wow they probably have their own fan club and its me i am trash i am their fan club i love the potters

Magnus and Jace

The Magnus/Jace friendship was not something I knew I needed before this episode. That silent comfort Jace gave to Magnus, that shared grief, even if it was just for an instant, was incredible. Interestingly enough it was my favorite part of the episode. Now I know those two will never be bffs because let’s face it there’s too much weird history there with the whole Alec liking Jace thing. But I think it would mean so much to Alec to have the two people he loves most in the world care about each other, even if the only thing they have in common is their love of Alec.

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so i know things have been incredibly difficult for you and i just want to say congratulations for landing two writing jobs, idk i've been following you forever and you're such a good person and you deserve the whole world. you are my favorite author and your blog is the best.

That legit made Legit cry <3 Thank you anon!

I beat Birth By Sleep!!!!!

I started the game when it came out in 2010, but y’all the final boss Xehanort was too hard.

So this time, I beat him by only hitting the square button and doing fire cartwheels. HEY WHATEVER WORKS OKAY.

Jesus christ, it took two systems and playing the whole thing through twice and just under seven years in order to finally… finish it…..

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tho tbh i would’ve left terra in the realm of darkness #oops


mary kate’s lucaya fic rec

so i read a ton of fanfic and i know how awesome it feels to find an amazing fic that makes you feel all warm in your chest. i thought the best way  to give back was to show you some of the ones that I found and love to read and reread. these are 8 of my many favorites. my commentary is in italics. 

you on my horizon by honeyspeaches

It takes her two decades, two continents, and a lot of near-misses to figure it out, but it’s true that good things come to those who wait. au.

this fic is so beautiful I wish i could read it for the first time all over again

the draw of color by zaybabineauxs

‘maya had been seeing the world in black and white her whole life now, for twenty years; which was late, considering the fact that the average age you found your soulmate was sixteen. her best friend, riley, also lived in a world of black and white. that was, until she met lucas.’ soulmate au.

this is one angsty fic and truly amazing. I cried when I read it. zaya and rilaya friendships written beautifully.

can a play still go on if the curtain falls and the audience has gone home? (please circle your answer) by xcalibra

‘They’re not together, but everyone knows they might as well be. Or, the progression of a non-relationship between Lucas and Maya.’

I’ve read this fic probably 12 times and every time I find new things to love about it. it really speaks for itself.

I was a billion little pieces (until you pulled me into focus) by bluesey

The worst part is that her mother told her he’s probably her soulmate. That’s what happens when you have one, she said, they come to you in dreams. soulmates au.

beautiful. haunting. she really gets into Maya’s head and the end result is amazing.

lovefool by amirmitchell

the misadventures of lucas taking care of maya while she’s drunk and the one time that the tables are turned

i love this fic with my whole heart. I’ve probably read it more than any other lucaya fic

the art of seduction by tiramisuspice

It was a simple bet. All she had to do was seduce Lucas Friar in a month. But then, nothing really is ever so simple, is it? Lucaya AU

basically this fic owns me. it’s still a WIP and I’m hooked

let’s get these teen hearts beating faster, faster by glossier

Somebody asks for kissing lessons. Cue the shenanigans. — Lucas/Maya, and the art of seduction

tension!!!!! i love this fic it’s short and sweet and definitely worth the read

i’ll find your lips in the streetlights by perfectlystill

Five times Maya wants Lucas to kiss her, and one time she kisses him.

one of my first lucaya fics i read and it’s amazing. 5+1 fics are so great for lucaya too anyways read it

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hi indi my name is elisabeth and my favorite fruit is apples

shes beauty she’s gay, she’s YOU!

things that remind me of you:

-worms :)

-long hugs

-lana del rey

-that one video of those two white girls who eat those peppers

i love you elisabeth and i miss you so much!! i really hope i can go back to camp this year and see you and jehan and lauren and everyone else. you’re one of my bestestest friends in the whole world and i wish i got to see you more often!

Ten Random Facts

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1.) I’m double jointed in my shoulders, so I can rotate my arms fully around my head when they’re held together.

2.) Dippin dots are actually my favorite thing in the whole world

3.) When I was around 6-7 years old I watched the movie Beetlejuice every single day for two whole years. I finally stopped watching it when my siblings took away the DVD

4. My least favorite food is sweet potatoes

5.) My favorite author is Neil Gaiman and favorite book by him is Coraline

6.) In eighth grade I cut and donated my hair and have been cutting it short ever since

7.) I actually joined tumblr to keep up with @elentori-art ’s streams along with a lot of the people in chat whom I still love and follow 💖

8.) As a prank, I put a cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen in my sister’s bathroom to scare her (and succeeded).

9.) I also taped Shrek faces to all her One Direction merch

10.) I’m currently writing a short story about an apocalyptic world and it’s an ongoing thing in my school’s newspaper( send me asks if you’re interested in it, if you are I’ll either post it on AO3 or give out a link to the school’s newspaper).

I tag: @trollfishprince @im-princess-potato @thetrianglefandom @spyroforlife @2orsomething @dancing-on-gay-sin-shine @zarina-flufftail

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ⟶ A Bellarke Hogwarts AU

written by @prosciuttoe a.k.a. my wife a.k.a. the greatest person in the whole world and, today, the birthday girl. Emily, I love you to the moon and back ♥

“What is with you?” he snaps, “Look, I’m sorry if I tarnished your precious reputation out there, being associated with a muggleborn like me-”

“That is not what this is about!”

“That is exactly what this is about,” he fumes, fingers trembling as he shoves them into the pockets of his pants forcefully, “Princess Griffin, directly descended from Salazar Slytherin, all high and mighty and better-”

“Shut up.” she says, voice tremulous, but he can’t seem to stop the vitriol tumbling off his tongue, bitter and angry, wonders if he’s imagining the taste of blood caught between his teeth-

That’s when she kisses him, backing him up against the wall, her fingers tangling in his tie to pull him closer. Her lips are insistent on his as he exhales shakily against her cheek, his teeth scraping against hers.

She kisses like how she fights- unrelenting and bruising, all heat- and like everything with them, it becomes a competition. Clarke bites down on his lower lip until he moans into her mouth, and he slides his hand down her spine to palm her ass, crushing her to his chest until she squeaks. She digs her fingernails into his side, chipped and uneven against his skin, and he buries his fingers in her hair, twisting it in his grip.

Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin’s rivalry is a thing of legends- Slytherin’s head girl and Gryffindor’s golden boy. But that doesn’t exactly stop them from making out either.

Read the story on AO3

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Also how would you feel about Madoka Magica but instead it's Asagao Academy bc I have the sudden urge to draw that




(also mai is totally Homura and this is canon)

Why can’t we have more male-female friendships instead of romances? I want the guy and the girl who would do anything for each other, go to the ends of the earth, die for each other, but “no hetero.” I want the guy and the girl who are asked if they’re dating so often that they eventually just roll their eyes at each other every time it happens.

We so often see things like this happen with two characters of the same sex. Two bros just bro-ing it out, saying things like, “You’re my bro and I would die for you.” Two girls, “You are my favorite person in the whole world and I would do anything for you.”

Now, I certainly love female friendships, don’t get me wrong. Give me female friends who never tear each other down but also refuse to tear other girls down, even if they do dislike them. Female friends who know what’s on each other’s minds 24/7 and sleep in the same bed and do everything together and would literally kill for each other. That’s very important.

And please let boys have these friendships without it being called “gay.” I believe in LGBTQ+ representation as a bisexual woman, but I also don’t want to see boys being unable to express any form of love (platonic or otherwise) without someone using “gay” as a slur. 

But I really want more male-female friendships. Whether the girl’s a tomboy or the girliest girl to ever girl, or the guy’s a jock or not. I want to see these strong friendships between a guy and a girl without it becoming love. It always seems to become love.

I want the girl to model her prom dress for the guy and instead of an atypical He Realizes She’s His One True Love scene he goes, “Yeah, sure, you look nice.”

I want the guy making the dirtiest jokes and the girl rolling her eyes even though she makes an even dirtier joke ten minutes later and neither of them care.

I want guy friends who go, “Hurt her and she’ll kick your ass and then I’ll come and finish you off, are we clear?”

I want GIRL friends who go, “Hurt him and I will hunt you down and slit your throat and drink your blood,” but still turn to the guy and go, “Please don’t be a douchebag. That’s all I need. Treat her right, be a gentleman, I know you can be.” 

Give me more male-female friendships. Give me more male-female platonic love.

as gr8 as it is that doof and perry danced together at new years my favorite thing is thinking about what happens after that. imagine those two stumbling out of the party at 3 a.m., doof rambling about how this is going to be a GREAt year, perry the platypus, and perry’s just going along with it bc he doesn’t even care, the whole world is tinged with the shine of confetti and the glow of party lights and the warmth of starting the new year with someone he cares about

some of my favorite things in the whole world:

  • when you’re at a concert and you can hear everybody singing along to the songs and the musician doesn’t stop but starts to really sing with them, like a harmonizing connection between two worlds that will probably never meet at a deeper level than that moment.
  • when you want to show somebody you’re favorite song and you’re in your car so you park somewhere and put the seats back and they just close their eyes to really feel it and listen. you want to watch them but know you shouldn’t, so you try to look out the window and hum along but you just end up looking back at them anyways.
  • meeting strangers and having real conversations about life and never seeing each other again. one night i went on a walk with some friends in the middle of the winter. the snowflakes were so big and it was really cold, so we sat on this heating vent. a boy sat down with us and asked us all what we were afraid of. started talking about himself, crying about himself. he gave us advice that we needed to hear. and then he left. 
  • the wrinkles on people’s faces and the stories that those wrinkles tell. you can see how many times they smiled when they could have frowned. you can see it around their eyes and everything softens and you can feel it in your heart. and when they relax their face, you can see their smile lines and their frown lines. you can see the strength in these people, their ability to choose to smile throughout their entire lives.
  • when somebody says, “this reminded me of you.”

one of my favorite things about Sam/Steve fic is that they rarely do the whole silent-pining-from-afar thing. they almost always start out blatantly flirting. because when you read their interactions in CA:TWS as flirting, it is just too blatant for either of them to not realize they’re being flirted with. fandom, we masters of UST, we virtuosos of characterizing oblivious dumbasses in love, have examined this canon and come to unanimous unspoken agreement that it would be straight-up implausible to write stories in which these two dudes did not notice the flying sparks from day one. what a beautiful god damn world.

French in revolutionary and post-revolutionary France

I got a couple of requests to write about this subject, so here you go!

So. French. Today it’s pretty much synonymous with France and vice versa. There are, of course, many francophone countries and regions in the world, but for many people, the two are inseparable. In France, just under 90% of the population are native French speakers and the rest are generally fluent. (Compare to the US, where 80% of the population speaks English at home and only ¾ of the remaining people are fluent in English).

French is the official language France, but although French dominates every aspect of the government today, this was not always true. It was only by the alienation of the many other languages spoken in France, that the French language was able to become synonymous with the state. The position of power in which French finds itself is the result of a long history of eliminating various other linguistic identities in France prior to the revolution in order to create a unique national identity. 

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(That’s why I’m making “you’ll be back”!!!)

Here’s some of the potential songs and ideas that I was thinking of, in no particular order!!! (NOT ALL OF THEM HAVE NAMES I AM SO SO SORRY)

- intro song: “how are we gonna survive (the summer)” Dipps and Mabel are moving into the mystery shack, Dip Dop’s not really all that into it, Mabel’s trying to make the most out of it (upbeat!!) (thought of this thing where they wouldn’t be able to finish because grunkle Stan’s calling them from downstairs going “KIDS!!”)

-“how are we gonna survive reprise” for weirdmageddon (things are taken rEALLY LITERALLY NOW) (reprise near the end of the show!!) (right after they rescue Mabel? Walking back to shack about to kick open the door, muSIC REACHES A CRESCENDO AND BEFORE THEY CAN SING THE LAST WORD THEY KICK THE DOOR OPEN AND STAN GOES “kids?” IN THAT WAY HE DOES THAT BREAKS OUR HEARTS

- Ford’s sanity slippage song: (after Fiddleford quits and he hears the voices)

- tale of two Stans song!!- you guys remember “do you wanna build a snowman” right!! How it was sort of the same tune playing through their whole lives? Maybe it could sorta be like that!! (Not in the subject matter, probably! 😂)

-reprise of the tale of two Stans song?- for the (HOPEFUL) teary apology and reunion of the two darlings after weirdmageddon

-BILL’S DEAL SONG- lyrics kinda trip you up a little bit!! He’s singing quick, and if he’s trying to make a deal with you, you don’t even have time to think before you seal it. It’s kinda like Bill’s talking like a sleazy car salesman!!

- BILL’S DISNEY VILLAIN SONG- Talking in riddles? Like the end of episode ciphers!! (“Abnormal soon will be the norm” and stuff like that!)

- Stan’s introduction song!!!- sets up Stan as a character after “how are we gonna survive”!

- “the author of the journals” song- Dipper speculating about who the author could possibly be?

- “the author of the journals” reprise- after ford comes back, Dipper just goes on and on about how cOOL HE IS
And Stan keeps on interjecting, still super duper bitter about the lack of thanks from his brother. “He’s got no heart of gold, kid.” (I KIND OF IMAGINE IT SOUNDING LIKE “GAY OR EUROPEAN” FROM LEGALLY BLONDE H ELP)

And then I’m sure there’s more!!! I just thought it’d be kind of a fun thing to do and share!!! ANYONE HAVE ANY OTHER IDEAAAS 💖💖💖💖💖

Day 18 - This is my Current Read and boy am I loving it! Sarah has married my two favorite things in the whole world with this series. A New Steamy novel in an amazing high fantasy world! A Court of Thorns and Roses hits shelves May 5th and if you haven’t pre-ordered it yet you wanna remedy that right away! This book is absolutely fantastic! If you have pre-ordered though you can send your proof of purchase to Bloomsbury to get some pretty cool swag while supplies last, you can find more information about this by visiting worldofsarahjmaas