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Ok so I have to say something

Skimming through the Beauty and the Beast tag, along with the title characters tags, there is a TON of people crapping on the movie. Griping about costumes, Emma, how many songs there are, the plot changes… A ton of stuff. And mostly they just sound like a bunch of 5 year olds who didn’t get their minds read and catered to.
So I’m here to tell you the movie is freaking fantastic. I’ve been a major, huge, lifetime fan of the animated Beauty and the Beast from 1991 (I was two when it came out and it’s my second favorite Disney movie of all time). I went into the theater with huge expectations and this movie rocketed past them.
The dress: Is it very different? Yes but it works. Pictures of it bummed me out but seeing it move on screen was incredible. And she uses the dress to do more than dance so it’s perfect for it. Read: it’s gorgeous, especially when they dance.
The costumes: Beautiful. Of course Belle wears the iconic blue dress with a couple twists but she also changes because one does not normally wear the exact same thing for weeks.
Emma: I’ve never seen a single HP movie so I had basically nothing to go off of when it came to her. I thought she did an impeccable job. She kept Belle’s fire, her vulnerability, her big heart, her softness, and subtracted none from her.
The songs: …. It’s a Disney movie. A musical Disney animated movie reimagined with live characters, but still a Disney musical movie. And it’s awesome. I never tired of the songs, they added three or four? None felt out of place or Too Much. And honestly, holy crap, I see zero complaints on Dan Stevens’ Evermore I think we can all agree that was straight up breathtaking.
The plot: They did change a couple things but they were things that could live with being changed. If anything the changes strengthened the plot. Without giving much away, they solidified why Belle was kept at the castle, why she felt so out of place in her town, how Beast wasn’t just a bratty Prince and gave the prince an even more defined character arc, and every character was 3 dimensional by the rolling credits.
I just want to tell you all, who want to see the film or are worried from all the whining you’re seeing on here, that this movie is exceptional. It’s beautifully acted, it’s funny (even a little self deprecating,) it’s gorgeous onscreen, and as a lifetime lover of the original it brought me to tears more than once.
Bravo, Disney, seriously.

okay but literally search for spock/voyage home is such a typical romance arc???? main character risks everything previously established to be the most important to them to save their love interest, there’s the dramatic and depressing reveal that said love interest doesn’t remember them anymore, sacrificing something incredibly important (the enterprise) and not caring, the slow turn around and remembering the main character’s name, the upcoming frustration as the love interest still don’t remember anything personal, bringing up details of their life together, the love interest still instinctively sitting too close to the main character and being physical with them as they’re still drawn together, the slow return of memories/emotions, the “it’s going to be okay” ending with the love interest and main smiling and laughing and being playful………

I… I have no excuse. I just read this ^^^ and my hand started to move. I mean, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is one of my favorite movies and with those two can only be more perfect! And I think they fit really well there, I WANT MY AU!

Also, I love to see Paradox with another hair style ♥

@lightbriel​​ I don’t know how many times I have to say “your fault” until the meaning is understood.

When She Was Mine

Part 1: The Meeting

Tyler Joseph X Reader

A/N: okay so this was not a requested thing, but i had this (hopefully) brilliant idea to combine two of my favorite things which is a tv show and a movie…. This will be a fluffy/angsty fic. It will have several parts, given that each part reaches at least 100 notes (bc I’ve been feeling discouraged about my writing lately). So reblog this and let me know if you would like me to continue and spread it around for all the people to see!!!

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Today I graduated college, and I just wanted to share my cap since it’s Star Wars themed B) my light sabers are a little crooked, but I think it adds character. Anyway, it’s a tribute to my two favorite characters of the new trilogy and the upcoming movie!

Sight Beyond Sight: Chapter 1

Summary:  When Kimberly lost her eye sight, she gained something back in return and entered a world that she never thought existed. 

AN: I had this idea for a while where I wanted to combine two of my favorite things in one fic. The power rangers movie and my current obsession with Daredevil on netflix. This is also my first attempt at writing in a blind person’s perspective. So for you experienced writers out there, if you want to hook someone up with some tips (any kind will do. I’m a bit rusty) that would be appreciated. Also this hasn’t been beta’ed yet so I do apologize for any mistakes that I made. 

And since this does deal with blindness I do have to throw in a trigger warning. With that enjoy the first chapter !

“First thing you gotta understand is nobody feels sorry for you for being blind girly. And nobody ever will. Cause when it comes to being born lucky… you won the friggin’ lottery.” - Stick

Kimberly Gasped as she shot up from her bed. The first thing that she noticed was that everything was loud. Loud and more refined than anything she’s ever heard. It was almost as if she was in a dark room with no lights on and someone turned up the volume of a very large and sound capturing speakers. 

And everything else in the room felt so bright and intense yet she still shrouded in darkness. She frantically reached her hands out despite her current blinded state wanting to touch something. Anything that she could get her hands on just to regain some level of normalcy as the sounds continued to get louder. 

She could hear the continuous drip from what she assumed was her IV line next to her bed along with the heart monitor beeping in an steadily increasing pace.

“What?..whats going on?” Kim called out bringing her fingers to where her eyes should be only to feel the scratchy fibers of the hospital issued bandages over her eyes. Each touch of fiber on her fingers felt like she stuck her hand in a ball of coarse yarn. 

“Where am I? Mom? Dad?” She’d call out only to bring her hands back up to her ears blocking out the noise that would be bouncing off the walls within her hospital room. 

Fact is she didn’t even remember how she ended up in the hospital with her eyes bandaged. The last thing Kimberly remember was confront Amanda and Harper at school in the science room about bullying Trini. She remembered her fellow ranger in tears once again pouring her heart out to her. The anguish in Trini’s voice as she told Kim about the rumors that Amanda and Harper spread about her fellow ranger begging to sleep with them and once again defacing Trini’s locker with derogatory terms. 

She also remembered the shouting match she had with Amanda and her underling as they slung harsh insults back and forth where Amanda would berate kim for the mistake she made in which Kim would retaliate that what she did didn’t give Amanda the right to attack her friends or deface other people’s lockers. 

The last thing came into Kim’s mind was how the fight escalated into a physical one where both Amanda and Harper violently shoved Kimberly into the lab table causing the chemicals on display to splash onto Kim’s face and into her eyes causing the searing and acidic pain to course it’s way into the pink ranger’s face. 

Even as Kimberly fell to the ground blindingly writhing in agony with the feeling of her face being on fire, she could still hear the two cheerleaders blaming each other. 

“Shit Amanda why did you do that?!” 

“What are you talking about you’re the one that pushed her!” 

“You did too amanda! Oh man. We’re in trouble now…”

“Harper listen! We’ll leave through the back ok? Nobody will see us.”

“But…we gotta help here she’s…she…”

“If we help her we’ll get expelled! Lets just get out the back before anyone sees us!…”

Before Kimberly would succumb to the lightheaded darkness and drift off into unconciousness the last thing she would hear before she woke up in the Angel Grove hospital would be the two footsteps of the people she used to call her friends leaving the school lab.

“stop…make it stop…” Kim whippered bringing her hands to her ears trying to block out the orderlies outside of her room. Random voices in a cacophony of muddled sounds just streaming into her ear drums. it felt like the insides of her ears were about to rupture. But even through the discord of the chaotic noises outside she was able to focus on one voice. 

Her voice. Even in her state and through the walls of her hospital room she managed to seek out the voice of her fellow power rangers. 

“Its my fault Jace. It’s all my fault.” Kim could easily pinpoint Trini’s muddled tear ridden voice. Her heart shattered at the sound of Trini’s broken voice. 

“Trini stop. You didn’t do anything. Wrong. This isn’t on you.”

“Jason, she fought with amanda because of me! Because I told her what Amanda said about me and what she did to my Locker. She’s blind because I…” The yellow ranger stopped mid sentence letting out a loud sob. 

Jason wrapped his strong arms around Trini’s tiny quivering fame and embraced the girl in a strong hug. Rocking her back and forth as the small ranger would sob into his chest. 

“Trini listen. This isn’t your fault.” Jason whispered into Trini’s ear.

“You know how stubborn and determined Kim is when it comes to protecting you. This isn’t your fault or anyone else but the person who did this to her ok?” 


Blind? Did she hear Jason right? She was blind? The thought along scared the hell out of her. Knowing that she’d never see her parents, her friends or even Trini’s beautiful face again weighed heavily on her as she stumbled back onto her bed.

As the door opened Kimberly moved her head up towards the two people that entered the room. She easily recognized them as Jason and Trini since Jason’s foot steps were always heavier. And she always knew what Trini’s movements sounded like even before she was blind. 

“Hey Kim…” Jason was the first to speak. Sadness laced in his voice. Trini feeling guilt ridden as she is stayed quiet as she slunk back behind their team leader. Being unable to look her fellow pink ranger in the eyes was killing her. 

“You uh….you look good.” Jason’s voice quivered a little as he spoke. Kim knew he was lying. She could already hear his heartbeat change the second he spoke those words. 

“Come on Jace. You don’t have to lie. I probably look horrible. But the pain killers that they’re keeping me on feel nice at least.” 

Jason chuckled lightly at Kim’s joke. As stubborn as she was she always manages to lighten the mood in the group. Even after suffering a traumatic experience. 

“We were with your parents when they spoke to the doctor.” The taller boy just rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. His other free hand grasped Trini’s lightly while the yellow ranger just held on to Jason’s arm. 

“They’re still with them right now. But-”

“I Know Jace. I’m Blind.” Kim’s voice was somber. Jason just looked up at her, puzzled at her words. 

“What? But How did you.-” 

“I heard you guys outside. I can also hear my parents in the doctor’s office right now.” 

Jason just looked back down at Trini who began to silently cry. A small sniffle escaped from the shorter girl as she wiped her eyes with the back of her sleeve.

“Trini…” The pink ranger whispered. She hated the position that she put her friends in. She never intended to make things this messy. This was going to change things between them. Even worse the possibility of losing a ranger just added to her guilt. 

The Latina girl just ran up to her now blind friend and wrapped her arms tightly around Kim, sobbing into the hospital gown that the pink ranger was wearing. Whispering multiple apologies into her Chest. 

All Kimberly could do was stroke Trini’s back as the shorter girl poured her heart out. 

“Shhh. Don’t do this to yourself Trini. It’s not your fault.” Kim whispered trying her best to sooth the heart broken Yellow ranger. They were soon joined by Jason who just wrapped his two strong arms around his female team mates, enveloping them into a strong and protective hug. 

“Jace…” Kimberly could feel her own voice crack. The tears already starting to form behind the back of her throat. 

“We’ll get through this Kim. You’re not alone in this.” Jason whispered into Kim’s ears. Tears were already forming in the red ranger’s eyes. 

“I Know Jace. I Know.” 

But Kimberly wasn’t so sure.


Pairing: Stiles X Reader

Summary: (Y/N) is a strong independent female who is slightly on the plus size. She’s been in Beacon Hills for her entire life with no friends; but she prefers it that way. Stiles enjoys watching (Y/N) from afar, he’s picked up on her little habits that she doesn’t think anyone notices but he’s afraid to confront her but with prom just around the corner, Stiles doesn’t know whether to play it save with a friend or to try something new.

Word Count:

Prompt: requested by @artfuck ; I hope this is what you wanted :-)

A/N: If you’re going to get butt hurt about me writing (Y/N) as overweight/plus size then don’t read this. I used to be overweight so I don’t mean to insult anyone who is plus sized - sometimes people can’t help it.

Originally posted by itsagirlthingbae

Stiles stared at you from across the classroom; your head was stuck in yet another book, but it was different from the one you were reading last week. He had his elbow rested on the table, and his chin on his hand. Scott was beside him, nudging him slightly; he gave his best friend a weird look.

“Stop staring,” Stiles shuffled awkwardly in his chair but didn’t miss you looking up from your book to glance at the two boys. You shut her book and placed it in your bag before leaving the near empty classroom. Stiles hurried from his seat before scurrying after the girl that barely knew he existed.

You were just near your locker when you heard footsteps running in your direction. You stood to the side to let the spastic lad go by you but you were shocked when he stopped in front of you. “(Y/N), hi.” He breathed, clearly out of breath. You gave him an odd look but decided to ignore him and continued to your locker.

“Hey, hey, can I talk to you for a minute?” He managed to get out, resting against some stranger’s locker. You turned to face him and looked around at the students looking at you two. “Are you okay?” You asked, not sure as to why Stiles Stilinski was talking to you.

He nodded, holding up a finger to tell you to wait a second, you chuckled; bringing your cardigan around your body more - you weren’t too fond of the attention that you were getting. “I just wanted to ask… if you’re going to prom next week?” Stiles nervously asked, changing his weight from one foot to another waiting for you to answer. “No, I’m not…” Before Stiles could get another word in you snapped at him, “And I’m not going at all. I don’t know why you’re talking to me, but please stop.” You mumbled, before storming down the corridor and out of sight.

It was the night of prom, a night you had no interest in and also a night that you were spending alone. Being alone wasn’t new to you, at a young age; you realized that you weren’t like the others in Beacon Hills, you were nearly twice their size which was strange, everyone was relatively thin and healthy looking. Everyone wanted to befriend Lydia Martin, the perfect, pretty, skinny girl and people ignored you. You were pretty in your own way; your eyes shined for days on end and you’ve got a smile to die for, but that’s not what people want.

You got used to spending birthdays and weekends alone in the company of your art and books. At least Edward Cullen understood you. You were just about to change the DVD in the player when a knock on your door broke your concentration, you looked at the time. It was only eight in the evening. Walking to your door, you sighed when you saw Stiles Stilinski grinning through the window, waving.

“Hi,” You greeted, slightly confused as to why he was here. “Before you tell me to go away, listen.” He demanded, you noted that he wasn’t dressed for the prom; yet for a casual night in, he also carried a plastic bag with him. “I don’t know why you blew me off last week or why I haven’t seen you in school since, but I want to get to know you. I want you to let me get to know you and that’s why, if you don’t have plans tonight,” He rummaged through the back, “I brought two of my all time favorite movies, ice cream and last but not least, chocolate covered peanuts.” You couldn’t help the smile that covered your face as you opened the door wider, “Come right on in.” You said, and he bounced right through the door and to the living room.

“So why aren’t you at prom?” You asked, getting comfortable in your chair as he pressed play on the first movie. He blushed and sat next to you, “I only wanted to go with you.” He said brutally honest and you felt your heart flicker with each word. “I’m sorry I blew you off,” You started, coughing nervously, “But I thought it was some sick joke. I mean, I’m not the prettiest or the skinniest person in Beacon Hills.” You sighed, looking down at the bowl of ice cream on your leg.

Stiles shuffled closer to you, his hand grasping yours, “(Y/N), you are way more gorgeous than any of those girls that walk the corridors. You’re pure and down to earth and that’s what I like about you.” He looked at you, “I’ve liked you for a while, to be completely honest; I just thought you wanted to be left alone, but I couldn’t handle it anymore. Every time you fix your hair or laugh at something you read, I get this weird sensation but I want to feel it all the time with you.” You looked away, blushing.

“You’re so sweet.” You mumbled, facing the television, he sighed and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. You hesitated for a moment before cuddling into his side. You couldn’t remember the last time you felt this comfortable and safe with someone.

Please remember this was requested by someone; I didn’t want to focus too much on the reader being plus size as it is only a minor detail. I tried to focus on her just being self-conscious even though I am aware that there are loads of plus sized women who are confident and proud and I applaud you all.

'Star Wars' Is Resurrecting 'Rogue One' Heroes Cassian and K-2SO – and Prequel Jedi Mace Windu Too – in New Comic-Book Series
Cassian and K-2SO cover (Image: Marvel Comics)

We know for certain that the heroes of last December’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story won’t be returning to the Star Wars movie universe in any upcoming sequels, due to the fact that most perished during their mission to steal the plans for the Death Star and deliver them to Princess Leia and the Rebel Alliance. Yet fear not — we haven’t seen the last of those do-gooders, thanks to a newly announced comic-book prequel series that, in August, will recount how two of the film’s characters first partnered up for intergalactic adventure.

Written by Duane Swierczynski, with art by Fernando Blanco, Star Wars: Rogue One — Cassian & K-2SO Special No. 1will detail the first meeting between Diego Luna’s Rebel captain and his trusty reprogrammed Imperial droid K-2SO (voiced, in the film, by Alan Tudyk), and explain how the unlikely odd couple became one of the most fearsome galactic duos this side of Luke Skywalker and R2-D2. As Swierczynski says, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be invited to tell a small piece of that story. And it was even cooler that I was asked to write about the first meeting of Cassian and K-2SO — easily my two favorite characters in the movie. What can I say? I love bad-asses and robots.”

As if the resurrection of two Rogue One heroes wasn’t enough, Mace Windu — the noble Jedi Knight played by Samuel L. Jackson in George Lucas’s prequel trilogy, who perished at the hands of Anakin Skywalker and Senator Palpatine — is also getting a second lease on life (which we’re certain Jackson is happy about). In the five-issue Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic — Mace Windu, the Jedi will embark on a quest that takes place during the Clone Wars. Written by Luke Cage TV writer Matt Owens, with art by Denys Cowan, the series will focus on Windu’s moral dilemma of upholding the Jedi’s pacifistic code while also leading soldiers to war.

Mace Windu cover (Image: Marvel Comics)
Mace Windu variant cover (Image: Marvel)

Marvel has already published two printed prequel series — last year’s Obi-Wan and Anakin, and this past February’s Darth Maul — while a separate six-issue comic adaptation of Rogue One began rolling out in April, so it’s clear that these latest titles are part of an ongoing strategy to truly flesh out Star Wars’ sprawling sci-fi mythos. Cassian & K2SO is due to hit store shelves on Aug. 9, and Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic — Mace Windu is set to begin in Aug. 23.

Watch: Our Gruesome Countdown of Every Lost Limb in the Star Wars Galaxy:

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anonymous asked:

I just read an article about the live-action Mulan remake, and the director said that so far, there are no plans to include the musical numbers. She also described it as a "girly martial arts extravaganza" and that bothers me soooooo much. This is the first live-action princess remake that has poc main characters and it feels like being cheated. It's so rare for asians to be in musicals.


I mean Beauty and The Beast is the only live adaption film Disney has done so far that is a full out musical with the exception of The Jungle Book ft. like two songs in it. But Mulan is my all time favorite Disney movie, it was the epitome of my childhood. I think Mulan being a musical would be an incredible experience.

I think it is a shame that Asians do not get enough credit when it comes to art because I can think of so many talented people I know who are incredibly talented martial artists, dancers, singers, actors, artists, etc. I think Mulan could definitely showcase all of that if it was going to be a musical!!! I can just imagine how cool the choreography would be for I’ll Make a Man Out of You and I cannot believe we’re missing out on that!

And you’re right! It is rare for Asians to be in musicals. I think Lea Salonga has definitely helped paved way for Asians on Broadway (she was in Les Miserables! That’s a super white musical! She’s also the singing voice of Mulan too) + Phillipa Soo has also been killing it on Broadway with Great Comet, Hamilton, and Amelie under her belt. But in a mainstream setting, I think it’s still difficult to find a musical that has exclusively Asian roles like Allegiance, Miss Saigon, or The King and I (and believe it or not some productions still cast WHITE PEOPLE to play King Mongkut or even have an entire cast that’s white…). 

Also I agree, I think the director Niki Caro could have described the film better. The full context of the quote is “But the budget and the location and the story is offering such scope to me for [an] incredible, muscular piece of girly martial arts extravaganza in China. And I can’t wait.” (Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Will Be a ‘Girly Martial Arts Extravaganza’). And I think calling it a “muscular  piece of a girly martial arts extravaganza in China” is so cringeworthy. Mulan defied the idea that women and men are not confined to their gender normative or traditional values. It’s clear Caro is trying imply that Mulan is masculine but also feminine but conveys it poorly. If it was spoken about a man, the quote wouldn’t say “muscular piece of manly martial arts extravaganza”, it would just say “martial arts extravaganza” because men are already inherently assumed to be muscular and masculine.