my two fav characters yes pls

hiya, everyone! so, it’s my birthday today (if you couldn’t guess by the banner) and to celebrate i’ve decided to do a mixture of a few things for a bit of fun! also, a quick thank you to everyone who follows me but a proper appreciation post for that is on its way!


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  • must get at least 20 notes or i’ll throw myself into the void
  • there’s no limit on how many you can ask for (but it would be appreciated if you didn’t pick all of them!)

posts will be tagged #daisy’s bday if you want to blacklist!


  • 💖 - for a promo
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  • ⚡ - for a URL edit (must be harry potter related)
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blacklist ‘daisy’s bday’ if you don’t want to see anything related to this!

format below!

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