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musical theatre challenge: (5/10) shows  ↳ come from away

You are here, at the start of a moment, on the edge of the world. 

Where the river meets the sea. 

Here, at the edge of the Atlantic, on an island in between there and here.

I have weathered many turns, my love, and I have darkened many days.

I have splintered many masts, my love, and wasted shots, and torn my name

like ink-soaked paper in my hands.

Through all of this I held fast to you, whatever is left. Kept it hidden in my pocket, behind a mirror, carried it like a seashell

in the palm of my hand – but do not think I would let the sea touch you, darling, I would not dare.

The roar was only my own blood, calling your name in my ear.

—  Ten Years Drowned, Blue.

Well, I don’t have much of an explanation for this picture, other than just generally wanting to draw some of my faves in costumes. Maybe it’s a Halloween party or something, I’m not sure. XD Yes, Chad’s a vampire but you can’t really see the teeth here ;)

I know I’ve been slow on art lately and I want to do better. The last week or so was very draining, and I’m only now shaking off some of the stress that’s built up, but hopefully I’ll be able to draw more frequently soon! And write as well, since I know there’s some people who are waiting on more of my fic! :3

Did someone say wedding headcanons for JackDaniels? (Modern AU for reasons)

  • Jack proposes during the annual work gathering in front of basically everyone
  • He also is slightly drunk (”because I will chicken out and or cry if I do this sober”)
  • He cries anyway. Everyone cries. Except Peggy who takes pictures of everyone crying.
  • They make out for twenty minutes after, unable to stop. (Peggy times)
  • There are three main arguments over the wedding planning: who to invite, the colour/theme and “you CANNOT dress the cat in a tuxedo, Jack!” “why not?”
  • The wedding is held in January. They wanted a winter wedding and December was too Christmas-y.
  • Plus, Daniel doesn’t wear sweater vests in the summer so clearly it’s a crime to have a summer wedding
  • It snows.
  • Everyone cries. Including Peggy (someone else is taking pictures).
  • Chad (their cat) does attend the wedding in a bow-tie much to the delight of the children in attendance
  • Their first dance is to ‘La Vie En Rose’ and Daniel sings the French version into Jack’s ear over the top of the English.
  • There is a snowball fight at 3am with all the people who haven’t gone home.
  • Daniel keeps the pictures taken from the snowball fight in his wallet
  • When Jack asks him why he replies with “because it’s the only time you weren’t crying, idiot”
  • The real reason is because he loves how Jack looks at 3am, in formal dress, in the middle of an intense fight with Peggy.
  • Daniel takes Jack’s last name. “Now you can’t call me Susan” “No but I can call you Mr Thompson and that’s so much better.”
  • there is a serious amount of doing the do. ;)
  • They plan a honeymoon but it gets postponed because something huge goes down in the office and ‘saving the world’ is more of a priority to ‘going somewhere other than home to cuddle’
  • They never actually go on their honeymoon (”besides, who would feed Chad?” “shut up”) but they go on a ‘family’ holiday with Peggy and Angie in the summer