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The camera shows Bucky and Paul Hollywood facing eachother across Bucky’s bench with identical poses, arms crossed over their chests, equally menacing glares directed at eachother in some sort of Baking Stand Off. As Paul starts to lift an eyebrow in an obviously daring manner Bucky raises his own eyebrow parroting his nemesis, otherwise not moving a muscle neither to breathe nor blink. Out-stonewalled Paul is the first to break form. Obviously annoyed he turns away thrusting his arm out at the last second to snatch a piece of chocolate from Bucky’s bench. Bucky lunges across the counter to stop the chocolate thief but Paul swings his hip away and darts off screen. Bucky looks at the camera and growls. The camera shakily moves away and they cut to the next scene.

Mel comments, “Watch it Paul, the Sarge never misses.”

The Holtzmann-Rogers Plan of Action    

by @krycek-asks

Ghostbusters! And the Great British Bake Off! And Shrinkyclinks! This fic is amazing, cute and charming. I laughed so much and @krycek-asks is a delight for keeping up with me and my constant awfulness. Go read it, it’s perfect!

And you know, how there are these amazing GBBO Illustration in every episode showing the contestant’s creations? Yeah well, it was always my dream to make them. So… if you ever need a new artist: consider this my application, GBBO team :D

I feel like the HP fandom has been ignoring this for far too long and I’ve had it

What the frickity frack is up with the Weasleys hair in The Deathly Hallows part 2??? Like I mean, I get they are gingers but this is just taking it overboard. It looks like the spray tanned their hair or skinned an Oompa Loompa to use as a wig. I’m not okay with this.

For example, look at my beloved twins in The Goblet of Fire.

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Perfectly normal right? Our favorite gingers are up to their regular old hijinks.

Now, look at my beloved twins in The Deathly Hollows, Part 2

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(yes I know there is a weird filter but still, the hair is obviously vastly more orange)

It’s not okay. It will never be okay. You may disagree with me. That is fine. But as far I know, this is complete anarchy and I refuse to tolerate it.

Thank you for your time. 


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Fred Weasley Imagine - More Than Friends

Request: Hello there! I was wondering if you could write an imagine about going with Fred to the yule ball and you’ve been friends for years and think its a friendly thing, but you actually kind of fall for him at the ball?? Thanks :)

The Yule-Ball is coming up and Fred Weasley really wants to go with ‘the perfect girl,’ but she only sees him as a friend. During the ball, she realises that maybe she does have feelings for her best friend.

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“Hello, my sweet Y/N.” The door to your compartment on the Hogwarts Express opened and in came two identical ginger boys.

“Hello, my favourite twins.” You said turning to look at the two boys in front of you. The two ginger twins came in and sat opposite you.

“How was your holiday?” Asked one of them, which you knew was George.

“Yeah, pretty good, what about yours?” You asked.

“Yeah, pretty good.” Said the one next to George, smirking.

“Ha ha, very funny Fred.” You said sarcastically.

“Apparently something very exciting is happening at Hogwarts this year.” Said George.

“But we don’t know what it is.” Said Fred.

“Well, we better go find Lee.”

“Nice talking to you Y/N.” And with that, they left the compartment. You and the twins had been best friends since first year, and you were still close friends going into your sixth year.

You were sat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, Fred and George were sitting on either side of you and Dumbledore was giving his usual speech. He started talking about something exciting coming to Hogwarts this year. You nudged the twins and asked, “Is this what you were talking about?” They nodded and continued to listen to Dumbledore’s speech. Two wizarding schools were coming to Hogwarts to compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament and students from each school could enter their names and a student from each school would be chosen to participate.

“Are you going to enter?” Asked Fred.

“Probably, what about you two?” You asked as George was now listening to your conversation.

“Definitely.” They said simultaneously.

Turns out that if you were under seventeen years of age, you weren’t allowed to enter which really sucked. Fred and George obviously felt very strongly about the topic and started shouting that this was rubbish. Which it was.

The champions had been chosen and the houses were called for house meetings. Professor McGonagall had the boys and girls separated. She was explaining that it was a tradition that there was a ball during Christmas time when the Tri-Wizard Tournament was being held. You were very excited and kept wondering who was going to ask you to the ball. Hopefully, someone would, you hoped that it was a pretty boy from Durmstrang, but that would never happen.

You had zoned out and realised that the twin’s younger brother was dancing with McGonagall and the twins were making fun of him. Fred noticed you staring and winked making you roll your eyes and giggle to yourself as you watched your two best friends be goofs.

Ever since that house meeting about the Yule Ball, just about everyone you knew had been asked except for you.

It was a week and a bit until the ball and you were currently in History of Magic sitting once again, in between the twins. You were sat at the back and were currently discussing your plans for the Yule Ball.

“What type of dress are you wearing then?” Asked George teasingly.

“Well, I never got asked so I don’t have a dress.” You admitted awkwardly, Professor Binns still not aware of the conversation you were having.

“You don’t have a date?” Asked Fed.

“No.” You said quietly, expecting them to laugh and make fun of you.

“Want to go with me then?” He asked you suddenly smiling.

“Yeah why not?” You said, “As friends yeah?” You could have sworn you saw his smile falter, but his smile remained on his face so it must have just been your eyes.

“Y-yeah as friends.” He said taking a deep breath.

“Great, I’m going to go buy a dress this weekend!” You said just as the bell rang, meaning it was finally the end of the day.

It was the night of the ball, you had spent all afternoon getting ready, you were so excited to go and you were fortunate enough to experience it with your best friend. You and Fred had agreed to meet in the Gryffindor common room and you would walk down together. You looked at yourself one last time and smiled to yourself, you walked out of your dormitory and down into the common room. You saw a familiar head of ginger hair standing at the bottom of the stairs.

“Wow,” Fred said as he turned around to face you, “you look amazing.”

“Thank you,” you giggled, “you don’t look so bad yourself.”

“Shall we go?” He asked putting his arm out for you to take it.

“We shall.” You smiled, taking his arm. You walked out of the common room to the Great Hall where the Yule Ball would be taking place. It looked stunning, it was beautifully decorated.

“Wow, this looks great.” You said admiring the hall. Your gaze landed on Fred who was looking at you but he looked away when you noticed. You giggled making Fred lookup at you. You looked at each other for a while, smiling. Fred’s hair was quite long this year, but it suited him. He was really tall, as usual, and his eyes had this twinkle in them that you hadn’t really noticed before. Now that you thought about it, Fred was quite cute.

“What are you thinking about?” Fred asked, interrupting your train of thought. You had forgotten that you were still staring at him.

“N-nothing.” You said and you could feel the heat rush up to your cheeks.

“Well, shall we sit down?” He asked, confused about what just happened. You nodded and found a seat next to George and his date.

Throughout dinner, you and Fred just didn’t stop talking and you just couldn’t stop thinking about how you feel towards him. You had always seen him as your tall, dorky friend, sure you had thought about whether or not you wanted more than friendship, but you never really gave it a second thought. It was true, you had always been closer to Fred and sometimes George would make fun of you saying that you acted like an old married couple. Maybe you did want more than friendship, but what would happen if it ruined the friendship you have now?

“Are you even listening to me?” Fred asked, interrupting your train of thought for the second time that night.

“Sorry, what did you say?” You said sheepishly.

“I asked if you wanted to dance?” He asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Oh alright, but I’m warning you Fred Weasley, I can not dance for shit.” You said sighing, but still getting up to dance.

“Neither can I.” He smirked standing up, grabbing your arm and pulling you to the dance floor.

For the rest of the night, you and Fred danced. Was it good dancing? Definitely not. Was it the best time you’ve ever had? Definitely. And you don’t know when it was, it could’ve been when Fred had hit Fleur Delacour when he was showing you his ‘most famous dance move ever,’ or it could’ve been when you tripped over your own feet, but he caught you, or maybe it was when a slow song came on and Fred pulled you close and tried his best to dance properly with you, even though he kept stepping on your feet, but you now knew that you had feelings for him.

It was midnight and the Yule Ball ended. You and Fred went back up to Gryffindor Tower and like everyone else, stayed in the common room. Everyone was too excited to sleep, except for you, you were exhausted, but Fred insisted that you stay with him.

You were both currently sat on a chair that was made for one, but everywhere else was taken, so you had to make do. You sat on a slight angle, with your legs upon his, one of his arms was around your shoulders while the other was on the armrest, yours lay in your lap.

“I really enjoyed tonight, Fred.” You said looking up at him.

“Same, I’m so glad we could go together,” it seemed as if he was going to say something, but really didn’t want to, “as friends.” He finally said, looking away from you. You didn’t know whether it was because you were extremely tired, or if you just really needed to tell him this, but without a second thought you said, “Fred?”

“Yeah?” He asked looking back at you, but this time, you looked away and started playing with your fingers.

“Well, when you asked me to the ball, I was really excited to go with you, as my best friend. And I thought it’d be great to experience something like this with a best friend, but tonight I realised I like you more than a friend. I don’t know why I’m saying this, I probably shouldn’t because I don’t want this to ruin our friendship, but, I don’t know.” You said still not looking at him. When he didn’t reply, you looked up at him.

“Y/N,” Fred started, “I have always thought you were perfect and it broke my heart when you asked if we were going as friends and hearing you say this has made me the happiest person ever.” He said with the biggest smile on his face you have ever seen.

“Really?” You asked now smiling really big as well.

“Really!” He exclaimed, “But you look really tired, so I think you should go to bed.”

“I think so too.” You said nodding. Suddenly, you felt arms pick you up and you shrieked. Fred was carrying you bridal-style up to what looked like the boys dormitories.

“Fred!” You exclaimed laughing.

“Yes?” He asked innocently. You rolled your eyes at him as he walked into his dormitory which was empty. “Here is one of my shirts, I’m pretty sure it will be long enough to cover your ankles, so I’ll turn around while you get dressed.” He said turning around.

“Yes, because you are a giant.” You said putting his shirt on, which went to your knees. You told him you had finished and you got into his bed, both lying on your backs.

“What does this make us?” You asked him yawning.

“How about I take you to The Three Broomsticks next Hogsmeade trip and we decide then?” He asked, grabbing your hand and playing with your fingertips.

“Sounds good.” You said turning over, so you were facing each other.

“Goodnight Y/N”

“Goodnight Fred.” You were now glad that you told Fred about your sudden feelings.

Binge Eating is a Must: Ron x Reader

**You are Harry’s twin in and you’re in Slytherin**

“Ugh Harry, I don’t want to meet your friends,” you were dragging your feet down the halls “I’m perfectly fine with my own group,” You insisted.

“Y/n I don’t want you hanging with with Slytherins, they’re bad you know that,” It was scary that you two were related, you were completely different people.

“Oh my god Harry am I not allowed to hang out with people from my own house?!” You were almost shouting, no one insults your friends. Not even your twin brother.

“Whatever Y/n, hurry up they’re waiting,” Harry rolled his eyes at you.

You walked into the great hall it was almost time for lunch and you were starving, as always. Harry dragged you to the Gryffindor table and made you sit down across from a girl with very frizzy hair and buck teeth and a tall freckled ginger.

“Hermione, Ron this is my twin Y/n,” Harry said smiling.

“Hi,” you said giving a small wave. The ginger who you assumed was Ron waved and Hermione gave you a toothy smile.

“Holy cricket, I’ve heard so much about you I’m so glad to finally meet you,” Hermione was beaming. “Would you like to sit with us for lunch?” She said with hope in her eyes.

“Sure why not, I’m totally starving I could eat a horse,” you said with a small giggle. Ron gave a loud obnoxious laugh.

“Yeah sure, I doubt you can eat a quarter of what I eat,” Ron said being to cocky for his own good.

“You would be surprised,” you flashed a devilish grin. “Wanna bet?” You questioned.

“Sure, I’ll win so why not?” Ron said proudly.

“Okay, the loser has to buy the winner something at HoneyDukes,” you said knowing it was an offer someone like him could never resist. “Harry and Hermione will be the judges, Deal?”


Once everyone got in the food started to appear on the plates in front of you. Everything from roast chicken to spinach ravioli, your mouth was watering.

“You two ready?” Hermione questioned.

“Yup,” you chirped.

“Obviously,” Ron replied with an annoyed tone.

“Ready, Set, Go!” Hermione shouted quite loudly. You grabbed four spoon fills of mashed potatoes, some ravioli, three rolls, two pieces of chicken/some pasta (if you’re a vegetarian), and finally a goblet of pumpkin juice. The two of you ate and ate until it was impossible to eat anymore. You were finishing off your 5th roll when Harry called time.

“Oh I totally ate more, look you still have food on your plate!” Ron pointed out (might I add obnoxiously)

“Yeah I do, because I just re-filled my plate you bloody idiot,” you rolled you eyes and waited for Hermione’s verdict.

“Sorry just finishing up the tallies,” Hermione admitted writing furiously. “Holy cricket, it is possible, Y/n you won!” Hermione looked about as excited as you felt.

“Wot?” Ron asked chicken about to fall out of his mouth.

“HA!!!” You yelled. You shouldn’t have been so proud of your victory, but you definitely were. Well, you were for about 5 minutes then you saw Ron’s disappointed face. You started to feel bad, why was he so upset…? “Ron… I’m sorry for gloating, what’s wrong?” You asked visibly worried.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” Ron got up from the table and ran off.

“Is he going to be okay?” You asked.

“I’m not sure… I’ll check on him later,” Harry said trying to reassure you.

“No I’ll check on him now,” you got up and ran after Ron. You had no idea why you were so worried, you had only just met him for heavens sake. You searched and searched until you arrived outside of the Gryffindor Tower entrance. There you saw Ron sitting against the wall with his head in his knees.

“Forget the password?” You asked softly as not to startle him.

“Why do you care? And yeah I did,” Ron responded.

“Really Ron, I’m terribly sorry,” you started to apologize.

“No, it’s not your fault,” Ron gestured to the space next to him, you came and sat down. “With five older brothers, I never won anything. Not one trophy, not one medal, not even a certificate.” Ron explained sadly. “So you challenged me I really hoped you would loose so at least I’d be good at one thing.”

“I think you’re good at a lot of things you know,” you told him smiling.

“Really,” Ron paused to laugh, “like what?”

“Well,” you turned to him and got a little closer, “You’re really good at making people like you,”

“Oh sure I’m good at making people fall in love with me and your the king of Franc-” You interrupted him by softly kissing his cheek. His face and ears turned bright red.

“I really truly like you Ron Weasley.”

“I like you too Y/n.”

“So You’re still buying me something from Honeydukes right?” You and Ron erupted in giggles.

“Of course.”

“None of this got on you?!? NONE OF IT?!”

Ruben and Rob Brightside from my upcoming comic project “Mr. Brightside’s Guide to Reading Minds” Which includes Gay characters, Bi characters, Pan characters, Fat characters, Characters of Color, Non-Binary characters interracial relationships and more! Stay tuned here for more news in the next few months in preparation for it’s July release!