my tweet is sarcasm

me: empty messages of support from cishet people are meaningless and do nothing to actually further the rights of LGBT people and i don’t need their validation to know my gender/orientation is okay

someone i admire: LGBT people deserve basic human decency

me: *crying* oh my god??? i can’t believe people actually give a shit about me?? like people actually care about us?? thank you so much oh my god you’re such a good person

I know I was supposed to draw a daily but

it’s almost midnight and I’ve been glued to the election results with the sort of horror and despair reserved for watching a train wreck in slow motion.

And as of right now, I have lost faith in America’s humanity and am losing the will to live.

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Hate me, idec

Alright i can finally rant anonymously and freely here. First of all i’m sorry if there’s some wrong grammar i mean…. english isnt really my first language.

I’m going to start my rants with the topic: EXO

To be very honest guys, i feel like this fandom’s getting boring. The jokes are getting so cheesy. They, exostans, keep putting some old jokes in their jokes and its fucking boring. The exostans itself…. ugh.

Please, sweethearts. Your oppas are not going to be famous if they weren’t in SM Entertainment in the first place.

I was an exostan before but i left the fandom for about…. a couple of months ago. My reasons? Up above. I repeat, the fandom’s getting boring as fuck. So i’m in this ‘fandom’ now(not going to spoil the fandom’s name coz i dont want to humiliate my own fandom). The stupidest thing i’ve ever saw is that B.A.P vs EXO thingy. C’mon let’s be honest guy, B.A.P is much more talented than EXO. EXO is nothing compared to B.A.P or even Bangtan Boys and Block B. EXO is popular because of their company, SM ent and their visuals. Sure, they got D.O, Chen, and Baekhyun who are very talented in singing. Kai who’s good in dancing. Chanyeol&Lay who are good in music instruments. But the others… hmm not so sure. Esp. Suho. We all know that he’s the one who’ve been trained for the longest time. But i don’t think his skills are improving. 

B.A.P though…. oh dear God…. WHY WOULD ANYONE COMPARE THEM TO EXO? JUST BECAUSE THEY DEBUTED AT THE SAME TIME? B.A.P is way over EXO’s league. B.A.P is what i call talented. I’m not a BABY to be very honest. But what i see, B.A.P has been doing a world tour/pacific tour concert and is deserved the world rookie award. From what i heard, their album is in the Billboard TOP WORLD ALBUMS CHART. No, really guys. For me, they FUCKING BEAT EXO. 

And exostans… uhh… 

I’m sorry if this offend you guys but… srsly, stop. Your jokes are cheesy. Stop.

I remember that time when i was still an exostan, i have this exo fangirl account on twitter. Remember that time when Crayon Pop ‘Bar Bar Bar’ beats EXO’s ‘Growl’ on Music Bank? You wanna know what some exostans tweeted? Most of them tweeted like this.

“Yeah let’s just give the ‘helmet girls’ the trophy. I pity them really haha”

And yes. It’s a sarcasm.

And guess what? One of my friend tweeted like that also.


Fyi, those girls were so underrated back then and have to do some kind of guerilla concerts to have some attentions. 


And why the fuck did i say that? Coz they’re in SM ent. That’s why.

Not that i hate EXO. I love their SONGS. But the EXO itself… idk. They’re boring. Enough said.

The last rant is about: f(x)

When i first know f(x), my bias was Krystal. But then when i heard about her attitude issue…. i fucking changed my mind. I was never really a big fan of f(x) coz uh… they’re pretty boring too. Really though, i realized not that the only member who puts too much effort in the group is only Luna. She hits the high notes and she dances pretty well too(despite on her appearance in SMTown Dance Parade 2/3 years ago). I love Luna. Not because of her face. I love her works. I love her for being a good singer and dancer, for being Park Sunyoung.

What makes me sad is that she’s too underrated. Her talents are shadowed by Krystal who… didnt seem to do a pretty job. 

To be very honest:

Krystal’s voice is annoying just like her sister

Her attitude is making me sick

She’s a maknae but doesnt even act like one

And all she has is that ‘pretty face’ with no talent at all

Sure i dont know Krystal that well. But her attitude issues? I can’t even… okay.

If she really is an innocent girl, SM should release some shits or make Jessica to apologize for her sister’s bad behavior/for being a bad sister.

I admit Krystal is pretty but she makes me sick. Seriously.

I’d just hope that SM will give Luna some spotlight. I love her so much :(