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All I’ve ever wanted is for someone to save me.

I know you’re all looking forward to Agent McCall’s interrogation of Peter in the next chapter of TWB, so …

“So, Mr. Hale,” McCall says, with a smug grin. “What is your relationship with Tom Stilinski?”

“Aside from being none of your business?” Peter replies. “We’re friends. I understand it’s probably a foreign concept to you.”

“Could you tell me how you two met?”

“Depends. Could you tell me how that’s relevant?”

McCall’s jaw tightens. “I’m the one asking the questions here, Mr. Hale. If you don’t intend to cooperate, just let me know now, so I can get a subpoena to compel your honest testimony.”

Peter waves this aside. “I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you tell me whatever cockamamie theory you’ve cooked up in that lizard brain of yours, I’ll poke a dozen holes in it, and then we can all go home?”

“You think you’re very clever, don’t you,” McCall says.

“Oh, I know I’m very clever,” Peter replies.


“I’ve gone to a bunch of auditions and I had a resume that had just a Youtube link on it with my videos and it was all I had. It was just these random videos that I made in high school. I started to toy around with a camera when I was like 10 and started to put videos on the internet when I was like 14. And [two years later] I got noticed by this woman in my town, and she happened to be doing this thing, a webseries called Sweety High, and it was so embarrassing because at this point I’ve been making these videos for a few years now, and my intent was never for anyone to see them. You would think that by putting them on Youtube I was trying to self promote but it was the last thing I wanted. But I guess I like the idea of having some kind of audience to play with and see what dynamics I could do and what sketches, and I came up with different stuff and whatever, I don’t know, it was just weird. You know, how I didn’t do my homework.”