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question would a static worm be able to kill alcor? Or would it just be very, very.. unpleasant

Alcor is notoriously difficult to kill. He might die if you punted him into the sun. On the other hand, he might just automatically gain enough power from the intense magic of the sun to survive, and not enough to escape the gravity well, and so be stuck in there, burning, until it eventually exploded…

Let’s not punt him into the sun.

But no, a static worm would not be able to kill him, it would just kill everyone else.

Let me tell you about static worms.

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Commissioned from the ever-beautiful mynameisagent, who requested businessman!Stiles and tattoo-artist!Derek! It was a bit of a challenge to draw these two in a more realistic style, but I enjoyed how it came out! Please full-view to see a higher-res, and see the details you’ll probably miss out on!

My commissions are open again! CLICK HERE for commission info!

I just, I just fucking love the idea of Stiles building a new branch of the FBI. 

Like, he does his time in the trenches, he shuffles paperwork, he goes on missions, he takes down numerous bad guys. He’s a good, nay GREAT agent. But then something happens, someone of the supernatural evil persuasion comes on the scene and wants to take the world down. 

Stiles with all his supernatural knowledge goes to the director of the FBI and tells him, this is what he is and this is how we beat him. and because this has been going on for months Director Watsizname lets Stiles assemble a small task force to try his idea out. 

(Of fucking course Stiles reaches out to Derek to help, but I imagine the scene kind of like the one where Charles and Xavier try to get logan into the xmen and logan just goes ‘no’ and they leave him out of it.)

So Stiles gets like Argent and the Yukimauras, and beacon hills reunion am i right?

anyway… stiles and his task force work and get the guy, (there is an opposing task force also trying to get the guy, but they’re a human task force so they don’t know what they’re getting into.) and stiles and his little force of high school bffs gets the big bad and to reward him, Director Watsizmane gives him another case in colorado and Stiles gets a new partner and Stiles thinks it’s hilarious that he gets to roll around the country like fucking Sam and Dean Winchester to fix supernatural shit gone bad. 

That starts the construction of the Supernatural Affairs Division of the FBI (”Boss, our acronym can’t be FBI: SAD. that’s just… well.. sad…”) erm… the Supernatural Investigation Division? (”Now people will think my name is Sid or they’ll think of dying babies, do you want people to think of dying babies director?”) How about Department of Supernatural Affairs? FBI: DSA? Is that okay for you? (”DUDE!!! That is sooo much better!!!”)[Stiles goes around for days opening doors and yelling “FBI: DSA GET ON THE GROUND!!!” to his coworkers who have no idea what he is talking about]

the department is kept in the dark, theless people who know it exists the better. Stiles makes the code of the department” Nous protègons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protèger eux-měmes” for Allison. (and the fbi director and the president aren’t happy it’s french, they would prefer latin or something. but Stiles is firm that it needs to be french.)

The department grows slowly, only bringing in experienced agents who have already seen some questionable things while on missions. They work with Area 51 sometimes, other times they work with a supernatural version of liverpool. 

Soon, the DSA is big enough to warrant it’s own headquarters (”Stilinski, it’s not a secret lair” “Chief we have an airplane hanger mined into a mountain. It’s a secret lair,”) 

Derek, Stiles’ husband, helps out sometimes, but not too often, he’d rather stay at home and focus on his woodworking business or something.

and eventually, Stiles becomes the head of the DSA and he has a really cool office like Ice Cube’s in 22 Jump Street (as per his request (omg what a loser)). he’ll sit up in his office as he sees new kids, both human and supernatural, come into the secret lair for the first time and see how great it is. they stop many many supernatural attacks in america, but also worldwide. Derek brings him lunch sometimes.

this is his legacy, and when he retires, they put a bust of him in the hall of fbi fame and another in the DSA headquarters. 


Teen Wolf AU: Where Lydia is awarded the Fields Medal and lands on the cover of TIME, where they do a piece on her accomplishments and personal life.


SterekReverseBang 2017

Titel: Dancing On Blades

Author: @tryslora

Link to Fic : AO3

For my second contribution to the Sterek Reverse Bang I had the honor to work with @tryslora. She created a wonderful fic for this gifset. I can’t thank her enough.

My first art contribution to the SRB was posted on June 8th  and  June 29th.

Nine To Five (Part 8)

Pairing: Father!Stiles x Reader

Warnings: Mention of mental illness - I did try skip around the subject but I wanted to focus a little on Malia and what happened between her and Stiles.

A/n: I love this part, I don’t know if it’s because I love Malia or the development of Stiles and y/n’s relationship but, *que sigh* I just love this story. Sometimes I wish someone else wrote it so I could read it over and over, but do you ever get when you read your own story and you just cringe???

Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

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There were three moments in Stiles’ life where his ex-fiancé made his life ten times more complicated. Times when Stiles really had to ask himself; what did he see in her? It was common knowledge that he was a down to earth, kind hearted man - what on earth made him choose her out of every other girl that he went to high school with?

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