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Teen Wolf AU: Where Lydia is awarded the Fields Medal and lands on the cover of TIME, where they do a piece on her accomplishments and personal life.

“Adagio” read here

YOI ballet au

I don’t want to spoil too much but I actually wrote this fic based on my own personal experiences I’ve had with ballet and I’ve enjoyed writing it so I hope y’all like it :D

It’s a WIP rn but I have the rest of the story outlined and hopefully will be updating every few days 

tw for eating disorders



Oh, did you think you were going to have to wait ages and ages before Part 2? Don’t worry fam, I gotchu.  ;)

Forgive me if the dialogue is overly cheesy, I’m not really a writer.  ^^;

(Headcanon: Nino loves Alya’s floofy hair, and will often subconsciously pet it or find himself running his fingers through it, especially while cuddling or when offering comfort)

P.S. WHY did I decide to make Alya’s shirt plaid, AUGH!!  Such a pain to draw!



British Invasion | 6

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes:  [As always the text in italics are flashbacks & Please check the tags for any trigger warnings.] 
Chapter Five: “Mr. Perfect.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
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“We should totally go out for wrestling.” Zay says offhandedly, throwing a baseball in the air as he laid on the floor of their room.

It was a month into their sophomore year and the two boys were trying to decide which sports teams to try out for since freshman year was a flop. Last year they both got killed during football tryouts but they did manage to get a spot on the baseball team, even though it was just junior varsity. Lucas was determined to find a sport he was good enough for, especially now that a certain pretty brunette was across the pond. He needed something to distract him. He needed something to take his mind off Riley and what better way to do that than some healthy competition?

“Seriously?” Lucas crinkles his nose. “Wrestling?”

“What’s wrong Mr. Perfect? Scared everyone will see your junk in those oddly skintight jumpsuits?” Zay teases. “Come on man, you’re strong as a horse, remember? Put that to good use.”

“I guess so.” He shrugs, leaning back in his chair to shake hands with Zay. “Looks like we’re trying out for wrestling.”

“You invited Farkle?” Lucas questions as the three boys approach the gymnasium where tryouts were being held. “If I blew hard enough he’d fall right over.”

“Hey!” Farkle smacks him on the arm, “don’t mistake my slender figure for weakness, my friends. I’ve got muscles baby don’t you worry.”

“Oh yeah?” Zay laughs, “Where are you hiding them?”

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just another sterek pic of them doing stuff before going to sleep that nobody asked for but that i still drew bc i need to relax or othervise school will drive me insane ;__; (drawing this and not doing stuff for school might be the biggest reason why i’m runing out of time and panic but THAT’S NOT THE POINT :’D!!)


The children r suffering. heres a thing i made this morning !!!!

Castle Ficlet: White Fences 1/1

Warning: Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage

White Fences

Post 8x22, Angst/Tragedy, (possibly AU)

Although this is short, I’m putting it entirely behind a cut to make it easier for anyone who doesn’t want to read mentions of a sensitive subject to scroll.

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Love and Manuscripts (14)

This is it guys! I really loved doing this fic and I’m so grateful to everyone who’s stayed to read it all. Thank you for being patient with me <3 Previous chapters are here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


Simon fixed his tie nervously. Penny, for whatever cruel reason, had decided to tell them who was hired for the position together. Baz looked calm as ever except for the jittery tapping of his fingers on his leg. Penny stood before them with her lips pursed and her arms crossed over her chest. She regarded them shrewdly for a moment in silence.
“Something has changed between you two.” She said.
Simon felt his heart rate spike and then level out as he realized she had not been about to reveal who go the job.
“I’m sorry?” Simon asked.
“You two haven’t been fighting as much lately. And…I don’t know there’s just something there.”
“We’re dating,” Baz said, point blank.
Simon swung around and stared at him in disbelief. Baz rolled his eyes at Simon’s distress.
“What? It’s not like it matters. It won’t be considered interoffice dating now will it?”
Simon gulped. Baz was right, no matter what happened next, only one of them would be employed at this office. Simon supposed, given the circumstances, that Penny knowing about their relationship was the least of his worries.
Penny smirked.
“As it turns out, we don’t have a policy against office dating. As long as you keep things professional at work, we don’t mind.”
Simon nodded, barely paying attention.
“I say this because you two will need to keep that in mind going forward.”
Baz raised his eyebrow quizzically.
“We will?”
This time she broke out into a huge smile.
“Yes! Everyone who’s worked with you two has said it’s impossible to choose between the two of you. We want you both on for our editing team. I just couldn’t say anything until I got everything approved.”
Simon rubbed a palm against his face warily.
“Oh thank god,” He whispered.
Baz laughed and rubbed his back gently.
“How are you not more excited?” Baz asked.
“I am excited,” Simon explained, “I’m also just…very, very relieved.”
“You two start on Monday. For now, get some rest and celebrate. I’m very excited to work with you both.”
After shaking hands and dealing with some formalities they walked out of the building. As soon as they were at their cars Simon started laughing.
“What?” Baz asked.
“It’s just,” Simon said, “We put off being together…for so long…because we were competing for this job.”
Baz stared at him for a second and then he was laughing too, the afternoon sun glinting off his tan skin. He pushed his hair back and regarded Simon warmly.
“Simon Snow, what am I going to do with you?”
Simon strode forward and wrapped his arms around Baz.
“Buy me alcohol and food. I deserve to be pampered.”
Baz kissed him lightly and then laughed.
“So do I you prat, you wining and dining me as well?”
Simon pouted jokingly.
“But you have all that rich kid trust fund money lying around and I only just got my first real job…”
Baz rolled his eyes.
“Is this the kind of person I’ll be forced to deal with now?”
This time Simon was the one to kiss Baz, pushing his fingers greedily into Baz’s hair and enjoying the warm huff of his breath in his mouth.
“Yes. Get used to it.”
Baz nudged his nose.
“And why is that?”
“Because I’m going to annoy you for the rest of your life.”
“Hm…I like that idea…”
With that they separated and went to their cars, watching each other the whole time. Simon knew it was going to be a fun night, filled with too expensive champagne and over the top meals. And he loved it. Baz gave him a smirk as he pulled out his parking spot and indicated for Simon to roll his window down.
“Oh by the way,” Baz’s smiled slyly, “I plan to be the best editor at this company and I don’t play nice.”
Simon grinned back.
“Then we have another thing in common.”
With that Simon rolled up his window and followed Baz, knowing that no matter how many times they competed, the only prize they really cared about was each other.