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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

[I didn’t want to make this too lengthy since it’s 1:00 am in the morning. I can’t be bothered to make a detailed analysis for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo although I really wanted to express my admiration for it because I loved every bit of it.]

I have seen hype for this drama EVERYWHERE but as usual, I’ve never bothered to check it out. Now that I’ve started watching it (and already on the latest episode!), I can say that it’s such it’s exactly my type. How and why? I’ve never been much of a K-drama person, having W as the only drama I genuinely liked. I am extremely picky, if you haven’t noticed(cue the eye roll) Plus, this is a story between a weightlifter and a swimmer — that is not exactly appealing to me. But you see, the drama makes you feel so light-hearted but at the same time it doesn’t feel like the show slacks on the production and story just so it wouldn’t be too complex. It’s laidback without pushing it too much, so it shows you not just Kim Bok Joo and her budding relationship with Jung Joon Hyung, but also different depths of the characters that revolve in the story. As a matter of fact, it even shows you the side of the supposed rival, Si Ho, instead of making her look like a bad person without a reason just so the main couple’s relationship would stand out.
Each of the character’s personalities feel so realistic. The fact that they made characters like Jung Joon Hyung, struggling with PTSD, Song Si Ho, struggling with depression and eating disorders, and even the main character Kim Bok Joo sufferimg from the feeling of emptiness and hesitation may seem like a small thing to others but a very big thing to me. Although we belong in a completely different situation, them being athletes and me being the complete opposite, I experience the same problems, often feel like I have no idea what to do with my life, and have an eating disorder myself. Trying to overcome that is no easy job. Not only that, but it’s nice to see that real-life athletes get a representation of what they feel and how they may not seem as strong as they physically look. On the other hand, I also applaud Seon Ok and Nan Hee for being such strong women and for having great pride for their weightlifting skill. Although at times they may seem ashamed of it, they never gave up on it just because people told them weightlifting wasn’t for women. (I would also like to include how genuine their friendship felt like!)

All darker themes aside, as I’ve mentioned, it’s a drama you don’t have to think much about. The chemistry between Bok Joo and Joon Hyung, played by Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk respectively, will draw you in. It’s so natural and absolutely adorable. It’s cute and quirky without being too cheesy or pretentious. If you’d sum it up, their relationship is basically just these two college kids having casual banters, petty arguments, and crazy antics here and there with their friends and fellow college students. It’s like falling in love with your best friend, like the “I feel safe and carefree with you that’s why I like you” kind of way.

It’s definitely a recommend for everyone, especially for youths because I know you’ll be glad to have a show understand your struggles somehow, but at the same time make you stay up all night wriggling and screeching your butts off. It shows you both the beauty and the reality of youth. Can’t wait for episode 14!

Sherlock - The Final Problem

All in all, I really liked this episode. Sitting (or rather laying) on the edge of my seat, eagerly anticipating every scene. It was exciting and surprising. Appropriately, the Holmeses were standing out - Mycroft more so than John and for me that was good. As much as John is an integral part of Sherlock’s family, Mycroft was the one with most knowledge of Eurus - although knowledge does not equal understanding in this case. It was Sherlock, the “apathetic” one, the “logical” one, that finally reached out to her.
Ms Hudson’s scenes are always bomb, but that time when she was the only one noticing how Sherlock is fiercely driven by emotions was the most important. It was the remainings of his personality before Redbeard incident, I believe. Lonely, not knowing how to fit with the people - just like Sherlock was in S1 - Eurus called for help. However, instead of welcoming emotions and imperfections of being human; she intended to make herself a companion. Someone just like her, to escape loneliness - and someone that maybe, could just be able to show her the way. But how could a person same as her do that? If she, “all-knowing being”, couldn’t. Fortunately for Eurus, “programming” him did not last. Thanks to John. To Molly. Ms Hudson. Lestrade. The Woman. Mary. Unlike to whom she had been in touch with, amongst them Mycroft, personality-wise more like his sister although scared of her too.
This episode could have worked with Sherlock from S1 being in place of Eurus. Although he was free to go wherever and do whatever he pleased, he was being watched by his sibling. Imagine if she was given a chance like Sherlock had. Would it work the same? Might not have. Or it might have.
On some level, Sherlock was fighting with his old self, only that self was imposed on him by Eurus.
The way she tried to drown John, was either another cry for help or and attempt to make Sherlock even more like her. To be her bestfriend that she “never had”.
The Eurus-Mycroft-Sherlock relationship could be a metaphor to many issues as well. Maybe like it was said, Sherlock was not the smartest of them, maybe he could not outwit them. But he was NOT like them.
The first and final problem could be Redbeard, as it started and solved SHERLOCK, the detective we knew and loved. Ultimately, the story was all about a detective, the detective. Grand journey to own back his true self, awake emotions, empathy.

Now, as much as I enjoy this side of the episode, there were parts that did not fit as much. Turns out Moriarty was being “sent out” to haunt Sherlock by Eurus - which is okay. Maybe she saw herself in him and thought M would be the best person to convey her feelings. Maybe, but I need to rewatch past episodes for “clues”. Anyway, I wish that they included her in past episodes same as she was in S04E01. Imagine if she was actually involved in plenty of things, wearing a disguise. What I mean, it does not feel 100% planned from the beginning. More like 60% planned and 40% pulled-from-the-ass-on-coffeebreak. Just missing some fine tunning.

The other thing is the ending - was it needed to be rushed and to show us EVERYTHING? No. We’re all smart enough, thank you very much. (jk, it’s not about brains it’s about style): Having them go back to the ruined Baker St., talking, looking at it and just when they were meant to leave, A WILD CLIENT APPEARS and they cant say no. They are being pulled back without an “order” from deceased wife, but because they want it and it feels right. NATURALLY. 《cut to black》《credits roll》《to my mate a.c.d. (you know who you are) couldnt be here without xoxo》

Mention on Johnlock - there are as many versions of it as there are fans, so even if they went for it, it still would probably not please a lot of people. Leaving it a bit ambiguous and for the imagination is probably a good idea. Everybody will see what they want to see.

It is messy, I know. Yet I hope you managed to get something out of my rambling. Open for discussion if anybody was kind enough to read and feels the need to say something.

lilacandrain  asked:

1, 22, 24 & 25 :)

1. What did you do in 2016 that you’d never done before?
Most recently, I spent Christmas away from my family and with my boyfriend’s family. Pop culture tells me it should have been terrifying but it was the opposite. More here

22. What was your favorite TV program?
Mozart in the Jungle!

24. What was the best book you read?
I think it comes down to Cynthia d’Aprix Sweeney’s The Nest

25. What was your greatest musical discovery?
I’ve been really into Oh Wonder for the last few months, so them. 

Thanks for asking! 


HI GUYS after sooooooooooooo long and so much stress my video is finally uploaded! I really liked this episode but for whatever reason I was thirsty for more action. What do you guys think?

My reaction to S4E02 of Sherlock. I mean Johnlock feels amirite? I’ve never seen so many Johnlock moments in one episode and it was lovely. Mrs. H was amazing. John saved his boy ❤️. Mary seemed to have forgiven john? Or john forgave Mary and doesn’t see her anymore? SHERLOCK HAS A SISTA?! Holy shit. I was taken away by this episode.

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Watching with Fanfan: Shadowhunters

Season 02 - Episode 01: This guilty blood

No reviews on this blog for months, and we’re picking up the habit—though certainly not the same rhythm I had going last summer, I’m afraid—with a Shadowhunters review. I’m starting to think I might be part of this fandom, after all, even if it’s a fairly specific fringe of it.

Anyway, I know I never finished the detailed criticism of season one, mostly because I never really had enough time for it—and also because watching every episode once is far more than enough for my taste—but I have now watched the first episode of Season 2 and since I’ve been asked to share my opinion of it, I might as well seize the occasion to get back to reviewing things.

In this case, sadly—but unsurprisingly enough, if you know the show and what my problems with it are—there isn’t much good to be said.

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Итоги 2015 года

Уже по традиции создаю своеобразную годовую карту своего блога со всеми фильмами, книгами, новостями и так далее, чтобы самой выделить наиболее стоящие и важные вещи, увидеть прогресс/регресс и рассказать/напомнить вам о самом интересном.



  • Начала самостоятельно зарабатывать, хотя ещё недостаточно для того, чтобы полностью себя обеспечивать.
  • Впервые прокатилась на лошади.
  • Снова села на велосипед.
  • Начала учить испанский.
  • Стала крёстной.
  • Нашла новых друзей и единомышленников.
  • После того, как брат съехал, стала самостоятельнее.
  • Была занятой, как никогда.


Прочитала 25 книг и рассказов (на 14 больше, чем в 2014) - из них 7 на английском:

  1. Л. Н. Толстой Анна Каренина;
  2. Жан-Поль Сартр Тошнота”;
  3. Э. По “Чёрный кот”;
  4. Ф. Кафка Превращение”;
  5. Э. Хемингуэй “Кошка под дождём”;
  6. Э. Хемингуэй“Белые слоны”;
  7. Э. Хемингуэй “Дома”;
  8. Проспер Мериме “Кармен”; 
  9. Э. Гофман “Песочный человек”; 
  10. Г. Клейст “Махаэль Кольхаас”;
  11. М. Ю. Лермонтов “Демон”;
  12. Джин Вебстер Daddy-Long-Legs(”Длинноногий Дядюшка”);
  13. Линдси Келк I Heart New York”;
  14. Линдси Келк I Heart Hollywood”;
  15. Линдси КелкI Heart Paris;
  16. Теодор Драйзер Jennie Gerhardt”;
  17. Стивен Фрай Как творить историю”;
  18. Дэниел Киз Цветы для Элджернона”;
  19. Сесилия АхернThe Time of My Life”;
  20. Луиза Мэй Олкотт Маленькие женщины”;
  21. Луиза Мэй ОлкоттХорошие жены”;
  22. Кира Касс Отбор”; 
  23. Кира КассЭлита”;
  24. Кира КассЕдинственная” ;
  25. Дженнифер Нивен All the Bright Places”.


Посмотрела 84 фильма (на 18 больше, чем в 2014), из которых мне больше всего запомнились и понравились:

  1. “Невероятное путешествие мистера Спивета” (2013). 
  2. “Рапунцель: Запутанная история” (2010). 
  3. “В твоих глазах” (2014). 
  4. “Просто вместе” (2007). 
  5. “С любовью, Рози” (2014). 
  6. “Выпускной” / “Prom” (2011). 
  7. “Секс по дружбе” (2011).
  8. “Одержимость” (2013). 
  9. “Игра в имитацию” (2014). 
  10. “Как сумасшедший” (2011). 
  11. “Дикая” (2014). 
  12. “Я - начало” (2014). 
  13. “Отель ‘Мэриголд’: лучший из экзотических” (2011).
  14. “Отель “Мэриголд”. Заселение продолжается” (2015).
  15. “Остинленд” (2013).
  16. “Чем дальше в лес…” (2014).
  17. “Безумный Макс: Дорога ярости” (2015).
  18. “Джули и Джулия: Готовим счастье по рецепту” (2009).
  19. “Зачарованная” (2007).
  20. “Золушка” (1950).
  21. “Вдали от обезумевшей толпы” (2015).
  22. “Эшби” (2015).
  23. “Я, Эрл и умирающая девушка” (2015).
  24. “Ноттинг Хилл” (1999).
  25. “Гол!” (2005).
  26. “Играй, как Бекхэм” (2002).
  27. “Билли Эллиот” (2000).
  28. “Бойфренд из будущего” (2013).
  29. “Марсианин” (2015).
  30. “Головоломка” (2015).



  • первый и второй сезоны “Бруклин 9-9″;
  • досмотрела “Компьютерщиков”;
  • восемь сезонов Отчаянных домохозяек;
  • третий сезонMy Mad Fat Diary” ( “Мой безумный дневник”);
  • 4,5 сезонов “Неуклюжей”;
  • первый и пока единственный сезон сериала “Лондонград”.


Послушала около 60 отдельных песен и 14 альбомов (на 17 меньше, чем в 2014), из которых мне больше всего понравились:

  • Shawn Mendes “Handwritten” (2015). 
  • Taylor Swift “1989” (2014). 
  • Kodaline “Coming Up For Air” (2015). 
  • Imagine Dragons “Smoke + Mirrors” (2015). 
  • The Neighbourhood “Wiped Out!” (2015). 
  • Demi Lovato “Confident” (2015). 
  • One Direction “Made in the A.M.” (2015). 
  • Coldplay “A Head Full of Dreams” (2015). 


  1. “Explain things to me” (Anna Akana)
  2. “Ear Biscuits” (Rhett & Link)


Смотрела некоторые выпуски:

  1. American Idol
  2. КВН
  3. Was It Something I Said? 


Спасибо всем за чудесный год (а вы внесли в него немалый вклад). Я сейчас налью себе чашечку горячего чая, и сяду читать все ваши посты с итогами года и не только, буду вдохновляться и наверстывать упущенное. Надеюсь, вы проводите время замечательно, и вам будет о чём рассказать.

❆ Приятных каникул! 

Kingdom (tv show) 2014-

Genre: Drama Cast: Jonathan Tucker, Nick Jonas, Frank Grillo, 

So, this is my first TV show review, and since it is I thought I should review what I think is the most underrated TV show on right now, and I do not know if it because of the channel it is on or what but let me tell you if you are not watching this show yet you are missing out…

Kingdom is a show about a broken family that basically lives in the family owned gym. Two very different brothers played by Jonathan Tucker and Nick Jonas, are always training and always bettering themselves in the gym that their retired fighter dad, played by Grillo, owns. The show goes on to show you how difficult life is for the three. They all have very different kinds of struggles Jay, has a problem with addiction, Nate is battling his sexuality, and well Alvey is all kinds of effed up. But they always connect and always can count on the gym to make them feel like they are okay, or I guess feel like they belong. They show features many other characters like the boys mother and Alveys ex wife, who also deals with addiction, and characters like Ryan Wheeler, played by Matt Lauria, who well you will just have to see for yourself.

Now I know what you are thinking, Cassidy what do you mean? This show sounds like it has been done before, why do I need to see it so badly? And I honestly do not know how to explain it. The amazing acting mixed with the amazing writing just makes this show unbelievable. 

Jonathan Tucker :

Jonathan Tucker deserves every award out there. I have seen him in many of his movies, he is a good actor… but his portrayal of Jay is out of this world. He delivers such an emotional experience with every episode, and every scene.. he really makes you  connect and feel for his character. I promise you that when you watch this show, Jay will be your favorite character.

Yes, they really are fighting..

When they show the actors/characters in the ring, or training, or anything like that.. it is really them! I mean we all know Nick Jonas is ripped, because if you have followed him for the past couple of years, which I know you all have because who wouldnt, you know how big his muscles are.. so it was no surprise to find out he really does all the heavy lifting, but so does Jonathan, and Matt, and Frank, and everyone else.. and I dont know, that just blows my mind and makes me like this show even more. 

To the creator of Kingdom, thank you. 

I want to personally thank you, from all the fans all over for this show. Thank you for developing a show people can really, really connect with and feel like they can believe the show. 

Do yourself a favor, and watch this show. I am telling you, you will fall in love with it just like I did and everyone else I have made watch this. 

Honestly, I’m content with the ending.

Plotwise, it’s realistic. Anything else and we’d be saying that it’s a longshot. If the government can do all the shit they did to Danny, how would Alex possibly escape? You can only be so much genius. The whole mother thing is quite convoluted but I think it’s only there as some kind of explanation.

The real finale here is that we see Danny in control for once. He got smart (spy smart, I mean) about his actions and is exceptionally clever. He can call bullshit from a mile away and there’s not much that the government can do to him on the offense. He doesn’t succeed on is own but that’s because the government is exceptional at playing defense. But they can’t do things to Danny anymore. He’s grown up a lot since episode one and the finale really highlights that. I told myself I wouldn’t compare it to Criminal Justice, but I see the similarities in terms of artfully developing the character and letting the plot unfold with that development.

Overall, I am so grossly in love with Danny as a character and how we constantly got to see him grow. Not only do we see his growth from series start to series end, we’re consistently given hints into his past throughout the entire series, which allows us to see character development pre-canon as well. Basically we get to see Danny’s growth in two directions, which I think is very artful. 

If we look at it in the sense that we were given the story of Danny Holt, I think London Spy executed exceptionally well. 

Spoilerfree opinions on Shadowhunters...


Matthew Daddario IS Alexander fucking Lightwood. Holy shit. I have full and total confidence on all his future performances in this role to be honest. He had some very book canon Alec lines to deliver and he did them dead on. If this continues we struck gold with him.

Alberto has really impressed me with his Simon. I feel like this was one of the perfect castings. He has that quirky nerdy-yet-accidentally-sexy thing. Chemistry with Clary. I am feeling it.

Emeraude, so far, has really captured the essence of Izzy. She was very very sexy and still classy and confident and badass. I really look forward to seeing more.

Harry had little Magnus time, but I think he’s gonna do well. In the previews they have been showing us, we saw more of him so I think we’re gonna be just fine!

Dom… oh Dom I have faith in you. The show needs to give him more Jace lines of cockiness but the few he had seemed fine. I totally bought the larger-than-life hero complex from him. The writers just need to give him more of his book Jace lines.

Isaiah is gonna be a great Luke. The show itself has him written differently, such as being a cop (which we knew from the previews/news articles) but as a whole Luke seems to be, so far anyhow, as expected. And to be honest Isaiah is just so damn sexy in face, body, and voice, that it’s just a bonus.

There wasn’t enough Jocelyn for me to have much opinion on Maxim. But the screen time she did have was very maternal so that’s a plus.

Kathryn seemed to have the general concept of Clary. I think as the show progresses and we see more I can make a more informed opinion.

I am holding out my opinions on Valentine at this point.



Well they changed it from the books in many ways in order to make it screen worthy for television. And I am glad. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would totally watch a tv show that was 100% canon of the book… but then there would be no surprises either. I am fine with the subtle changes they have made, such as Clary turning 18 and trying to get into college. They have made major ones too. One of the biggest changes is Luke being a cop. Now I loved him being who he was in the books, truly. But him being a cop on the television show will give us access to potential story lines the books never covered. I like that. They can keep the essence of all the characters, and overall major character experiences/development while still mixing up the smaller plotlines to be more TV worthy.

I know that there are book-purists out there who are losing their minds over the changes. But please remember that book to screen, whether big or small, will always have changes.

If you are one of the people struggling to accept the changes, try to think of it this way: you are already invested in a world about Warlocks and Vampires and Shadowhunters… consider that this could be an alternate timeline. The books are the main world where those things happened, but then in an alternate dimension this is how things happen. I mean, it’s not a stretch really. You already believe in magic.

 TL;DR see the stuff in bold.. 

This is Steven Toast, played by Matt Berry in the under-appreciated comedy co-written with Arthur Matthews (from Father Ted) called Toast of London.

It’s a disorganised chronicle of the extremely silly adventures of a barely-working actor forced into all sorts of tawdry situations by his constantly threatening penury and his base appetites. Sometimes his soul manages to break through into his conscious mind, and when this happens, there is a musical number.

I’ve just finished watching both seasons for the second time, and it’s not getting old. it doesn’t make much sense, and sometimes the jokes aren’t very clever, but they don’t have to be, because it’s just funny.

These people are in a smart, gentle, funny sitcom about being foreign. It makes fun of Indians for being Indian and of Americans for being Americans, without being racist. It’s on NBC on Thursday nights and I like it a lot. So if you think we might have the same taste in things, you might like it too.


I’m glad to see I’m not alone in my nostalgic yearning for David Tennant’s Doctor Who. I’ve seen him pop up on my dash more and more frequently. Whether you know it or not, it’s because the current run of Doctor Who (which I would argue started with the awful Neil Gaiman episode - yes, I know everyone loved it, but “everyone” is wrong) isn’t very good. The fifth season was great, and the sixth season shows promise, but it hasn’t delivered yet. It’s not the cast’s fault either; it’s the writing. Neil Gaiman’s script was lumpy and bulged in all the wrong places, and there’s only so many fucking Let’s Rescue Amy stories I can handle in one season.

Don’t take my word for it! Watch a season two episode - ANY season two episode - and notice how it blows the shit out of anything you’ve seen in the last three weeks. My hope for new Doctor Who episodes isn’t that they’re fantastic, or that they will wrench my heart out and put it back again in time for dinner. No, my hope for new episodes is that they suck a little less, and if what’s appearing on my dash is anything to go by, that’s an opinion forming generally.

tl;dr - Fuck, I miss David Tennant.


Here’s what I’ve been doing with my time, at least when my internet connection works. Clockwise from the top left.

1. Supernatural: “I’m going to hang up now.” A show about two brothers hunting down demons and other bad things. It’s a lot of fun. In this particular scene, Dean (one of the brothers) is giving Castiel (an angel from god) directions to where they are, but using his angel superpowers, he turns up instantly.

2. Modern Family: When some of the characters visited LACMA in Los Angeles in episode seventeen of the fifth season. I don’t know if that yellow string thing in the background is a permanent installation, but it was there when I made a YouTube about it.

3. New Girl: Prince sorts out everyone’s problems in episode fourteen of the third season. Zooey Deschanel is annoying, but everything else about this show is funny. It hasn’t run out of juice yet.

4. The Leftovers: Christopher Eccelstone’s preacher and a clown in a lift from the third episode of season one. You don’t see a lot of that. And if you’re expecting whimsy or any kind of humour from this show, you are wrong. The set-up is pure action/sci-fi, in that a bunch of people just disappeared. But the execution is slow, thoughtful and very sad, as people cope with their losses in different ways. Worth a look.

5. Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy: Tales From Painted Hawaii: The second series has been given a fancy subtitle, but it’s the same sort of thing as the first season. If you like Noel Fielding and you want to know what the inside of his head looks like, this is about as close as we’re going to get. He has successfully translated the radio format of The Goon Show to television. Before Luxury Comedy, the closest anyone came was Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

6. Psych: Bruce Campbell doing a star turn as a psychotic hypnotherapist in the ninth episode of season eight. The last season was basically a gift from the writers and actors to the audience, with whom they have engaged in a fashion uncommon among mainstream television shows. It’s genuinely sad that the show is over.


If you haven’t seen Too Many Cooks, do not read this. You are shooting yourself in the head. Please believe me. Watch it here first. Then come back for my witty, insightful and relevant commentary. 

Too Many Cooks is very difficult to describe, but I will try. It’s a short film which takes the form of the extended opening credits sequence for a fictional 1980s sitcom. There are a few very specific jokes (such as the perfectly reasonable, but laboured, stab at Wonder Woman and Dynasty), but the meat of the thing is the broad jokes and bang-on satire of everything our modern pop culture has become. The relentless self-reference and blatant signposting of all the irony might seem salient, but it’s part of the joke. 

  • We live in a world where Brian Williams and the senior NBC Nightly News reporters have been edited to make it look like they’re rapping the Snoop Dogg classic “Sipping on Gin and Juice”. 
  • We live in a world where an encyclopedia that literally anyone with an internet connection can edit is regarded as authoritative. You can tell because everyone has to keep telling you that it isn’t. 
  • And on this encyclopedia is a list of list of lists. which the site itself claims “may never be able to satisfy particular standards”.
  • We live in a culture that’s so filled with ironic sarcasm that Simpsons characters can’t identify sincerity when asked directly

Too Many Cooks is such a wonderful, all-encompassing response to this cultural implosion that I nominate we put it on the next satellite we send looking for alien life. They need to know that we are capable of much more than what they can pick up on their alien radio. 

If you’re curious about the only real mystery, i.e. how the thing ever got made in the first place, it got commissioned for the dead zone of the “commercial block” of the Adult Swim schedule and was filmed over three days in Atlanta, Georgia, with such little preparation that many of the names used are the actors’ real names


These three screencaps are taken from the disjointed crash of images that counts as an opening credits sequence at the start of every episode of sense8, the new show from J Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis. After you’ve seen it (the opening credit sequence) a few times, you start to notice that all of the images are taken from one of the eight locations in which the show is set, depending on which character we’re following: 

  • Nomi, a computer hacker in San Francisco
  • Wolfgang, a petty criminal in Berlin
  • Lito, a closeted homosexual actor in Mexico City
  • Sun, a martial arts expert in Seoul
  • Riley, a DJ who divides her time between London and Iceland
  • Kafius, a bus driver in Nairobi
  • Will, a cop in Chicago
  • Kala, a chemist in Mumbai

Each of these people follows his own story, full of frustrated desires, suffering, and sometimes redemption. I nearly stood up and cheered at the high point of Lito’s arc in episode ten and I am not in the habit of cheering on my own in a darkened room. 

The push behind the show is that these eight people - these “sensates” - are telepathically linked, and can call upon each other’s skill sets when needed. It takes a while for them to get the hang of it, but once they’re fluent, they’re in and out of each other’s heads all the time, fighting hand-to-hand or hacking computers or stunt driving from thousands of miles away, using someone else’s body. 

It’s a credit to the writers and directors that this never once becomes confusing. They set up a visual representation of telepathy fairly early on which makes it absolutely clear who’s doing what and where. 

There’s a big bad guy, of course: a doctor who wants to shut them all down. I’m not entirely sure why. It’s implied that there is some risk to the general human population if these humans with enhanced abilities are allowed to walk around, but they’re never shown doing any real damage (except in their own defence) and they seem harmless enough. Maybe it’s going to turn into a Marvel Civil War scenario. I don’t know.

All I know is that I’m looking forward to the next season. I’m generally in favour of new and interesting and creative art forms. This could be a completely new way of looking at how television shows work. Why not? Give it a chance. It’s on Netflix now.

Yes, that’s two beardy guys sharing an ice cream in the screenshot above. I like that they put it in the opening credits, so you know to switch off if you have a negative reaction to it. This is not a “gay” show, but it’s a show with lots of gay in it. You get to see two guys banging each other, but you get to see two girls banging each other too, so it all balances out.

If you are familiar with this blog, you will have heard me say before that if Straczynski’s name is on something - anything - just watch it. This is further demonstration that I was on the right track.