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My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x23 "Lian Yu"

Last thoughts of the season, dearies. Can’t believe it, but here we are. I liked this season finale. At lot. It’s not better than season 2 finale, like someone said, but pretty good. Even with that cliffhanger, for me it didn’t take points of it, not really. Much better than season 3 and 4 finales, that’s for sure.

Now my thoughts of it in detail. Let’s do this…

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

[I didn’t want to make this too lengthy since it’s 1:00 am in the morning. I can’t be bothered to make a detailed analysis for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo although I really wanted to express my admiration for it because I loved every bit of it.]

I have seen hype for this drama EVERYWHERE but as usual, I’ve never bothered to check it out. Now that I’ve started watching it (and already on the latest episode!), I can say that it’s such it’s exactly my type. How and why? I’ve never been much of a K-drama person, having W as the only drama I genuinely liked. I am extremely picky, if you haven’t noticed(cue the eye roll) Plus, this is a story between a weightlifter and a swimmer — that is not exactly appealing to me. But you see, the drama makes you feel so light-hearted but at the same time it doesn’t feel like the show slacks on the production and story just so it wouldn’t be too complex. It’s laidback without pushing it too much, so it shows you not just Kim Bok Joo and her budding relationship with Jung Joon Hyung, but also different depths of the characters that revolve in the story. As a matter of fact, it even shows you the side of the supposed rival, Si Ho, instead of making her look like a bad person without a reason just so the main couple’s relationship would stand out.
Each of the character’s personalities feel so realistic. The fact that they made characters like Jung Joon Hyung, struggling with PTSD, Song Si Ho, struggling with depression and eating disorders, and even the main character Kim Bok Joo sufferimg from the feeling of emptiness and hesitation may seem like a small thing to others but a very big thing to me. Although we belong in a completely different situation, them being athletes and me being the complete opposite, I experience the same problems, often feel like I have no idea what to do with my life, and have an eating disorder myself. Trying to overcome that is no easy job. Not only that, but it’s nice to see that real-life athletes get a representation of what they feel and how they may not seem as strong as they physically look. On the other hand, I also applaud Seon Ok and Nan Hee for being such strong women and for having great pride for their weightlifting skill. Although at times they may seem ashamed of it, they never gave up on it just because people told them weightlifting wasn’t for women. (I would also like to include how genuine their friendship felt like!)

All darker themes aside, as I’ve mentioned, it’s a drama you don’t have to think much about. The chemistry between Bok Joo and Joon Hyung, played by Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk respectively, will draw you in. It’s so natural and absolutely adorable. It’s cute and quirky without being too cheesy or pretentious. If you’d sum it up, their relationship is basically just these two college kids having casual banters, petty arguments, and crazy antics here and there with their friends and fellow college students. It’s like falling in love with your best friend, like the “I feel safe and carefree with you that’s why I like you” kind of way.

It’s definitely a recommend for everyone, especially for youths because I know you’ll be glad to have a show understand your struggles somehow, but at the same time make you stay up all night wriggling and screeching your butts off. It shows you both the beauty and the reality of youth. Can’t wait for episode 14!

My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x22 "Missing"

All I can say is ASDFGHJMNNBGFF!!! *squeals* I think that’s eloquent enough to express my opinion about this episode.


The birthday man!! OMG! He was so freaking adorable unsure if he had a date or not with Felicity. I wanna know of who was the idea of leaving the door open for him to enter. I mean, do you even know the guy you’re dealing with? And not just him! If i go someplace and find the door ajar, I get suspicious. I don’t know why they didn’t go with something more normal as in he ringing the doorbell and Felicity telling him is open. That was it. Oliver would’ve gotten in relaxed and happy and Curtis wouldn’t have ended on the floor. Just sayin’! (Side note: WOW! i love the shoutout to @lordmesa-art and the cake. It was awesome!!) Anyway, he was so happy celebrating his birthday. Pity that the joy lasted so little, damn it!

Oliver killed me with all his fatherly pride. First saying that William is the purest part of him and then calling him his boy. Oh gosh too many feels

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And so recently, I’ve gotten myself into Norwegian teenage hell (heaven?) – Skam.

I was scrolling through my Twitter and once again, I discover something that’s invest-my-whole-fucking-life material. So before anything else, I just want to say: “Fucking hell, Skam is so beautiful.”

For those of you who don’t know, Skam is a Norwegian coming-of-age TV show that is centered on different main characters for each season. (If you’re wondering: yes, the seasons are connected with each other. Same characters, same universe, different main.) The first season follows Eva, the second Noora, and the third Isak (who were both introduced Eva’s close friends.) I think this concept is actually pretty clever. It emphasizes the fact we all feel like the main characters in our lives (obviously) and feel like everything is thrown to us whenever we experience problems. What we’re sometimes unaware of is that we only play as side characters in other people’s lives, moreover someone close to us. What do they feel about us? What role do we play in their lives? It’s interesting how the personality and vibe of each main changes when the…main changes (Sorry for the redundancy).

The opening sequence to the first episode was straightforward, and in my opinion, letting the audience immediately cross out what I’ve mentioned above. It is not just ’that’ show. As the show progresses, it just gets better and better. Sure it doesn’t involve major conflicts where you have to find out who the killer is or the main character finally accepting his fate as The Chosen One™,  but it reels you in. The shots, the dialogue, and the story in general that may appeal tedious if you don’t look at the minor details. The authenticity of this show is what makes it special. The camerawork (and the cinematography in general), was especially my favorite. I found the camerawork rather awkward and shaky but later on I interpreted it as a way of making it seem like the audience is actually watching the events happen with their own two eyes. Another thing I’ve noticed is how there are these times where they focus on a character making a certain expression that lasts longer than usual. It was super awkward at first but it’s just so fascinating how it imitates the way the expression of doubt, the little breaths, gazes, blinks, and gulps when we try to process our thoughts. I’ve also heard that Julie Andem, the creator of the show, casted actual teens who have no experience in acting whatsoever(?) Oh, and their official website releases clips of episodes released in real time. A timestamp is shown in an episode to indicate this. Example is when a timestamp shows that it’s Sunday, 1:00 PM, both the setting of the show and the release of the clip are the same. (They even have their character Instagram accounts, for fuck’s sake.)

Another thing I loved about Skam is that in contrast to the whole upperclass, utopian-like lifestyle and carefree vibe the show promotes, it tackles on social issues such as racism, sexism, and various political issues. Not just that, but its subtopics. Never have I seen a show where they discuss Islamophobia and internalized homophobia and misogyny. The thing is, they don’t just parade these issues around to gain the title of being “woke” , but rather actually educating people of their ignorance (which is rare in American and Philippine television, let me tell you.) Skam has captured both the gritty nature of reality - acknowledging the struggles teenagers go through and the prejudice the minorities face but at the same time showing us how to accept this and live in the moment. It’s a show that has great character development and at the same time sheds some light to major issues we tend to neglect or be unaware of.

It’s too good to be fucking true. We do not deserve this gem. Where else can you find a good show like this? Damn you, Norwegians.

Occurrence Reports

That was

the most depressing TV finale I have ever seen.

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Samurai Jack Season 5 Ep 7 “XCVIII” review

[My other Samurai Jack reviews here]

Jack must go on a spiritual quest to reclaim his sword while Ashi defends his body from the forces looking to kill him. All in a major turning point for this season of Samurai Jack.

[Full review under the cut]

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Rhetorical Ink Reviews: Twin Peaks, Season One “Pilot.”


So, my friends have always recommended Twin Peaks for me to watch, and with the new “season” coming out on tv, I thought I would watch the original series for the first time (plus it’s free on Amazon Prime) and see what all the fuss was about. So, indulge with me as I offer…

My Top Ten Thoughts on Twin Peaks, Season One - Episode One:

10. I definitely get a Fargo feel from this episode already; I wonder if all 90′s shows had this same feeling, especially those that somewhat satirized the popular soap operas and prime time television shows that plagued that decade.

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9. Man, for a dead body, Laura Palmer looks pretty “done up”…like she just has on some purple glitter and lavender lipstick. Is that satirizing dead bodies on shows, though, or just a sign of the time? In any case, the whole “dead body” showing up is an interesting start for a show, and well-played out here.

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8. I really like the set up of all of these characters so far in this episode; Poor Andy, you instantly feel for him and the Sheriff…and that older man that finds Laura’s body! His supposed “daughter” is very suspicious from the beginning, though…hmmm….

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7. It’s a little hard to place the time period at first; by the time we see the diner for the first time, though, and you see the plastic earrings and fuzzy, curly ponytails, you know it’s the 80′s. It’s funny, because the show is set in the “present,” but watching it for the first time now, it’s harder to tell because it’s not “stereotypical” or “retro” 80′s…there are flashes of previous decades’ style sprinkled in with what was current. It’s more like the show Roseanne when it was originally on, where it’s just the modern time when the show was filmed and not trying to “appear” like that time period.

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6. Donna Hayword and James immediately look SUPER suspicious upon realizing Laura’s dead. I mean, Donna’s sad…but…also, that Horn woman is suspicious too…everyone is suspicious. That’s my conclusion so far.

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5. Bobby is friggin’ every 80′s punk kid in detention, and I’m not really on board with this actor. I can’t figure out if he’s just a bad actor or if that’s the subtle joke…but then, nothing is too un-serious yet. Also, this soundtrack in the scene where they first interrogate Bobby has to have been in Not Another Teen Movie…or any teen film from the 80′s; just saying. SO many Breakfast Club vibes. ALSO also, Bobby was totally cheating on Laura with that girl, Shelley, from the diner, right?! So there’s that.

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4. So, Josie Packard and Catharine are clearly at odds…I’m not sure how Josie got control of the mill or how her and Catharine are related or know each other, but there’s clearly some mystery here…and I’m intrigued! We do find out later in the episode about Josie’s origins and how her late husband’s sister hates her…still interesting to see how their story unfolds.

3. Speaking of INTRIGUED…what the heck’s up with the girl walking on the road, having escaped from…something!? And a woman with an eye patch in the next scene? Things are definitely starting to take a turn into the strange…

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2. The FBI Detective Dale Cooper’s intro is a lot of fun; I have a feeling I’m going to like his character. His entrance and once he gets involved with the case, it all makes everything instantly more mysterious and fascinating! A potential serial killer? Neat! Also, his Cooper’s seriousness and curiosity at every small detail is delightful.

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1. There are so many questions brewing just based on this first episode: He seems to have liked Laura; saying she was “the one.” Why are Mike and Bobby such pricks? Will Andy not cry at a dead body? I don’t think James is the killer, so what part does he play? And what about this business with Bobby killing someone? What is with the abandoned train? What does “Fire Walk with Me” mean? How do Johnny and Audry fit into the story? Why is Leo creepy? Why is Shelley still with him? The pirate patch woman is being cheated on too? Why? Did Dr. Haywood really seem okay that Bobby is the “driver” and clearly drunk? What was up with Bobby and Mike barking at James? Holy crap! Josie is with the Sheriff?! And Catharine is talking to a mystery man? Why do I find those doughnut stacks so hilarious?! Is this show going to be funny or keep on the super dry side? OR FRIGGIN’ SCARY?! Like what was that ENDING!?

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I’m actually really into this show already; the characters, the place, the style and story line… I am really excited to watch this season! Onto the next episode!


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I hope you enjoy.

“This drama will not be about two friends falling in love, they’re already in love, but they have loved each other for so long that they don’t know the difference between the two feelings, because in their case i don’t think actually have a difference, their romantic feelings is an extension of their friendship. They’ve been dating for years, they just never noticed.”

Samurai Jack Season 5 Ep 6 “XCVII” review

[My other Samurai Jack reviews here]

On her journey to find Jack, Ashi has several encounters with the people he’s helped. It’s a journey through the past that’s a nice reflection on the legacy of Samurai Jack and its titular character.

[Full review under the cut]

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My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x21 "Honor Thy Fathers"

Let me start saying that I really love this episode. I’m glad that we got some answers to our old questions and unresolved mysteries. Let’s get into it.


This was another emotional episode for Oliver, where the last traces of the past are undisclosed, and therefore, they can be left behind. Was hard to see that at first, Oliver didn’t wanted to consider the possibility of Robert being a killer, but he is right in one thing. His dad was not a cold-blooded killer. It’s true that Robert killed a guy and got involved in the Undertaking, but killing that councilman was never his intention. And he tried to stop Malcolm when he found out that the idea was to level The Glades. Yeah, he was no saint, but Clayborne was much worse. The guy made people sick (and essentially killed them) to make profit. I can’t put them both in the same level.

I get why he didn’t want to watch see what was in the drive. Deep down, Oliver knew what was in there it wasn’t good, but fool of him to think that Thea was going to stay put and not check it out.

And I LOVE that he heard his wifey and put his suit back on!! and then he used the same words she told him with Thea!


So good to have her back! But poor girl! She just returned and the first thing she finds out is that the only parent she thought was “good” killed someone. And how’s that about she wasn’t with Roy?!! Why do they want to destroy my dreams?!

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TV Reviews: Thirteen Reasons Why

This… was a tough one to get through.

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I read the book by Jay Asher when I was 15 and fell in love, so when I heard there was going to be a Netflix series, I was all aboard and excited. But that quickly switched to concern as the criticisms came out almost immediately. I was still willing to give the benefit of the doubt and maybe some good would come out and… well, let’s start with the story.

Heads up that there may be some slight spoilers, but just in regards to discussing the graphic content of the later episodes. I’ll keep it as vague as I can, but it’s something that still needs to be talked about. If you’re still concerned about content and if it’ll trigger you, I hope this is extensive enough. And I will make a separate post for major spoilers

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How I met your mother finale - My review in gifs

I can’t express with words (well only a few: WTF? bullshit, fuck you writers…) what I saw yesterday so I will express my emotions with gifs…..

1.- Barney and Robin are divorced

2.- Robin pushes her friends away including Lily

3.- Robin confesses that she should have ended up with Ted

4.- Barney comes back to his old ways after all the development of his character through several seasons

5.- Barney matures in a heartbeat seeing the face of her daughter

6.- Tracy aka The Mother gets sick and dies

7.- The old Ted finishes the story and the kids don’t give a crap about her dead mom

8.- Ted is asking for his kids permission to bang again their aunt Robin

9.- Ted steals again the blue French horn and comes to see Robin. They end up together

The heartbreaking thing about “Robomechabotatron” as an episode, actually, is that you really do want the teams to get their act together and pull off some sort of tandem victory, and if you’re looking at Wander Over Yonder purely in light of what it is at present–that is, a show consisting of two seasons–the failure of their effort doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than to bum everybody out.

But if you’re imagining a third season to follow up the current one–a third season which would consist largely, if the creators are to be believed, of similar interactions between the four leads–it’s actually good writing. Tempting as it might be to offer the instant gratification of the promised “giant robot battle,” it would leave the remaining arc with nothing to strive for. The four have gotten to the point where they’re willing to work together under duress–that’s what this season did–but there’s still a considerable imbalance and they don’t sync up the way they should. The harmony Wander strives for is within sight, but not within reach. And an episode in which the four try and fail to pilot a Voltron-style robot together is the perfect way to simultaneously highlight how far they’ve come (can you imagine this kind of teamwork even being on the table in Season 1?) and how far they still have to go. It’s a lousy pre-series-finale episode, but it’s a BRILLIANT pre-Season 2 finale episode.

TL;DR: #SaveWoY so that “The Robomechabotatron” makes sense.

It’s that time! When my favorite TV shows are coming back:

American Horror Story: Hotel

October 7, 2015 on FX at 10/9c

Bates Motel

Returning 2016


September 23, 2015 on FOX at 9/8c

How to Get Away with Murder

September 24, 2015 on ABC at 10/9c

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

November 8, 2015 on E! at 9/8c

Once Upon a Time

September 27, 2015 on ABC at 8/7c

The Royals

Returning in November


September 24, 2015 on ABC at 9/8c

Sleepy Hollow

October 1, 2015 on FOX at 9/8c

The Walking Dead 

October 11, 2015 on AMC at 9/8c


Fear the Walking Dead

August 23, 2015 on AMC at 9/8c

Scream Queens

September 22, 2015 on FOX at 8/7c

If you have any dates or times that I am missing, feel free to message me!