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oh wow! and can I ask you how you do it? I just try to get into it, but I have no idea how!

aww well i can try haha ^^ (also i use a tablet in case you didnt know)

so huh here is the process of my most recent drawing which isnt even half finished but maybe you can visualize the steps better this way? truth be told this is the first time i use this technique for a drawing i usually do things a little differently

here is a process of an older drawing

but yeah basically first i always try to find a picture that i like for reference here is another example :

its very helpful for the anatomy and the LIGHTNING because i have bout zero theoretical foramtion and i lowkey do everything how i feel it hoping for the best lol so having a good base picture is NICE

now on the first gif you can see i started by the colors, its whats commonly called a photostudy i think but im a bit of a amateur so idk for sure, but usually i do the lineart first (like on the other one and basicaly all my older drawings) 

then i usually add a flat color for the skin and hair, do the eyes and lips and start adding shading and lighting and all that mess (not necessarily in that order)

the tricky part i guess is to go from this to this :

idk if im going to be able to explain this lol but its basically the same thing for both so huh its a mix between the eye dropper tool and the paintbrush tool on low opacity (30% ish)

basically i set my tablet pen so that one of the button activate the eye dropper tool (alt on the keyboard) and just start blending the two colors i want and continue for hours to get the colors the way i want 

here is a quick little gif to illustrate idk if this helps? or if any of this makes sense lol but yeah thats how i color using the reference picture to base where i put my shadows and all that 

now i also have another type of drawing like these :

 where i use the photshop layer type like “multiply” and “screen” for the shading and add a lot of textures to give some effects (like on the dress on the right)

here is an AWESOME tutorial thats super helpful which teached me this technique 

aand also here is a post where i answered a similar question with more links maybe !

ok so thats all i can think of rn ?? i hope this helps !! sorry for the long ass post tho

How to: make the same psd work on two different scenes

This tutorial has been asked by a few of my friends and anons, how to make the same psd work on different scenes, when the said psd isnt working. Making gifsets can be a pain in the ass, especially when the psd isnt working the same on different scenes. I will show you how to deal with different colors.


we will learn how to go from this

to this:

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Art Tips: Motivation, Style and Life Drawing

I’ve had several requests for art tips so here are a few of my humble advice for studying artists.Depending on how far I get on this, I might make a few more.

Keeping yourself motivated

Artists often improve the most when they are passionate about a topic that gives them motivation to draw. However, certain genre and subject matters can be looked down as ‘not artistic enough’ or 'shallow’ which can cause artists to shy away from drawing what they really want to draw. Remember that any reason is a good reason to want to draw as long as your art doesn’t bear hurtful messages. Whatever the subject matter is, don’t let the others shame you into stop drawing. Try to find subjects or stories that interest you and seize every chance to draw when the motivation is there.

Don’t let style dictate what you can and can’t draw.

Having a personal style is great but it’s very easy to fall into the trap of using style as an excuse to avoid drawing what you’re not comfortable with. Style should be a tool that helps you and not something that restrict you from visually communicating your ideas. For example, if you like drawing in shoujo manga style, that’s completely fine but if that’s all you draw, chances are, you probably can’t draw realistic nose. This will most likely cause lack of structure in your short-handed drawings of a face which will then hinder the appeal of your drawings.  It’s not to say that all your character drawings should be anatomically accurate and be rendered realistically but even the simplest drawings should have a good sense of structure which can be trained by practising and learning the real anatomy.  

Life drawing! Life drawing! Life drawing!

One of the best way of practising everything from anatomy to visual story telling is by doing life drawings. Not just the ones that you do at a studio with a nude model but also doing quick sketches of people in a public space like a cafe or a subway. Try to keep a small drawing tools with you all the time and when you do engage in a life drawing, pick a topic that you want to focus on and practice your drawings around it. Examples of things that you can focus on during life drawing would be things like, gestures, expression, anatomy of clothed figure, folds of clothes, and etc.  

Softer tools like pencil and colour pencil can be great in practising structural drawings while harder tools like pen and markers are great for gestures and short-hands.

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hi, i wanted to let you know that your colourings are just so pretty. like how??? also, i saw your colouring tutorial and i was wondering if you'd be willing to make one focusing on hair? (like the recent shishio one bc black hair is hard to colour but you made it look so flawless?? it's totally okay if you don't have the time though)

ANON YOU FLATTER ME AJDHLA— and aahhh I am honestly actually really bad at colouring hair so I’m just ???? at this but I will try my best to make a good tutorial!!! 

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How to landscape / build parks in the Sims Games

In this tutorial I’ll tell & show you things like how to design a park / garden layout, how to use park furniture and plants and where to put them plus over all landscaping tips (sims related)

These things concern mostly about how to make your parks and gardens look more realistic but since no nature’s laws abide in sims you are of course free to discard this tutorial if you wish. 

This is made with sims 2 but the over all idea stands for sims 1, sims 3 and sims 4 as well

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