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@chaotic-inquisitor THANK YOUUUUU!!! (>//w//<) <3

La pasé muy genial ayer!!!! aunque al final del día ya no sintiera las piernas xDD cuando me bajé del bus apenas podía caminar x’D lo importante es que no perdimos la determinación y logramos llegar a la cima del cerro (;w;)9 La vista era hermosa ;w;

Gracias por todo! (>w<) <3

anonymous asked:

Any tips for drawing our fave Raul?

Sure! i have no idea how to do this but i’ll try my best

Ok, so let’s start by listing what you need to pay attention to:

Note 1) you might want to also add some forehead wrinkles. Note 2) eyes might appear grey sometimes? Notes 3) you might have seen those features better on another pic but i this one was my favorite so. but yeah def go check other pics and use refs when drawing. Notes 4) refs are super useful for drawing the different expressions also.

Now that you have that list in mind, let’s try to stylize this a bit:

aaand the key elements:

here’s my first tuto ever. hope i was of some help :’’’)

emmaswn  asked:

okay i have a question, everytime, i make gifs i find them too yellow-ish but when i try to remove the yellow emma's hair turns kinda white, so i was wondering if you have any tips you can give me?!

I made a tutorial HERE that might help you,

As for the scene in question, it is indeed, sometimes, a pain in the ass to color blonde because the skintone and the hair get mixed together, the key is, patience and be gentle in your settings, my colorings are in general made to suit Emma’s hair but here an example of how I change it, the last gifset I made was in fact, not so yellow but very much blue and red so I’m showing you an example with a different colorings

here’s the gif without anything + sharpen:

gif sharpened + psd:

as you can see, the scene is hella too red, Emma’s face is too red, her hair is not really blond but redish so UNDER the coloring, I added a selective color layer

and then voilà!

if you need anything else tell me!

tayismom  asked:

Hey so I saw your Bleachella photo edit and even your header in pink and THEY ARE SOOOOOO COOL!!! Can I ask how you did it because I tried to do ones?? (aka my header and it was really hard and mind loops sloppy af). Thank you, keep up the good work!

Thank you!!! Well, I guess you meant how I unput the background or something like that :) Mine is sloppy af too, I’m not really good at it so I’m probably not the right person you should ask this to haha but this is how I did it:

I use the quick selection brush tool and I select everything I wanted to keep (I’m sure you do that too, I mean that’s the obvious part).

Then I click on “Select” and I choose “Refine Edge”. And as you can see, here’s the result (and it looks awful): 

You can play with the settings until you get something you like (I added a psd btw that’s why the colors are different):

Then you can also pass your brush on her hair (the edges, like on this video) to make it better (it usually works to get a better result on the hair but not really in this pic). Anyway, this is it, you click on ok and you can add colors and all after that :) 

I hope it helps @tayismom :) 

anonymous asked:

I can make a gif but how can I make the oneyou posted Morgan and Emily gifs? 2 different gifs in 1 layer?

Hey dear, ok tutorial time:

from this

Gif A

and this:

Gif B

to this:

Gif C

So the frame is 245x245 px, it can be wider, larger of course, and each gif is 245x117, what you have to remembber is that the white transparent part of the gif (if you want one) has to be 10 or 11 px, then you do you math.

First do your usual thing when you do gifs: load screencaps, psd, sharpening etc… save each gif normally.

Now open a new frame (file>new)

choose the right size (245x245 here) and be sure to select transparent as background contents.

Reopen your saved gifs (A and B).

Select gif B, > select all frames, then copy frame, select the transparent frame and select > paste frames, paste after selection.

Now the gif B is positioned in the top part of the transparent background/frame, to position it on the lower part:

- select all frames, then select all the layers in the layer tab (right click> select all similar layers, then drag the gif on the transparent background/frame on the lower side.

Select gif A: - select all frames, copy frames.

Select the background frame (+ gif B now) and , select all frames (be sure you do that , or it won’t work properly) then paste frames (paste over selection).

Last thing to remember: make sure your gif frames from gif A and B are the same amount, here they’re both 28 frames.

And you’re done…

I hope it was understandable :/

Do message me if you have other questions ;)