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figured a good way to kick off takane month 2017 was w/ a screenshot redraw of the exact moment i fell in love with her

yall i had a dream that we got a clip from evens pov and it was the most beautiful thing ive watched

i didn’t sleep last night so neither did adrien sorry bud

22.08.17 / KananMari

I was in my class yesterday and we had to go through this whole responsibility on the internet presentation thing (the school has to do it for funding purposes according to my teacher). Somehow the conversation turned to what people watched online, and he started talking about finding a kid watching a lets play in his class, and when he asked the kid what it was, the kid said he was watching someone play a videogame. And my teacher asked the class yesterday, totally distressed, “is that a thing this generation really does????”  He looked so confused he’s just yelling “WHY WOULD YOU WATCH SOMEONE ELSE PLAY A VIDEOGAME INSTEAD OF JUST PLAYING IT YOURSELF ARE YOU REALLY THAT LAZY?” and someone said “yeah they’re lets plays.” The class proceeded to talk about game grumps, markiplier and jacksepticeye for a while while the teacher sat there in confusion. Then he said “Jesus Christ, what’s next, watching people watching people play something???” And some kid in the back of the classroom said “Sorry to break it to ya but that’s already a thing” and he yelled “W H A T” and someone else in the class said “yeah, reaction videos” and the rest of the class nodded in agreement and my teacher just looked so genuinely horrified and confused and after a minute of him standing in silence like this we all kind of got concerned and went quiet

About half a minute went by and we just heard him say really softy “"I should just end it now there is no hope for humanity” and there was a really uncomfortable silence and then he just fucking jumped up and told us to get choromebooks and do the assignment posted on his website and that was the last we heard from him for the rest of the day

Letharia Vulpina Pt 1

Season 3b Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,251

Warnings: Angst (Honestly, all Void!Stiles is going to have a bit of angst in it.)

   “Stiles?” I whispered, my voice weak as I watched him. A part of me hoped that even though I knew he wasn’t Stiles, Stiles’ urge to protect me would force its way through. Nogitsune smiled wider, though it wasn’t a real smile. It was the smile of evil, the smile of chaos, the smile of a demon.

   “Call me Void,” he chuckled.

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What They Found

Summary: Tag to “The Raid.” When Dean and Ketch go investigate the vampire hotel, they run into a familiar face.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Arthur Ketch

Word Count: 1480

Warnings: Angst, mild violence, passing mention of suicide 

Author’s Note: I had a “what if” moment and fell down a rabbit hole. Enjoy!

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“I checked the upstairs area. This place is a ghost town. You got anything?”

Even being dragged by your arms across from the hard floor of the hotel lobby, you recognize the gruff voice and cringe. It belongs to someone that you never thought you’d see again and someone that you’d never want to see you like this.

“Indeed.” Stiff, British asshole drops your limp body to the floor with a dull thud. “Found her hiding in the basement with the corpses.”

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I called my ex tonight. He hugs me from behind after I️ he dressed. We go downstairs watch some scandal he turns my face & starts making out make out more & more & he starts rubbing me slowly I️ start moaning, I️ get on top of him & we making out more until I️ start going down on him. we go into my room have great sex. After he lays on top of me as we sleep & talk he didn’t wanna leave he kept trying but was holding back he got up to try to leave but ran back to me and kissed me. He just left.😍

that’s less reflective on jedi and more about how Thor: Ragnarok is a really fucking great movie. yeah marvel aren’t very provocative thoughtwise and neither was george lucas but god DAMN are they entertaining, it’s why they’re ruling the cinemas while DC cry in a bucket. the only real dud they produced recently is spiderman homecoming.

The Worst Surprise (Pt. 4)

A/N It’s finally done! I present to you, the final part of The Worst Surprise. I hope ya’ll love it as much as I loved writing it.

Y/H/C- your color hair

Y/F/N- your first name

Y/L/N- your last name 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

   My green haired lover was lounging comfortably on my bed, the same look of pure rage that I had left him with still present on his face. I regarded him as if he were a wild animal as he slowly pushed himself up from my bed.

   “Oh baby,” he growled, “you have been a bad girl.”

   Never taking my eyes off of him, I cautiously lowered my gun and placed it on the dresser by the door. Pointing a gun at him when he was in such a bad mood would not do me any favors. Of course he noticed the movement, which triggered him to look me up and down. He apparently did not like what he saw, and let out another growl.

   J eyed my bare legs as he took a step towards me, “I should kill that boy for having his hands all over what belongs to me.”

   My eyes widened and my heart stopped. Shit. Shit. Shit. How long had he been following me? If J saw me dancing with James, then he probably saw me drinking too. Not to mention the fact that I went out in tiny shorts and a crop top.  

   Noticing my panicked expression he grinned, “Oh you thought you would get away with it? No, no, pet, you will be punished.”

   That got my blood boiling as I remembered Harley. Raising my eyes to meet his, I glared, “You can fuck other people, but I can’t?”

   He growled again and stalked toward me. Gripping my face in his hands, he smashed his lips against mine. I fought against the kiss, pushing at his chest in an attempt to make him let me go. It obviously didn’t work very well since he was a lot stronger that me, but after a few seconds he let me escape. As I took a hard step back, my wig got stuck on one of J’s many rings. It slid off my head, releasing my natural Y/C/H. J’s eyes seemed to be glued to it as it fell around my shoulders and down my back.

   “No, J,” I shook my head,  my hair dancing around me, “You don’t get to touch me! You don’t get to touch me after touching her.”

   My Clown Prince laughed shortly and raised a non existent eyebrow, “You’re mad at me?”

   I nodded, an unimpressed look on my face.

   “Baby girl, you shot at me and missed. You’re lucky to be alive; I’ve killed people for less,” he said through gritted metal teeth, “You have no place to be mad at me.”

   Scoffing, I crossed my arms, “I didn’t shoot at you. I shot at the bitch you were cheating on me with, and I didn’t miss. She’d be dead right now if it wasn’t for that damn glass.”

   Even though he looked perfectly calm, I knew that he was beyond enraged. In fact, his left eye, the one with a little J under it, was twitching. I had spent enough time studying him to know that a twitchy eye was a very bad sign. Normally when his eyes twitched, it meant that someone was about to die.

   “You don’t know what you’re talking about, Y/N,” he ground out, his voice shaking slightly with the effort to restrain himself.

   “Fuck that. In fact, fuck you. You’re an untrustworthy asshole, J, that deserves worse than just me running away.”

   Having been pushed to his limit, J raised his hand as if to backhand me. My mind immediately went back to over a year ago, to our first fight. It was the only time he had ever hit me, the only time he had even raised his hand against me. The slap had knocked me to floor, causing me to hit my head on the side of his desk and loose consciousness. When I had woken up,  he wasn’t there. I found him in his office, sitting against his desk with a bottle of liquor in his hand and tear stains on his cheeks. He told me he couldn’t loose me, and promised that he would never hurt me again.

   With fresh tears in my eyes, I met J’s angry glare and repeated the exact words I had said to him then, “Hit me and loose me forever. I will not be your new Harley, and I will not stand for an abusive relationship. Hit me, and even if you lock me away for the rest of my life, I will never love you again.”

   J’s gaze immediately softened as he dropped his hand to his side. He knew that he had struck a nerve, and he quickly tried to fix his mistake before he pushed me too far.

   “Baby,” he said in a soft voice that was quite uncommon for him, “you know I would never hurt you.”

   Now that I was no longer in mortal danger, the events of the day caught up to me and I was suddenly extremely exhausted. Leaning against the doorframe beside me, I shrugged and gave him a tired smile, “J, you already did.”

   My clueless Mr. J seemed to finally realize the damage he had caused as a crestfallen look overtook his beautiful face. He didn’t know what to do, and he didn’t receive any clues from me. After a few moments of just staring at me with a sad expression, he finally decided to pull me into a hug. Too tired to fight it, I allowed him to embrace me, in turn wrapping my arms around his torso and burying my face in his chest. I inhaled his wonderful scent, and for the first time in two weeks, felt my whole body completely relax.

   “Why did you do it, J?” I asked, my insecurities beginning to emerge in my tired state, “Am I not good enough for you anymore?”

   J growled and pulled me tighter against his chest, “Don’t say that. You are perfect, I would never want anyone else.”

   “If you really thought I was perfect, you wouldn’t have kissed her,” I grumbled quietly against his chest.

   He shushed me softly, running his hand through my hair to calm me down. Unfortunately his comforting touch wouldn’t let me forget what he had done and why I had left. I may not be screaming at him, but I was angry, and I was hurt. He wasn’t going to get away with that lame answer, so I reluctantly pulled away.

   J regarded me carefully as I stood up straight and crossed my arms over my chest. Fixing my eyes on his, I gave him a hard look, “I need an answer, J. Why did you kiss her?”

   Gritting his teeth, J ran his hands through his bright green hair. He turned away and started to pace across my room. I just watched and waited as he seemed to be having a battle within himself. After a few moments of trying to wear a hole in my floor, J stopped suddenly and turned to face me. He had decided what his answer would be.

   “You unnerve me Y/N, that’s why I let her kiss me,” he gritted out. Slightly offended, I raised an eyebrow. I opened my mouth to tell him that if anyone was unnerving it was him, when he shot me a scolding look,“You know better than to interrupt. Keep your mouth shut and listen.”

   I rolled my eyes, but complied. Leaning my shoulder against the doorframe, I motioned for him to continue.

   “You unnerve me because you get under my skin in a way that no one else ever has. Every little, annoying  feeling inside my body pushes me to protect you. The voices inside my head all call out for you, urging me to never leave your side. I would kill most anyone who dared to glare at me or run their mouth to me, but when you do it, I just want kiss you. When some idiot manages to piss me off or ruin a deal, you make it better. All I have to do is touch you, and all the demons go away. You tame me, Y/N,” he said, causing my heart to flutter, “that’s why I let Harley kiss me. I had hoped that it was just a stupid obsession, but when even she couldn’t pull me out of it, I knew I was screwed. I told her that I would kill her if she overcame back to Gotham as soon as you left.”

   J paused to take a step toward me. My heart beat hard in my chest, trying to break through the cage of my ribs, when he grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him. There was a look in his clear blue eyes that I had never seen before as he ran his tongue over his silver teeth.

   “You snuck your way into an organ I was beginning to believe I didn’t have, and now it belongs to you. I kissed Harley Quinn for the last time because I’m in love with you, and it is the only thing that has ever terrified me.”

   My heart swelled and tears spilled onto my cheeks. Having never expected to hear those words from him, I was completely shocked. Six months after he had claimed me as his, J had found out that I loved him when I said it in my sleep. He had taken it better than I thought he would, but it still wasn’t the desired reaction. After we had recovered from that, I had realized that J would never be able to tell me he loved me. I had realized that J showed his feelings through his actions, and I eventually came to terms with that. Now here he was telling me he loved me, and I was absolutely elated.

   I quickly wiped the tears away and closed the distance between us. Harley was completely forgotten as I pulled him into a passionate kiss. J immediately wrapped one arm around my waist and tangled the other into my hair. He crushed my body against his, his lips meeting mine in a hungry fervor. Grinning against him, I kissed him back with an equal amount of passion.

   Kissing him after so long felt like absolute heaven. J tugged at my hair, using it to tilt my head back so that he had easier access to my lips. I couldn’t help but moan as his silver teeth sunk into my lower lip. J purred, releasing my lip and pulling back to look at me.

   “You’re mine, Y/F/N Y/L/N, and no one else is allowed to have you.”

   I nodded, “And you, Mr. J, are mine. Don’t even think about letting another girl touch you ever again.”

   He laughed and nodded. J gave me another kiss then started to walk backwards towards my bed. I smiled widely as I followed, my eyes never leaving his. When his knees hit the edge, he sat down, his hands finding my hips and pulling me between his legs. There was a mischievous look in his eyes as he gazed up at me.

   I laughed, allowing the sound to fill the room. When I looked back down at J he was smiling a true, perfect smile.

    “I love you Mr. J,” I whispered, running my fingers through his vibrant hair.
He allowed his eyes to slip closed and purred, “I love you too my perfect Y/N. Please don’t ever leave me again”

   “I promise J, I’ll never leave you again,” I said as he leaned his head against my stomach.  I was finally happy, and I knew that no matter what, I would always have my insane, over-protective Joker by my side.

In Which Y/N Loves Harry, But Has To Say Goodbye (Part 2)


This has been asked about over and over again, so I’m very very sorry it’s taken me this long. I hope you enjoy it, and if you don’t then I’m sorry, but this is pretty much how I always intended to end it. It’s a bit shorter than originally planned, but not a ton. 

Also, you’ll want to read part 1, which can be found here:

Harry’s POV

FUCK. Fuck, fuck, fuck. She said goodbye. I’ve been standing here for 10 minutes, trying to get her to answer her phone in any way possible and also trying to process what just happened. She loves me. Of course she does. I’ve known she does. But hearing her say it, hearing her talk about how she loves me… That was a different experience. I knew she loved me, but it was like a transcendental experience to hear her say it. And she said goodbye. Fuck.

I jog inside my house, grabbing my keys from the hook next to our garage door and running to my car. Fuck, don’t let this happen. I bolt down my street, taking the turns to her house at crazy speeds. When I reach her house, I sigh in relief. Her car is there.

I hop out of mine, barely remembering to throw it in gear as I walk up to her front door. The lights are all off, and I feel incredibly stupid. Her parents must be asleep, and I’m sure she’s in her room. I let out a sigh and shake my head. I pull out my phone, texting her again.

I’ll be back tomorrow. We need to talk about this.

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Love in the Sky

Summary: Jensen x Reader, Jared. You are on a plane to a con with Jensen and he sits next to you. He falls asleep and his head falls on your shoulder, but you just let him stay there.
Word count: 1138
Warnings: Fluff, language

“Jensen! Give me back my passport!” I say laughing and trying to grab the passport out of his hand, while waiting in line to give the people in the airport our bags.

“Only if you can get it!” Jensen says while holding the passport over my head, and I almost grabbed it. He then throws it to Jared. He then holds it over his head and there is no way I can get it now.

“Oh, come on! Not fair!” I say while looking up at Jared’s long reach, and he laughs. I give him my killer look, the one that makes him uncomfortable enough to do anything I say.

“Fine, you can have it back! Just stop looking at me like that!” He laughs and hands it back to me.

“Jared! What the hell! You’re such a pushover!” Jensen says pretending to look annoyed with him and they both chuckle. I then start to fix my shirt and sweat pants. I push my glasses up and fix my messy pony tail. I could care less what I look like in an airport.

“Can I help you?” The woman behind the front desk ask us, trying to act like she isn’t annoyed with us. We can clearly tell that she is though.

“Oh sorry!” I tell her and give her my ticket and she takes my bag and put it on the belt and it disappears from my sight. Jensen and Jared do the same and we take on our carryon bags. We then walk to the gate and continue to mess around with each other the whole way there.

We have been filming Supernatural since the beginning. I was so honored to be playing the Winchesters little sister and it’s been a blast since day one. I don’t even feel like I have to act to be like their younger sister, because we are all so close in real life.

Jared is like the older brother I never had. He is so kind to me and a great husband to Gen. He can always make me laugh when I need it, and it there when I need him to be. I don’t know what I would do without his love and support.

Jensen is like Jared when it comes to the older brother situation. He makes me laugh every day and we are an amazing team when it comes to pranking Misha. He is amazing to me and there is nothing I can’t tell him. There is only one problem, I like him, maybe even love him.  The other problem is, he doesn’t know how I feel. Jared accidentally found out when he overheard me talking on the phone to my best friend. He always tells me to just tell him, but I can never work out the courage to actually tell him that I do.

We get to the gate and set our things down. Jensen then goes to get something to eat. I sit down and go on my phone. Jared sits next to me and starts to read a book. I look up to see Jensen trying to get back to us, but is being bombarded by some fans. He never minds talking to some fans, and I can see him laughing and smiling at them. I start to walk over because I love talking to them to.
“Oh my god! It’s Y/n!” Some girl screams and I walk over to Jensen. He smiles and grabs my arm to pull me closer to him.

“Hey everyone! It’s so nice to meet you!” I say and people ask to take pictures and I of course do. I then hear our gate being called and Jensen and I say good bye and walk over. I grab my stuff and get in line to board the plane as Jared and Jensen start arguing over something stupid, clearly messing with one another.

“Ticket?” The flight attendant asks me and I hand it to her smiling and I then walk onto the boarding dock to the plane. Jensen then runs ahead of me and I start so chase him, just because. We then find our seats and sit down. The boys make me sit in the middle, their reasoning being that I am the smallest. We then take off.

I pull out my computer when the time is right, and turn on Netflix. I start to watch FRIENDS, my favorite TV show. I have already watched it, but I’m watching my favorite episodes. I then feel something heavy on my shoulder and I look over. What I see shocks me and then I start to silently laugh and nudge Jared, and he laughs. Jensen has fallen asleep and his head is on my shoulder. I don’t try and move him, after all, this wasn’t that awful.

The flight lasted two hours and Jensen was still on my shoulder. The flight lands and he wakes up. He looks surprised and I laugh. We get up and walk off the plane with our things and Jared calls Gen to tell her that we landed safely.
“Wait a second, was I sleeping on your shoulder?” He asks, in a kind of mortified tone. I just look at him and laugh as I continue to walk down the airport.

“Ya, but it’s totally fine! You looked so comfortable that I just let you sleep,” I told him.

“Oh, ok.” He says disappointed and starts to walk away. I was suddenly so lost.

Did I say something wrong? What the hell just happened?

“Wait, are you upset or something?” I ask with concern in my voice and on my face.

“Well, I kinda wanted you to let me sleep on your shoulder, not because you thought I looked comfortable, but because you like me. Not as friends, but as more,” He tells me and I literally stop dead in my tracks.

“Wait, you want me to like you?” I ask shocked

“Yes. I do. Because I really like you.” He said smiling and I just stare at him. I then without thinking, kiss him, In the middle of an airport. I don’t care if people see. I just thought I should have done it. He then kisses me back, and I feel like sparks are flying from around me.

“Well it’s about time!” Jared says and we break apart and I turn red and smile. Jensen just pulls me close to him.

“Yes, it sure is.” I say and Jensen and I walk hand in hand to the baggage claim



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