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okay but what about a rwby au where emerald/mercury turn over to the good side for some unknown reason, maybe to some degree they’re horrified by what they contributed towards the fall of Beacon- basically an au that ends with my super rarepairs becoming canon (yang/merc and ruby/emerald god help me)


If more people valued home above gold… this world would be a merrier place…

for @transfrerin

[my contribution for the  @tolkien-secretsanta 2016 thing ]


OiHina Monthly: September - Road Trip Prompt

Inspired by @mooksmookin‘s wonderful road trip au. ♥ 

If my wild conspiracy theory turns out to be right, if Moriarty hacks into the BBC’s coverage of Trump’s inauguration in order to leak an extra episode of Sherlock where Johnlock becomes canon, I demand to be called “King of the Conspiracy”, “Your Highness”, “My Liege”, “My Lord” or any other pretentious variation of the like because i will never contribute something that crazy to anything ever again, and royal terms of endearment are hilarious.

ive seen a lot of werewolf mccree floating around so heres my contribution!

mcreyes week day 7 - au

gabe, a solitary vampire, kills a pack of werewolves encroaching on his territory. he finds a young, recently turned wolf that the pack has been mistreating, and promptly adopts him. cue all the mishaps that come with an untrained vampire parent taking care of a werewolf who doesn’t understand anything about his powers, or the supernatural world he’s been pulled into.

My blog will get back to it’s usual content soon, but fair warning, I’m not going to stop talking about politics completely. Like ever again. I will not let this man be normalized over the next 2 years when we’ll need to show up for the midterms. I will not contribute to the normalization of his rhetoric, I will not help give him a shot at a second term. No matter what happens, even if he turns out to do some good, he got there by abhorrent means and I will never, ever accept that.

Ppl are more aware/exposed abt Zionist affiliated cosmetic brands on here & still I see a lot of ppl choosing to turn a blind eye n stay support the brands like… it’s understandable if non problematic alternatives r out of your affordability range but people willingly choose to blow their money on luxury brands under the wings of pro Zionist companies all for what? Packaging to show off? I know these companies conquer the beauty industry but with cosmetics there’s always duplications/better alternatives if you’re financially able then why not shop ethically? lol I know my personal choice has minuscule impact but the way I see it at least I’m not contributing & adding my money to the cause. I boycotted the brands for awhile now I still look hot so..


The Pre-Turn Up ft. Bathroom Selfies 🎉

Lookbook . 1

Hair - Short Curls by Me (Personal) | Dread Buns by @eliavah (retextured by @blahberry-pancake)

Bodysuit - @genius66613 (retexture by me coming soon)

Earrings - Bounce Earrings by @leahlillith | Chanel Earrings by @hfs-sims4

Necklaces - Choker by @simpliciaty

Bracelets & Rings - @toksik 

Nails - Holographic Nails by Pinkzombiecupcake (TSR) | Matte Nails by @pralinesims

Shoes - Riva Boots by @madlensims | Little Platforms by @volatile-sims

Poses - Selfie Poses by @flowerchamber | Model Poses by @helgatisha

Thank you all for your amazing contributions to the community 🙌🏾

favorite characters moodboardnikolai lantsov

“Ravka is grateful for your service,“ Sturmhond said as they turned to go. "And so is the crown.” He waved once. In the late afternoon light, with the sun behind him, he looked less like a privateer and more like…

but that was just silly.”


Yup, this is how the fight went. Im 99.9% sure. At this point Isayama should just hire me as an editor.
Truly, my greatest contribution to the fandom.
Maybe ill draw something with annie as 18 and mikasa as vegeta or goku later, who knows

Sehun: *phone rings* Hello?

WinWin: It’s me.

Sehun: It gets better bro, I already know why you’re calling. Just know things will turn around soon and you’ll fully be a contributing member of the group.

WinWin: So how long did it take you to finally get lines?


Sehun: 4 years.

WinWin: I’m hanging up now.


#a more profound brond 


Easy Company Nicknames

Thanks to everyone who contributed!! <3 

Easy Company: 

Dick and his Dicklings, Badass Beauty Queens, Band of Baes, Squad Squad, Airborne Sons, Not F(ucked) Company, Band of Badasses, IT DEM BOIS, My Sons™

Dick Winters: 

The Sass King, Dad Friend, Actual Captain America, Ginger Prince

Lewis Nixon: 

The Gossip Lord, Eye brows, Gangster, Sleeping Beauty, Human Liquor Cabinet, Whiskey Uncle 

Ron Speirs: 

Daddy, The Scary One, Mama Lip’s Man, Swiper, Sticky Fingers

Buck Compton: 

My Sun and Stars, Blonde Zombie Eyes, All-American Blonde Bombshell, California Sunshine Daddy

Carwood Lipton: 

Sweet Tea, Goody Two Shoes, Mama Lip, The Secretly Scary One

Joe Toye: 

Angry Teddybear, Ramse, Boy-Toye, Husky Incarnate

George Luz: 

Luzmeister, Actual Sunshine Outta Yo Ass, Impersonator Extraordinaire 

Bill Guarnere: 

Hot Shot, The Godfather, Underbite

Don Malarkey: 

Ginger Son, Mortar Squad King, My Irish Baby

Eugene Roe: 

Cajun Prince, Snow Medic, Ragin’ Cajun, Sleepy Kitten, Mon Petit Chou (My Little Cabbage), Cajun Ray of Sunshine

Ralph Spina: 

Snow Medic, Pudgy Dough Boy, Cooler Than You Originally Thought

Harry Welsh: 

Gap Toothed Leprechaun

Babe Heffron: 

Philadelphia Sunshine, Sweet Summer Child, Sonshine, Sassy Ginger Twink from South Philly, Actual Ray of Sunshine,

Joe Liebgott: 

Salty Cinnamon Roll, Jewish King, Nice Hair That Will Ruin Your Life Guy, Pretty Lips, Soft Hair Satan, The Angry One

David Webster: 

Princess, Shark Lover, Nerdy Bookworm, Gucci Runway Model, Miss Haguenau, Professor Humanity, Poster Boy, Lurker #1

Donald Hoobler: 

Precious Boy Who Deserved Better, Dopey McHotstuff

Skip Muck: 

Chinless Wonder, Adorable Idiot, Tiny Pup, Mortar Squad Prince, Dork Son 

Alex Penkala:

Polish Ray of Sunshine, One I Always Forget About and Then Feel Bad, Most Precious Son™

Shifty Powers: 

Sniper Puppy, Virginia Love, Southern Belle

Bull Randleman: 

Big Blonde Guy, Actual Tank, Hilljack, My Giant Southern Sweet Iced Tea

Floyd Talbert: 

Kokomo Love, Heartbreaker, James Dean, McSexybutt

Skinny Sisk: 

The Calm One, Gangly Puppy, The One With The Sense Of Humor Drier Than The Fucking Sahara

Frank Perconte:

Lil Guy, Chip Skylark

Pat Christenson: 

Actual Land Shark, Lurker #2, Thirsty Guy


Baby Andrew Scott, Wait Isn’t That Moriarty?


Corn. Not My Boy, Never My Boy. Annoying Ass Drunk. 

Lt. Jones: 

Snail Junior, Bless Him He Tried


Peaches, The Asshole