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I drew More Ichihime Chibi love 💖😊 inspired by the Bleach BBQ Color spread 😄 I thought Hime looked so cute in a ponytail 💞
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Gruvia fluff fest Day 4 : Kissing in the rain

(Im one day late wjfhjesdas ) I made this promt because this was my favorit (AND WAS ON MY BIRTHDAYYY adgdfha

Also tumblr waifu and best fanficwriter @missyplatina did a collab with me, so it’s an illustration for her fanfiction!

Kissing in the rain  - by Missyplatina

A distressed Juvia runs out in the middle of a rain storm. Will a certain someone be able to cheer her up? Gruvia. Fluffy OneShot. AU.